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the main claims made in the. headlines to this morning a positive step for the. top diplomats from russia. three.
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civil rights groups. said that it contains numerous claims that are quote likely folse. from the us president. thank you to michael isikoff yahoo
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for honesty what this means is that the pfizer warrants and the whole russian witch hunt is a fraud and a hoax which should be ended immediately also it was paid for by crook hillary and d.n.c. . this huge huge turn on the steel dossier that. sometimes it takes only one spark one report from one or a handful of journalists from a big outlet to really send the media world into overdrive what a good example was when the chief investigative reporter for yahoo news michael isikoff made a bombshell out of the infamous steel dossier that was a big one remember with the p. tape aka the golden shower compromise with plenty of alleged collusion evidence well here's what the same man says now and december twenty eighth when you actually get into the details of the steel dosia the specific allegations we have not seen the evidence to support them and in fact there's good grounds to think that some of
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the most sensational allegations will never be proven and are likely folks and this something we find out almost two years since the dossier came to light but back in january twenty seventh seeing hours and hours of airtime on these steel memos bombarded t.v. screens to tell the world a story of collusion plus its thanks to the dossier for one that the f.b.i. secured a warrant to spy on donald trump's advisor pretty serious stuff former british intelligence officer behind the dot ca that contained explosive allegations about president donald trump he also addressed the dossier of alleged dirt on donald trump in russia the report included unsubstantiated claims that russian intelligence compiled a dossier on mr trump during visits to moscow the dossier was full of claims that could have been seen as good collusion or proof the most notable alleging donald trump's former attorney michael cohen traveled to prague to fix and coordinate all
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that campaign scheming together with russia and the so-called p tape was perhaps part of it too with the most bizarre claims that russian security services had blackmailed trump with recordings of his dirty deeds. in a moscow hotel this wasn't just something that randomly came from donald trump the president pretty much repeated a crucial statement by the author of the dossier himself revealed in a court hearing chris steele said the following was supposed to happen as a result of the dossiers publication based on the voice party switchers the democratic national committee and she could consider steps they would be legally entitled to take to challenge the validity of the outcome of that election so if she didn't pay for it it was done through one of the clinton affiliated organizations only with a specific purpose to find some kind of legal ground to challenge the results of the twenty sixth vote. a positive agreement on the fate of syria's been thrashed
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out in switzerland geneva meeting was hosted by the un special syria envoy stephan to mr a top diplomats from russia iran and turkey agree to launch a committee by january for draft a new constitution that. of a very useful meeting was the secretary general special envoy agreed to for its convening the first session of the constitutional commuter ingenue good in the next year steps will lead to the launch of a viable and lasting syrian led syrian and un facilitate the political process in their closing statement the three foreign ministers of russia iran and turkey they presented the positive results of their consultations on the formation of a syrian constitutional committee to either rewrite the syrian constitution or to amend it in order to allow for
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a wider pads syrian election presidential election part of a political resolution to this war that has raged on for so many years the ministers themselves from what we saw were smiling and laughing afterwards they described their work as again positive and they have committed to seeing the syrian constitutional committee sit for its first session early next year early two thousand and nineteen we hope of course to be able to do this because this trio that have been working together for several years now russia iran and turkey they've been able to produce results you need concrete results we've seen cease fires in syria established with their backing we've seen withdrawals other deals deescalation demilitarized zone is established over syria so there's a lot of optimism going forward that they'll be able to get the rebels the opposition and the syrian government to work together early on the turkish foreign
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minister though did remark that they had seen very little cooperation from the united states and the coalition that it leads the united states itself has shared its goals as publicly stated that its aims. with regards to syria have shifted that it no longer sees unseating president bashar al assad or regime change in syria as a goal we're not asking for regime change we're not asking for the russians to leave we're asking for is a compromise settlement there's a strong. readiness on the part of western nations not to money for that disaster unless we have some kind of idea that the government is ready to compromise on us in our create yet another horror in the years ahead nevertheless the situation in syria remains volatile especially now with turkey threatening to intervene to invade northern syria out of security concerns as they see the white
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gene syrian kurds that control much of northern syria as a terrorist organization and they have threatened to act we're also seeing sporadic fighting in egypt with the jihad ists joined by rebels there and the syrian arab army clashing from time to time so there is certainly motivation to get things done a senior correspondent there less try and work out where this is going to go bust and flush will it be successful joshua landis is director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma there really interested to get your views on this after so much horror so much war there in this country it seems now that russia turkey and iran as we've heard have got some sort of path forward maybe towards constitutional reform there may be do you think is going as far as taking ceratin election a time soon or is that still such a way off. oh it's still
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a way off you know de mistura the u.n. envoy was hoping that he could get this deal done this committee established before the end of the year when he retires that did not happen he said there is still miles to go so it's not clear that this committee is going to satisfy the united states in any way you quoted the special envoy to syria jeffrey from the united states he said in fact we're not looking for regime change which he's been accused of but he said he wanted dramatic change in the regime yet so this is a an adult what is need for for you know that's kind of dramatic change means that assad is going to go what does it not what what are the other options than to satisfy the u.s. . the u.s. is not going to be satisfied if assad stays and that's the real problem because. turkey. russia the syrian government iran are not looking for us side to leave in
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fact this entire war was fought over that question and assad has won is consolidated is his power within it at least sixty five percent of syrian territory so it doesn't look like he's going to leave anytime soon the americans are counting on this committee constitutional change and elections overseen by the un which will then change the regime peacefully and bring in power out a peaceful settlement in america's favor that's dramatic change that regime but that's unlikely to happen that's it that's it and america said it's going to keep its forces in syria until it happens so that could mean that america is an open ended force in syria i mean that that america is involved in all of this and this is cool kind of the last an awful lot is now a way europe where america are not involved in the talks this is what's happened now again russia to iran they have put to come for them that they can maybe find a way forward as early as january here for some of the change i want to syria
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actually think about this asked enough not to have an america or involved or europe involved well syria that foreign minister of syria only a few weeks ago said that no ak external power is going to rewrite his constitution that syria is going to take charge of its own constitutional changes and it said it's already changed the constitution once they've held elections and for the syrian point of view they don't want to be told what to do by outside powers so it's not clear that this an exercise carried out by the u.n. . is going to really make a dramatic change in the way syria is run what's the prognosis for that country than for the next six months or so as we head into a new year now is it going to go john in february march to think. well i think what's going to happen is that president carter one of turkey who has said that the americans have to stop arming the kurds and the white p.g.
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in northern syria this confrontation is going to escalate because the americans have double down on the kurds they are staying in syria for the long haul they want traumatic change the regime so it's quite clear that there are two very different changes in the region there's turkey which wants america out russia wants america out iran wants america out syria wants america out and america wants to stay there will this escalate the question really is how much does america want to change you want to stay in syria and will it gamble will turkey escalate to find out whether president trump really is a link to the situation so it doesn't look although he could go in for a bit of a peaceful time of the moment it could be over the watch for early next year as he was going to usher things here inside this your thoughts difficult to know where it's going to go but so you can take an educated guess go with joshua landis threat to the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma appreciate it.
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well talking of not language things are quite going to go the british government is ramping up preparations for a no deal breck's it is through the maze withdrawal plan continues facing opposition from and pays big time a vote in parliament has now been shadow for next month the prime minister's brecht's insect free says a no deal scenario is now receiving significant attention. the government's priority remains to security all but we need to recognize with fourteen weeks ago that a responsible government is preparing for the eventuality that we leave without a deal britain's defense secretary said that three thousand five hundred troops are going to be put on standby as part of the no deal contingency plan other measures include securing medical and food supplies during the coming week seems families and businesses will also be receiving official guidance on how to prepare for a possible chaotic divorce with the e.u. there's got to london soon this is going to go the edwards that is there and their folks be with us tonight gosh it's britain a self it's a mess isn't it another day of the breaks it twists still
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a whole sea of looming uncertainty where you are. absolutely and if you're struggling to keep up with all of the latest developments on that you're not alone in fact one thing that we can keep up with and agree on is the fact that to resume still is almost certainly not going to make it through parliament in january the cabinet today used its last meeting before it breaks up for christmas to agree to ramp up no deal preparations even though it says and still believes that the deal that the prime minister has put in place is still the government's top priority having said that it is just one hundred and one days away so what we're seeing now is ministers really preparing for a no deal and for let me talk you through some of those preparations in some sense it does sound rather alarming we're hearing that all the u.k. citizens will be sent information about how to prepare for a no deal directly it almost sounds somewhat like a survivor's guide to a no deal on top of that money from
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a two billion pounds contingency fund will be allocated to various governmental departments space is thought to be set aside on ships to ensure that medical supplies would continue as normal but most worryingly the defense secretary gavin williamson he said that three thousand five hundred troops would be put on standby in the event of a no deal scenario but we are doing is putting contingency plan to close and what we will do is have three and a half thousand service personnel. readiness including regulars and reserves and or support any government department on any contingencies remaining eat. there. well call that scaremongering or call that sensible but across the channel the european parliament's negotiator has also sounded the alarm over a no deal breaks it's a start he wrote on twitter those who glorify or no deal bret said are totally irresponsible it is not the job of politicians to make to the people they lead any
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poor and there is no such thing as a managed no deal breck's it well here in westminster today we had an emergency debate on the state of negotiations what we had was a a debate that was talking about last week's summit in brussels and indeed theresa may still in general given the fact that the debates were put on hold just last week that was the opportunity for m.p.'s to really thrash out all of the ins and outs the nitty gritty of to resume a still another prime minister has announced a vote will be happening before january the twenty first and that is the absolute last possible kid date to do so the prime minister said it will happen the week before but since she postponed that vote last week she's yet to gain any assurances from the e.u. that was her mission last week she was almost begging leaders to give her some sort of political and legal reassurances to bring back to parliament so that m.p.'s would finally get behind the e.u.
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however categorically told her that they would not be renegotiating any deal under any single circumstances so now many are saying that theresa may simply should hold the vote sooner rather than later they're going to talk about only the first we could join who they're going to vote circle we could join recluse going to keep the goes busy over the show did was dodge the coup for a brew some speed of where we are today. sort of from social america we're server one hundred. countries president done a lot. they're demanding that media and civil rights stop being repressed thousands of nicaraguans have fled over to costa rica since the outbreak of anti-government protests more than three hundred been killed in the six months of civil unrest humanitarian groups been critical of government raids targeting opposition media rights organizations in nicaragua
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a number of other central american countries have faced similar accusations of their human rights records however the crux here is the u.s. seems to handle each case differently as donald quarter explains. it's a tale of two central american countries both plagued with somewhat similar problems corruption violence and government crackdowns. and our. rule of law has not fared so well in either country with one door us and nicaragua both sinking towards the bottom of the list ponderosa in nicaragua both exemplify a recent regional trend of suppressing the right to protest and using excessive force against demonstrators however hunder us is the only one out of the two that the us seems to have a soft side for don't just take my word for it nicaragua was one of the us is tyrannical trio the spread of tyranny follows
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a predictable pattern media and opposition parties are silenced the regime unleashes its militants to kidnap torture and execute dissidents but one doris well they're of valuable ally especially after they voted with the us to legitimize to roussillon as israel's capital to people of honduras and stupid with us to make that decision for ourselves and decide we're we've got our embassy and that's right and we greatly appreciate not just disappeared on them but on so many. now both nicaragua and honduras crackdown on anti-government protests this year but they've evoked quite different reactions from the u.s. what nicaragua does it it's a threat to the legitimacy of the current administration every does not victim of this violence and intimidation campaign further undermine its take its legitimacy. and one hundred doors cracks down on protesters after
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a sketchy election well that's a time for people to hold hands and sing coom by running of the election regions. in. the united states to it's very important that the people come together. to become inclusive and we find success in this but that's words now what about the money the u.s. is shoveling military and economic aid honduras is way sixty eight million tax dollars worth and at the very same time nicaragua is about to be slapped with further sanctions just last week congress passed the nneka act over the latin american countries corruption and human rights violations so two countries with very similar problems but two very different approaches. the view of those two countries has been highly. distorted by the mainstream media and by the us
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government the united states is not concerned about human rights and democracy in fact we know that the us supports seventy three percent of the world's detainer ships but uses human rights very. arbitrarily and selectively in order to justify its own geo political ends of course is a classic example of that where the us ordered the supposed dictatorship for decades and now when there was a popular all revolution by the sandinistas who worked for over ten years supporting counter terror against their country people forget about that you know and those things need to be remembered in the context of the of the situations we're talking about today. russia's step or the foreign minister sergey lavrov has said moscow's received official confirmation now that the us will withdraw from intermediate range nuclear forces treaty washington had already threatened to pull out of a cold war era agreement in october early evidence or putin castigated the u.s.
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for threatening to leave the pact saying it would unbalance world security the comments from the russian leader came during a speech to the country's defense officials. so you are going to be spot on this was the way it is you were in your signal short of immunity for the u.s. leaving the i.m.f. a nuclear missile treaty could have serious negative consequences is weakening regional and global safety it could collapse the whole architecture of arms control and the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction because while vladimir putin has focused a lot on this deal and his position has remained unchanged the united states pulling out of it unilaterally will do a lot of harm and no good really and in fact i should say this correlates with what many other nations have been saying as world because see back in the day when this deal was signed between the united states and then the soviet union essentially and did the arms race so the world could breathe freely for once and nowadays its main purpose is viewed as this crucial tool of deterrence as this tool of containment of
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not allowing this called war this arms race to restart this is why we've heard so much concern coming out of europe just a few months ago when the united states only announced their intentions to pull out of the deal because after all europe would then find itself between a rock and a hard place the united states and russia well putin also says that in fact the united states intentions to pull out of the deal are well based on a false pretext of alyson. look. as a reason for the unilateral withdrawal from the i.m.f. the us use the familiar trivial way unsubstantiated accusations of russia violating its obligations under the treaty or the us already violated it themselves and did it a long time ago another reason why washington wants out of the deal is because it binds only the united states and russia and so as washington puts it other nations all
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other nations in the world are free to pursue their military ambitions and goals. but according to blood i'm a putin this is hardly a probe. and because he doesn't see an issue with inviting other nations to join the deal instead of killing a good document instead of killing a good treaty that works but right now of course it looks like that washington is on its way out and so according to gladden a putin russia in that case will have no other choice but to respond and to respond swiftly he has said that if that moscow won't spend much time developing countermeasures for whatever the united states will have and store for russia then but the deal is a deal of that aside it wasn't the only thing of course that lattimer putin talked about in front of all of those generals he once again reiterated the importance of combating terrorism in syria he also said that developing a nuclear capabilities of russia's military will remain a top priority has well as such things as developing military technology and
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unmanned warfare capabilities that is in store that is planned this is prioritized for twenty nineteen but all of that russia's president has stressed is only as a deterrent so that as a defensive end not an offensive plan. legs a wall all the more offense that's the question a feud ongoing between democrats republicans over plans for the much talked about wall between the united states and mexico as led to threats of a u.s. government shutdown donald trump's lashed out after seeking five billion dollars for his wall to prevent illegal immigration while the democrats insist on less than two billion there is simply a border fence anytime you hear a democrat saying that you can have good border security without or will write them off as just another politician following the party line time for us to serve billions of dollars a year and have at the same time far greater safety and control of the stones at
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the moment all this time on it's still not clear what will be built on the us mexico border. border security to the people of our country very important the wall is a big factor in border security number one we are for strong border security. speaking for myself consider the wall and moral walls can be scaled over walls can be tunneled under the wall doesn't stop any bad things from happening it just makes
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it impossible for the folks on our side to see what's developing and makes it more difficult for them. the president through executive order one three seven six seven directed us to build a wall on the southwest border the wall that we're going to put in here is a wall that we're going to put in here you may be wondering why are we choosing the type of fence that we're choosing the bollard wall that we're going to be putting in place excuse me to safety aspects that a wall provides this type of fence or be this type of ball of walls. if we don't get what we want one way or the other whether it's through you through a military through anything you want to call i will shut down the guy who can have it or not this temper tantrum that he seems to throw will not get him his wall and it will hurt a lot of people because he will cause
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a shutdown. case watch this space the next is so thorough so much more of course on our site r t dot com if you don't load off free up we'll go get those headlines stretch mobile devices and when they have never miss out on a thing keep self in the loop for now the moscow this early morning it said twenty seven minutes past midnight is kevin owen saying thanks for watching international . the u.s. senate struggling rebuke saudi arabia over the shogi murder and calls for an end to the american involvement in the war on yemen is this a defining moment for this bilateral relationship will so-called values trump hard political reality.
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you mentioned six thirty five and you have a career ending career involves using your i phone in your computer and things like that in an office. perhaps you sort of getting some excess or kids. are going to have to stop doing all this in this kind of you lou the minutes before. my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up learning it and box. very strong magnetic field. in my head. it's like a real heart my skin burns and that wireless access point there it's just continuous on saying with our students in the schools. we are just continually our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and it's
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getting worse. they all. just seen yet.


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