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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 19, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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rugeley rebuke saudi arabia over the shogi murder and calls for an end to the american involvement in the war on yemen is this a defining moment for this bilateral relationship will so-called values trump card political reality.
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time after time to know what is going on the ground two years to the day told trump was elected president of the usa coming up on the show with the eighteen a year the doggedly signals of the line of western capitalism we revisit the most important stories of the year from un condemnation of british will steady policy to the windrush scandal the true scale of which is still yet to be joining me to go through some of the years top stories as well as look at the twenty nine his. liberal democrat member of parliament pick right here in the u.k. is top independent news site the canary steve trouble and colas for the fully giant bush their own new york observer andre walker welcome feel one and all let's begin steve with this no the happy story right at the top not so happy story now so this is from the telegraph that are near and i. love the murder rates higher than new york as police investigate sets by stabbing cops or their share this is a four out of the south of the knife crime and epidemic eye for eye which. really
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hasn't actually come true if you look at the figures now when i was there you know it is terrible and the murder rate is higher than it has been in previous years regarding me as a recording this as hundred thirty one modes in the capital now new york is south of two hundred seventy three so while there has been a increase in violent crime which has been on the out since about twenty ten it's now hasn't panned out in the way that the press were predicting it was going to go server i'm just thinking this was to be in a constant close to the public i will tell you something in new york people are jumping for joy obviously new york's a very different place to look good but what we all of course absolutely the idea that new york was safer than london but look at you know i think it's been embarrassing hasn't it the way that city columns bleat on about this and clearly absolutely incapable of dealing with any problems these are the police saying he's just somebody who is only capable of complaining about not having anybody he doesn't seem to do the thing else and the other thing that annoys me about this story is policing itself we spend our lives listening to the police going well we
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are now more diverse than we've ever been before we're all gauging with communities how about you stop people knifing each other the reading going to be as lots of contacts in this big zero as you do the economy with that about a great many as of the other this isn't my fault afshan well arguably it's not essentially cons fault either the man but he did say something quite interesting he wants a road deaths in the city but he wants to bring knife crime down to acceptable levels now that doesn't sound of voices yet or you know if it. was acceptable he didn't define it but that's it's not always it was still it always struck me with modern police say that if i went out in south london tonight i'd stop somebody meant drove home with defective brake lights i would definitely be arrested but it wouldn't be for the stopping that is a sad state of affairs where ever and also the close element of all these stories no one's actually saying you know all in mayfair this seems to be very little room can do something about this is a school called oasis which is right. in the middle of one of the highest crime
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rate areas stopping years they've actually reduced to zero amongst the children you can do something about she said so stop things to zero to school get a lot of those children would otherwise be involved in the right there you say you can do something about it but if you look at the figures historically they go through peaks and troughs i mean it's highest as i've said before the show was done tony blair in two thousand and three two hundred countries goes to war let's go to the next story andre take us through this terrible bullet actually which is that they are the person it is a lot of well i was around when i have to say so i'll read it to you on the far home secretary on the road resign so when first copies go there is a thread tried for the old leftist you know i started this and that's all i was wrote so it's great that she's it's great that she wrote it to bomb syria the bedroom tax disability testing and raising look look even raising welfare i will try to look a lot everything's relative right everything's relative so so i refer to as a dreadful old life they say left but said well look here's the interesting thing about this when for scandal the most important thing over them all for years and
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years and years we've taken no action whatsoever over illegal immigration it's been perfectly possible to go to the enablers windrush able to do without me let's revisit i know at the high what it was because i don't i'm sure back inside knowledge of how insofar as a train of thought was paid not been a slight problem with one or two people didn't have documentation when they initially came into the code change paying knows all this nobody has been deported over the scandal it's been discovered it's basically goldman it's a cup one so we should just completely ignore you saying this in the event is it didn't try some people they didn't try to deport some people look i've had people on my show that said that they did tend not to their mind that as you well know there are tens of thousands of illegal migrants in this u.k. and in this country i did nobody has taken any action suddenly we have these. trees about but also about making it difficult for illegal a little bit of them as i was saying you met somebody is going to have one chap he actually lived here longer than me because he came here when he was four and he's now about sixty and he was. i'll go but it's not on the roads fault that he didn't
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give him the paperwork when he arrived in the hole i see behind that ok that doesn't because there is a maze well there's a boy and i'll tell you the hostile i got away with i mean imagine that's not good enough about the hostile environment or something you've covered about and it's a good idea would have you would have thought it was going to say that it's a supposed doris' know it's most probably for the people who live in community you know people have been deported over i have read and so have very large relationship who are subject to something like this so i know all about and i live in the community which is very mixed ethnically and i doubt people who have been subject to the you know somebody have been deported over this godless about deporting people who are you know this is something about this story that we all live on the right is now back in the open well so maybe this is the bigger story that this. woman has been brought back as secretary of state of the twelve work and pensions so it seems human sat watching them walk into a job can both agree that she should be back in government well i guess i would say the resignations they've had everyone gets to be a minute by the running out of lebanon so the cyclist for i'll give you
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a far more important story than work and pensions disability rights and the mass deportation of people of color this isn't one of color here this is actually what we that out here right royal happy times here after an independent report said royal wedding guests told to bring their own picnics to meghan markel and prince harry's celebration i know you were jumping for joy when this wonderful happy royal occasion occurred earlier in the able although when we watch this and i'm sure you could share that with us as well look at the joy in your face as he read all about going to a lot of them nuns are so terry and they said bring a picnic ok maybe some rough sleepers were asked to move on at the time it would have maybe brought down the occasion a little bit but this is the quality of all right there when the children move on they were sort of imprisoned or detained all deported so it was a gentle reminder not to be seen muddy the pavements at the time it was a happy day it brought the country together gave millions worth. experimentally
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worth of of interest in the story i'm sorry yes of course yes wonderful and it's in cats rights the classism i live in windsor i'm not originally from windsor bridging from manchester he told to move all in. the tower when i think put on a great day but i think we were fully embarrassed by the cross and insensitive comments of the lead to the council outside dudley who has in the past been a friend of mine but it has to be said the way that he said that they should have basically what he sacks they shouldn't be selling like that and said that no he said the homeless people should be cleared off the streets because i would like to look at them with course a hugely embarrassing and how do you make and have said no such thing and i think that he really ought to uphold the only chad in shame as a result of this is strictly such commercial people are great ambassadors for this country and i would point out to you that both of them only used to be grounds for treason x. of august recess lap and there's nobody like me to suddenly say no one goes to paris because they executed but it is one good piece of news to make which is you
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know there is hope for ginger people again i look. under let's go to a much more important story he was involved this channel was involved parent leave because we got the list of on it and through it surrogates group i was retired but still was in the spy game is that why i was poisoned new york times new york times article not no not new york observer what do you make of this highly likely kremlin hit about its own doubts of the truth when most cack handed kremlin hits since a lot of the credit what amazes me about all our own cove lot of it to you said is everybody thinks he's a really dangerous and scary man look if gulping off was a sports that he'd be the best it but again the average forty year old schoolyard bully would be pretty good look he attempts to poison somebody insults break and accidentally kills a trump how do you know why he had tennis and he attempts to take over. events take over ukraine and that only has the ball naval base which frankly was. that was
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a hot house i mean how do you not let you know russia well did you sing or should you say those ten russian agents almighty paid people who go to war mocking them for peace also the ridiculous well i've been told is that the kremlin was so embarrassed about how terrible these two agents were but they force them to go on something when someone overseas doesn't like aspire insoles really just one quick question how do you know all this if you're so sure why has there been no trial why that has has there been no inquiry i think this is why would i just said is an arch enemy of goodness be so rubbish at choosing his tea party that they screwed up this piece not because that makes up but on the issue of blood to my pension when it comes to anything other than stealing russian state resources the months the early incompetence but you know he spent the second second term of president only doing all the reform although he used to think this country used to rule ukraine now they've got this a possible they're at war with georgia i'm gone with georgia if the man is the most liberal with all its you don't get that useless old norma session on but those who can come get what he wants how come we've got donald trump as president in america
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because he's going to be with me how do you say what i'm going to go to steve i mean a distraction or and i should just say that in the integrity initiative papers which we will be going into the second half of this show. apparently introduce scribbled to the security services here is named in it but what do you think generally about the story but i think generated out of storage i personally don't think it was necessary to russian state involvements or the concerns i was in the russians because they have a dense is not conclusive yet but i mean this is the story behind these two russian gentlemen morehouse and swiss cheese and that's apparently they arrived in in cells where it's eleven fifty nine and the round that time off is actually respond yes two hours after and you this cripple actually left their home for the dow so how they managed to get this over chalk on the door handle and so when you discover what even at the premises we haven't found them i have to say we've been drawing journalists presumably all of the country. anyway then bit let's go to well it was
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to give up marine you're right now but britain did try to destroy a another football career yes i know so little girls are aware of this but we had a world cup this year and twenty eight in a while cup twenty eighteen england fans warned of possible anti british sentiment in russia this is all part of the same tsunami of darkness which was partly spreading towards us from russia we were told that there would be the terrible look of terrible danger terrible well company told it be disorganized and that be violence in the streets surprise surprise the fans who did not have the political bias i came back saying we really love the russians and overly well we're going to hold mysterious of suspiciously well organized so now that's criticize russia doing too well they said to them so you know those. i thought i like the papers warning wishbones not to go well well i think i think you could be fair about they still has been a lot of trouble with crowd violence across europe so i mean there was problems
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when british to went to ukraine as well i'm not small parts of russia or at least it's not the moment so look i think i think that we were we were right to be concerned about crowd violence i don't think for many years i don't think there was ever a sensible suggestion the british people would be attacked to some sort of sport is it with that at this moment there that i got invited to read to have already pretty much about the foreign office has issued. on i'm not the foreign office all i do all i'm like for an office my own personal opinion i think there was no there was never any concern about the russian state itself i don't think there was any reason to be can said i've been to russia i would be concerned about the border as a terrorist attack so from the foreign office not that i mean i don't know you jump ship but i can see the point you are brave that's what i see here quite often limited. and the jury will go after the break as we look ahead to twenty nineteen.
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welcome back i'm still here with steve and andre ward let's go steve with you there's amazing a reform of a terrible welfare state by the drain on the government your article yes so the d.w.p. has been forced to admit people are dying under universal cry this is a story that even though universal credit has not been fully rolled out yet across the country the d.w.p. is already having to investigate its involvement in four people sat on the benefits
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both coasts there's been don't bark and try to save from the damning national audit office reports to form a welcome pension secretary estimate by having to admit that several million families would be up to two hundred pounds a month worse off under universal credits of the dado to be actually lost and those found that the benefit does discriminate against severely disabled people so it's been in cairo since it was implemented but to be honest when something is so broken in the first place it's going to be impossible to fix it under a good way to deter people from taking wilfer in the first place by killing them well one would hope so but on a serious note on the centers of disease and there are a couple of issues here first of all that part of what complexions like most government departments is also the dysfunctional so i think reform of thought is important however the idea that first of all you should be paid more to have a job than be on the dole i think it's a good principle that there should be a maximum to which you can claim i think is a good principle i think also the principle which not necessarily relates it's nice but but what you cannot get a more loving property on the top. but you would have got if you work for yourself
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you think it was a good principle then well you know i'm sorry i don't know you said jerry but if you don't know if you're not completely for having a job which was the position in the past how would i how does that think about having more money getting a job than being on benefits going on second if i had only in the local paper so what's all that so what is the what is the maximum that you can claim on the current system what is it thirty three thousand a year that means you have to worry forty five thousand a year as mean as that you are or these are the subsidized by a well we do we need to we need guidelines as well as the government so i do not as well the idea that you can place slavery wages a place like starbucks and then the government bails you out with that we think i'm support you know it's also necessary working out that's not working out of that because if you look at cocoa it's a month ago for universal credits for single mothers had to take the government to court because it ended up that even though they worked under universal credit they were well itself still pending that is you to a so so so high on the second how many people we've got on the social in this country and your father for examples of people who are probably the only the idea
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that might be alike but the idea that you don't live on limited amounts of money to people and the fact we punish people you have a job your publisher that these are for because you aren't i think you're going to have to go to trial you times have the thing you want to let them go it's all about you ignoring a basic point made by all three of us to you which is many of the people who are getting this benefit are already working they can't get well now i'm guessing that i can sosa's like you would agree with a massive increase in the minimum wage that's make it fifteen pounds an hour is that your old i'm not only not going to take several but again seven is i one of the things i notice that you forget what i said the hike added a hike in the minimum wage i've no problem whatsoever and i'll tell you why the problem when i did was the phrase again we have we have dieted out in this country of mass immigration and low wages and. the fact of the matter is if you live in london or the south east of england the reason why you can go to a coffee shop i think i get paid minimum wage is because your subsidizing through housing benefit i think i'm support. no i think these coffee shop company should
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pay the commensurate amount ok and i'm not i'm not a guy so the economic way that i mean we always you just want to tax these great multinationals out of business i'm not a very very socialist. lembit good one is quite right. to our next and this ridiculous report on to andrea made me think which made presage or leaving the united nations who knows what absolutely express reported box around again yes britain and lambast totally inappropriate un report on poverty in the u.k. short version here is that the un said there were millions in poverty in this country and she said and i quote that sort of language is totally inappropriate and actually discredited a lot of what he was saying that's what she said well it's great to see her back having done her brief time maybe on universal credit. and she's basically saying it's not as bad as it looks maybe we've never had it so good not many people agree with that if you're at the bottom of the pile on a little bit less than seasoning where does this go well the u.n.
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is a bit more political than people make out but at the same time you don't think poverty is built well we know it is political and we know that food banks are a record high the dependence on them has never been higher in this country so what she's saying what the u.n. saying i'm voting for the u.n. on this one what do you think the u.n. could have gone further perhaps doing it always go for the remainder of the camp where i think is an effectively toothless organization of which i'm very and that's i was making but look the real context of the story is that this is now the fifth u.n. report since june twenty sixth a new government they've been to from the u.n. committee on the rights of persons with disabilities one which says the government had screened it's a human catastrophe for the people in this country by doing great and systematic violations of their human rights but the problem is we keep having these u.n. reports as i say it's a fifth one and nothing happens because legally the government does not have to do anything they can ignore what the u.n. says them so they have nothing so here we don't recognize that so she said she called this language extraordinary. political and just dismiss report out of hand
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and there's literally nothing that can be done i think we need to recognize the difference between what the u.n. is saying way and you cannot deny this report on the four ones that go before us whether the u.n. is actually fit for purpose now i'd agree with you to an extent that is going to do this which arguably is certainly for us on this program going to go it was a was quite a shocking story to end the year with fake news or otherwise daily record reported secret scottish based office info wars attack on labor and jeremy call but this is all about is a rather cryptically named group called the institute for statecraft which apparently got money from the foreign and commonwealth office the f.c.s. of state money types and minister defense british army major lithuanian a moody us state department in order to try to counter the russian propaganda and anybody who seems to be supporting russia. jeremy corbin but attention they would attack english rule of law not according to this law actually this think tank is
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quote supposed to counter russian online propaganda by forming clusters of friendly journalists and then making the point so save your own firing line here is how much money of you go from the institute for state where the foreign office and the taxpayer. money comes from putin i thought you knew that it goes wrong the red phone in my in my office for the night but the real thrust of the story is the attack the canary but this thing we do not know that this is for me the underlying actual story here is not that this is happening because of. going on i mean the u.k. turning against friendly countries like spying for example trying to disrupt in that country all across europe again bernie sanders is involved a exactly that's a very great with a real campaign a real story this is of course what i'm doing that they haven't told us because i do not believe this extensive it's the day we're trying to subvert twitter against jeremy corbyn that's as far as it goes i don't think that's a real story and if you look. alan duncan his conduct in parliament where he was
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constantly deflecting away from the issue in even the canary was named. the what's called in him because one of the things he discovered in law school say that unlike galloway form and p. george galloway corbin does not scream can spare is he implies it was dangerous people like you need to watch out for that if you tell your friend who to. believe let's go to the story some sort of earthquake. story is this i don't even know why we're going to watch to get out and been ignoring this it will be here obviously it is always on the surveys the tracking polls the guy off the largest quite he gets this is the news that that's holier than thou fracking company up in preston new roads where they are commonly the driving force shall pass i've had more than fifty traumas now their knowledge of those was magnitude one point five just last week as well as we are recording and every time there's an earthquake over eight point five magnitude they have stopped turning frightening as as the government's regime own
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that as a traffic light system but it poses was the questions about why the questions about the sad state of fracking industry. carex the this is this fracking and it's for juice is getting worse because i do seem to be getting worse but also the day it is exposed the calling of corporatists corruption if you live between the governments and the fracking industries you have claire perry the energy minister having secret meetings with fracking companies attention i know a little bit smaller but i wonder just with the same with you all of you we still feel it is a little filled climate changes us to good and blackpool illuminations one fair benefit the other thing that i feel very very strongly about our somebody comes from the likes of coal field you know i would point five seismic events on the richter scale east north of the earthquake right you could probably sits on top of it and not notice that he's in the area of the ice probe to try most alterations in the substructure to suggest anything more than what happened but bullfrog he's not clear. but you think that six hundred million people are idiots yes i do actually i
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actually think that the issue here is that the eco lobby is talking about numbers that people don't understand when making more of an earthquake by shouting at each other then there was no point five i was so well i thought about it i know it's a log rhythmic scale that. some impressed have thought if you actually read anything on this because you obviously haven't done stand the point is not the fact there has been a one point five magnitude earthquake there's not an earthquake. the fact is that the very social in first the stanford university in first if you'll notice gentlemen paid styles former advisers the u.k. government they both sides on the magnitude happening that it's the constant fact that the earthquakes therefore undermine the structures that are already there and plastic. fracking sites are soft on the sites of previous coal mining activities anyway it's in question that increase earthquakes as they are will then go on to lead to a lot of activity how they get can i do it when it was clear the second but i don't think about it i merely shallowly the fact that roger listened to stop drilling means that earthquakes are actually good for helping the environment because
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they're stopping with wells up to a level and you get your job around it anyway ok let's go to the story obviously britain is really in the obsessed with the meds and struck by a link at dover and food shortages. whether you take us through this ok you u.k. government has to spend two billion on drugs it prep no deal looms look i think it's fair to say and i think everybody in the studio is going to agree that series of may has redefined incompetence by the shared over leaving the european union and the big problem is of course i have perfect the strong and stable and having a very high fives and i work deal of respect for people who believe in leave i have a great deal of respect for people who believe in remain but i think the big problem is with a reason she's not negotiating how little of the european union we can leave and still still call it drags it and i think that is fundamentally the problem and i can only quote from the great train by the spirits who said you know what i always feel better when i wake up in the morning thirty nine billion pounds better off i
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think that is important so you know other pub chains are manageable lembit what's wrong with an eternal backstop when we're subject to european law where we had strong and stable and not last election not smooth nor the divorce i don't know any divorce it's a smooth and orderly i think she's been optimistic but i have to say the sneaking respect for the reason may be because she's still there she said one's. means it was the evil respect for the person that you have because she's still that who would have thought that she had to survive this fall because in the very anything it's almost like said you fail to eradicate cancer of god go i go i've got respect for cads against children fail to eradicate breck's in her case he learned about the u.s. had in northern ireland saving. the sacred happy they do you pete is basically in the running you know he is not ready to resume absolute brilliant one here they've got a billion pounds from there then they said but we're not going to back you anyway wonderful work there but this makes it even more impressive to resume
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a still in post running what amongst a minority government delivering five hundred eighty five pages of nothing essentially remain i agree with you on that and she was still in post at least for me recording this program what a shame to the next and then out saying well i've noticed that in thing that makes me laugh is the idea that you could be so bad as a conservative and you notice that the do you support could citric supporting i mean that's. the fundamental basis on the left and on the right because it breaks it was democracy is over would be lost in all of this but i've had the first post as always going to the referendum but essentially being put in a position where was that during the rock and a hard place you have the corporate see you which is governed by goldman sachs and we have no sign it's democracy which i'm arguing for or you're stuck with the conservative party running the shambolic breaks it's on the on the elected house of lords having on the final say is over which is what we're saying now the problem is it's never been with breaks it for me because i'm with you or your camp with this we should leave the european union far better off out of it i think in twenty years
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top will be glad we did but it's been the managing of it by the conservative party which spinny issues that it's them that's caused it's kyles i have no issue with believe me you will have an issue with the shambles that's the reason i lied although if you look now i mean twenty nineteen looking forward to twenty nineteen obviously project fear of the liberal democrats your leader vince cable no i remember then you will. rationing in all the rest of this defend the idea what do you think is going to be. stories of twenty one i think the big story will be if anyone can ever prove anything about ten salzburg in the trump election but my prediction is that in december twenty nine thousand will be very close to a vote on bracket. i believe that what we are looking at this you have twenty nineteen is the great betrayal what change what we will even be forced to continually vote until we reach a state in the european do you think the british people stand either kind of no i think you believe my state but what i'm hoping for is they say that in the referendum what's the old versus remain thoughts we all don't vote and there's
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a forty percent turnout ninety percent in favor of a bad idea effect we know confidence is the british state which i think would make it a much more interesting proposition save protectionists i think we would say the biggest year so far for increased protests and demonstrations not is about climate change i think the yellowjackets movement in france and the extinction rebellion movement over here is just the beginning the government is going to be facing protests it hasn't seen in many many years steve happy and yeah merry christmas all that stuff and that's it for the show on saturday with legendary journalist and filmmaker john pilger until then keep in touch by social media go back and see how they twenty nine years to the day of the reopening of the brotherhood games on the edge of the linden just next to the u.s. embassy officially ending the division between east and west but.
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donald trump takes credit for defeating islamic state terrorists in syria and is now considering a total. loss.


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