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tv   News  RT  December 19, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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lead. donald trump takes credit for defeating islamic state terrorists in syria and is now considering a total troop withdrawal plus. i. apologize i know. i.
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changed the british parliament again this truce may face a. contingency plans for a deal breaker. for weeks of tackling violent yellow best demonstrations french police launched their own protest working conditions and unpaid overtime at the same time sun media now blaming russia for the rest looking for those suspects infiltrating from the east. by you in paris people protest. cup when you pretty. much anything. this is a national one is kevin though in thanks ever so much watching the soviet union from around the world i'm here for next thirty minutes for the latest world news update then suddenly this u.s.
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president has announced the defeat of islamic state in syria big news than donald trump took to twitter to do that giving the u.s. and himself much of the credit for the victory over the terrorist. we have defeated isis in syria my only reason for being there during the trump presidency we now have official confirmation that u.s. troops will be leaving syria now president trump's tweet contradicts everything that we've been hearing from the state department and the pentagon over the last several months here's what the head of the coalition to defeat isis said just over a week ago we want to see a resolution to the syrian civil war through the un security council resolution process and we also want to see the removal of foreign forces from syria particularly the iranian commander the proxy forces from syria his various americas will remain on the grounds of the after the physical to be the caliphate until we have the pieces in place to ensure that that defeat is and are now there are at least two thousand u.s. troops in syria and removing them would be fulfillment of one of president trump's
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campaign promises now vice president mike pence and the secretary of defense jim mattis are meeting right now in the pentagon white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders released a statement saying the process of returning troops back to the u.s. has actually already begun and the statement also says that this doesn't signal the end of the global coalition to defeat isis or its campaign to isis has been defeated in the sense it holds no territory perhaps president trump is overstating the the u.s. role in that effort isis was largely defeated by the syrian and russian militaries along with the lebanese group hezbollah and the timing here is very curious turkey is threatening an offensive on u.s. backed kurdish forces in northern syria and president ever to one has demanded that the u.s. backed forces withdraw and said that the operation to attack them could start any
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moment so turkey is unlikely to attack u.s. forces and this could very much factor into president trump's decision to remove american forces across one and d.c. the earlier as you hear most go but it goes down all for a broader look over the u.s. companies syria. it's not the first time that the donald trump announces the withdrawal of troops from syria but last time that happened he backtracked pretty quickly you turning and staying in syria for another year or so well now yes indeed and he is taking the credit for it and just to give him the credit that he deserves in really the united states did do a lot to defeat eisel in syria i mean that can really be taken from them they pretty much liberated all of the eastern and northern much of the northern syrian regions of course not their soldiers not their troops but their proxy a sort of army as the kurds i mean the self-proclaimed capital of the caliphate rucka was liberated by the united states and their allies the thing is the means
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that the because they did kick eisel out with the their favorite tool with their favorite approach and that is blunt stupid force so that's what they used on rocket for example they pretty much a blitter rated the city with bombings once a flourishing prosperous city now it still lies in ruins i mean we've heard a very very big outcry coming from human rights groups for instance who have been accusing the united states of indiscriminate bombing and even using a term as an annihilation war and saying that this should be considered a war crime with the united states a bombing there just to give you the scale of how bad it is bodies are still being found in rock or complain and did in twenty seventeen.
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thirty years we were forced to leave our homes because of eisele when we returned we found everything which used to rubble look at all the devastation rock is a ghost city. we're living in the midst of destruction we feel completely abandoned . everything around has been destroyed. this is due to the rubble that we have to pay to remove the debris with all money there's no running water so we have to in. the us coalition cause the destruction of records and has a responsibility to rebuild the city we need to help with restoring the water supply in clearing the rubble. i found a mine on the streets near my house my friend and i tried to detonate it from
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a distance but it didn't go off we thought the mine didn't work and walked towards it exploded my friend was killed five. so the white house and confirming u.s. troops as they put it but we heard they were true put it well is is along the way but either which way started to come out is it all happened once what's the plan here what's been said about the timeline for all this well this is this is a very good question i should say because yes indeed right now we're hearing that some of the troops are being withdrawn already but i mean the united states they do kind of send troops in and out of syria regularly this is called military rotation this is this is a thing so they send out a number of troops and send back in another group roughly the same size or so this is what's been happening in iraq for example in the years the good that came after the official and of the military campaign there and this is sort of the question that stands right now with syria whether or not how will they be withdrawing troops
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what scale will this withdrawal take will it be all of the troops or will this be again an iraq war in afghanistan sort of a situation so we have no details on this and i mean a lot of that stems from. the front of the united states. have been changing the rules of this game as i said game was and go in when it comes to why they are in syria in the first place because it certainly wasn't an official invitation from the un recognized leader bashar assad they didn't enter the country saying they want to fight terrorists i saw so now they've defeated i still like the had already introduced a new reasons a new pretext as why the should stay for example come combating and kind of countering iranian influence in syria well where did that come from so now they say that their priorities have shifted again we're not asking for regime change we're
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not asking for the russians to leave we're asking for is a compromise settlement there's a strong. readiness on the part of western nations not to get money for that disaster unless we have some kind of idea that their government is ready to compromise a notion are created yet another horror in the years ahead one thing that is obvious is that the united states there are still unhappy with the bashar assad being at the helm of syria so the are bound to keep some influence so they will in a way looks like they will remain there in syria just to what extent still to be seen. to say this is going to go joshua landis is on the line tonight is the director of the center of middle east studies at university of oklahoma twenty four hours ago was talking to you but seeing a pleat different but i'm keen to get your views on this one is this a surprise really trump's really doing what he said he would do it is election campaign really scale things down there but when i look at this i'm just looking at some of the words have been used the trump ministrations saying u.s.
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troops have been withdrawn from syria and yes we were told so recently they weren't troops they were military advisers who are these people. well there over two thousand. special forces and there may be quite a bit more than that but there are lots of advisors are state department people there are engineers and so forth who are trying to get water running again and all the things that you you underlined in your opening package but you know this is the president returning to his campaign rhetoric and we shouldn't forget that he's going to begin starting to campaign again very shortly the midterm elections are finished and so he's going back to his original story which is the middle east wars were stupid in what are we doing there why don't we spend five trillion dollars in the middle east which is very popular in america but also he faced
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a rising escalation from turkey which was which had trent to begin to bomb and shell parts of northern syria and this was going to force america into conflict not quite a boy we were direct conflict as what we're saying a maybe this is more the picture it was it was him to the bone just in the report you talked about that yes maybe this was one of the one of the catholics if not the only one they could have seen direct flick between to the u.s. that if troops are still there absolutely and you know president obama two thousand and fifteen made the same call he said when russia jumped into syria he said we're not going to go to war with russia for syria and this in in many ways is trump saying we're not going to go to war with turkey for syria turkey syria just is not that important to the united states now there are lots of commentators who live you know social media has lit up washington is lit up with people saying but you're handing the russians a victory this is good for iran and they want to merican it double down but
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america's position in syria is extraordinarily weak. but big fight a supposed behind closed doors between the pentagon and the white house than i what trump wants and what some of the defense chiefs want and what they'd like to see happen in syria in the future yeah. well you know we don't know there are people who are saying that the military wants to stay in but i find that i suspect that there are plenty of military people that want to get out they're tired of these middle east wars it's cost them tremendously their troops are depleted and they need new military systems they want to spend their money elsewhere now state department come peo. national security council bolton they're the ones who are the architects of this new much more aggressive anti iran policy they're the ones who are going to be screaming bloody murder i think behind the scenes and they've certainly been taken for a loop because just yesterday as you know as you quoted jeffrey the new envoy to
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syria was saying we're going to stay there for unlimited amount of time and it and that turns out not to be true but we don't know that is going to say just void of funk final thought on this you know is that saying over till it's over is this the final phase or is there yet more to come as we head into the new year syria if you want to everybody travis made this dramatic statement we're pulling out all troops and that's made for two reasons one is it likes headlines and he wants to to to to let his base know that he's he's getting us out of the middle east but he also wants to let everyone know and everyone is ready for elections to there to elections coming up in turkey this is a big win for everyone and and he's letting turkey know we're on your side and that it is not stupid you know people who want to the americans that want to fight iran . they can put sanctions on iran and hurt you run without turkey support.
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us u.s. foreign policy which is based uniquely on saudi arabia and israel to a certain set of saudi arabia they can't push against iran without turkey look at look at what aired one has done to u.s. policy and u.s. relationship with with saudi arabia over the last few months with his arrow one with his excuse me with his. strategy of drip drip drip drip he has undermined u.s. . policy toward saudi arabia the congress is now voting against saudi arabia even as we're building up saudi arabia to be this big anti iran cudgel so soon i'd say as to this so many irons in this proverbial fire there in the middle east isn't that gosh you could say a whole nother program just believe if a now joshua landis professor a traitor for the sense of for a middle east and he's universe universe who was good at it you had to cater thought so know where we are with these things the stories go on and on that lead but it was twists and turns every night thank you for now. well talking of twists and turns them certainties with
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a hundred days to go and counting no super ninety nine left until the u.k. parts ways with the e.u. treason maze government is ramping up no deal breaks at preparations it says the prime minister's divorce plan continues to face serious opposition with m.p.'s to have a final vote on the deal in mid january but making a case in parliament this wednesday triggering a heated exchange with the opposition leader jeremy called when until the deal has a date has been ratified it is the responsible position of government and it is it would be the responsible position of any government to put in place contingency arrangements for no deal no do y'all would be a disaster for our country and no responsible government would ever allow each i know it's christmas i know it's not to be stocking down the chimney under the christmas tree this just hasn't found. the prime minister who is supposed to be undertaking a negotiation eludes the prime minister the trial to bring an acceptable deal back
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to the prime minister stop the pretense and stop wasting four billion pounds in a cynical attempt to drive could be damaging to you all through this house to it is the right honorable gentleman doesn't want to see money being spent on no deal he's governed easy answer for this day it. the stakes are getting higher and higher and the debate is getting harder and harder it is in fact one hundred days to go before bracks it turns from being this vague concept that everybody in the u.k. seems to be arguing about into something very real and it's been now two years of attempted negotiations and it's absolutely clear at this point that the situation is more uncertain than ever and certainly passions are flying high on advice for the i try to vote. no. i in syria area the.
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it appears that the opposition party leader jeremy corbyn apparently had called the british prime minister a stupid woman during prime minister's question time today i referred to those who i believe are seeking to turn the debate about the national crisis facing our country into a pantomime as stupid people. it was the speaker i did not use the words stupid woman about the prime minister or anyone else and i am completely opposed to the use of sexist or massages language in absolutely any form at all so what we can know certainly leave this lip reading to the experts in terms of who said what the key is that once again attention has shifted from the substance of bracks it to now this scandal and a legend name calling making up the headlines moving forward for at least for today
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and while it's clear that the problem has gone nowhere and specifically the european commission this wednesday has officially started preparing for a new deal bracks said contingency action plan so things are getting quite real the debate as hard but where all of this is going to lead remains a massive question well these contingency plans already being talked about more than three thousand troops to be put on standby as part of a no deal contingency plan other merges include now talk about securing medical and food supplies coming more and more to the front over the coming weeks families and businesses will also be receiving official guidance on how to better prepare for a worst case scenario i see no deal what's going to happen but independent british m.e.p. jonas and concern is thinks the other way about this she believes that fears over a chaotic exit from the e.u. may well be misplaced. they're actually playing up a no do scenario letters going out to households and businesses is project fear
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with nuclear nuclear warheads on at the moment so they're ramping up the fear of this aging betted by brussels is an option is on the table and under government legislation if we don't have a deal in the next few weeks then we just leave under world trade organization rules and there is no problem with that the problem is in westminster is that we have too many m. e. m. pays and any pay standing behind cameras going on radio just just arguing amongst themselves not listening to what the voters want we've got to remain prime minister we're going to remain opposition and we've got remain m.p.'s in the house of westminster they wish they were given a clear mandate by the people to leave and we knew exactly what we were voting for and that is leaving without a deal if that comes down to it but i mean brussels now broadcasting to you they they really don't get it and understand the brussels brinkmanship that takes place here of course it goes to the wire and we should hold their feet to the wire as
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well oh we've got one hundred days to work this out because this lot will cave in because they need us more than we need them. despite all the bricks it drama wednesday one moment from the parliament session is on everyone's lips and that's exactly what came out of jeremy coleman's or not decide for yourself was it one or people that the labor leader mattered here is. this kind of missile genetic language must not be tolerated. he did not call her a stupid woman and so i don't think there was any basis for an apology as i understand it he said stupid people. it doesn't look like stupid woman to me i can see stupid but not woman.
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if people whistle blowers this is new in the tally in journalism one of wiki leaks and successfully appealed a freedom of information case with the u.k. metropolitan police over documents being passed between u.s. and british authorities concerning wiki leaks and it is their names to find a marriage see she's requests information held by police concerning correspondence for the u.s. justice department she claimed that any data about wiki leaks journalist should be published the police had refused say two words he had no right to request information about other individuals but this latest decision made by a british tribunal panel has now allowed access as long as there is written consent for it we heard from wiki leaks editor in chief direct on the importance of this victory. we never know whether all the people who have been working for we can
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leave also get indicted but this that hopefully will come to light but we believe strongly that the information. by the metropolitan police has been on that we have for the united states justice department. information possibly shared of course with the choices of united states which is. calling it means basically spying on journalists this is a very important landmark ruling for all journalists. they can in certain cases for example where there are many people involved. consensual authorization from a large group of people to represent those people in the future with them information that case it's for your cases so it's an important addition an important tool in the toolbox of all journalists. with weeks of
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protests till simmering in france disconsolate police officers have started their own protest against unpaid overtime in dangerous working conditions and at least one terminal in the french capital's main airport now offices are causing long lines at passport control by staging a slow down protest reporting from paris charlotte dubin ski next. well it seems is out with the yellow vests and the blue vests police are now trying to squeeze concessions out of the government they're unhappy with what they see is deteriorating conditions the amount of overtime they've done some twenty three million hours and that includes because some of the work that they've been doing over the last five weeks with the best protesters and of course increased security that we seeing around christmas markets and some sites across france in the wake of that strasburg attack and they say it's simply not enough the unions describing the
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situation for police in france as being. diabolical. even considering the social and professional obligations of our colleagues when they are not in uniform they become yellow vests because we are middle class or even lower because of our salaries our origin that's why some colleagues feel that they are yellow vests because of the yellow vests really resonates with police well those mean cry from some of the police unions who've been in discussions with the interior minister since tuesday there's discussions are ongoing but already the government is offering some concessions being put on the table trying to quell the sunnies the last thing they want is for the police to continue a strike which has been described as many as act one giving the suggestion that they prepared to go a little bit further as a yellow vest and be going over the last few weeks the concession on the table so for is a three hundred. to be paid to the officers who've been involved in the deployment
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of the yellow vests protest but the union say it's just not enough and actually what they want is for those twenty three million hours of overtime being paid a huge bill according to the interior minister. the state currently goes almost two hundred seventy five million. neuros to its police officers for over time not in recent months or years but for decades we cannot have dead at that level they're also unhappy the unions about what they see is being moved to enough in the port that the police budget which is due to be discussed as part of the two thousand and nineteen budget in the national assembly on that day they say it's not enough money to pay for the overtime and it's not enough money to improve the conditions nor is it enough to recruit the extra staff that they need to deal with the continuing protests those talks ongoing between the unions and interior minister but it seems
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that already this slowdown of the police this new blue vest protest here in france is already having some impact. we sent a lot of the mission to the original widespread yellow vest demonstration to cause call for fuel tags levies to be dropped some political reform to occur that hasn't been looking away from the government for the source of the discord and they rush to link the movement to moscow so charlotte earlier went on the hunt for suspects in part. i don't think i've definitely found one. yes. by you in paris to make people protest. up. north near here. when your chest. your chest and.
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the russians are they behind the yellow vest protest what is it that you lose just like you would. leave the loop remove. the party has the news in your mouth. the mainstream media say that russia is behind these protests you must be wearing a yellow vest on saturday immediately issues a. very. well this place suspiciously could be the center of russian activity in france. france or do you mean you not here it is so discordant to protesting to just spoon france into chaos. here hear. his story what's your favorite color. where. are you sure it's not yellow.
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do you. see. most of the polish. still in europe the a u and italy have agreed a truce to end months of a bitter row over the country's much disputed budget for next year extensive reforms and tax breaks planned by the euro skeptic government would have put italy on course to break eurozone fiscal rules and through the threat of sanctions from brussels you. those several other countries are also in the red crucially as far as italy is concerned curry all nineteen countries that use the euro must observe the deaths of the deficit ceiling of three percent of g.d.p. but the big but spain belgium portugal and slovenia are among the nations who've heard a telling off for breaching the rules for further big but it's france's big spending plans for next year that's got a tally in politicians riled paris is projecting a three point two percent deficit for twenty nineteen and while rome was threatened
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with sanctions the e.u. is signal actually france probably won't be punished it's a perceived discrepancy the scene italian leaders tried to force through their budget since day one. this is the first to tally and budget the doesn't like no surprise this is the first italian budget written in rome and not in brussels the economy. the italian economy is healthy and this is an economic move that will give italy this to pretty neat we won't change one comma in this document there is a plan b. to go into that that we are not going boards the thing on. working for the future. it. and telling them we pay for a five star movement we spoke to says there are positive aspects in this new budget despite its and he struggles with the. out that it's people think about of course. the software that they use all of this during
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the last year so we are very very satisfied about we have our european commission that was appointed in twenty four and now with this we're almost twenty nineteen percent any more political situation that was e.u. reports he's saving up for the broad stewarts. france this should be. the ball and what i mean we have nothing against france and there we cocked the french can do or some expansionary mangers in order to about big that we're leaving for the french people we're all you peons but we cannot state. your current brought to all of the main counters of europe. and us the way things look is so for this one is not a supporter from out international moscow my name's kevin owen here in the hot seat tonight i'm back with more in a half an hour and you can all the latest twenty four seven on our site if you not buy a t.v. and that.


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