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president. among. many politicians. and even. they even want to rule the world of. international journalists. question also ahead. for a long time in syria now we've. come back. to.
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states. with. welcome to the program. president vladimir putin exited the stage after his fourteenth annual q. and a with media from all across the globe we've got special coverage of the whole event and reaction right here on the internet. lot amir putin spent close to four hours on string in a ray of questions from both russian and foreign journalists from the economy pensions and education to being the ruler of the world the russian president was
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never caught off guard following the q. and a for us guessed you not quite the five hours that his record but you know pretty near four hours solid enough but there was so much covered so much from fuel prices to protests to even nuclear war breaks it mentioning those fronts i mentioned relations with various countries the chance of conflict but one thing that stood out towards the end was an interesting question of. who can about whether he wants to rule the world and he does. many why some politicians experts and even ordinary people see russia as a threat they even think that you want to rule the world of course i do i just want to know you really want this was surreal and of your foreign policy. concerning ruling the world we know where the headquarters are located of those who want to do this and it's not in moscow you can connect this to defense spending the us spends
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over seven hundred billion dollars on it or russia only forty six billion. do you really think that our aim is to rule the world. this is just a cliche that's being imposed by the west in order to resolve their own domestic problems you. also asked about the trouble now and cement resident declaration yesterday resident tweet i suppose that he is going to pull out american troops from syria now that the job has been done and isis has been destroyed that hasn't but. says it has blood in there putin was asked what he thought about that intent concerning the u.s. withdrawal from syria i don't really know what that means for example the us has been present in afghanistan for the past seventeen years and almost every year they say that they are withdrawing their troops but they are still there now and what is the presence of american troops needed in syria but you can i don't think so but
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let's not forget the presence there is illegitimate but it was not agreed neither with the un security council you know with the syrian regime so if the us plans to withdraw is the right decision ukrainian journalists are also always welcome at this press conference in recent years of the more nationalistic. and zealously anti putin ones seem to savor displaying their colors. for everyone to see. flags all banners or indeed provocative questions. directed to do good i just wanted to ask you how much money do you spend on dunbar people are starving and they've turned into slaves of russian frankly speaking as a way to be sure three members of the puzzles. just tell me. this blockade between it on the us and the rest of ukraine and it's going to russia you know if it was
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done by the ukrainian authorities if they haven't forced a full economic blockade of the territory they consider their own. consider their own citizens almost every day civilians die though we provide humanitarian support for those living mansions but only not to let those people starve to death another important thing that people have been talking about for some years several years now escalation growing tensions in the world armament an arms race and vladimir putin was asked about potential nuclear war and he said that would be catastrophic but the risk is there because the google security order the global security mechanism is unraveling it is failing it is being destroyed nations are pulling out of arms treaties out of arms limitation treaties developing these new weapons capable of defeating all defenses and there is the problem that balance is gone there is no mutually assured destruction there is no parity and so everybody's
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trying to make new weapons is a global arms race and it isn't due to end well as the us is now leaving the i.n.f. treaty going to happen it's hard to imagine what is the rockets are located in europe what should we do of course we will have to ensure our security with concrete steps that you let them not say later that we are trying to get an advantage we're not trying to get some advantage with this but merely to seek your pilots to ensure our security so what's more covered that we don't have time to pack in now almost four hours the record as well one thousand seven hundred and two accredited journalists in attendance with a lot of questions and at times a very chaotic with journalists screaming and shouting in jumping to be noticed and to get their question of the crisis and solution and leaves them with only one
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putin and many more journalists. well talking of which our t.v. reporter among the assembled journalists was ilya picture and go who talked me through his questions to the president. when you're sitting there when you're trying to hold this little thing actually the size of this was the limit to this year for all the journalists when you're desperate to get this question you can feel every minute of it possibly even second and then when it gets closer to the end it really really puts a lot of pressure on you but i was lucky enough to get a chance to ask my questions about ask questions after about one and a half hours while we were there in that room you know if you get a chance it is still not much because it's only thirty seconds maybe a bit more than that if you don't finish your question within that time other people will start screaming at you you know making noises that that's really something that makes it difficult to do the job but then in these thirty seconds
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where you're really trying to do is squeeze in some kind of stuff about the most important invention of the year so why began is that the my question and when i mentioned the script all case and also the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi in the moment i did that and you can a lot of more potent decided to draw the line between these two immediately i'm sure you would be cautious he was assassinated everyone knows that there is evidence script is a low life however there are sanctions against russia and complete silence in the case of saudi arabia that this politicized russia for you because it is just one of the reason to attack russia if it was not script they would have thought of something else this is obvious to me and the aim is warm to hold russia's growth at any cost of speaking of other double standards i went on to talk about more things for example the arrest of russian journalist in fact he is used to be the head of a russian news agency in ukraine carol this is
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a city in ukraine he's been arrested for months the arrests of maria buttin in the u.s. and the recent detention. of the way financial director in canada by the way donald trump refers to our house of bargaining chips in the trade war game possibly even openly doing that and i went on to ask a lot of our poop on whether this is possible in russia or to detain foreigners whether we'll ever see that on under some dodgy pretext to then possibly exchange the prisoners that are under arrest in the west and if we take the rules of the game that are being set by america and some other western countries in this case whether that is at all except of all the answer from the russian president was no he said that russia will never try to use this kind of tactic. ok let's get some insight now with chitra subramaniam who is the editorial advisor for the indian
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news channel republic t.v. welcome to the program syria. chitra came up repeatedly time and time again the issue there. really president putin saying that the conflict hit country is edging closer to a political solution and also added that he supported donald trump in the u.s. president's decision to pull out troops from the country but there's no data as to when that might happen which do you think will happen first the political solution or the u.s. troops actually leaving. well you know it is interesting that everyone's big that out. the networks that i watch t.v. i watch seemed to be it was a long line i watched it direct and then i watched how it was being played out in the media yes he said that he supported on a jump that if you look didn't. he did say that he didn't see how that was going to happen and that was also sent so i think you know again what is most important at
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this moment when you know everyone is staring at what seems like in the terrible situations one has got. the saddle about these things you know we cannot dock your street our history our grand country is in hundred forty characters on twitter so i just think that you know pulling out of syria and the us i mean for me to anybody pulling out of syria and leaving the. claiming a big deal on the ice is i mean it's frightening it just adds more to the answer to . president putin also touched upon the issue of u.k. russia relations speaking a little bit about brakes but really about the situation between london and moscow describing it as a stalemate on gridlocked but also expressed the intention to fix them trying to improve relations what do you think could be done in that regard. well you know if they can just bigger step step aside if you look at europe and i'm not counting in
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the u.s. and they're not going in russia i'm just going in the european perspective and i you know i come from india i have seen this will be a union then the nastiness you know behalves that was one of the good journalists i saw the golden globe actually reagan meeting the wall coming down all of that now we're looking at a europe that doesn't really have a bank yet i mean the continent that doesn't really have a sterling you know ship now if it lends to putin says that gridlock in the u.k. i think it's an understatement it's gridlock everywhere it's really really gridlock everywhere everyone's talking about coalitions everyone is talking about be inclusive everyone is talking about we need to break the barrier in fact president putin said that they need a breakthrough and i was wondering where does the breakthrough would come from little who would lead to a breakthrough that is what stuck in my mind that there was a question as you would have seen about the recent russia ukraine naval confrontation in the seas off crimea. vladimir putin essentially saying
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that it was a successful provocation by ukraine that's his view words you think this has left russia. i want my honest opinion of course i don't you know i don't i just say that think i don't think it really matters to russia what about russia like it should not matter to any country what any grander things about it i mean in the grand scheme of things when you have such big pollak powers like russia out in america china it didn't really need to worry about what i did understand it's terrible what i'm saying but that's only that the reality the only seven tryst in in international diplomacy and it is not in latin what do i best think nobody cares about what others get and if they did we would mean the mess that we are in. another topic got came up was that of the us leaving the
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i.n.f. nuclear treaty which has been called the threat of stability not only by moscow it's also by other world powers as well should we be worried about washington scrapping the agreement when this is the point and you know everyone is threatening this one student threats coming out of washington every time the president of america speaks it's the district you know when when. when there was an election recently to the supreme court it was everything is trapped in the wall and you know he's ducking our pulling out of the boot he's ducking our willing out of every treaty channa treaty at the end i mean i am studying it as a breakdown of a multilateralism view across the board not just in the weapons were in the weapons but across the board there's a trade war that's looming today there's a trade war tomorrow it's ok she said it's just going any which way and i think
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when you know when when you see a normal manufacture not just because of i mean i'm not an expert battered of low grade nuclear weapons what what on earth does that mean and this is the kind of dark night people get on and they get on twitter and then they are all experts and left it has done it with you except not one too many it's many too many of the commission and kings are spiraling out of place and i think the fact that president took that down you did whether you like it or not really you don't like his arms or the like to understand the questions and people had questions and more but i really hope that at least acted very least this will lead to some kind of conversation. although not a topic of today's session russia and india have good diplomatic ties and big defense contracts seem to be bringing the countries even closer how does india see that relationship evolving do you think. well you know. we've been
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friends florence since independence russia has been a friend in times of war and it demands of these people and now it's a different situation but even so i think that i think that the relationship between. president putin and time and similarly i would get meat by constantly that's not in bricks and made by that actually and i think you know what is happening and i think it's good is that india is the not only being seen as a market but a country which can export things to other markets including russia and as a defense partner i mean you know i think i think countries will go where the out well received and well taken care of this is just simply you know basically said contrast and i think that in the relationship between the two countries will only grow are so because india is going to other more or more if not the more stable region sorry's country in that region and it's a it's
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a vast us i mean one point three billion people it's a democracy so you know there's a whole stand realty issue and one. is going. to thank you so much for coming on the program chitra sobre minium editorial advisor for the indian news channel republican t.v. giving her. a her thoughts on today's q. and a session. well what's in with missing journalist despite spending several hours with hundreds all of them today in fact the teenage russian girl who is registered blind and hopes to be a top reporter herself at the russian leader soon afterwards. hello how are you. here because. i would like to ask you some questions. did you always dream of becoming president or before you wanted to be
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for example an astronaut you could honestly i never dreamed of becoming president and i had no intention this happened by chance. probably at first it was very difficult for you can you describe your first days as president. yes it wasn't easy these were very difficult years for the country as a whole you were balancing with survival there was a very difficult situation with the economy and security as well. as what was your most memorable day as president. it is very difficult to say but we just talked about this it's a big press conference the most striking events of this year with the presidential election on the world cup you do you make a wish and in your. years yes this wish was a secret but i can share it with you i wish all our wishes will come true. you are very handsome. thank you very much. regina asking some good question
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to her syria the united states' surprise decision to a draw american troops we. join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to us from the world
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of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. what is the. that's kind of. the global back in two thousand and eight it was a two thousand a subprime crisis. today i think we can safely say that the bubble popped but the collapse of deutsche bank. twenty minutes into the program welcome back donald trump pounce announced the defeat of us law mixtape in syria with the rapid withdrawal of all two thousand u.s. troops there the american president took to twitter giving his nation much of the credit for the victory over the terrorists although his words seem to have
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perplexed the administration. fighters. we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten a badly now we've won it's time to come back. on the ground after the physical defeat of the caliphate until we have the pieces in place to ensure that the defeat isn't. the knock of the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon. to u.s. officials tell n.b.c. news the president reluctantly agreeing to keep troops in syria. well unless point i thought the u.s. backed kurdish fighters will now be left abandoned unfundable turkey has threatened an offensive in northern syria against the kurds who they view as terrorists a figure of a clash with the u.s. postponed. slots i'm happy to say. are a political analyst from istanbul joins us live on the program to go through some of that. donald trump tweeted just
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a number of hours ago that russia syria and iran won't be happy with his decision to a draw troops and said that the u.s. was doing its bit in the fight against islamic state what do you make all of that will these countries be unhappy with washington falling out. russia turkey and iran are absolutely ecstatic that's how happy they are that the u.s. is pulling out it allows these three countries which have extensively work together on syria as a stand up process and have had success especially russian turkey work had great success and live now to work further perhaps to the euphrates with possible turkish operation in the taking part in that region maybe against the why p.g. in the upcoming days as president i do i had previously stated and russia viewed american presence east of the euphrates as
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a nuisance turkey. iran viewed it as a threat and assad viewed it as a threat and now when you have this part of the problem taking out of the equation i believe it's going to be a little easier to work towards a political solution going forward we don't know. when the troops will actually be withdrawing we did see similar promises before enough dallastown and not hostile to actually happened yet the troops leaving but if we take it for granted that it does happen what if. act for all of the u.s. troops have to believe in turkey russia relations. i don't think it's going to affect turkey russia relations negatively as some people think many people many experts are trying to state that this is a warming of relations between the u.s. and turkey since they're withdrawing in supposedly giving a green light to the op a turkey's operation of the euphrates but when we look at the turkey russia
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relationship it's become a very deep relationship and it's a very strategic relationship right now you have the s four hundred deal you have the nuclear power plant deal you have gas pipelines you have working together on these are high level strategic and security agreements that you don't make these agreements based on a friendship that you expect to last for years you make these agreements based on friendships that you expect to last for decades so i don't see it affecting the turkey of russia relationship negatively turkey and russia did not become friends because turkey's relationship with america deteriorated turkey and russia became friends because their national interests are aligning in many different parts of the political spectrum what do you think of some of the language used in the aftermath of this turkish state owned media. agency is reporting that the country's defense minister said i will bury kurdish militants in the ditches they have dug
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are the kurds in danger from a turkish offensive. now i don't want to call call it the kurds or the syrian kurds turkey specifically targeting the wide. a lot of these so-called terrorist organizations or if you don't want to call him a terrorist organization we can call them the syrian army of the p.k. k. which is the globally recognized terrorist organization by the e.u. and america loads who are venting like they talk of fighting islamic state in area . well they like to they like to portray them. selves as they represent the whole kurdish population we're talking about twenty thirty forty million kurds spread out through that area in the middle east now they don't represent this population they're a small fighter group they've launched many attacks against turkey their ideology is the same as the p.k. they take their orders from condi mountain which is the headquarters of the p.k. k. and they follow the ideology of. hence making them terrorists in the eyes of turkey
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and yes i totally agree with the defense minister say wanting to bury the terrorists in ditches they dig dug is not is ready or rhetoric that is completely acceptable i mean if it was isis instead of why p.j. would be acceptable to turkey this they are terrorists trumps decision it hasn't been overwhelmingly welcomed even in his own town and even in washington you've got you've got a number of supporters opponents not happy about what is happening including the pentagon they essentially wanted the rolled back on what is happening do you think that it will go ahead despite that opposition. i think it will go ahead up i think the pentagon's main concern right now is not the pentagon's main concern is containing iran and i believe going forward even though turkey and iran have a good relationship america is going to subcontract that duty of containing iran to
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turkey and i think this is a win win win situation for the u.s. turkey and iran the u.s. gets iran containment turkey gets a green light of the euphrates and iran instead of having to deal with american forces in the region which is escalating containment now they have to deal with turkish forces which their presence is just a deterrent but there's a deescalation in the region while the u.s. is still happy that their forces are being contained to the areas that they are in they're not growing. area and growing in strategic strategic geography you said just briefly if you will there is a hope to get a constitution in place so that elections can eventually take place if bashar al assad wins out election will he be accepted by turkey. well this is what the foreign minister chose shoulders said earlier this week he said if the constitutional committee which russia turkey and iran have been working on very
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hard to reach an agreement if the constitutional committee is accepted free and fair elections are held and in those free and fair elections but charlotte. the elections turkey will consider talking to assad he did not state it as a definite he did not say it's a negative they'll consider it if he's democratically elected it's a possibility all right thank you so much for coming on the program sharing your thoughts youssef and political analyst live in istanbul. outs or news this is r t international see you shortly. china much bigger economic power much war one term. i think. you have to live with. and there's lots of advantages that the europeans jethro but as well as america.
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my seven years doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse started going after the users in the prison population. we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. the war on drugs. there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. sins for whom minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of the business it's just it doesn't get easier.
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i am max kaiser this is the kaiser reports and i'm often asked max what is the. pin that's going to pop the global bubble back in two thousand and eight it was the two thousand and eight subprime crisis today i think we can safely say that the bubble will be popped but the collapse. deutsche bank. well certainly the e.u. projects could ultimately be that it might not even be bragg said and all that sort of crazy stuff going on in the u.k. but and it might not even be italy or greece or spain or of france falling apart it could be germany and going to bank good morning from germany where the leading bank in europe's largest economy has shrunk to that of a small lender deutsche bank is worth only fifteen billion euro less than other
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banks in europe even smaller.


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