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tv   News  RT  December 22, 2018 1:00am-1:30am EST

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i. counted on independence riots in barcelona leaving dozens injured as protesters decry a federal government cabinet meeting in the regional council. fact for refusing to sign a pro israeli pledge a us school fair appears to texas or priorities over the mandatory oh it's in place in more than a dozen other state. to do its costs in the mine that's wrong doesn't sound right you go to work to work you don't go to work for your outside life you should be able to have your own political abuse outside of your work. denmark has decided that shaking hands is something more than just the fine of friendship the country has adopted in the way that makes you shake hands of the
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danish citizenship ceremony. shaking hands is a personal choice there are many members of the jewish community you would choose not to share of the opposite sex it's a sign of friendship if you don't want to be friendly if you don't want to mix in with a coach or if you don't want to be told to go on. a very warm welcome them very good morning to you this is r.t. international with me plenty of stories coming up for you this hour but first a partial shutdown of the united states government has come into effect the senate has felt to approve billions of dollars for the border war with mexico demanded by president trump. we're going to have a shutdown there's nothing we could do about that because we need the democrats to give us their votes call it a democrat shutdown call it whatever you want but we need their help to get this
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approved so democrats we have a wonderful list of things that we need to keep our country safe let's get out let's work together let's be bipartisan and let's get it done the shutdown hopefully will not last long this is the third shutdown this year nine federal departments have stopped that work with almost four hundred thousand employees suspended hundreds of thousands more will work for free until the government and agreements can be struck dave lindorff a founding editor of the online news website this conti happening thinks it's all a bit of a gimmick it's just it's all theater it's playing to the media the media is making a big deal out of it. and it really isn't a big deal unless it blew up into something that was going to last for a month or two months or something and started hurting me in the government's ability to pay its debt on time as happened one time with this but it you know it's
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becoming kind of a joke in the united states that you know this super powerful super rich country can't come up with a budget every year and it's almost every year thing and trump has made it more so with this continuous threats to shut down the government but it's really a joke it's unclear how long the shutdown will last but president trump earliest rustic could be full of a very long time we take a look back at the main reasons the shutdowns in previous years.
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violence flies in barcelona as pro independence protests erupt in spain's casa lonia region more than sixty protestors on policemen have been injured with anger escalating over a federal government cabinet meeting in the regional council. with
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flies less salt on the barricades built to extra police were brought in ending with at least thirteen arrests a local journalist brought as up to speed with events. ermey the cabinet meeting is held in madrid that has federal centers that already and that is the actually also want to do it here in barcelona and people took it as a provocation because only one year ago catalonia the third in the pendants so people obviously are angry because they want to be independent and they want to be separate separate from the whole thing so as you can see behind me you have signs of libor that this is politicos which means greece libor rate the political prisoners still nine of them are held in the tension and basically you have people
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you have young people protesting and still trying to remember what happened here one one year ago so people took out of the streets not only here in the center but also they blocked eighty six there were seven which is the three way leading to the airport so many people were blocked today and couldn't go home for christmas. or forties it hopes that relocating the cabinet meeting to barcelona would reduce tensions in catalonia previously all parties have agreed to an effective dialogue a year ago a catalan independence referendum was deemed illegal by madrid regions leaders were arrested for rebellion and sedition. a spanish history academic admissions newcastle university says the politicians completely misread the mood of the people . the cats the. current workers the. chicks the mind. and the.
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crowds was not just a good deal so many ways that was expected to become the government thank you cannot truong everyone in the. camp this is the first time on this planet and we can't govern or me since the elections in december last year. was somehow symbolic but more important both spanish and the current government the current government because they haven't been able to do much good last year in terms of legislation well unrest in europe this time in france is the so-called yellow vest protesters are preparing for a sick consecutive weekend of nationwide protests against government policy is journalists on the front line also run the risk of being caught up in the action our correspondent shall i do bans gay takes is there some of the basic precautions they say. and i i and.
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if there is one thing the french really know how to do it's protest at all t. we believe that the best way to tell a story is to really get to the heart of it and that's essentially what we try to do as a team in the protests. but this brings its own difficulties and dangers so how do we try and stay safe well firstly we always carry a medical kit now as well as the basics i think that these little i washed pods are
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with their waiting gold particularly after being ticked i asked. as you can see tear gas has been fired by the police because of this cheer gas going everywhere now tear gas is an irritant sickly if you're always you know is your mouth and your lungs and its effects kick in after about thirty seconds now that can include difficulty breathing and chest pain it's a chemical weapon which is actually found from being used in warfare yet it's still used to control crowds to mitigate its impact we wear protective goggles like this and respirators and agreed to be crazy on the streets of paris rubber bullets being deployed she is streaming down my face again as a result of tear gas i can't tell you how many times now we've been gassed with all the. gloss bottles the stones the tear gas canisters and sometimes even molotov
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cocktails flying about having a hard hat is very important. when things turn particularly nasty the police have been known to shoot rubber bullets now it may not look like a very much but one of these little guys can cause some serious damage and they can even be lethal so try and keep my core area safe where it's fast it weighs around two and a half kilos and the idea is that if i get a direct hit it's going to help to spruce the impact and hopefully reduce any injury. thanks. so that's the basics of the kit now we're all set for the next act.
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thanks to. a speech therapist in the us is suing or thirties in texas after being sacked from her job at an elementary school for a few thing to pledge she would never boycott israel this is required by law to find in over a dozen states perhaps the employment of people with anti israeli sentiments are his kind of more pain explains. the first amendment of the u.s. constitution guarantees citizens the right to criticize the american government however if you criticize a foreign government you might get in trouble and twenty six u.s. states government contractors are forbidden from boycotting israel in texas employees are required to sign an oath saying that they do not and will not boycott israel or engage in any activity intended to sow economic harm one speechcraft just refused to sign the oath and was fired she says this violates her rights and she's
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taking it to court it's a baffling that they can so this down our throats you know and decide to protect another country's economy versus protect our constitutional rights and this isn't just a red state republican thing here in a liberal new york a similar laws in effect we are against the b.d.s. movement and it's very simple if you boycott against israel new york you we've been hearing what locals have to say about it think it's a little bit odd it's ridiculous crossing the line that's wrong doesn't sound right you go to work to work you don't go to work for your outside life you should be able to have your own political abuse outside of your work because people can do as they wish i guess and you know you shouldn't put that on employees to be the one way or the other you can have someone sign. an agreement for taking another country congress even has a bill in the roster that would punish american companies were engaging in a boycott we must continue to stand firm against the profoundly by this
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campaign to legitimize the state of israel through boycotts divestment and sanctions supporters of the bill say that it would only affect major companies however some fear it could be used to punish individuals were this legislation to pass federal officials would have a new weapon at their disposal to chill and suppress speech that they found objectionable or politically unpopular if there was a law forbidding criticism of the. american government we would see rioting every american is taught about the moral principles the country was founded on however there are many who feel that israel deserves a special layer of protection from those who might disagree with its rather controversial actions. r.t. new york. supposed to be a simple gesture of friendliness but today it's causing something of a full out denmark has adopted a new law obliging people to shake hands as part of the ceremony to become
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a danish citizen supporters of the law insist that shaking hands is a custom and part of being danish the reason is causing consternation is because of claims it targets muslims for whom physical contact with non-family members of the opposite sex is forbidden for religious reasons some town men as in refusing to comply it's against my conviction to have to force the people to have. well this is the objective laws of discussion we hosted one earlier on r.t. with both sides proclaiming it's all about respecting their respective traditions. it just shows how petty and vindictive the danish government is shaking hands is a personal choice there are many members of the jewish community you would choose not to shake hands of the opposite sex you can be vibrant members of society you can play an integral part in health and education as a lawyer in business be a good citizen without having to say well actually you know what for religious
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reasons i do not want to shake someone's hand and therefore i'm not going to do that doesn't make you any less of a human being less of a responsible citizen and you want to live in denmark they want to shake hands well from we shake hands get in the modern world use this nonsense we don't shake hands it doesn't really feel like it's going to be the first or the guy go they finish go back to their country want to be forced it's a sign of friendship if you don't want to be friendly if you don't want to make similar coach or if you don't want to be tolerant go home i'm sure there's loads of places where you don't even have to shake hands but you can chop each other's hands off if you steal some of the job enjoy it is going to play to the gallery are going to talk to you about individual freedom human rights. to the gallery. usually does that necessarily make it possible that you won't be responsible citizen engaged in society played an active role just being able to practice your faith the ferry the fact that people have been forced to do this you've got dozens
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of men as of. now you don't object moving to the north and the point is the central point is this that it's about individual responsibility it's about human rights and it's a part stopping bigotry and this law pacifically designed to target just a muslim community is discriminatory and inacceptable if you read the articles if you take the time to do it rather than just play with a chip on your shoulder you'll see it's not just about muslims and secondly if you don't like to shake hands don't move to denmark or don't because. a danish citizen and this idea that it's an attack on your human rights hormone grow up whatever you want to simulate whatever you want to sit in with western culture but no they want to pretty the other people are this god mohamad ease always doing this it wants to spread create division and then he accuses me of played to the gallery listen we
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shake hands in the west it's the way it is by not shaking hands does that make you a less of a human being doesn't stop around from contributing to society are making a positive contribution now i'm somebody who personally my own choices i do shit people may learn female but there will be people out there who choose not to that state choice and if it's a question of faith and tradition look no further than confectionery brands the world famous tobler and chocolate has now been declared to be a low. the
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certificate did not result in any change to our beloved traditional toblerone original recipe which production process essentially makes the house the criteria anyway. islamization does not take place in europe it is therefore certainly pure coincidence that depicted in early childhood writing is now certified as how. iconic swiss chocolate becomes to conform with islamic purity. everyone who claims to be a pullman's to the islam is a shit of you must of course refuse to buy. time to say good boy i do know kids is next moves with.
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the us ones germany to be careful of the hair it gets to supply its new high speed internet that would tell you you take a day off right after the break. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some have. to be first it's like the flag. can't be good. that i'm interested always in the waters of. the city. in a world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting
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past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back president trump has left the international community stunned following his sudden decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria however the move has been backed by a number of leaders including one major nato ally. so. the trump told us during our conversation will you quit direst from here. before and after the good of them as long as you give us the support in terms of logistics and how
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this started to withdraw they have. got all those party to the conflict in syria are on board with the decision there's anger among the kurdish forces in the region with family members of the fighters appealing to washington to reverse that withdrawal mothers and wives of soldiers in the so-called syrian democratic forces have been gathering near an alleged american military base in aleppo province. one zero zero zero zero of all the american turned his back on us as we continue to fight and. it was a learning curve any. why did they leave us as. you know we went to the airfield they promised us that we would not leave and now they've sold us out tension is already escalating in northern syria with turkey now vowing an offensive against the kurdish forces which currently control man beach and representative for the syrian democratic forces told russian media they could be
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ready to hand the town back to the syrian government to prevent turkey launching a similar operation in the province like it did off the liberation of islamic state from islamic state back in two hundred sixty. we do not support and we would oppose efforts to move south and engage in activities against the syrian democratic forces so kurdish commanders have made commitments that they will turn over areas to local populations as they have been so tremendously successful in liberating those areas from dash we expect them to live up to those commitments. that i'm from on base maffei to thank and that talk is threat. to find together the americans and
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the collison again they talk until their. interests around their advantages is completed this is sara and territory. we noticed more movement from the euphrates shield along the front line as turkey before its military operation on a friend threatened that man beach would be the next target. as i said before our relationship is a critical juncture either we must put it back on track or it will further deteriorate we have agreed essentially to normalize relationship again question a man dish. as i said is going to be given. there for him this is one of the. good one of the issues that work together.
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we have a part of syria and. we don't support separatism but you want an agreement to be reached and soften the street as part of a free syria we heard from former pentagon security analyst michael maloof who thinks the syrian government will look to fill the void being left by u.s. forces well i think that given that the u.s. is pulling out it's only inevitable that assad would. begin to move move his troops back in and is very very important strategically. to keep the turks away as well the turks are not going to mount these as they have threatened to do so giving it back to assad is very important and i think that that voids the potential for
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a major conflict between turkey and the kurds and so and also. turkish president everyone has pledged support now for a start so. this this is all beginning to offer an a whole new dynamic in that region as a result of the u.s. pull out. germany may block the chinese telecom giant while away from a government tender to devote develop a high speed internet network it comes amid rising security concerns over the company's possible espionage activity for beijing a u.s. delegation reportedly visited burleson and held a closed door meeting at the german foreign ministry and coaching a boycott all for way the company has already been blocked from building high speed network to the u.s. australia and japan the u.k. secret service chief alex younger has also voiced concern however germany's i-t. watched to take. for such serious decisions like
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a ban you need proof. jeffrey tucker editorial director of the american institute for economic research thinks this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black the u.s. is is famous for its for its hacking and cyber surveillance of every political system in the world i mean so this is this is getting really out of hand and it's starting to be i must say deeply embarrassed seen for the u.s. on international economic stage but i think it's really sad because response to be in the middle of a trade truce but instead of just using the ninety days to come to a better understanding what the u.s. is doing is almost you know every forty eight hours another propaganda blitz against china is kind of a rhetorical bombast we're getting on a daily basis is actually having a tremendous human cost and it's also futile i mean yes china is a rising economic power if you want to call it power but actually what it really
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means is that we can as a world community get get richer and richer together and i think the u.s. needs to like come to terms with this and stop playing the bully on the playground really. likely a pov indigenous people from the argentine posse goni are suing some of the world's biggest oil and gas companies for environmentalists damage the pitch a tribe said that contamination from fracking sites threatens their lives and the wildlife of patagonia. does it does your legal ego good current to make a logical situation in iraq aware that it is very serious and alarming our community feels under threat because there's been a violation of our rights and there's uncertainty over our lands getting energy
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firms have taken advantage of legal loopholes to come here in the big day and night leah's they can put this on deadly menace over us. no it isn't i love the e.c.m. as it is by the region's natural richness the people here are very poorly the energy companies come blunder and contaminate are less able to fortunes they make are kept for themselves and the people they pay off to cover this all up in that one i mean and. the way these oil companies operate is pure environmental vandalism demonstrates how little control local authorities truly have.
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been they look i hope this will be a serious investigation with those responsible named and duly dealt with we are sure we will win this case show and then we'll be able to keep our lands and safeguard our health in the yard most importantly as they want to save our identity and culture. plus he has approached the oil companies the comments and we'll bring you that as soon as it comes then i was on the headlines for this hour we're back in thirty minutes with the latest three of them. who.
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my soul the sighing all have piqued my interest so i went. to. my ask somebody what is this is serious continue to get it they tell me this is they believe in waiting legal fishing out my god will that's kind of interesting. piracy oh. well you know. because we were called pirates for so long. we're really.


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