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the yellow vests sweep through again another round of protests police used tear gas to disperse crowds. as dozens of injuries and arrests reported also ahead. broke out. in protest at a government meeting in the city coincided with the anniversary of a heavy police crackdown. for refusing to sign an oath to a school therapist in the u.s. . over a mandatory pledge which is enforced in a dozen other american states well. it's ridiculous. that's wrong doesn't sound
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right you go to work to work you don't go to work. you should be able to have your own political views outside of your. shaking hands is something more than just a social gesture it's been made part of the country's citizenship ceremony not everyone sees it as a friendly move. many members of. the opposite sex it's a sign of friendship if you don't want to be friendly if you don't want to make similar if you don't want to be. welcome to world news from international. clashes have erupted in paris this saturday with protests happening. throughout the french capital more than twenty
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three thousand people gathered in total for anti-government marches across the country. by. the gift. if. you're. over one hundred forty arrests reportedly been made during the day in paris with police using water cannons and tear gas shellac to bent's people. but chaotic scenes here just outside the hotel de ville in paris just think a look over here see a gas raining down as the protests just look like they were trying to push through woods the island were not for the famous cathedral is situated they were throwing project shows at the police and then the police responded with this tear gas this
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is one of many clashes we've already witnessed today in paris as usual is come out for a six day we also saw many people injured in some of those clashes including somebody who appeared to have a broken nose and injuries on the leg as they were trying to run out a form of the tear gas in an area where they had been cattle jane and these injuries largely due to the fact it seems that the crowds were pushing people away i just take a look behind you see some of the special mobilized police units who are out in force some one thousand two hundred and twenty five police officers were being mobilized today and security of this fall fewer than what we've seen in previous weeks eight thousand last week and that's because many people who watch the protests this weekend would have died down there would be fewer protests . this and they certainly all feel protests isn't what we've seen in previous weeks
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but there are still thousands of people here on the streets of paris as you can see just crowds trying to move away as those police forces are coming in for a few or many people saying the reasons behind that is some of this really shows are actually happy with what's being offered by the government there is a huge increase in one hundred of one hundred euros of those on a minimum salary also new social contribution plans new taxes for those who work extra hours and of course scrapping the fuel tax in january that like that was due to take place which of course was the start of these protests back in november but many people say say it's just not enough they're not happy with the government and as such we're seeing people again out on the streets of paris ready to show their own anger their own ease with the french government's come policies led by emmanuel might call you ready we've seen some of those tensions between the police and the
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protesters so we thought we'd give you an inkling of what we do to try and stay safe we were out in the streets when we're in these protests and. we were covering them so take a sneak look at what we do see you path for a protest. if there's one thing the french really know how to do it's protest at all t. we believe that the best way to tell a story is to really get to the heart of it and that's essentially what we try to do as a team in the protests. but
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this brings its own difficulties and dangers so how do we try and stay safe well firstly we always carry a medical kit now as well as the basics i think that these little i washed pods are with their waiting gold particularly after being ticked asked. was if you can see tear gas has been fired by the police. this chilly gas going everywhere now tear gas is an irritant sickly if you're always you know it's your mouth and your lungs and its effects kick in after about thirty seconds now that can include difficulty breathing and chest pain it's a chemical weapon which is actually found from being used in warfare yet it's still used to control crowds to mitigate its impact we wear protective goggles like this
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and respirators and if we see crazy on the streets of paris rubber bullets being deployed each she is streaming down my face again as a result of tear gas i can't tell you how many times now we've been gassed with all those gloss bottles the stones the tear gas canisters and sometimes even molotov cocktails flying about having a hard hat is very important. when things turn particularly nasty the police have been known to shoot rubber bullets now it may not look like a very much but one of these little guys can cause some serious damage and they can even be lethal so try and keep my cool area safe where this fast it weighs around to. two and a half kilos and the idea is that if i get
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a direct hit it's going to help disperse the impact and hopefully reduce any injury . so that's the basics of the kit now we're all set for the next act. it's been lively in neighboring spain as well violence flowed in barcelona with probably independence protests erupting in the catalonia region leaving more than sixty protesters and police officers injured.
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well it all stemmed from a government decision to relocate the weekly cabinet meeting from madrid to the catalan capital sensibly as i can some good treat gesture of unity but it coincided as well with the first anniversary of a heavy handed police crackdown on independence supporters a journalist in barcelona talks us through friday's renewed protest. the covenant meeting is held in madrid that as pederast centers it's already and under lizzy actually also want to do it here in barcelona and people took it does approval kishen because only one year ago had to learn and declared independence so people obviously are angry because they want to be independent and they want to be separate separate from the hosting so as you can see behind me you have signs of leave it at that this is politico's which means these libor rates the political prisoners still nine of them are held in detention and basically you have all these people you have young people protesting and still trying to remember what happened
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here one one year ago so as people took out of the streets not only here in the center but also they blocked eight they said what seven which is the true way to leading to the airport so many people were blocked today and couldn't go home for christmas. but on thursday all parties had agreed to a quote effective dialogue and independence referendum held in october last year of course was deemed illegal by madrid which then arrested cattle and leaders for rebellion and sedition the spanish prosecutor recently claimed that former counsel i'm president colors put dymo spent more than a million euros on the referendum which the mom calls those accusations bizarre spanish history academic of britain's newcastle university says politicians are misreading the mood of the people. trying to work. the mind. and there.
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was no deal so many ways. the government cannot control everyone and. this is the crew stand on the spanish and we can. see in the elections in december last year this was somehow symbolic to both spanish and the current government of the current government because they haven't been able to do much good last year in terms of. a partial shutdown of the us government come into effect after the senate failed to approve billions of dollars for building a border war with mexico as demanded by donald trump we're going to have a shutdown and there's nothing we can do about that because we need the democrats to give us their votes let's get out let's work together let's be bipartisan and let's get it done the shutdown hopefully will not last log this is the third time
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washington shut its doors this year nine federal departments of stopped their work with almost four hundred thousand employees staying home hundreds of thousands more will work without pay for now until an agreement can be struck dave lindorff is a founding editor of the online news web site this can't be happening thanks it's all a bit of a gimmick. it's it's all theater it's playing to the media the media is making a big deal out of it. and it really isn't a big deal unless it blew up into something that was going to last for a month or two months or something it started hurting me in the government's ability to pay its debt on time as happened one time with this but it you know it's becoming kind of a joke in the united states that you know this super powerful super rich country can't come up with a budget every year and it's almost an every year thing and trump has made it more so with this continuous threats to shut down the government but it's really
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a joke s. that it could last a long time isn't it back at the reasons for previous shutdowns in d.c. .
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an american speech therapist in texas after being sacked from school for refusing to sign an oath the pledge is to never be a part of any boy called movement on israel that's required by law signed to more than a dozen states prohibiting the employment of people with anti israeli sentiments with the story he is capable of in the first amendment of the us constitution guarantees citizens the right to criticize the american government however if you criticize a foreign government you might get in trouble and twenty six in u.s. states government contractors are forbidden from boycotting israel in texas employees are required to sign an oath saying that they do not and will not boycott israel or engage in any activity intended to sow economic harm well one speech pathologist refused to sign the oath and was fired she says this violates her rights and she is taking it to court it's
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a baffling that they can so this down our throats you know and decide to protect another country's economy versus protect our constitutional rights and this isn't just a red. state republican thing here in a liberal new york a similar law is in effect we are against the b.d.s. movement and it's very simple if you boycott against israel new york will board you we've been hearing what locals have to say about it think it's a little bit odd it's ridiculous crossing the line that's wrong doesn't sound right you go to work to work you don't go to work for your outside life you should be able to have your own political of views outside of your work because people can do as they wish i guess and you know you shouldn't put that on employees to be the one way or the other you can have someone sign. an agreement for taking another country congress even as a bill in the roster that would punish american companies bring gaging in a boycott we must continue to stand firm against the profoundly by us
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campaign to legitimize the state of israel through boycotts divestment and sanctions supporters of the bill say that it would only affect the major companies however some fear it could be used to punish individuals were this legislation to pass federal officials would have a new weapon at their disposal to chill and suppress speech that they found objectionable or politically unpopular if there was a law forbidding criticism of the american government we would see rioting every american is taught about the moral principles the country was founded on however there are many who feel that israel deserves a special layer of protection from those who might disagree with its rather controversial actions. r.t. new york on the way shaking hands to cement your citizenship a new danish law is being accused of targeting muslim immigrants we'll explain why after the break.
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they put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so you want to be present. to be approached this is like the three of them or people. interested. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. let it be an arms race. very dramatic. i don't see how that strategy will be successful.
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the handshake is supposed to be a simple friendly greeting but this week it's causing something of a fall out that marks adopted a new law replied young people to shake hands as part of the ceremony to become a danish citizen of supporters of the law insists that it's a national custom and an integrity part of being danish the reason it's causing consternation is because of claims that it targets muslims for whom physical contact with family members of the opposite sex is forbidden for religious reasons some danish mazza refusing to comply. it's against my conviction to have to force the people to have. a subject that fired up reaction when we discussed it with both
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sides of the argument saying that it boils down to respect. how petty and vindictive the danish government is shaking hands is a personal choice there are many members of the jewish community you would choose not to shake hands of the opposite sex you can be vibrant members of society you can play an integral part in health and education as a lawyer in business be a good citizen without. you know what for religious reasons i do not want to shake someone's hand and therefore i'm not going to do that does that make you any less of a human being less of a responsible citizen and you want to live in denmark they want to shake hands well from we shake hands get in the modern world use this nonsense we don't shake hands if it doesn't have a big. guy go they finish go back to their country want to be forced it's a sign of friendship if you don't want to be friendly if you don't want to make similar coach or if you don't want to be tolerant go home i'm sure there's loads of
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places where you don't even have to shake hands but you can chop each other's hands off if you steal some the job enjoy is going to play to the gallery are going to talk to you about individual freedom human rights. to the gallery. does it necessarily make it possible that you won't be responsible citizen engaged in society played an active role just being able to practice your faith the ferry the fact that people have been forced to do this you've got dozens of mayors of. oh no you don't object moving to the north and the point is the central point is this that it's about individual responsibility it's about human rights and it's about stopping bigotry and this law pacifically designed to target just a muslim community is discriminatory and inacceptable if you read the articles if you take the time to do it rather than just play with a chip on your shoulder you'll see it's not just about muslims and secondly if you
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don't like to shake hands don't move to denmark or don't become. citizen and this idea that it's an attack on your human rights on grow up whatever you want to assimulate what do you want to sit in with a western coach or what not they want to be the other people out there scarred by how much is always doing it it wants to spread create division and then he accuses me of played to the gallery listen we shake hands in the west it's the way it is by not shaking hands does it make you less of a human being doesn't stop you from contributing to society making a positive contribution now i'm somebody who personally my own choices i do shit people may learn female but there will be people out there who choose not to touch their choice if it's a question of faith and tradition then perhaps look no further than the sweet shop it produces of the triangular trade toblerone of plaid the chocolate favorite and
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i'll be compliant. certification did not result in any change to our beloved traditional toblerone original recipe its production process is essentially meets the whole of criteria anyway. islamization does not take place in europe it is therefore certainly pure coincidence that it depicted none chocolate for writing is now certified as how.
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iconic swiss chocolate becomes to conform with islamic purity law. everyone who claims to be a pullman's to the viewer must refuse to buy. time to say good boy. is the next move. hopes are fading for nine people who were trapped in a mine in central russia after a fire broke out on saturday morning at a depth of three hundred forty meters eight people did manage to escape the mine located near the city of select skin the region a representative for the mining companies admitted the chances of getting the remaining workers out alive is extremely low a six rescue operation is now underway off the previous attempts failed because of the immense heat and thick smoke initial reports suggested a methane explosion caused the fire but that's since been ruled out here says
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investigative committees looking into whether safety regulations have been violated . a group of indigenous people from argentina is part of goni a region assuming some of the world's biggest oil and gas companies for environmental damage the tribes say the contamination from fracking sites threatens their lives and those of wildlife across the epic landscape. does it does your little you've got good current ecological situation in glasgow where it is very serious and alarming our community feels under threat because there's been a violation of our rights and there's uncertainty over our lands and energy firms have taken advantage of legal loopholes to come here in the big day and night they can put this on deadly menace over us and.
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we'll get isabella the e.c.m. as it despite the region's natural richness that people here are very poor having is the energy companies come blunder and contaminate are less able to fortunes they make are kept for themselves and the people they pay off to cover this all up in the mean and. the way visa oil companies operate is pure environmental vandalism demonstrates how little control local authorities truly have. been they look like i hope this will be a serious investigation and with those responsible named and duly dealt with we are
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sure we will win this case show and then we'll be able to keep our lands and safeguard our health and the most importantly as they want to save our identity and culture. ok well he has approached the energy companies at the center of that complaint for comment so far they've chosen not to offer us a statement well you know if they do know. about this we can take. out with breaking news or less on the go you next news from in the team here in moscow that is in just over half an hour to see that.
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come to russia no one's ever no one has ever heard of a country never even heard about most schools. i had a great education a good job and a family that loved me. i never had to worry about how i would eat somewhere i would speak. i'm facing christmas alone out on the streets of london. well you look
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. at the glory like. you know the slogan still give a speech but i have that. if you don't really feel like a human being in that. and then. the guy just came over to me saw me and gave me this book.
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they warn you i'm really a vietnam of this generation n.g.o.s called the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world dozens of people including children have been hospitalized often apparent chemical attack targeting the syrian city of aleppo the turkish prosecutor says that she was strangled immediately after entering the saudi consulate new cia assessment finds that prince mohamed bin solomon ordered the killing of the found right candidate paul so now rove has won brazil's presidential race is a man who inflame strong passions i just lay shouldn't the president trump threaten to totally destroy north korea he also singled out of iran the u.k. government concluded that it was highly likely that russia was responsible for this reckless and despicable act six months after souls free these are the two men who are accused of carrying out the attack the soldiery suspects saying that we can
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trick was for tourism and not for an assassination attempt. biggest event in football the world cup kicks off well come to all football fans and the graces football teams on the planet rod all the transcript of the. protests and riots in france the government's. these are the most violent protests in paris the fifty protests over the fuel tax rise in the whole country this organization has received over two million pounds of public money and just on eighteen months has been engaging in a smear campaign against the legal position on the labor party. i'm afshin rattansi of our special season finale of going on the gravel twenty eight team with legendary journalist and filmmaker john pilger joel thanks for coming on so the yeah.


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