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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 22, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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on the planet. protests and riots in france the government these are the most violent. protests so the fuel tanks rising. this organization has received over two million pounds of public money and eighteen months he's been engaging. the legal position on the. time afshin rattansi of our special season finale of going on the gravity a team with legendary journalist and filmmaker john pilger john thanks for coming on so the yeah ending with questions and paloma did over a u.k. military linked foreign office operation this is a tax call been and this channel what's your take on the integrity initiative i'll just tell you them all to defend democracy against disinformation. well i would say
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satire but it isn't satire but it's been. pretty dog from the whole mocked cold war it sounds like nineteen fifty but it's sort of rather more serious than that because it does tell us where so much of journalism has gone has been lost. because the journalists and named in these documents journalists and named in these documents and they've gone along with it and as far as i understand that it's. a foreign office funded propaganda unit. which. once journalists to. count russian this information to get their own side you know this is this is what i call vishy journalism this is journalism of those who are going alone with the
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state it's having grown up in the cold war i find it quite difficult to believe that journalists some of them distinguished in the right in many but all of the willing journalists distinguished in their own right. should go alone should allow themselves to be indulged by the british government at a time when there is a litany of lies about. russia about china about so many issues that in dangerous. the prospect of war with russia the prospect of war with china in danger us that the public have a right to understand and truthfully have a right to know about and that's our job as journalists and for journalists to be going alone to
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a foreign office. meeting. and it's set up by something called the institute of state growth which is in a whatsit in a at mt milligan scotland run by we think oh no let's wasn't very it's subtle but it's not satire. in another sense because why are journalists doing this has journalism got to that point robert fisk said recently that it's become a cancer as he put it a cancer of the bottom of journalism that so many journalists are now speaking for power are going along with power our power alf power when i say how i'm talking about british government the u.s. government the west the inventor the super cold war a cold war actually doesn't exist in most of the world most of the world doesn't
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know what it's about it exists in the enlightened centers of london and washington . and perhaps in berlin and brussels and elsewhere you see obviously mainstream media hasn't really been covering the story because they've been favoring breck's it negotiation coverage but when it has a bit of mainstream media they have been saying that the reporting all of the existence of such alleged to british taxpayer funded conspiracy is itself. shows that most go is trying to undermine the democratic values of britain and this is a you know with the screwball incident and the b.b.c. has defended his decision to be asking now for information about russian influence over the russians are behind the yellow but they shouldn't frogs. i think it is true there casually behind the bad weather i think that may be all the rest is
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a grotesque black joke there is no evidence. no real evidence at all of russia gate the scriptural affair produced no evidence that would stand up in a court of law. these things may have happened i don't know but no evidence and it is now accepted by journalists as ok i've been a journalist for a long time and i've covered and the situations i've never known i've never known the such a grotesque absurdity as the the the the elevation of russia and china and the perceived enemies to the kind of cold war status they had when i was a child it's good i mean i know that it's going to charity commission is not
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investigating the charity angle of this because it's not russia that's just the enemy it's generally cool being the leader of the opposition of course if you're me cope and as it is i'm tired of believe the threat to all that we hold dear the absurdity of that the man cannot even be what he is a moderate labor leader of the opposition and we'd like to actually turn up the gas a little speak up a little more know he's a threat to wall that's whole hell of the it is connected with the intelligence services and cool been obviously does want to scrap trident despite his policy no vision from those who want to scrap trident put he he also. has put in positions of authority those who don't want to scrap trident you know he has plenty in his van paid in these parties you don't want to scrap tried and have said they don't want. but that's a threat is that what's that a threat to why do these people have this power but the question is suppose that
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goal always had power it's called the deep state national security state but the real question is why did joining was go along with them instead of. at best mocking what they do but revealing what they do because that what they do has nothing to do with democracy and they do it in the name of democracy or would they repeat over and over again it has nothing to do with that and says suggests that. a labor leader who has made some modest proposals and may well win the next election is a threat is obscene. well the journalists and we've contacted some of them i should say david iran of edge of the times is deny being part of the conspiracy avowed but . well carol calpol of the who said that james milne is somehow connected with russia that the subject of the miller inquiry into donald trump's connections she
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stands by it by saying actually i mean she presumed would say to you being with how she just went to a meeting she just she's not good no i don't think about it she's the leader one of the leading investigative journalists but then there was a document wasn't there i think in two thousand and ten. leaked by wiki leaks and it was from the ministry of defense how to deal with leaks and of course we keep a leak that. but the three threats to democracy. were russian spies of course terrorists but the greatest threat were investigative journalists. i really a threat as because i still have hold themselves investigative journalists should investigate the names in this. we're only getting leaks and leaks are being destroyed pablo miller was with chris was dealing with fire and he'd talked to
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a script. that the conference was at the front. one one element of this is that julian assange was fingered by the guardian newspaper and a guardian crops up in elements of this. favored by the guardian newspaper as meeting told trump's campaign yes schieffer let was a fabrication a complete fabrication and which the guardian stands by in terms of its own later in the night and by whatever it was a fabrication it didn't happen i've been in that embassy many times it was impossible for man a foreign russians to be on that evidence it's to. totally leaks has released something like eight hundred thousand documents about russia about the russian state the vladimir putin would love to be in about the kremlin some of these documents have been used in court cases but russia and outside of russia. it's an
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extraordinary. library of of documents reveal that he's russian front revealing much about this in the almost never mention the idea that julian assange was some kind of front for the russians again is absurd i can only say that over and over again it's absurd it's untrue it it's foals why the guardian of done this. we should be able to oust them but they won't tell us because it is approaching a kind of on state. it's it's a it's a vendetta and question serious questions have been put to the editor in chief of the guardian by jonathan cook a former guardian journalist. and for some reason she hasn't replied to them why
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not isn't this a newspaper isn't this about revealing. but this is happened before hasn't it it's happened before going back to nine hundred eighty one when the guardian release the documents that allowed the whistleblower separatist dale to be prosecuted and finally to go to prison. it's happened a number of times it happened two years ago when a full the full front page of the guardian and a page inside was given to a public relations story featuring the new head of m i thought i've previously that been a public relations story featuring the new head of a mine six who told us the that m i six would be much more a multi-ethnic than it's been now. what is going on the
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newspapers is fully in bed with these people of a hof in bed are they sitting on the end of the bed. or less so let's just stop there for a second we'll have over after this break. up the lefties and in america don't blame capitalism because it's in fact socialism mushy get the blame because these banks have been socialized all their losses through the machinations of the government and the social banks. you mentioned again six thirty five and you have a career and career involves using your arse hole in your computer and things like that in an office. perhaps you sort of getting to that circular. you could have to
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stop doing all this in this kind of you lou the minutes must be from my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up winning it in a box. very strong magnetic field held in my head. think of it like a real hard shirt my skin burned and that wireless access point. just continues on saying with our students in the school. we are just continually baiting our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and it's getting worse. and.
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welcome back i'm still here with award winning journalist and filmmaker john pilger for the special edition of going on the ground we were talking about. journalism being co-opted ironically day killing of a washington post writes a saudi insider shoji should wake the world up or at least mainstream media up to the world's worst humanitarian crisis this year yes i mean it was a particularly hideous episode and if if you like it captured. the rather bleak imagination of many people killing of surgery but you're right to say that and. there are so many distractions so many diversions for journalists and to journalists allow themselves to indo which. i wonder how many have gone to yemen and seen. or
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have. tried to go. to saudi arabia and to us a. to see the british role in what is being told by. u.n. agencies and others is in effect a genocide against the yemeni people. saudis and britain deny it's a genocide as you say they they can deny of course a denial is sort of. is a kneejerk. but the fact. that saudi arabia who's a croft supplied by whose logic logistics are supplied by. the united states and britain targeting courtesy of britain.
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has reaped the most hideous havoc. on one of the poorest countries in the world why isn't the suffering of the people of yemen absolutely burnt into the consciousness of the readers viewers and listeners of western media that's a question that's a question to be honest of journalists who call themselves going to call themselves investigative journalists and journalists for example the forty children in the bus the school bus. or cool by a lucky bomb supplied by the united states the united states admitted it there's no question the croft as i say and the that the backing. for saudi arabia and you weigh in to its assault on the people of yemen comes
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from our governments in the god takes their breaks it to resume even took time out to address the conservative friends of israel we know leadership exploding more than ever to israel trade secretary liam fox met with netanyahu discussing closely bush breaks a trade deal is more weaponry yes perhaps more weaponry britain doesn't sell a huge amount of bombs to to israel but it does so important it's very important to israel but the importance of his row in the whole. nexus the arms market is clear. israel is what style the watchdog if you like of all of us british. and western so cold interests in the middle east keeping the middle east permanently unstable. and ensuring that alms markets. are not
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all the time such as the almost insatiable. market in the in saudi arabia so so israel is extremely important for a number of reasons good as israel and britain and the united states los there are a war with the backing for al qaeda linked guys is linked people in syria this this yeah there's been reports of a chemical attack b c w maybe going by the rebels not by the syrian government. do you think do you think that you have taught these nato countries a lesson that they couldn't overthrow the government of bashar less and they'll keep trying to go there's no question about that. even though that is just isis day as you know you would be back. there would they will be. trying they'll do it through the kurds and they will keep trying because. syria is
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unfinished business. the overthrow of syria is unfinished business israel wants it they want it for israel. and syria just incredibly has survived. the regime and. the state has survived unlike say libya. which was crushed so a modern state has survived in syria a modern state was crushed in in libya. it's it's. it's a time of i mean i think john bolton who was trump's national security advisor said it well it's perfectly you know to march when he said that we ally aimed in the middle east is not to support regimes it is to divide it is to keep
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it unstable so that when we want to move we can. and that's the situation at the moment in the middle east george w. bush famously said iraq was unfinished business from his father what did you make of the unit g.'s to the death of george h. w. bush when he it's very difficult to get satire going because these are terribly serious subjects and george bush was one of the leading undoubtably one of the leading great criminals of the time he was going right back to the one nine hundred sixty s. he opposed the civil rights act. he. he he was when he was director of the cia he was in charge of operation will which was a continent wide assassination program that caused an enormous amount of death and
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mayhem. he he conducted borders known wrote the euphemistically is the first gulf war there was no war in fact there was no most assault by overwhelming forces. at led by general schwarzkopf. and of course president bush. on on iraq. later on saw the shelter where four hundred and eight women and children burned sooner a to by george h.w. bush was bowman's as they the missiles as they targeted the snowing as now and knowing that civilians were seeking shelter there the bearing alive of iraqi troops. the
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many atrocities that alone forgotten long forgotten not far as they families are concerned but known forgotten as far as the media. is concerned the civilians. who were denied water and schools what george h.w. bush did was destroy. a modern state affectively he reduced it and deliberately the plans to destroy sanitation and and and basic facilities are now well known so his canonize asian. at this funeral or tribute whatever it was. had a particular bleak irony but there was frankly no coverage area in britain of a author william bluhm who i know you've read. but against all the coverage of
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george bush. why would emblem was cool and build was one of the great american running ads. and the united states does produce great renegades people who once in the system as as bill bluhm was he was once worked for the state department he then became in the story in and he became as an a story in in fine forensic the tile of rapacious washington the number of bones that fell on countries the number of leaders they tried to assassinate. the number of war those that they that the washington implemented against defenseless countries and so on in his books. the secret history the cia rogue state and many of those bill bluhm documented these
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and i was terribly sorry to hear that he died because we've lost a very rare. historian the the silence of historians is one of the problems that we have these days the people who know about what is done to other countries bill braun was one of those who spoke up i was reading the other day. he quoted khadafi bill was capable of finding out he was actually particularly good advice to give journalists finding out what people said. that we. you almost nothing about and could duffy had had warned that if he was attacked in two thousand and eleven that if his if his if libya was destroyed as adventure he was of colds the bay and. then
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then a stampede of people through libya to europe would happen. now could obvious relationship with africa was interesting because he he tried to. he had certain ambitions to create african banks to create an african currency and so on but he was also a gate keeper. and what he was saying. bill bluhm quoted was he was he was full costing what has now happened that all these poor people have sort some kind of refuge in countries greece italy now who are turning them back or leaving them in the tension camps. the present migration crisis in europe is a direct result of the assault on libya now.
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build up as one of the few who did use that and gave us the evidence for ahead of anything in the twenty nine hundred dollars jump i think he said the bill blow also if you read his work. you see the jump is not the. outlier bad apple in the way to look trumps noted but apple and trump trumps an embarrassment the problem with trump well he doesn't see himself as a problem but. for the so cool resistance that sees american public takes as anti trump isn't. that trump is is a character true of the whole system whereas hillary clinton embodies the system trump is a caricature of it. and and buddhists the very presence of
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trump scripts the mosque. all those things that bill wrote about the z. is it if it strips away the the the mosque of all of this great repay should rogue state as bill brown called it that's very embarrassing to those who have been giving us nonsense such as the democratic party the clinton the bushes the obama's as obama said america is the only exceptional nation. from this as this is a fabulous show i want to really say what it comes down to the optional. true trump trumps very presence and what he does he's grotesqueness if you're like
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he's tweeting his odious ness that's that's a system builder thank you. that's in the show and for this season will be back on wednesday the ninth of january with a brand new series but will be showing your favorite shows all through the yuletide period until then to be judged by social media as you see. well you know the cars they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i mean they're in the small boats next to the hard pool of ships and it's
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still. not up to. the limit itself to be told fish already ninety percent of the dot and it won't be calmer. concept fifteen scoops seventy five tons and they do it several times a day with a big fleet so now you get an idea of why. we have to understand we cannot stay still and just. be with them this will be is the deal for you because i. am doing this because i want the future world to the future generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have.
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become accustomed to. the yellow vests sweep through paris again another round of anti government protests police used tear gas to disperse crowds in a sixth consecutive weekend of action as dozens of injuries and arrests all reported. yes. i. i i i. also had the. independence riots flaring boss alone leaving dozens injured in protest at a government meeting in the city which coincided with the end of us if a heavy police crackdown. sacked for refusing to sign on. this.


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