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the headlines that shaped this week the best sweep through paris again in another round of antigovernment protests. crowds during a six consecutive weekend of riots with almost one hundred fifty arrests made. president vladimir putin shares his stance on the threat of nuclear war the ukraine crisis drags it and much else besides a new year and q. and a with the media. a secret project by u.s. democrats to task online tactics during a state election is revealed in a new york times report has claimed they used the methods of an old adverse those much maligned russian faults and. much.
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disney is accused of colonialism trademarking this what he phrase. we get animated feedback on not. everything is meant to be commodified when the culture does not belong to the corporation that's trying to appropriate money. on the story. for reasons of. seven days a week twenty four hours a day you're watching altie international with me in a day or two to come to the weekly. clashes again on saturday amid a fresh wave of yellow vests protests throughout the french capital across the country more than thirty eight thousand gathered for the sixth weekend and two government marches. yeah i.
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am. fairly certain that you. have. if. you're. curious reported making one hundred forty two arrests in paris right houses will once again out in force using water cannons and tear gas was shot at the defensive . chaotic scenes here just outside the hotel de ville in paris just think a look over here to gas raining down as the protests just like they were trying to push towards the island were not for the famous cathedral is situated they were throwing projectiles that the police and then the police responded with this tear gas this is one of many clashes we've already witnessed in paris as usual is come
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out for a six day we also saw many people injured in some of those clashes including somebody who appeared to have a broken nose and injuries on the leg as they were trying to run out a form of the tear gas in an area where they had been cattle jane and these injuries largely due to the fact it seems that the crowds were pushing people away i just take a look behind you see some of the special mobilized police units who are out in force some one thousand two hundred and twenty five police officers were being mobilized and security of this fall fewer than what we've seen in previous weeks eight thousand last week and that's because many people who watch the protests this weekend would have died down there would be fewer protests this and they certainly all feel protests isn't what we've seen in previous weeks but they're all still thousands of people. here on the streets of paris as you can see
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just crowds trying to move away as this police force is coming in far fewer many people saying the reasons behind some of this really shows are actually happy with what's being offered by the government. an increase in one hundred of one hundred euros of those on a minimum salary also new social contribution plans new taxes for those who work extra hours and of course scrapping the fuel tax in january that like it was due to take place which of course was the start of these protests back in november but many people here say it's just not enough they're not happy with the government and as such we've seen people get out on the streets of paris ready to show their own anger their own ease with the french government's current policies led by emmanuel mccall. the demands of the yellow vests have been broadcast the view is around the world but some of the coverage in france and south has come in for criticism
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national channel france three was slammed for censoring its broadcast after appearing to change the placard of one of the protestors it initially said my call out but the last word was deleted this prompted accusations of deliberate doctrine on social media the channel though said it had happened by mistake we spoke to the protester who sign is at the center of the controversy. so i was shocked like many others this censorship by from history cast a shadow on the media in general the process to start to think that journalists are in cahoots with politicians and the financial elite this kind of censorship doesn't help the situation as people would say you see we were right in criticizing the media they manipulate i have heard from many people who said there was shocked as well as a backlash online at twitter facebook everywhere i thought this through and decided to file a complaint to the country's media watchdog. the original yellow vests demonstrations called for planned
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a fuel tax hikes to be dropped and then. protests some of them have been alleging other potential sources of the discord including russian ones we went to on the streets of paris to look for what the. post by you in paris to make people protest. but. you know. when your chest. and your chest are pretty good is it that you just thank you we showed. you the first thing is in your mouth the mainstream media say that russia is behind these protests you must be wearing a yellow vest on saturdays. we. will get this story. two hundred twenty two people are confirmed
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dead. here almost eight hundred fifty people are injured and twenty eight remain missing according to the country. organization. the buildings along the eastern the strait coast have been destroyed it's believed the tsunami was caused by undersea landslides following a volcanic eruption at nearby mount barker tell us there are fears that the death toll could rise further and we will bring you updates as soon as they commit. to russia's alleged online meddling has surfaced once again but this time moscow can't be blamed for the new york times is reporting that a group of democratic party members and took a secret project to test online tactics action in the u.s. it took place in the state of alabama last year by employing methods allegedly used
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by russia to influence the campaigns here's artie's work asked here. for years public you were barash by stories of russian bots on t.v. radio papers daily told us of malicious programs of evil software soulless slaves putin an existential threat to america take the alabama election a year ago russian boortz the media reported interfered medaled corrupted on behalf of republican candidate rory more so surprised the top a supporting more they both have a deep love of country the country's russia but still raw treats you can use food it's pretty alarming weather guys slips into fluent russian or speaks fluent russian russian it everywhere year later it's moving closer to the oval office one
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might wonder why on earth russia would bother with a massive dis information campaign in alabama of all places who first salad value of the vase as juicy a target room or him self was clueless about it had no idea why this was happening so as is republican tradition he blame the democrats for setting him up the democrats has also tradition change the subject and insulted him. maybe more should check with putin who shares his views on depriving people of their civil rights here is where it gets really good the new york times did some digging and found a report titled the alabama project and figured out those weren't putin's bots at all they were faked dressed up to look like russian bots we
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orchestrated and a labrat false flag operation that planted the idea that the more campaign was amplified on social media by a russian but that i've seen some dirty stuff in politics all over the world but this this is platinum tear this on this deplorable and dirty tricks turns out it was all of fake psyop orchestrated by a group of i.t. experts who wanted to help the democrat win by cheating by lying and by defrauding millions of voters in an attempt to frame the republican as being helped by russia the guy who allegedly financed all of this is billionaire reid hoffman co-founder of linked in and apparently a guy with a really faulty moral compass often comes with the money my experience now here
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is the kicker and lighty is telling people shouldn't worry it's only one hundred thousand dollars peanuts when it comes to elections whatever world the democrats live in a hundred grand is change. joe trippi a seasoned democratic operative said it was impossible that one hundred thousand dollar operation had an impact on the race journalists no longer report the news they report their opinions same new york times when talking about how alleged the fake russian facebook accounts spend the same money hundred thousand dollars on advertising on a national campaign the disclosure adds to the evidence of the broad scope of the russian influence campaign so when a democratic group is all but who are spending one hundred grand on this information on lies framing and defaming someone it's just one hundred grand
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pocket change but if it's the russians at one hundred thousand dollars becomes an absolute fortune crime against america and go on i've always been suspicious that the russians bought in there it was lindsay and was probably made up simply because that's the kind of saying that the democratic party does they make things up in order to create the basis for an attack on the right wing and on the conservatives this is in the character of the democratic party and in the a lack of character i should say and it's a it's a criminal element that has taken over the democratic party the mainstream media only talk about things that service that democratic party agenda and it's an agenda that we saw in syria you know it's an agenda that will lead to war it's an agenda
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that risks nuclear conflict with the two great nuclear powers it's an agenda that needs to be stopped. after the alabama case came to light facebook suspended five a counseling to it this was for engaging in coordinated in authentic behavior one of the people whose account was reportedly suspended earlier than i'd involvement in any campaign to influence the public during the alabama election. russia's economy and education and to the threat of nuclear war president vladimir putin fielded a wide array of questions from journalists on thursday during his fourteenth annual q. and a with the media we put together some of the new well it's. the
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u.s. is now leaving the i.n.f. treaty what's going to happen so it's hard to imagine what if the rockets are located in europe what should we do of course we will have to insure our security with some concrete steps but let's not say later we're trying to get an advantage we're not trying to get some advantage but merely to see your balance and to ensure our security. concern in the u.s. withdrawal from syria i don't really know what that means for example the u.s. has been present in afghanistan for the past seventeen years and almost every year they say that they are withdrawing their troops but they are still there now and what is the presence of american troops needed in syria but you can i don't think so but let's not forget that presence there is illegitimate but it was not agreed on but it will be there with the u.n. security council along with the syrian leadership so if the u.s. plans to withdraw mass is the right decision. just tell me this. is between us and the rest of ukraine and it's going to russia you know it was done
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by the ukrainian authorities they have been forced of full economic blockade of. territory they consider their own they shoot at those people but when they consider their own citizens almost every day civilians die though we provide humanitarian support for those living nationally but only not to let those people starve to death. because she was assassinated everyone knows that there is evidence script is a lie however there are sanctions against russia and complete silence in the case of saudi arabia is that this politicized russia phobic approach is just another reason to attack the russian if it was not script they would have thought of something else this is obvious to me and the aim is one to hold worthless growth at any cost. in my view. relations are at a stalemate it is in the interests of both of our countries to get out of this stalemate are we interested in me storing our relations with the u.k.
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yes we are and so is the u.k. . many western politicians and experts and even ordinary people see russia as a threat they even think that you want to rule the world of course i do i just want to know if you really want this was a real of your foreign policy. concerning ruling the world we know where the headquarters are located of those who want to do this and it's not in moscow you can connect this to defense spending the us spends over seven hundred billion dollars on all russia only forty six million of them in about all do you really think that our aim is to rule the world or the us that this is just a cliché that's being imposed by the west in order to resolve their own domestic problems but in the. uk it was in egypt when will you marry in the home and home.
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these are two different questions are you married. yes so he is married. we just suffer the same. first of all do the kind of like you said my flash was bothering with the russian flag was there any way i want to refer to keep playing who said when everyone is there the great game is finished the great there will be a meeting whenever i'm all done this is a question about how i think it should be the next one of us in the year how's your how. you would not see me off. but after spending hours fielding questions from journalists about them airport and it wasn't quite done after the marathon q. and a he sat down for a face to face meeting with an aspiring blind reporter. hello how are you. i would like to ask you some questions
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did you always dream of becoming president or before you wanted to be for example an astronaut. honestly i never dreamed of becoming president and i had no intention this happened by chance. probably at first it was very difficult for you can you describe your first days as president. yes it wasn't easy these were very difficult years for the country as a whole we were balancing with survival there was a very difficult situation with the economy and security as well. what was your most memorable day as president. it is very difficult to say but we just talked about this it's a big press conference the most striking events of this year with the presidential election on the world cup do you make a wish i mean you're. used to this which was a secret but i can share it with you i wish all our wishes will come true may attach to you of course. you are very handsome.
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thank you very much. during the big q. and a journalist so i came to get that question to the president and resorted to well sorts of ways to grab his attention. just to. see them. sure. with a remake of the animated classic line king on its way and next year disney is under
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pressure to drop its trademark of the phrase i could have a tough time at allegations of come daniela's and we dig deep into the debate after this break. what holds it against you should. be put themselves on the line. to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president the interim. want to be rich. but you'd like to be closer to what it looks like three of the more completely. interesting holes in the lawyers. there should be. welcome back to the weekly invention and deception in germany where a top journalist from the respected the spiegel news magazine has been sacked for making up stories for years cool to takes us through what's being discovered. it comes to trustworthy journalism the mainstream media might tell you there's no
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alternative. meet one of their poster boys of honesty class for lotus work for one of germany's most respected newsmagazines der spiegel he was even named cnn's journalist of the year back in two thousand and fourteen for a story about prison inmate care the report takes the poets you can the interesting approach to a major social problem glossary lutes his brains pictures and the reader's mind the food like a film. well an acting career might have been better suited for real odious because the paragon of modern journalism seems to have faked his way through his seven year career of the sixty articles we know der spiegel published reloading us admitted fourteen contained fake news and a story about
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a young syrian boy he made up quotes and locations the tale of a guantanamo bay prison or a complete fabrication it was only after his colleague revealed his doubts over a story they were working on together about the us mexican border that the truth came out the. first there were just like little mistakes that i paid attention to things that seemed suspicious a vigilante group that doesn't allow you to take pictures of them but they tell you unbelievable stuff even admit to their crimes like that they detained mexicans and crossed the mexican border with weapons were no went through the ringer with his managers trying to bring his doubts forward imagine challenging the legitimacy of an award winning western journalist praised by c.n.n. itself and if you're thinking this is a glitch in the mainstream media think again all these outlets have parted with journalists after they fabricated stories some more award winning journalists but
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awards in journalism are a whole other matter take journalist. he faked his own death with the help of the ukrainian secret service attempting to pin the blame on russia for an assassination it was a calculated deliberate international terrorist crime that can't go with killed due to his professional activities he was only working on things that were critical and investigative of russia you know it was it was one of the biggest fake news stories of the year but he was even given the time award for journalistic bravery if the mainstream media insists you should question less you might want to take a second to question more. donald quarter or two. the phrase no problem or no worries is familiar in many languages but this where he translation is at the center of a trademark row involving entertainment giant disney you may know the phrase from
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this film. so. much. so that the line king came out in my ninety fourth generation has grown up knowing i had coon i'm a tartar phrase was trademarked by disney to protect its merchandising but the studio stands accused of colonialism with a remake of the film to be released next year a petition has been launched by eight zimbabwean activists to get disney to drop its copyright trying it's been signed by more than sixty sixty thousand people who say the phrase belongs to african culture. disney's trademark dates back to two thousand and three for the tartar to be used on clothing and footwear the studio doesn't deny the swahili origin of either the phrase or the names of almost all the lion king characters although it hasn't yet commented on the petition itself the case has fired up opinion. so i we're seeing so much pushback from people on it
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they see this as another as you alluded to manifestation of cultural appropriation and it continues a capitalism entrepreneur africa and specifically africa a continent representing everything that capitalist wants everything capitalist need but everything capitalists don't want to pay for that so used to be like that and i'm not necessarily anti-capitalist stand i mean i don't want to find out the answer me that you're driving a jeep cherokee let me just leave it at that obviously i think it's unnecessary pressure as i mentioned earlier we live in an error of only outreach people are just looking for a reason to be offended i don't think this is a case about offending people right i mean everyone will find a way to get up to be offended i think what we're seeing here is the commodification of culture and we have to go beyond sheridan to the one thing that does the did do is d.v.d. investment in the lion king franchise which is created a lot of jobs did these made a lot of money and let me tell you something disney is donated to an african cause is in africa last year two thousand and seventeen they donated over three hundred
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forty million dollars not everything is meant to be commodified and culture is one of those things especially when the culture does not belong to the corporation that is trying to appropriate and make money off of it at the end of the day disney is a global company so it's not to say that they can't appropriate or use phrases from other cultures let me say something right now where are we going to go with this next is taco bell going to be under attack is the tilted kill pub franchise i think it's a faulty parallelism to compare a franchise like taco bell to language like recruitment tata this me also tried this with dia de los went though so they also tried some copyright the day of the dead which is also something that is culturally sacre to people specifically in mexico you make money the way that you want to make money and that's fine but this is why cultural appropriation. made. it's are hard at work to figure out whether a heated top level breaks that debate and u.k.
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parliament features a massage in a stick comment people are asking whether opposition leader jeremy corbyn muttered stupid woman during a moment with prime minister to raise them may have a look yourself. it is would be the responsible position of any government to put in place contingency arrangements for no deal. would reduce zoster for our country and no responsible government would ever allow a kind of christmas i know this not to miss talking down the chimney on the terrace mistreating the sun lounger. it's the prime minister who is supposed to be undertaking a negotiating. climate is such style to bring in acceptable to you but it's a wrong time of the gentleman doesn't want to see money being spent on no deals he's got an easy also for this to. cut the i talk about you. know.
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this kind of missile domestic language must not be tolerated. during prime minister's question time to date i referred to those who i believe were seeking to turn the debate about a national crisis facing our country into account in mind as stupid people. this is because i did not use the word stupid woman about the problem is still or anyone else and i am completely opposed to the use of sexist or misogynist language in absolutely any form. just look like stupid woman to me i can see stupid but not woman.
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so far and up at the top so. in the last seven days in the weekly next up it's time for documentary c lifesavers promised three and four. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see you there. my son doing drugs my nephew swiss german drugs my sister just with doing drugs.


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