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tv   News  RT  December 23, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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i. think. the headlines that shaped this week they get over sweep through paris again in another round of anti-government protests police used tear gas to disperse crowds during a sixth consecutive weekend of riots with almost one hundred fifty arrests made. to the president vladimir putin shares his stance on the threat of nuclear war ukraine crisis much else besides in his year end q. and a with the media. a secret project by u.s. democrats to test online tactics suring a state election has revealed
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a new york times report that's claimed they use the methods of a very old. much maligned russian boats. we have here in moscow watching the weekly rundown of the top stories here at all to international and then who can this thanks for joining us this hour. now paris saw clashes again on saturday amid a fresh wave of yellow vest protests throughout the french capital across the country more than thirty eight thousand gathered for the sixth weekend of anti-government marchers. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah.
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your. police reported making one hundred forty two arrests in paris brought officers were once again out in force using water cannon and tear gas so all of you can ski as this report. well chaotic scenes here just outside the hotel de ville in paris just think a look over here she had gas raining down as the protests just look like they were trying to push through woods the island were not for the famous cathedral is situated they were throwing projectiles that the police and then the police responded with this tear gas this is one of many clashes we've already witnessed in paris as usual is come out for a six day we also saw many people injured in some of those clashes including somebody who appeared to have a broken nose and injuries on the legs as they were trying to run out from the tear gas in an area where they had been cattle jane and these injuries largely due
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to the fact that it seems that the crowds were pushing people away i just take a look behind you see some of the special mobilized police units who are out in force some one thousand two hundred and twenty five police officers were being mobilized and security of this fall fewer than what we've seen in previous weeks eight thousand last week and that. because many people who watched the protests this weekend would have died down there would be fewer protests this and they certainly all feel just as in what we've seen in previous weeks but there are still thousands of people here on the streets of paris as you can see just crowds trying to move away as this police force is coming in you are many people are saying the reasons why guys some additional shows are actually happy with what's being offered by the government there was a huge increase in the one hundred one hundred you know some of those on
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a minimum salary also new social consciously she was it's been those who work extra hours and of course scrapping that tax in january that like that was just a case in which of course was the start of these protests back in november that many people here say it's just not enough they're not happy with the government and as such we're seeing people again and on the streets of paris ready to show their own anger their own ease with the french government's current policies led by emmanuel makkal. meanwhile shocking scenes have been captured of police drawing a gun on rioters before being forced to flee the area just as attacked the three officers with stones and other objects police left one of the motor works on the ground or thought his have launched an investigation into the incident. and the demands of the yellow vests have been broadcast to viewers around the world but some of the coverage in france itself has come in for criticism national channel
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france three for censoring its broadcast after appearing to change the profit of one of the protesters it initially said out but the last word was then deleted this prompted accusations of deliberate doctoring on social media the channel zero said it had happened by mistake we spoke to the protester who saw him is at the center of the controversy. some i was shocked like many others this censorship by france three cars a shadow on the media in general that the processes start to think that journalists are in cahoots with politicians and the financial elite this kind of censorship doesn't help the situation people would say you see we were right in criticizing the media they manipulate as i have heard from many people who said they were shocked as well as a backlash online or twitter facebook everywhere i thought this through and decided to file a complaint to the country's media watchdog. and they were originally going to vest
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demonstrations called for planned fuel tax hikes to be drops and then grow into wider anti-government protests some of them have been alleging there are other potential sources of the discord including russian ones and we went on the streets of paris to look for would be as a tater's. now you in paris to make people protest. no. good is it that you would just think he would. come up here. the mainstream media say that russia is behind these protests you must be wearing a yellow vest on saturday. we. will give you this story. online meddling has surfaced once
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again. the new york times is reporting that a group of democratic party members and it took a secret project to test online tactics during an election in the u.s. took place in the state of alabama last year by employing methods allegedly used by russia to influence campaigns. for years the public you me were barash by stories of russian bots on t.v. radio papers daily he told us of malicious programs of evil software soulless slaves of putin an existential threat to america take the alabama election a year ago russian bartz the media reported interfered medaled corrupted on behalf of republican candidates roy moore so surprise
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a tougher supporting more they both have a deep love of country the countries russia but still rather. choose for you it's pretty alarming when a guy's lives in a fluent russian or speaks fluent russian russian it everywhere year later it's moving closer to the oval office one might wonder why on earth russia would bother with a massive dissin from asian campaign in alabama of all places to fence taliban of the van as juicy a target roy moore himself was clueless about it had no idea why this was happening so as his republican tradition he blamed the democrats for setting him up the democrat has also tradition changed the subject and insulted him maybe more should check with putin who shares his views on depriving people of
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their civil rights here is where it gets really good the new york times did some digging and found a report titled the alabama project and figured out those weren't putin's bots at all they were faked dressed up to look like russian bots. we orchestrated and a labrat false flag operation that planted the idea that the more campaign was amplified on social media by a russian but that i've seen some dirty stuff and politics all over the world but this this is platinum tear this on this deplorable and dirty tricks turns out it was all of fake psyop orchestrated by a group of i.t. experts who wanted to help the democrat win by cheating by lying and by defrauding millions of voters in an attempt to frame the republican as being helped
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by russia the guy who allegedly financed all of this is billionaire reid hoffman co-founder of linked in and apparently a guy with a really faulty moral compass often comes with the money my experience now here is the kicker and lighty is telling people shouldn't worry it's only one hundred thousand dollars peanuts when it comes to elections whatever world the democrats live in a hundred grand is change. joe trippi a seasoned democratic operative said it was impossible that one hundred thousand dollar operation had an impact on the race journalists no longer report the news they report their opinions same new york times when talking about how alleged the fake russian facebook accounts spend the same money hundred thousand dollars on
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advertising on a national campaign the disclosure adds to the evidence of the broad scope of the russian influence campaign so when a democratic group is all but who are spending one hundred grand on this information on lies framing and defaming someone it's just one hundred grand pocket change but if it's the russians at one hundred thousand dollars becomes an absolute fortune crime against america and god i've always been suspicious that the russians bought in there it was slim z. and was probably made up simply because that's the kind of saying that the democratic party does they make things up in order to create the basis for an attack on the right wing and on the conservatives this is in the character of the democratic party and in the lack of character i should say and it's it's
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a criminal element that has taken over the democratic party the mainstream media only talk about things that service that democratic party agenda and it's an agenda that we saw in syria you know it's an agenda that will lead to war it's an agenda that risks nuclear conflict with the two great nuclear powers it's an agenda that needs to be stopped after the alabama case came to light facebook suspended five accounts linked to it and said this was for engaging in coordinated in authentic behavior or the people whose account was reportedly suspended earlier tonight involvement in any campaign through influence the public during an obama election. and the scandal that broke over the week surrounding a noun journalist working for a german magazine der spiegel who routinely fabricated stories for years is now taking on a new dimension ports now say class
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a lotus called on readers to donate to the people featured in his stories like orphaned syrian children with the donations ending up in his own personal bank account and spiegel has since published an apology over the fabrications saying it's the worst thing that could happen to a news outlet the magazine also stressed it's appalled that real osha smilers to treat them for so long the u.s. ambassador to germany has also weighed in accusing the magazine of being steeped in anti americanism. these free news stories largely focused on us policies and certain segments of the american people it's clear that we were told that it was an institutional bias the anti american bias that the magazine has exploded since the election of president trump a key hamare political commentator and publisher told us the u.s. is being selective in which german media story to criticize it. they change those stories that make america look at those journalists who are most
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critical do not care on those people and those journalist who did fake stories about syria and most of the stories about syria and this war there were fake and were. america of course just taking those who don't want to stir up their their present politics policy they do with the politics of america first america only america great and whatever and they don't they just don't care anymore whether it is very obvious or whether it is not obvious russian president vladimir putin held a wide ranging press conference this week answering a pretty big number of questions from journalists we'll show you some of the highlights after this short break.
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thank you. thank you thank you thank you thank. her. you. are sad to say that it wouldn't be the first time that there are hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions of dollars that are lost in the pentagon's bookkeeping so to be honest i'm not completely surprised that three hundred twenty one million dollars in refueling costs to blent missing i'm very glad that saudi arabia and the emirates have now promised to pay that bill but i think there's no avoiding the reality that. that bill is actually being paid for by the people of yemen and the people of yemen who died under saudi arabia's and numerati is indiscriminate
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bombardment. welcome back to the weekly saudi arabia is violating the un brokered cease fire on the yemen in a most blatant manner and continuing must bombing campaigns on a country that's according at least to yemenis who think rebels although riyadh insists the rebels are actually the ones breaking the truce or the cease fire agreed by the sides in sweden came into effect on tuesday so do warplanes continue to fly and turned over the day over the past forty eight hours that the conducted forty two rates on the provinces of solder jorth and margaret. the head of the u.n. t.v. monitoring human cease fire arrived in sun on sunday retired major general patrick travelled from the southern city of aden where the country's internationally
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recognized government as an exile from sun i would choose mostly boy who come out on his team of headed to the fourth city of a data it's been a particular flashpoint in the fighting. this comes as the yemeni war is increasingly making u.s. media headlines of human rights watch told ortiz worlds apart program that american political infighting is finally bringing the four year conflict so public attention i know you've been trying to raise awareness of the conflict in yemen for quite some time but it's long been a bit of friend or fun war why all the attention now starting with the attention on saudi arabia garnered by jove on high sugar cheese murder and the international attention that created which caused an increased focus on saudi arabia and its role in its policies not just to best to cleave but abroad as well the more their international supporters like the united states and the united kingdom pull back
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from their support of the saudi coalition that will create not only military pressure on the saudi coalition but also political pressure to come to a political resolution and do you think the the saudi authorities really care about the political pressure they do care and they can't act alone and they do need the international support the international legitimacy the international cover that the united states and united kingdom in particular have provided to them in this war. from russia's economy and education to the threat of nuclear war president but i mean putin feel the wide number of questions from journalists on thursday during his fourteenth annual q. and a with the media put together some of the key moments. or.
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as. the u.s. is now leaving the i.n.f. treaty what's going to happen it's hard to imagine what is the rockets are located in europe what should we do of course we will have to ensure our security with concrete steps that we will let them not say later that we are trying to get an advantage we're not trying to get an advantage with them but merely to seek your balance to ensure a security. concern in the u.s. withdrawal from syria i don't really know what that means for example the u.s. has been present in afghanistan for the past seventeen years and almost every year they say that they are withdrawing their troops the only certain they are still there now and what is the presence of american troops needed in syria but you can i don't think so but let's not forget that presence there is illegitimate but it was not agreed on but it will be there with the u.n. security council you know with the syrian government in play with if the u.s. tries to withdraw the masses the right decision. will block just tell me this
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who set the blockade between the on the us and the rest of ukraine and it's going to russia you know if it was done by the ukrainian authorities if they have in forced a full economic blockade of the territory that they consider their own they shoot at those they consider their own citizens almost every day civilians die though we provide humanitarian support for those living that but only not to let those people starve to death. because she was assassinated everyone knows that there is evidence script is allowable however there are sanctions against russia and complete silence in the case of saudi arabia is that where this politicized russia phobic approach is just another reason to attack the russian if it was not script they would have thought of something else this is obvious to me and the aim is one to hold workers growth at any cost. in my view. relations are at
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a stalemate it is in the interests of both of our countries to get out of this stalemate are we interested in me stalling our relations with the u.k. yes we are and so is the u.k. . many western politicians and experts and even ordinary people see russia as a threat they even think that you want to rule the world of course i do i just want to know if you're already won this was a real and you have your foreign policy. concerning ruling the world we know where the headquarters are located of those who want to do this and it's not in moscow you can connect this to defense spending the u.s. spends over seven hundred billion dollars on all russia only forty six really of them in about all do you really think that our aim is to rule the world or the us that this is just a cliché that's being imposed by the west in order to resolve their own domestic problems but in the.
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uk it was english when will you marry in the home and home. these are two different questions are you married. yes so he is married and wants me to suffer the same. first of all do they cannot and then they said my flash was bothering with the russian flag can't bother anyone but i want to refer to keep playing who said when everyone is there the great game is finished the at the great there will be a meeting whenever. you this is a question about how i think it should be the next one of us in the world yet tells you how. you were not seen enough. and during the big q. and a journalists were keen to hear their questions to the president and the resorted to all sorts of unusual ways to grab his attention.
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sure sure. lip readers are hard at work to figure out whether a heated top level bricks at debate in the u.k. parliament featured a massage comment people are asking whether opposition leader jeremy corbin muttered stupid woman during a moment with prime minister to reason may have a look for yourself. it is it would be the responsible position of any government to put in place contingency arrangements for no deal. would be
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a disaster for our country and no responsible government would ever allow it i know it's christmas and it is not to be stalking down the chimney on the terrace mistreating these wasn't found the right time it's the prime minister who is supposed to be on the take you going to go see. the prime minister that style to bring an acceptable deal but it's the right honorable gentleman doesn't want to see money being spent on no deal he's got an easy also for this to. cut the i talk about you. know i can see. this kind of missile domestic language must not be tolerated. during prime minister's question time to eight i referred to those who i believe were seeking to
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turn the debate about the national crisis facing our country into account in mind as stupid people i misspeak i did not use the words stupid woman about the problem is still or anyone else and i am completely opposed to the use of sexist or misogynist language in absolutely any form. it doesn't look like stupid woman to me i can see stupid but not woman. rather set from within myself for this i would join us again in thirty minutes for the latest updates in the meantime though it's walls of pots they soon had all the things that i asked.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten light colored timestamping each dish. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to the rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one does not show you can afford to miss the one and only.
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well you know the fire thing we've kind of adopted because we're called pirates for so long. i mean there in the small ball it's next to the hard pull of ships and it's a. lot tougher than. the little self the big told fish already nine defense end of a dark dot on a ball with cotton or. a condom fifteen scoops seventy five tons too and they do it several times a day with a clean collar you get an idea why ocean fish. we have to understand we can all stay still and just. be with miss the news deal more news or. i'm doing this because i want the future world to change and can generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have.
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goodwillie don't expect very many people will truth to be biologically go through a big ball of the good old move your body isn't working for a while it also means your mind isn't working for well i believe we will have pretty much no biologically old people even though we will have a much greater number zero cool agree old people. are. cloned welcome to worlds apart it's stiff fourth here into the war and it is
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finally on the front pages of american newspapers not because the suffering there reached catastrophic proportions that happened years ago but because the saudi question became part of the political infighting in washington just suffering only a matter when it's politically expedient to discuss them now i'm joined by sarah whitson executive director of the middle east and north africa division of human rights watch mr watson it's good to talk to you thank you very much for granting us some time time now i know you've been trying to raise awareness of the conflict in yemen for quite some time but it's long been a bit of an orphan war overshadowed by everything else going on in the region is that finally changing now is the warning to yemen finally getting the attention it deserves it certainly seems like it in the recent congressional review resolutions are an indication that the u.s. congress is finally focusing on. on the war any m.
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and america's role in the warning yemen and with the attention that it deserves so i do think there will be a change come january with the congress now controlled by the democrats how do you explain this sudden interest in death conflict has been really a confluence of disasters well quite some time i think the united nations declared to be the worst humanitarian disaster a year or maybe even two years ago why all the attention now well i think it's a combination of factors really a sort of perfect storm starting with the attention on saudi arabia garnered by john murder and the international attention that created which caused an increased focus on saudi arabia and its role in its policies not just to best to cleave but abroad as well that those killed with the resolutions that senators and congressmen have been pushing in the congress for actually a couple of years now but that heightened focus. along with the u.n.
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pronouncements of the imminent famine in the country.


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