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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 24, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EST

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an issue in way you can save by day as you're walking out of this is just it doesn't get easy. hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle the u.s. senate struggling rebuke saudi arabia over the course shogi murder and calls for an end to the american involvement in the war on yemen is this a defining moment for this bilateral relationship will so-called values trump hard political realities. across psyching saudi arabia i'm joined by my guest hussein and suddenly he's
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a yemeni journalist in riyadh we have made it bram he is a u.s. relations expert and in brighton we cross to catherine shocked she is a senior analyst with my own center all right cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate them and let me go to you first in riyadh how are you reacting to the rebuke from the u.s. senate was quite strong unanimous when it came to close shogi and the majority when it came to america's at least how the senate sees america's role your countries led war against yemen so what's the reaction there your reaction and if you just want to repeat the government's reaction that's all right as well go ahead and riyadh. well definitely peter as you know with the saudi arabia. news they actually denounce what the congress have done the congress itself you know too many people does doesn't understand they always have these kinds of symbolic agreement of doing
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things but that doesn't mean that it's decisive because it has to be run down to the to the house and then from the house the president have to sign off of it yes it is a problem yes it is symbolic but saudi arabia refuse anybody actually take the measures in order to interfere with their internal issues saudi arabia has played on a bigger role. regarding the were on the emend that saudi arabia the first country actually would like to stop the war in yemen if the whole parties come into an agreement and for the benefit of the legitime and yemeni government where actually the involvement in he's a saudi citizen top and in. saudi is soil and it's an internal matter that saudi arabia is really working day and then day out in order to basically get the interrogation right all those people who's politicizing the. incident actually saudi arabia rejects the very hard and reject
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any actually action has been taking for any country. and the saudis are issues ok i but if he hadn't been murdered by people close to the crown prince that women have been politicized i think you would agree with hussein let me go to you in sana i mean how do i mean you must be gleeful that finally the u.s. senate is speaking out on a war that the united states is involved in illegally under the war powers act and unfortunately it took the murder of a journalist slash insider for the american public to actually start talking about it into per kill percolated up to. there paul elected politicians i would disagree with argument i mean this. they must be very very angry in riyadh because nothing like this is ever been said about saudi arabia at this level of high politics in the united states so it's a first yes i think it's good that the senate has taken this stand even though it
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is only about. this case only after the killing of jamal. as your guest said without said i don't believe that this could reach a final decision either from the congress or from from because from they still have the power to veto any resolution but what the what is good about this senate resolution is that the have actually confirmed that mama diesel man is behind directly behind the killing of jamal. as well when they said that to stop the support for the saudi arabia war on yemen this mean that united states is admitting that they are supporting this war and they are part of. this war to be honest this is not an incident this is a killing of a journalist who worked with the washington post in and doesn't matter if it was your embassy or not but the main problem with saudi arabia at the beginning they
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kept denying everything they even said that he has left the embassy they were trying to cover it with everything and at the end that i believe that he did leave the embassy but in suitcases they have talked to him in bases so and he didn't in yemen actually after the killing of. a yemeni here were kind of saying finally that the international media is giving attention to yemen and they i've given more attention d.m. and because they have felt especially the washington post that mohamed bin said man can get away from killing so they directed the washington post and other media directed their eyes into yemen because they've seen that saudi arabia has done so many crimes in yemen with a kind. actually you know i'm a does a lot of money and well you know i'm glad that washington post finally spoke up but they basically back hope line and sinker american foreign policy in the middle east so i'm not giving them a whole lot of credit if you know what i mean catherine let me go to you i mean
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this vote in the senate. committee is absolutely right i mean the house of representatives cowardly deferred even debating it maybe the new congress will in january when the democrats take over in the house here but nonetheless it puts this relationship of the saudi american relationship very much in the spotlight and that is something that both countries do not like to have happen they like to have it kept behind the scenes because at the end of the day there's a lot of hypocrisy you know well it's about geopolitics or it's about values or we choose one side or the other i mean depending on what you want to hear ok but this is a very powerful relationship and people finally are beginning to talk about it its pluses and its minuses go ahead catherine well i think it's a good thing because then i think this time actually plays in all favor in the star and international might actually get you know big you know be appalled as far as
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even as far as morality goes and ethics i mean we're talking about war and illegal war in yemen high but want to frame it and you know the murder of the saudi national you know on foreign soil so hiver so derek i want to hear from and whether it's an infringement on you know internet policy or not the point is you know there was broken and once. becoming accountable and the international community particular washington is willing to actually you know ask the hard questions of course it's been pretty flies and they say it's a great case all moral relativism that being said again i think you all favor the long term interest of the saudi arabia has a lot to answer to and that is going to have to play by the rules of the games. you know or decide to be completely isolated so it's a decision that we are going to have to make for itself now as far as the u.s. and the saudi relationship goes i think they we've still a change i don't think it's just a symbolic move here i think they've signaled a real change in the way policy would be formulated in washington and i think the
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reason being about donald trump is facing a lot of legal issues and so you know mohamed become i could face you know political issues they need to know issues in saudi arabia so the two leaders of the thing are not in a very comfortable position so that again could play in the favor of the region as far as goes and particularly yemen since we're referring to yemen so i would say great for yemen and great for other people around the world who would like to see this saudi held accountable and maybe greater washington as well maybe it will regain some kind of moral ground by actually advocating the north for once and you know i know it's but it's a size that still and it's a good thing as far as i'm concerned i'm going to go back to you in riyadh i mean in the official statement that came from the house of saud is that this was the senate vote was a violation of the interference into the internal affairs of saudi arabia but i mean that's it's a kind of rich isn't it when essentially the lebanese prime minister was kidnapped
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in your country forced to resign i mean isn't that meddling in the affairs of lebanon let alone the war that you're waging against the internal affairs of yemen . you know when i would like to state a fact i would like to have the outlet i would like the prime minister of lebanon actually say that he was kidnapped in saudi arabia and he was resigned we didn't hear that we don't know how much is over this is true but however the spec your guess the problem is deeper than that and b.s. is a very strong donald trump the senate the senate the senate the senate to have a problem there is a problem with these senators and there is a problem with the house have said something has truck break down and the and in the senate it's it's probably close to a mad cow disease happened to some of the senators by interfering in the saudis we listen there is at this site listed under separate government decide that you know there is a problem you know i mean there is
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a problem and i'm not wrong but i guess we're talking about i know you're talking about a possible break down of some kind of democratic democratic process but isn't that a bit rich fruit from you coming from saudi arabia where probably there isn't you couldn't find a dictionary with the word democracy in it so i mean i think it's a bit rich on on your side i'm saying go ahead jenny ban that's a problem as you go into the program because you knew for him to know the prime minister how did he end these so-called kidnapping i mean i recall my president the french president and i know my core having to intervene because mr harry happens to be a french national as well this is now this is not a concern that you guys are leaving so this is the only one that's still coming down on the ground was. the fact i talk about listeners and i'm certain that these here tough this was. your job can go on the ranch out there and come on you know you're talking over each other and you know you know. that you know america is not
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because you know good are good and i. want you i'll get you. in on your own policy but are you kidding me can see beyond people critical you want to know well you want to know ok i'll manny getting him. back catherine please go ahead we have about forty seconds before we go to the break they're all yours go ahead. oh no no problem it's all speculation listen the time that the senate at the end of the day they decided just i was born and this was death on the floor of the senate we're really out of the socket kingdom saudi arabia does not care what the sun the things we know how to manage ourself ride the kingdom of saudi arabia is eighteen out of the g. twenty we are doing we're progressing very well we're doing it canonically we're very well we have the sugar problem we're going to solve it there is people detained there are people who's going to actually maybe get executed those people who's going to go to prison so we are managing our internal issue very well i think m.p.'s is taking us as a speed over the formula
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a that just happened last week and we're moving on we don't care what america thinks we don't care what mccrone things we don't care what's britain thinks we are going straight we have allies if they want to bang weapons padlocked we i'm we don't get this all out our chum do i jump in here we're going to go to a break if they don't care then why did they write a big rebuke to the us government anyway i want to go to a break after a short break we'll continue our discussion on saudi arabia stayed with our king. although she was.
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in a world of big partisan movies. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell. more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. i certainly don't expect very many people will truth to be biologically go through a big move your body isn't working for osa i mean if your mind isn't working so well i believe we will have pretty much no biologically old people even though we
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will have a much greater number of prolifically old people. welcome back to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing saudi arabia. ok let's go back to saying and i want to kind of enter the realm of speculation since i wanted to bring in the us process into this whole debate then let's do that you had the head of the cia was barred from an initial meeting on the evidence or speculation investigation the cia had regarding the death of shogi the eventually she was allowed to speak to the appropriate committee and she came out with what was publicly known that highly likely that the crown prince himself was involved in
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this the reason why i'm i'm bringing this up because it seems to me if you look at some of the senators they just don't like m.b.'s they love saudi arabia they just don't like this guy because of his road record because of syria because of lebanon because of yemen and and. of course the claims of brit form which i guess have a lot more time to be developed but nonetheless he doesn't fit the profile with the deep state in the us likes because m.b.'s is well it's but i'll try to be as generous as possible kind of erratic at times go ahead and sign it. yeah i mean many senate they don't like saudi arabia but before they couldn't actually find a so clear case of saudi committing a crime. in front of the entire entire awards and it was. when they killed the
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jamal khashoggi and the relation between the united states and saudi arabia is based on money and we remember that from have said many time in his mid election million action the us say that we protect saudi arabia saudi arabia cannot last for two weeks i mean they have to pay they have to pay the saudi has not given a single clear stronger response to cry two from the statement and the other how do you see them they too they took really serious steps against canada this show you that what you what trump has actually said it was really that the existence of saudi arabia is cannot continue only with the help of the united states and i'm going to just tell you that here in yemen actually we think that from we can say one of the best president of the united states because all the previous president for example they have started wars in afghanistan and iraq and syria and libya.
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obama and probably now with a raging this war against yemen and why we think that he is the best because he's actually exposed the united states is not about the value isn't about spreading democracy is not about the freedom of speech is about who's going to pay from his likely he's now leading the largest military army in the world and sclera that you pay him he can file it silent to anyone on his staff that he that he will continue his relation with saudi arabia he mentioned about money so. we show you that the war for example on yemen and the blue kate on yemen and everywhere about how much we're sorry i was going to give to you i i can. i don't want to burst your bubble here but it's very unclear if donald trump is even running his own foreign policy considering the people that he has surrounded himself with let's go to brighton there i want to continue this theme catherine because i think it's really important i think that the powers that be in the united states we could put donald trump
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aside because we always put donald trump aside for some reason these days they want a good strong relationship with saudi arabia but if there seems to be growing evidence that the leadership of saudi arabia is what they have questions about you know you look at lindsey graham coming out with such you know i think i'm going to paraphrase he has to go into m.b.a.'s here and that gives me reason to believe also the cia that this is some kind of message not coming from the white house becoming from the cia coming from well connected people in the deep state it's one of the reasons they have come out so strongly publicly about an ally that they very rarely publicly talk about go ahead and bright oh absolutely i mean we have to remember in the first place that this guy knew all along the truth to actually. to hang quite literally because they wanted to and i think it's within the pre-determined political narrative as you mentioned i think the east he is not so much the us i
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would say relationship again as you mentioned they has more to do with mohammad ben-simon and the rule that he might play in the future and i think he is or has been canceled the fact oh he's not going to have anyone to play with who created the situation to that of saddam hussein and iraq when you walk wage a war in iraq you know in the one nine hundred eighty s. and actually fell to manifest the u.s. agenda and i think that because mohammad best man has been young man and has failed in the bin and it has failed in syria and iraq in two manifesting any time of great any type of regime change and you haven't done anything you know in his countries by way of reform in the way that the u.s. wanted change so he has failed on all accounts if anything he actually has made the house of so i would much more. because he has literally you know broke out you know. i would say he was within any kind of exploiting those guys out where once upon a time quite stable economy is not doing you know enough or being too well however you guess once you know it's trying to paint it's we all know that's not
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a dairy days coaching because of the war in yemen and many other issues so it's problematic not mohamed bin hammam has become a liability and literally has to go so i think the pressures he case came you know as a christmas gift really to washington d.c. stating that now they have a reason because you have to find a reason you have to create a narrative and that the narrative today's the the lower middle and he has emerged as you know question which he who happens to be was already a former intelligence officer but that is what the washington post and so you know for the for the washington establishment it's very very convenient not to to paint mohammad ben-simon as the man you know about committing all those crimes and you know need to go for the regime to be able to endure and for business to resume essentially and so yeah i think he's going to become a scapegoats but i mean why not he has committed a crime so i mean i'm for one would not be too sad to see him go and i think of the saudi would be quite happy to see him go to as well as the yemeni ok to go back to
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riyadh i notice you were disagreeing with catherine so please reply. torie katherine all the facts are wrong i mean i wish you could say half of this one but told us i do actually killed more than five hundred thousand people on the actually displaced ten million syrians but that's the way that you can do you know i don't i don't have personally very nice guy but i saw what happened on the story on a vietnam thing was you know you. got it right i read it this is what he said what the m.p.'s has done for the for the country and for the world nobody says what saudi arabia has done for the whole world you guys sitting there you know all these it was it like there he gave years ago you know what it's like somebody here and the saudi. congress talking about lindsey graham say you know what lindsey graham you did to step down this is not going to happen the more people like that m.p.'s the more support is going to get internally and his talks and his rating is at best believe me whether you got to like it or don imus is the problem you know thinking you is at the end of the day you know you have those
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lefties and in america and let me tell you one thing this is not the first time that sag rebated up to the united states this is actually the second time the first time one zero when i came over to saudi arabia and qatar i don't know i didn't even actually agreed to greet him at the airport and he has to flew from the airport to where they away says that king abdullah was there why because he lied he was someone else's idea radiant and for all furness and he went and he basically jumped in the moon was silent and took america and to iran so what i'm saying is essential and don't get excited about saudi arabia started arabia is not the villain or the country that you can go the we can't live without you have i because i was out mccrone we can live without without to resume and we can do that with the state but we're going to respect our allies ok continue with out on which of the united states that however we're not going to put all our eggs in the last car and on when you've got thank you very much catherine real quick and then i want to go back and saying yeah i just want to ask a question because i've met a sitting in
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a way out so i would like to know how long do you think we just have five by criticizing your precious muhammad and someone because you call because we need to what you say at face value because you succeed in reality you might be building so i'm not one that of. the bottom or the little bit maybe forty forty five years from now you're going to live forty another forty five years with m.b.a.'s trust me you're going to live with them for a long time my idea when he's becoming a human ok let's go back to ok well i want to go i want to go back to sana ok you know it's get away from n.b.s. that's a separate problem to deal with here how do you see this we have. peace talks i can ask you right now is the ceasefire at the. port city is that in effect right now because i've been reading reports that it is is it is with the senate vote with this momentum and the public awareness because there's a whole lot more public awareness now about them and i've been doing it from the very beginning i'm so happy that people are talking about it because this
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complicated it's doable to end it and it ended relatively quickly ok and that process has started so what's your position how do you see things moving forward now you're in the country. yeah i think the ceasefire in the city is key been really well i mean despite the constant i mean the saudi fighter jets on their own the still over the sky of data there are some some time and machine gun shot here and there but this is the first time in yemen since the beginning of the war in twenty six of march two thousand and fifteen the ceasefire actually was not breach and i think the reason of that is because of the pressure own saudi arabia from the international community and as well from media and from the congress and all that has come after the killing of democracy be we had told in geneva we are told in kuwait but none of this told has come up with a good truce plan or
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a ceasefire and i mean as to saudi arabia i mean intervention and yemen and i just want to reply to address that riad when he said was saudi arabia has done they have done all good no they haven't the only thing they did maybe that people thought is good is when they are allow women to drive just imagine a country that doesn't allow women to drive and they are allowed them to drive and after. some weeks they have they have jailed the female activist who are like a hobby with this so called step and we seen that the media actually. the international media fault because they had been making your images are mine i'm your girl you're going about this and i'm really i'm actually you know. we're talking about the cease fire that i finish because i have had i thought it would be actually as a candidate all right let's go ahead ok. i think it worked this time we do have catherine the last twenty seconds catherine go listen catherine twenty seconds out
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well i'm going to say that i think that you know in riyadh it really did most very secure to feel because whenever you talk they have to deflect and you know fernando i've aground they all when they know it's going to be all about economy case i think a failing military failing doesn't happen all right i'm going to be here at home i play right away there is going to be voting for the day who run out of time many thanks to my guests and simon riyadh and in brighton and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. next time and remember. when the make this manufacture to send stuff to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the final
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merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars and. more than ten white collar crime stamped each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the old rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent just last year some with four hundred to hundred five. treat first circuit first second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember it was one business show you can't
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afford to miss the one and only. my son doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my sister just spent doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse he started going after the users in the prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. the war on drugs was on the stink there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. long sentences for boring or minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say bye daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easy. little
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. words that come to russia no one's ever no one has ever heard of and never even heard about most school.
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the scottish m.p.'s calling for the. russians sputnik to be seeds to branding the media kremlin stooge it comes off to publish new documents that suggest the u.k. is funding the think tank aiming to russian sentiment across europe we look at the think tanks alleged to methods. and the outcry over one of germany's most acclaimed journalists exposed for having faked stories for years as it's alleged he stole readers donations collected on behalf of people featured in his cell tickles .


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