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tv   News  RT  December 28, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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in apologizes for funding of. operation which created thousands of. chinese way. once again this time in the u.k. . the u.s. government shutdown continues. with the media. video. they just royal water. left in the desert everyone. has done everything they possibly can to make the trip
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more dangerous. the image of a typical terrorist. most likely to be white or african american. welcome to the program. the co-founder of online networking site linked in has apologized for funding a discredited. operation it created more than i think fake russian language twitter accounts designed to look like they were backing a republican rival. the operation was tasked in the us with tracking fake russian accounts but turned out in all actuality to be the very one creating.
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well that was embarrassing to say the least and here i thought you could get away with blaming russia for anything nowadays apparently not but it does set a new low for democrats making think russian bullets to win elections is the irony i find the tactics that have been recently reported highly disturbing for that reason i'm embarrassed by my failure to track. the organization i did support more diligently as it made its own decisions to pounce fun projects that i would rejects the recap reid hoffman co-founder of linked in contributed wittingly or unwittingly money one hundred thousand dollars to a pro democrat cyber security company called new knowledge which it seems specialized in fraud and fake news lies and this information the company
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created fake facebook pages to confuse republican voters they created fake russian boats who were tweeted and followed rooum all of the republican candidate in alabama's two thousand and seventeen special election they then publicly declared that that was proof he had ties to russia because i think russian bullets were retreating him dirty very very dirty it's no surprise that choppa support him or they both have a deep love of country the country's russia but still rather reach a card with pleasure verges for it's pretty alarming when a guy's lips in a fluent russian or speaks fluent russian his russian is everywhere year later it's moving closer into the oval office interestingly enough the democrats love to mock through him or when he accused them of setting him up last year but here's an
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interesting tidbit. new knowledge she jonathan morgan was also seemingly one of the mosse the minds behind hamilton sixty eight which claimed to track russian online influence operations russian bots real russian bots.
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ironic again that outlets including new york times washington post c.n.n. all use the hamilton sixty eight data to accuse russian boats of sowing discord and conspiracies online wonder how much of that was fake but food for thought there was more by luck than not that we found out about this quote the sea of n.y.t. yet how many more incidents like this could there have been that we don't and never will know anything about food for thought journalist dave lindorff believes the covertly bought operation reflects broader problems of the electoral system dirty tricks are not illegal there. you know they're part of our our corrupt electoral system you can you can lie and you can make up stories
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you can live all people all these things are. allowed in us the us electoral system and then what what compounds it makes it so corrupting is the vast amount of money that can be poured into these campaigns that allows them to pay for this kind of corruption and then on top of that we have a population that's really not capable of critical thought. so people will buy into the stupidest claims about candidates. britain's defense minister has voiced his deep concerns about a possible spying threat from chinese tech giant wild way of this comes amid confrontation between the company and the u.k.'s closest ally the united states that's fine details here with r.t. he's like they seemed like the best of friends one side with cash to flash the other keen to court chinese investment we have a golden era of u.k.
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china relations. the relations between britain and china are very good issues in the past i think we've come to an understanding over. premier league he said yesterday this should be an indispensable partnership. thanks we have cemented britain's position as china's best partner in the west with the u.k. playing bragg's it really with brussels trade ties with china seem as important as ever but there's a bone of contention coming between london and beijing all rather a phone of contention we've got to look at what partners such as australia in the us are doing in order to ensure that they have the maximum security of that five g. network and we've got to recognise the fact there's been recent expose. the chinese state does sometimes aren't in the maligned way weiwei is one of china's most important tech companies that the world's second largest mobile phone producer and
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it makes the laptops and tablets gadgets that rival apple and samsung but crucially weiwei also sells some of the communications hardware that allows mobile phone and wireless networks to operate and when the u.s. currently embroiled in a tit for tat trade war with beijing the chinese tech giant has come into the spotlight washington says it's concerned that using weiwei hardware will give beijing the ability to spy on foreign countries and exert too much control over western infrastructure weiwei has raise serious concerns among u.s. officials for a potential role in cyber espionage given their reported links to china's state security services and while way threaten the security of our networks due to their close ties to the chinese government and now the u.s. is pursuing well ways chief financial officer who was arrested in vancouver at
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washington's request main one jew now faces extradition to the u.s. over possible violations of sanctions against iran but the case appears more than a little politicised the u.s. president suggested he might use china's tech princess as a bargaining chip with beijing if anything is good for the country you find think it's good for what will be certainly the largest trade deal ever made which is a very important thing was good for national security i would certainly intervene if i thought it was necessary australia or new zealand have followed the u.s. is lead and banned huawei from providing tech for its five g. rollout citing security risks the u.k. has yet to follow although there are murmurs in that direction what we're witnessing is more kind of security hope something intended. or russia for real other work you know sees itself as a vulnerable position where it doesn't have secure access to this particular market i would imagine irving talks in the back room between the american state department
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and the british foreign office trying to pressure raise or put leverage on the british government to come out and support the years sanctions tires of the haven't shown but i don't think for one second that britain followed america's foreign policy to dictate to the policy that britain needs to treat through the world after broke so there's little hard evidence of weiwei ever having engaged in any spying or handing over of data the company denies any ties to the chinese government beyond paying its taxes for the u.k. following washington's lead and banning way risk souring up until now fruitful friendship as well as slowing down the rollout of vital new technology for london it will be a tough choice between wa way and the us way. twenty eighteen was a tough year for crypto currency bitcoin experts called it here it's bubble burst
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and predicted its complete demise no less than one thousand times and top investors says a long dark winter is coming from paper because i'm a bit coy here in freefall the court has slumped to its lowest level so far this year the price continues to plunge as the collapse in cryptocurrency is gathers pace losing to seventy five percent of its value so far this year are we seeing that death a big point as we know it it's going it was the first must be centralized digital currency it created more comfortable conditions for trade and transactions and was very very popular a bit coy and enthusiastic told us what he expects from the cryptocurrency after its rocky ride this year. if you look at the big coin you know price bubble as you would say yeah you could say that maybe as has happened but the user adoption merchant adoption advances in the technology of the box in itself had
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twenty thousand is actually been a really good year for big and maybe again not so much for the price but if you're looking at the technological aspect of the blace you know underlining because great year. i think that was more like mainstream media's portrayal of big point as like you know the get rich quick aspect of it during the boron of twenty team but i think that's kind of segue to into the mainstream more so moving into the the interest in the technology like how to block chain work where does the price come from other than speculation the actual technological advancements so i guess for that i could think that mainstream media. i don't think it's much more of a risk than it was when they incorporated the internet into their business model what i think is it provides in credibility it may overpower any kind of security falls there's a lot of things that happened behind the scenes in banks i think that you know
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a lot of end users and customers of banks would benefit from banks using open ledgers and giving that you know trust listeners specht of the try when it comes to banking. just don't put more in than you're willing to lose and you won't have to worry too much about trading with emotional money. people in new york he left dumbfounded by a blue light blazing across the skyline i posted videos of the blue horizon and wondering whether it was some sort of asian by the phenomenon. of police units and . had nothing to do with any galaxy far away just the result of. explosion. many more stories still coming your way here on thousands of us workers are out of pocket over the festive season after a us government shutdown of
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a border wall funding more and other stores just. on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid. to stand. just the right questions. answered.
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you know twitter's got a lot of crazy things going up a lot of people you know. twitter rising and occasionally somebody pops up with something really really interesting. could if you join us if your friday just a million celebrate the festive season in america and the government is in the midst of a shutdown of a cash for trump's border wall the president claims a stalemate is not about funding the anti immigration beriah at all. this isn't above the wall everybody knows that a war will work perfectly in israel the war works ninety nine percent this is only by the democrats not letting donald trump and the republicans have
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a win they may have the town senate votes but we have the shoe border security two thousand and twenty if you thought there would be a christmas truce in the washington wars then you were wrong christmas is over and new year's is coming and the government has already been shut down for a week and it's all because of the war we have a little bit of a shutdown because we believe in walls and we believe in borders and we believe in barriers and we're going to see if we have to close down the country over border security i actually like that in terms of an issue that all workers are furious they're telling horror stories on social media about a penniless christmas they're blaming it all on the man in the white house whenever i talk about my air traffic control has been working without pay on twitter all i get is hateful remarks about how he will and won't lose a die i know that but were we supposed to do about christmas and bills in the meantime feeling so sad for you know not really you destroyed christmas but eight
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hundred thousand employees no one cares about you well if my husband who works for this day doesn't get paid we won't have money to give our elder. really kept his insulin shots so would have to put him down it seems that the hysteria is not going to end trump says the government won't be open for business until he gets funding for his border wall and the democrats are still resisting that he cannot accept the offer they made to put a billion dollar slush fund for the president to implementing his very wrong immigration policy that happened to trump temper tantrum may produce a government shutdown it will not get him his will moreover the mainstream media is turning up the heat during the discussion of the recent death of a seven year old migrant girl m s n b c s got a heart wrenching clip of border patrol agents dumping out water left for undocumented immigrants who illegally crossed the border everyone in the trunk of
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administration has done everything they possibly can to make the trip more dangerous more deadly they destroy water supplies that are left in the desert by the samaritans who are doing what donald trump's bible tells them to do yes that means spiritedness is put squarely on the shoulders of donald trump except if you look at the clip it's from way back in two thousand and eleven the border patrol agents in that clip were actually accountable to the obama administration when they took those actions not to trump that fact however didn't stop m s n b c from playing the clip somehow as an example of the brutality of the trumpet ministration some border patrol dumping water that was meant for desperate migrants being dumped out on the ground this is sort of extravagant cruelty is unusual for any administration but for this administration they seem to think it's effective for their base and severe dehydration which is cannot be dealt with it's just water
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and yet they are out there destroying the water supply as the good samaritans put out there for people who five. so in this situation there is folks who are inclined to view trump is this unique evil and he certainly you know does a lot of terrible things including you know having children being taken from their parents but at the same time people forget how to hero obama wasn't and why was there a scandal again when he were to now know you know why wasn't there a scandal when he was instrumental in the coup in honduras in two thousand and nine which has helped lead to this migration crisis obama got a pass on all of these issues in again a lot of it was people like him personally and therefore overlooked all these types of terrible things where one truck doesn't take notice it may be winter but that he
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didn't washington over downturns it was just keeps getting time to. r.t. new york. the common stereotype that we sometimes hold of terrorists is being challenged by a study in the united states after nine eleven the so-called average terrorist was often portrayed as being a muslim or of arab descent with arabic is the language of choice and they were also commonly thought to have beards but a new study by a global policy think tank that of the rand corporation has found that the reality may be all too different for example they claim that the majority of terrorists recruited in the united states come from a cook asian or african american background the study also indicates the terrorists can either be black or white a lot or not highlighting any particular attributes the findings come as a contrast to the stereotype we're familiar with a professor of sociology at the university of wisconsin parkside dana believes that
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this has led to some dangerous assumptions. but tribute ing any. any any issue to race basically is intended primarily to result and blanket condemnation and blanket condemnation of the people of the middle east are up some muslims and all the people of the middle east was actually necessary for the for the us policy in the region although it was from day one understood by most social scientists to be based on a false premise but obviously it was setting up political strategy and the political strategy required a blanket condemnation and a mass generalization or the notion of to apply to any person coming from the region or the middle east region north africa and southeast asia and the study that uses race as a primary viable to explain or to justify or to. find out facts about crime or about terrorism is actually highly misleading let alone actually is
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very racist. brussels says it's granting french president emmanuel macron a one time exception after parish admitted it may break euro zone deficit limits next year taking a closer look at the story our correspondent charted to ski. some strong criticism coming out of brussels towards president of france with the european commissioner with budget responsibility describing much as losing his authority this is because of the concessions he's given yellow best protest as of two weeks of violent protests that are blocked from what's now harris has already made concessions costing billions of euros already going to push the two thousand and nineteen budget for two point eight percent of g.d.p. all the way up to three point two percent meaning it breaches the european commission stated objectives of three percent now brussels said it will lot
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tolerate any breaching of these rules post two thousand and nineteen under this condition move tolerates a national debt higher than three percent as a one time exception however it must not continue beyond twenty nine team and it's not the first time that france has actually breached these limits in fact when we look over the last ten years they've reached the limits more than they've been within them and spike the fact that penalties are supposed to be applied to a country that breached these rules so far none have been of plight france that's also the same for germany which breached the three percent barrier back in two thousand and three but spare a thought for italy that's been struggling to try and get its two thousand and nineteen budget approved this year past the allies the eagle eyes of the european commission and that's when their budget was only going to be two point four percent of g.d.p. now of course italy has huge debts and it's been trying to tighten its belt but it
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was well below that three percent and even then that wasn't good enough for the european commission and that's led some people to suggest that the european union remains to be a two tier system where some of the big guns can get away with anything without being penalized and ever. countries like italy have to play according to the rulebook. right now this news just in here on our international syrian government forces have entered the city of man in northern syria in response to pleas from civilians called for the government to protect the region in case of a military offensive from turkey the escalation follows the announcement that the u.s. would withdraw its troops from syria. still more news to come here on our international the top of the hour we return with another batch of your friday top stories for the meantime thanks for joining us.
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my son doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abusers he sort of one after the users in a prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became the war on drugs. there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. a long sentence in this for whom minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say bye daddy as
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you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. when the law makers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. in the final go around the sun be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room in the real news room. where is that country call russia no one has ever known one has ever heard of and
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never even heard about most school. thanks guys it's financial survival guide. when customers go by you reduce the price. well reduce some lower. that's undercutting but what's good for the market is not good for the global economy.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle welcome to you in the addition of crosstalk we answer questions from you the viewers some of you sent some very interesting questions. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst and we have dmitri bobbitt he's
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a political analyst at sputnik international gentleman cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it we're going to do a q. and a all of these questions here were sent by viewers over the last couple of days or so. no first question for more than a decade of preparations for the so-called arab spring western institutions organizations and research centers were the tool to sabotage the middle east in other areas now are we on the verge of a failure of western projects for syria and ukraine will we see a european spring soon. well i think that indeed there is a real crisis in europe because. the czech republic congo even romania they didn't draw in their european union as it is know they expected something else they expected to live in a civilized community you know prosperous when i lived in europe when it was all being debated in that what they wanted was more stuff that's usually and now
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they're leaving and in their politically correct dictatorship where basically you know poland is almost on the sanctions because they have their own way or elected judges to the supreme court or because these female judges i leave in five years earlier than men and people don't understand where are we at the usual scapegoat is russia you know just dry she's influencing in a bad way politics in brussels in europe in poland in the u.k. but little by little people stopping to buy it so i don't know about the european spring but i'm sure people will be a vote and more for their turn to to find it's maybe instead of saying europeans spring market maybe it's the piƱon winter that we're facing here because we haven't even mentioned bragg's it here and we end essentially here is that the status quo that's what people are not satisfied with and we've. got in terms of ideology but.


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