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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 28, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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to ship where basically poland is almost on the sanctions because they have their own way or elected judges to the supreme court or because of these female judges i leave in five years. and people don't understand where are we at the usual scapegoat is russia you know just brushes influencing in a bad way politics in brussels in europe in the in poland in the u.k. but little by little people are stopping to buy it so i don't know about the european spring but i'm sure people will be revolted and more for their turn to to find it maybe instead of saying europeans spring market maybe it's the european winter that we're facing here because we haven't even mentioned briggs that here and we could end essentially here is that the status quo that's what people are not satisfied with and we. thought in terms of ideology but the status quo is is not
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tenable something. i think you're going to see a long crumbling with the e.u. rather than any type of quick revolutionary moment and i think taking a look at the arab spring and its aftermath and what lay the ground for it is a very interesting case study for examining what is happening in europe which is really a quite a different beast entirely now the arab spring such as it was there is absolutely no question that the u.s. and other was western countries did a lot of the facilitating work on the ground that created the conditions for it to occur i mean one example in egypt alone is the april sixth movement which was financed out of the u.s. we saw this all you know all across the board western mainstream media reported well before the. arab spring. syria how the united
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states was meddling in syrian politics beaming radio pro opposition radio into the country doing everything they could to stir up the pot but many times like with in egypt with the april sixth movement supported by the state department and the you know the rest of the government particularly the pentagon supporting the mubarak regime you saw us institutions actually working purses through each other and then the result there were you know really was was quite unexpected and they did not know how to deal we saw a clinton and obama fumbling over whether to support mubarak when the novice he. is the dictator is he a close family friend of the clintons right and so on bahrain quite unintentional and the u.s. quietly looked the other way when saudi arabia was invited by the reigning in monarchs to crush that movement right there so it's. the u.s. had a definite hand in that the aftermath shows that the only real outcome of the arab
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spring is the strengthening of many regimes and a renewed assault i believe on christian orthodoxy that's across the middle east if you keep going with the questions you're dealing. with here do you find any resemblance between yellow vests and trump voters are you know will this also deplorable. well there is a certain similarity because it's a protest movement basically a volatile trump was a vote of protest because if anyone who for the coverage of the election well ninety percent of the media in europe and i don't know maybe eighty percent even more in the united states were clinton pro hillary of course it was a kind of protest when you just came to that vote in bulls and quietly asleep in favor of donald trump but i think the. you know the nature of the movements is
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basically different because yellow vests they are against the principle of that terrible outer liberal principle when the government sets the rules of the game and it sets that sets these rules every day like you have to wear a yellow vest if you drive a car don't eat too much don't smoke cigarettes do as we tell you you know and pay pay pay you know pay for the pay for their for the media taken pains that we have various parts of the globe that no one ever votes for and basically why i think europe is going to see more and more protests well first europe is normal good peaceful place it's no longer a peaceful continent as we were told when the european union the was in its initial stages of parity in security exactly europe has been fighting at least since ninety and ninety nine or unstoppable the wars in yugoslavia in against them in iraq in
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libya everywhere you had europeans come in and dine there you know the lethal anion smartly and historians were the most idiotic ones because they have been dying in and gets them twice once with the soviet troops second pair with the americans and people are little by little realizing that there's something wrong you know that mainstream of the european union is saying the nationalists are dragging us into wars no not the nationalists the mainstream believe the royals are saying don't you to iraq send in you to leave here tell you that we're liberating ukraine is there already a british agents helping poroshenko strobes in ukraine and the so-called nationalists are just saying let's stop all the wars let's make nato a defensive organization that's a part of the program there are many back let's push brussels back and stop sending us to die for something that we don't understand and still green and to us. people
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who don't understand we in the age of deplorable snow absolutely and if you take a look at the you know the trumps the poor bulls on one side and the yellow vests on the other they are. they have similar nearly identical causes right it's the the backlash against globalization and the triangulated. right or left center right center left parties of power these elitist parties of power in europe and the united so there's an element of people being disenfranchised disenfranchised they're forcing neo the economic aspects of neo liberalism down their throat on one side and ultra modern liberalism the social aspects down the other side and we saw different reactions in the us you actually had two reactions you had trumps the poor bulls and sanders progressives right the sender's progressives were completely sidelined particularly when the despite the rigging that bernie sanders basically sold out and became part of the the party
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quickly made machine right so it was expressed fully through the poor bulls and truck managed to basically defeat his own party which was the real challenge more than defeating clinton and rule the country in europe because it's a different political context you have the yellow vests which have spread from france into the netherlands belgium even even into the united kingdom and different expressions of it around the country and we see a quite definitively that you do have both all right and far left elements present among the yellow vests not as much coordination behind a political leader he is not one of them are controlling so but it is a backlash against globalization and trey angle a good political technocratic elites across the board i understand that there are yellow vests now in hong kong as well absolutely i think it said basically a global move. but the problem with the yellow vests was that when the mainstream
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press tried to attack them first the mainstream press didn't know where to hit them because they were not nationalists if they if they support it or if they support that the polish. injustice or if they supported odometer for germany or if they supported look then you know it would be so much easier these guys on the nationalists. just radio those are going to be racist mentioned were caught flat footed by this movie it's not what they're for it's what they're against that unites exactly and and the problem is that for four decades the european public has been scared by the rage of course the radicals on the left the radicals on the right fascism is going to boston or the right there or the left fascism possible through the center through the mainstream and this is the more stable relation which the europeans are starting to make and but they are left. in this block
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america are the elites reacting to it appropriately of course not because they're simply doubling down on failed policies failed politicians right you have the threat of micron i mean the threat of le pen and the backlash against that and the collapse of the sometimes socialist party after a whole lot what do you do you have doubled down on the banks there micro right who delivers absolutely nothing and you have the yellow vest movement as a counter reaction to that all across the e.u. there is simply you are telling the people the elite are telling the people the technocratic european elites telling the people you just have to accept that we know better than you do it's not like going to sort of old fashioned communism well in the twenty one way you need to think the way this is sold reflect at the end the european edge if you rush and there is a combination of two factors spike in yellow vests in europe first the russians are some call involved this is called a treat and secondly. method that they use with yeltsin if you are opposing what we
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say it means you have not yet rightly understood we will explain it to you again and that gays know that you know as a liberal nanny an ideology using more obtuse again i got to jump in here tonight i'm getting into a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news state that. i had a great education a good job and a family that loved me. i never had to worry about how i would eat and where i would sleep. i'm facing christmas alone out on the streets of london. well you know we're a deadlock at the glory like you only. believe you know the sunlight is still given food for the homeless. but
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you don't really feel like the human being in that. and then. the guy just came over to me so me and gave you the idea of this book. will say you will be and that is your last years does. she does it with the people most of us are going up what i mean.
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can make you love somebody. you love the. superman from a weekend. by. watching your in the form of the media. and the money also for the. i will start to feel. i've been saying the numbers. they matter to us of over one trillion dollars and. more than ten white collar crimes happen he did. eighty five percent of global wealth if you want to be rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent
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rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only boom but. it's hard to imagine the decades after the war a nazi don't tell was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies critelli head as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company develops on the demise of drugs it was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything. you know she said. he's just. mimics
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a little mind victims have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. welcome back across like we're all things were considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. ok gentlemen let's continue with our q. and a session questions that were sent in from by our viewers here let's change gears and let's talk about julian assange question what is happening with the asylum given to julian assange by ecuador according to american mainstream media sweden dropped its criminal charges against us and there's this implied that sweden
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will not extradite assange to the united states if true will the u.k. xor to extradite to the united states for an american criminal trial mark but what sweden never actually. he was wanted for questioning on those kind of completely b.s. . sexual assault charges right but you know both of the women in involved with that who the a lot of of smoke there but it was all quietly dropped. the feminist organization said it was b.s. which so what but so i'm just still under siege by the british regime in defiance of now multiple un committee statements that you know they have to release them and flagrant defiance of the vienna conventions with diplomacy and the asylum that's been granted the big problem. it has been that there's
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a change in government in ecuador and the new government is very keen on improving relations with the united states and they want to see a sausage out of there and i've kind of been slowly putting the screws on the him in terms of living standards there to try to make him go away the u.s. we've had revealed through through unofficial sources and now weeks of judicial documents that show that there is indeed you know. secret indictments that will probably be tried in secret court against the saudis and the british are just waiting for the opportunity to get their hands on them i think it is inevitable at some point given the you know the current layout of you know relations between ecuador united states in the united kingdom and at this point i saw has been living in effect of solitary confinement often without any communication for for going on
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close to two years now and you know playing devil's advocate here it might almost make sense for him to walk out and make himself a martyr and showing you know the true hypocrisy of the idea of press freedom in the united states and you process here clergyman mark mentioned in these absolutely right is that if he is actually a united to the united states it is most likely under current circumstances he will be tried secretly and the public will not know about those proceedings what evidence was. presented to the judge were even his lawyer in the may never have the right to see well. whatever he said he cracked up to be right oh well that you know that's the whole point of this little he has a damn good record has a flawless record unlike city the new york times the washington post all the b.b.c. it's a wonder if he said there was a secret indictment to take me as. say get out of the embassy and the united states
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denied it for several years and what do we find out now there was such an invite indictment the recession indictment he is going to be arrested and weak to the united states almost immediately but the reason why so many people are basically disgusted by what's going on is because prices go to rule and people do it on our son's deserved price i think a noble peace prize or something for his activity just like edward snowden deserved it in two thousand it's really magazine gave the person of the year to journalist but they were not easily a good journalist who claimed to have been murdered by the russian secret agents who basically lied to he resigned wrecked it the next day arkady bob and he is still a person of the year for the time magazine you know glossary load to us know how to from the cease fire from the idea spiegel magazine he was several journalist crisis
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in the same year as all songe was seeking will be made there you just showed us that this panel in our viewers we live in the other universe from what the mainstream media it was i learned quickly ed ed because there is a curious they didn't do it they saw. involved of his articles he described to orphans who he invented whose parents died under the board also agrees and no they leave in turkey you walk in as garbage collectors and see uncle america in the dreams and these never existed probably being raised by the gager all of them. had he had plans to open a charity called to get money from people for these children and to pocket that this was revealed by the german media so i mean even if he is not a journalist if you even know he's a fiction writer like charles dickens was very good fiction writer charles dickens would never have the indiscretion to invite queen big. until the child called
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himself what it will twist and he will never never basically decide to open a. charity called for it with me saying that what it was to was real and that your capital sent him money and that you kept a wall when are they counted to liberate thought it what the waste from some dictator very good enough. is good have an expression here a crisis of leadership political elites merge with global financial institute institutions people are left on their own will this situation take us to the left or to the right radicalisation protest because there were already started talking about this when we were discussing the relations you know between the yellow vests and trumps deplorable in the united states the question the answer to the question is not right or left the point is that by this centralization of center right center left around neo liberal economic and post-modern liberal social policies
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that. globalization then the forces that support it have made right or left the stink ssion nonexistent that the center which means in order for it to this tight hold gemini of these parties of power to be defeated that the distinctions between the ultra it on the far left on the fringes need to vanish and they need to realize that they have far more in common across the board against the sun or have any hope of the feeding it it's the right left political axis is dead stop thinking in those terms to move forward they created that with globalization the opposition to it is just slow in realizing it and networking. a credible forces. marshalling tom delay sions that can so you lobel ism sees the collapse of the left and right well absolutely i mean we see the situation when the social democrats and. germany basically is support that they've got the party in
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power when germany a first used its troops abroad since nine hundred forty five they can you guess lobby in one thousand nine that's that was there and i think all the social democrat part of germany that american liberals and democrats what they know protesting against this this cultural promptly split in out of syria he's leaving in syria that never invited him defenseless against the international terrorists hold for our troops like i'm going home awful you know they're french socialists they were all for taking. all means possible so this is their all of their progressive left all the peace nukes all the left all their peaceniks all the ride this is all over now you know you have their global ultra liberal radio ideology radio to deceive radio to use violence and everyone the polls in it on the
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left on the right and they're all decent people in this situation right left totally twentieth century you have stop stop thinking in those terms and start thinking about what you have in common with people who oppose this hedge monic neo liberals and i think that's going to come. full desir is that we have three minutes left let's finish the last question here is it time for this is an interesting question is it time for the u.s. to have a government of national unity and they do use your one party state like china yes it will be terrible if your political opponents control the one party state but all of you have to do it then to make sure you control it and direct your politics towards that a little convoluted at the end there. but there already is a government of national unity it's called the deep say yes it's it is you know this is i mean you see that whether the democrats or the republicans or you know in the u.k. a tory or new labor is allowed. did you know foreign policy is almost entirely the
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same and even domestic policy you know it's fractions of percentages on this program or the other and largely distraction with with you know identity politics that comprises the left the rest of the political system and trump is this aberration that managed to slip through his own his own party one of the two parties because the a hubris of his opponents and you see the entirety of the political establishment right laughed for the state media deep state bureaucracy they're all working to either contain or bring trump down you know for good and bad writing because not everything it does is good not everything he does is is bad but what he's doing is outside the rules of accepted behavior and then withdrawal from syria is a case in point because. going back to the question
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a government of national unity it is this exceptional list foreign policy that is the glue that keeps this consensus to get as it was threatening to end two wars you see the distinction between the elites the outrage across the media think tanks academia congress and everything meanwhile take a look at the reaction of normal people during that week that after all of this happened as as the outrage of trump daring to try to end two wars. his approval rating actually instead of going down actually went up slightly so that's one of the reasons why people voted for him dealer gets the last word i think that basically what is uniting the united states you know the belief in the russian meddling hand they need to fight it to house democrats and republicans divide in congress. people don't care where you're going to carry it kind. united to the hell
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of the soviet union there was there was a joke that we're going to have one party which will be a mixture of communist party c p and k.g.b. c.p.g. be so not only the united states if they have one party state it's going to be the liberal party of national security and they will go off to the russian ambassador people talking to russian about so that they will go off to internet companies in st peters book which presumably have facebook accounts in the united states they will go off i don't know after jordan our son seated in that court or an embassy in london this will be a mixture of liberal party and national security resistance. and those not know gentlemen thank you for answering questions from our viewers that's all the time we have many thanks to my guests here in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching us here darkie see you next time and remember.
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that comes equal russia no one has ever known one has ever had and never even heard about most school.
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you know when it's galaad crazy things gone a lot of people yell. twitter rising and somebody pops up with something really insightful really interesting. will say you will be in the. last year's does do you know that was what gave she does it with the people most of us are not what i mean. i mean.
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really a local superman for movie can see as you know if you buy. it because you're in the form of the media. i'm with you more in the vein one was in the middle most muslim people many muslims by my own. will start to feel.
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at the request. in the area. troops on the border line. the co-founder of linked in apologizes for funding a pro democratic party operation which created thousands of fake russian. spy allegations once again this time in the u.k. . the us government shutdown continues funding. with the media the flames of discontent even using dated video.


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