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christmas is about warmth love and family but there are so many people in the u.k. that have none of these things i want to see what it was like to be on the top the signs to go through christmas as a homeless person. or a father. yes but i hope so. well i know it's on your list. i see it anything but a lump of coal although i've got to. since two thousand and ten the number of rough sleepers in the u.k. has increased by over fifty percent that means literally thousands are out on the street every night. i wasn't going to have enough time to really understand
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homelessness but everyone has to face the fear of that first night out i change them sometimes of clothes packed a plastic bag. i have no idea where i'm going to spend christmas or even where i'm going to sleep. last night any. groups a few things but not too much when they. think it's just going to be like old ghost let's run. just above the water. sometimes. and please put people in a good mood. and it's now. clean myself a bit less it also. seems bush.
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that a bit suitcase. but i have no money. and i haven't eaten anything and the only way i'm going to get to eat something is on the boat finding it's full always begging for enough money to get me some sweets. and that's the first part of the plan. this regularly fit by looking at charities but i have no idea when. i need some advice from someone on. the bus journey we need this communal food state you know. move places with money go and get some in three months time. and i'm trying to get enough enough to. keep. it was what i was hoping to.
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great news honey i'm too late and give out food around here first thing in the morning so i'll miss what chaunce. there was nothing else for it if i was going to eat i was going to have to make. the most of the smoked something. too much fun in its bring myself to what's mr chase. but. brooks says release him oh it's. ok. she says christ just absolutely if. people buy in the.
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and this one coming down the just a move to get people to quit it's. good to mix but remember the other two. he feels no shame to us can people. who are too much people feel about him have to do that to get to vote to get boy. to. combust some which. were so feeble how do they. fight such a. short just. being told to push things starting to move the. thing that makes you feel was one of. the instruments and people to see how they were feeling the time.
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that this is the anything actually the case and have been in a as each time a territory i'd stay even though nothing him i have nothing else in life. lisa has been homeless for two years now she's puzzled alcoholism drug addiction and a little go on this with our older sister. in a she asks me every day and some i say yeah. and when i'm in the back on the end she's starting to stop osting now has been set low but i didn't. qualify for a lot of the hospitals because i wasn't mentally ill enough i didn't score enough points to not play. in order to get social housing for most persons meets
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a number of different criteria since lisa doesn't tick the right boxes she faces an uncertain future. yes yes i have been for a long time now i just left break wolf i can't get past the kids i can't let my dog down consistent to face like six feet at least if i was to stop that. and yet. these this country reminded me just please we put christmas. there was celebrations going on all around me they don't mean much if you've got nothing to spend. but they're all good people who give up the money and time to spread
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a little festive cheer. it's just going full force six so on heading down towards cherry hill sinestro to see if i can find his goals for spurs with just a small leak. look at christian churches setups tables queries until see how the characters. are not. to be lovely. but at the soup i love soup thank you very much i think you. make it was just perfect.
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i think i speak for. i see tricep in green. but i thank you gal it's my joe day and how they are going streets ever since did your family oh yeah. we can't stay all the time because my i saw oh i married oh oh . they just they want to stay on top of me just kids yeah i was afraid oh to run out if you want to start to like him he's. been hard to be. honest i know once we're sort of i got a eight year old son eight year old boy sixteen year old boy. i can play through boys. ok i'm sorry mom froze off for us. him into the night i think i just i just i took my stuff store
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stuff go. play in your christmas write. stories like me to come in the first circle of dream control which leads to losing everything. destroyed here in the home sometimes the richest parts of the u.k. is filled with people silly compulsions every night miles distant but mostly. a million. when you're close because you run out of the know that. ok for a. trace like. a then j. which. has a pleasant lusciousness on the ships. because as i made.
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part of the armor. was quite serious who took. the i don't know how to fight yeah sure the bike was smart if you controlling people fit and i don't know i know us or any of this has been much easier said than done as you point me. to the us a and a store in the meantime. i love. for you like you only. really took. the religious. circles a lot of the money wasn't getting any stuff gets revealed i could finally release some elisas my way of life possible i don't know. any sympathy for critiques quickly for it's some people don't deserve it. or just. scuse me goes you know because for those tickets punishments may. be your competition thank you very much that's what you want it was fun to very much
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serious. mostly about the trouble cause it gets me on the ground gets me a bit warm up. so i see a surface bush. this is a place i found the great commission ministry. just. a day with one making the right choice in the next before i. was.
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as for to realize already this is a spree of horrible. to most when i was i think that there were most of those of us who were to remember my feats. as leg lever in the slush. but even on the streets one day because it can coach humiliating and frightening for some of them in the stairwell they could tell me of any time. i could easily see what drugs or alcohol would have as a way to block out french realistic. you need help to consent to have someone catch me from. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president bush or. more somehow want to be preached. to the right to be prosperous like them up for free in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the wives of my. question. is that come to russia no one has ever no one has ever had a country never even heard about most.
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live live. live. once he's gone into a nihilistic theme. thank you gotta. get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the charlatans the genius of this place the center the american hero this is it we've come a point around which alan would have done something we always are on the margins something like this. culture saying. we're starting last with. we're going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast and i think i want to leave now it doesn't get any more
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gone down the left may be completely different linda mr. lives. in a world of big partisan newton's laws and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. play. leno's longest day looked a little. maybe.
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you believe these. in the streets was more than enough for me. enough but the humiliation was worse. it was soul destroying. many to find a way i wanted to spend christmas eve with some people who got their lives back on track. very good. things went very well thank you very much could. have seen. this property lost. from the isis projects
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they were an intervention same. people are drug addictions. the different states might have massive absolutely massive. this enabled me to to get my life back on track he when you leave stray homeless you don't realize just what an impact that has on someone's life. you know you have to get used to sharon again you have to get used to cooking your i muse again when you came in i guess you didn't know nothings now i had. the clothes on the back when i when i came here i had a pair of jeans on. a pair of trainers with holes in that was it that's all i can get with without the opportunity if these guys given me a nice where i'd be. i
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know i'm weeks quit. very. single so. you. want. to submit the script. he was on the streets new prison from the age of eighty he's going to show me some of his old haunts. a little the. home of the. wife. ok so he's saying. i don't. know. yet he says he sees this is the school yet oakum so the school they sent us this is here to see where i still reside so. as you can say you know
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there's makeshifts just be careful where you guys. will be careful yeah yeah definitely want to go too far and. you know where you're more welcome to if you wish but you know there's a makeshift beds you can see people's bedrooms this is people's belongings these people with stuff here look old in here he says oh people's belongings you can say that there's actually. you know a proper bed down there you know i my love mine is still very fitting cocktail. well. i'm now on the understanding that there's about four of us now on the understanding this for the four of them now. odious lot was a little opened up yes we'll do it all. it's where all these boards are if you much
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you know what i'm gone that was all open space so there used to refer you know i used to get cold in there at nighttime because of basic where we had our beds positions the snow would actually come up so when i walk. right in front of me he and i lose his addiction was at its strongest he was suffering from chronic psychosis. these moxy are i would actually pick yeah. squeeze the skin thinking that there was stuff crawling on the naif my skin and if i couldn't get it out i'll get a knife and all cuts myself open yeah and then get the knife and start taking it so hard to get these bits out mahseer nothing near the hotel is well over my chest same thing same thing just the written shreds of will. just rip myself to shreds my . you know one point i thought i was saying this but my face was
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one big scab. yeah it was just just a culture like that just telling myself to shreds all die. eventually louis was picked up by an outreach team and goes into temporary accommodation he's not trying to give back by working with an organization which deals with the homeless the local authorities council willing to help. but he's refused his mr you so sure he went into the street right in front of my eyes. you. know. you can be a long and painful journey away from homelessness and addiction and lunchtime. twin
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brothers kevin and brian toohey their experiences exchange keys in their lives rough and close traffic on the streets of cities at the end of the century. take those babies moving the really. don't stick you much in a yard but he'll. tell me no good to be good for you to get killed just moved up a little bit today these people here do nothing still they moved out yeah yeah yeah i was too slow change the bench is missing is from going to. light up the teddy should be always f. ing up no spatial. really dangerous yet i can hold with population. consisting of
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a long violin can move a few people out of here over. pagans yet when i'm out of it people play for food are almost always kind of a chronic pain there was one thing along here with the queer feel how i feel more goes down you know the hormone. kind of thing of the news and both of us going to know i woke up and i am i being run so i can fail the money had been stolen and i was left there what would you stick with it just because of the drugs that you state here is money. you can handle off when we got us then the one that saw. less the square piccadilly circus yeah it was right with tourists and they're just waiting to get rid of all these easy bodies it's like fifteen years ago the brothers would fish around this area so that brian is now this time kevin the set up is an addiction recovery can. sultan sings it took
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a terrible personal tragedy to make him turn this month around how the thought of caring what price of oil prices are up way across the way for a woman. i am less than really. sixty four though i go for a like i was when i was a zero zero zero zero am a southie dog and i've written called who would overcome me i know i can so put on a venture in recovery from a veteran of the past and force is no hopeless whether he be proud or it. that's half the battle it seems just finding the will to carry on the next day we drove down to kevin's home by the seaside sleeping. during a bunch of the money that was finally christmas day. as it makes me crazier stuff and i tell people if you're the star of that you're the star of the of the kitchen was a made all this stuff we have to see we have to have you already do we go to movies
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you do t.v. you look at you you look great. but. i was a woman go. how many meals have you done we chatted about sixty five today yes yes it would be good for i guessed that . we might have to split because the rod was this big deal scenario right. yeah yeah. yeah yeah yeah i like. christmas is a family holiday but for many years the twins of celebration with those he's got no where else to go today is no different it's to keep a lid trimmings for everything. that.
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oh wrong oh oh oh me oh my goodness they're not. yeah yeah you could see a little bit of it. but missed out on christmas with my family but that was real christmas spirit in that as much as i hated being out in the streets i love being a consequence. you might just be a few days in this real year but it's clear that the holiday still gives people hope i've waited to open a cause i've been given by. a few words that reminds me just lucky i really am.
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seeing. my son doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just weren't doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse started when anthony users in a prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. then the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless number of people who are in prison for. certain sins for boring or minor. offenders in the drug trade it's
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a lot watching your children grow up in issue in wave and say by day as they're walking out of the business it's just it doesn't get easier. welcome to the crystal ball edition of crossfire what can we expect in the new year we have a great lineup of guests telling us they think. that is your last guest does. what i mean.
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make it was not. at the. wheel of the local superman film he can see he has nothing to do by the fact. that you're in the home of the media. i'm with you more in their favor than was in the mud almost nothing to do with money both of them in the film i was in few months it was a defense.
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