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the papers look listen can look up to the left opinion. as well succumbing to much of the course in for the for the key but that could also be true he told you to come into the political spin. as he told us on the must make just war what a. close mistrustful of sentimental school was someone. going
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to look like. the. school so say look good luck of the new clothes for what he has got to see all this. started off. to. the almost. so you must. know. i'll be stunned will. be with you because on my niece who from which. she moved at least on. you both of us. lost.
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what i mean. about avatar is it up in the middle part of that are. a little bit of that i.
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think that mean well. thanks for. being on say i. have been writing. for that if i may now you. look. up. the unknown you go gal what. has been the they don't buy that he when the thing that was. most my their when up i love them other it up but i get one and those have long been a lot of. yeah a lot of that it was quite this video. evidence. that. the n.r.a. and the ad but this. is a plane they play at that. time as an asean they'll put up
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a heels outcome as well as a guy who put in that i thought all. feeling of. loss and also still no participants and it wasn't to be a picnic. so was the. mini mike you know the been the most the. last all is tenuous you must pursue part. of the as he searches you know for songs. the more speak i mean. jiggled. like you that he will but it is just.
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a computer. use of thought i meant what he said in a little bit he knows they built a lot of this could you and i mean amigos i mean just i mean the ideas. on which will also comatose exit polls will schools and i mean we can say one of the got. some was a job just the same. in this year when the closest to see i just got on the plane thought it would choke him so we showed them the pools for the second move for him unless. i tell them. my face i think. your stuff would go loco my data your love us if god liesl and book or the. is book but i don't mean you bob bad for you would you call on the little you're told not to go to see lucky. you have. to
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be set. up by the c.b.i. . and often end up funded us. yet so i'll hold it was missing medals and this gate on the us a lucky amount is set up the sink will see it looked less so come out the other thing i'll pull off and that's because you know this if you. said oh it's not simple hope was to solve in book a loss of. the least i can. do. i will see.
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this. is how much. so this is to say before there was a whatever it was that was done. in the city. lawyer. just ducked a. little. one.
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feel pretty cool from up and i. was the last yes for people who would like your female. most of them put up another team to settle. this because he made a mistake to be able to prosecute a few. thank
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you all. about the need for a long course of. the i want to see holes. if i i mean. prose that leaves you only. formatted unseen to sign. twenty gaveled the total cost. ball must go it is the lowest part of course like you knew who.
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the street but i were of the kids a lot of polls lower manas if you know so much in. the sound better than me. bring to an end. in itself and those who for the most glee in this i mean the most for the arts and while oh. yes in both doolittle works if. you are well known for example see how. awful it has it is on which of mcclymont you told me to file it will look. like some of the money that is first a lot of things in the bucket along with those who went a little out into the sea by so on the principle of cement a little bit and then more tunneling for you. yes please buy.
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your request look and mailing. we are all a poke at the local olympian thought on the school talking that there was a key moment in. local almost as i am all grown up last night and they look better on. most in all material models i'm all wet and put up they need. the support of the little to go. and they can get a signal to hold off with almost all of the on look you know most wanted to flush just. give me a call where. those who are young up on the second mountain feel of the union and the rest well as squarely. was obvious like it but i was am.
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a woman well lurch of me just from. the can also him and me those those i would say when going to home alone. they were less but i was us you were listed in the lot of alaska thing or the sea horse number when the name is but ok. but in the midst of it is that of a whore. thank. you for the first time for a woman. of the me over pm as i know most of our really weird when you're going to most of the awful. thank.
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you see in the guild i work with. fer i really got robust. interest in the can with going over the real heroes. what is he you know rope with because some of you . put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to write a book for us that's what i'm up for freedom or can't be good. i'm interested always in the water using my. last question.
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it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi don't tell was still active rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company developed the divide a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything but all you know she said is just cut short arms minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. now the new year out their time first major prediction of the following twelve months guaranteed to be one hundred percent accurate.
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he gave me any handy when you're losing a legal limit though you can be given a legal team even when the good behavior of the movie of the land you know we get word into the equation glanced again at. me by them in the end the enmity hopefully give them a caveat if i eat it he had to go get that happening bookie thought that was c. d. e. kelley played by al norse not by this are those. he you he that han disposed unless there's a lot of a. joystick us on this kilkenny ice is not ballast when do you buy it and don't invest.
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in if someone in don't sit don't even let go the two men did the white board those analysts say to real get. me home is die. in a mother the force your this bit i laugh make it emma get her out into the where go babble scam me call it all was no make i don't draft. yes lists and more to damn paul you going to her me home. immediate home a man. would answer no will it just like a mother will start going see into. the
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garden it was done in us and many cuss in me piling on uncountable me by the name that almost asked and the other into what. not to be. any. but uppal there is no. set for ghetto complete them and. missy and all. the least they. will but even. the love for mark a gig a study by u.c. and on. board an ample a.m.t. are. also those can play money however most go go without. without. because i we almost kissed almost on the novel by that the.
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stem of money cando i would be the last one is i must get the most status was tossed. the bag is a locus of the. beast and get with the big one of the now. why those back this duality up or go into the.
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thank you. and then the middle they lost quite the world as i bought them back their value of the man oh yes their. family they were in your eyes all. and so it's a vacancy. so. the only one in the world and nobody i know yeah well or all. the way when did the book get that i mean this image that i lack or that i love then the better this business that bad oh. oh oh yes but you put this in the. midst of don't say it's a yes or no it's good to see him and pulled this woman to what does she owe him then so you know it's a lot is that really i'm not ready to have it done most to give me.
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those but i did i would and then you will start off the chain that is to be mostly working with the members and let them see any easter is a must but i've got a little break. and if he moves on no even if we can i promise and if you would i think. it was a really dark and one thing. but with me as him because real as much as once i. mean that i like in my poses and so you're. always your moment to moment come over the other must choose people but mostly. i mean to most in this to look for something when we don't there's more to my
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stomach i just got be a pic of us. should i just go for a bus i will not fit into yoko can help us i'm not here. to support them this i go to the. the puzzle is what i mean i mean. when the set up. to somebody will not you. can also. it's not. even obvious how they bought a. book
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easily. but i don't see. it. feel. to get. sleep. sleep. sleep.
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sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep. thank. you we're. cool to thank you
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coop. thank you thank. you i mean to bug me a little bit which i just but oh please welcome to will pull both this one i'm also on the committee so he had to call me and someone. had me and i jumped on the welcome to what i can.
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in a caveat that i didn't realize the full holies that. he passed by dead on the lawn you call kelly in equal. measure else. feel always gave a little but there's a mass eighty six didn't you cause laterals a is that the end. of. the little event i. was going to. make. up my mind off the mark i want to put on a lot of others your. book of life and books oh i'd like
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a book that i want to go for so that's a later book well. a little. just into the fermented pussy this is just a good spin you could also like you know you're for me i want you you love please just because i mean enough. to see more. of a baby when i was in the us and you money puzzles and that all my sympathy mostly will suck to you.
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thank. you. welcome to the crystal ball edition of. what can we expect in the new year with. guests telling us they think. nobody could see coming. in this.
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any interrogation. is. to put people in that frame of mind make the money make them want to give and take no for an answer. she said. the next day there's a. police officer's job. that has nothing to do with.
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four people dead and sixty eight counts. for after an apartment block collapses following a gas explosion in the russian city of make need to goals. britain and france are to step up joint patrols in the english channel after a spike in the number of illegal immigrants trying to get into the u.k. over the past two weeks. those who russian children held in an iraqi prison with the allegedly isobel's parents are now back home we were there when they returned to russia. and a french newspaper apologizes after people compare its latest front cover to images from.


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