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tv   News  RT  December 31, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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i. was. pleased four people are dead and sixty eight are unaccounted for after an apartment block collapses following a gas explosion in the russian city of magnitogorsk. britain and france are to step up joint patrols in the english channel after a spike in the number of illegal immigrants trying to get into the u.k. over the past two weeks. thirty russian children held in an iraqi prison with the allegedly eisold legs parents are now back home we were there when they returned to russia. a french newspaper apologizes after people compare its latest front cover to images from the nazi era.
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a very warm welcome to you you're watching r.t. international with me actually aaron good to have you with us our top story this hour at least four people have been killed after a possible residential building collapse due to a gas explosion in magnitogorsk of russian industrial city about one thousand seven hundred kilometers east of moscow authorities say the fate of sixty eight people is still unknown a resident who was evacuated from the building describes the scene there. i was more cannot by the sound of the explosion and the shattered glass the windows in my living room were blown out i ran to the kitchen the windows they're all so shattered i could smell smoke my neighbors were yelling the main door was blown out and it was blocking our door and then as i thought there would be stance but we
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left the corridor and there was just trouble. parties near direct she did joins me in the studio now with the latest dana dear we've been across this story since early this morning when the incident occurred is a developing story of course can you bring us up to speed on the latest it's a real tragedy especially at this time of year it's new year's eve it's a national holiday people are obviously celebrating or preparing for the new year so for this to happen at this time it is truly a real sad event now as we know it happened in mag new to god which is about seven hundred kilometers from moscow it happened in the early hours of the morning so around six am local time and what the emergency services said that it was caused by a gas explosion at the center of a building which caused the other side to collapse it's a multi-unit residential building so it's part of a complex. the the fear is what the emergency services have said
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that the other two buildings are still there intact of the moment might collapse or they've actually evacuated the whole place that's another one thousand people told to leave the area about the building itself in question it would consist of forty eight flats it had approximately one hundred twenty people registered in those flats four people have died four people have been hospitalized including including one child that's what we know so far and we know the fate of fifty two of those people so at the moment the numbers we're looking at is sixty eight. people are officially unaccounted for what we do have is an eyewitness account where they describe what happened. there was a blast as first there was an earthquake who rushed to fire in that house
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on the second floor no windows were left in our flat they were all blown out. now the fear is that many of those who are unaccounted for may be buried in the rubble and the emergency services they were very prompt were a day they certainly were prompt and yes that is a fear that you know there are there are people still there they could possibly be alive we don't know they could be dead but they responded within ten minutes and news just in is that there are more than thirteen hundred rescuers there on the scene now with two hundred pieces of equipment five hundred more people are on their way to help out two additional teams of psychiatry's have been deployed the emergency ministry minister has just arrived there on the scene as well and there are other staff available on standby obviously president vladimir putin has been informed of what's going on they are worried and this is quite serious so apart from the the damage that's been caused and those unaccounted for the temperatures
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and freezing so it's minus seventeen at the moment. is predicted that it's going to go to minus twenty seven tonight so time really is of the essence because there could be hypothermia involved as well what we have seen during times of tragedy as we see often the communities they pull together and this is certainly the case and now as we see for those who've lost their homes possibility family members friends people are pulling together and helping out there and obviously we'll keep you posted as to any developments on what happens. absolutely we're going to be across this story all day i expect and it but it is good to see that people are coming together and trying to help those in need especially at a time like this new year's eve maturity to thank you for bringing us the latest. when at least twenty six people have died from the after effects of gas explosion
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in residential blocks this year alone in russia other tragedies linked to building collapses have also claimed more than one hundred one hundred lives over the last fifteen years. the aim of. the eight. person and front so they are to increase joint patrols in an effort against illegal immigration into the u.k. after an unexpected rise in migrants arriving in britain via the english channel over the past two weeks and this is that the picks up the story. deeply concerning
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the u.k. immigration minister is sounding the alarm made for a recent sage and migrant crossings over the english channel what do you do in a crisis pick up the phone well the u.k. him secretary and the french interior minister at least spoke to each other but is this really enough to combat channel crossings from the u.k. and france is a partnership all too familiar when it comes to border protection but having spent millions already to set up and then move refugee camps one of the biggest flashpoints of the migrant crisis the port in kobe which made headlines almost daily. from cal a to die of the poor to seen
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a spike in the number of adults some children arriving at the cannes coast sporadic crossings was seen at the start of the refugee crisis but more recently over two hundred twenty men women and children have attempted to make their way if in the last fifty days also. increasing pressure has meant the you k. him secretary has had to cut his holiday short he's been y. day accused of having a failed strategy he has still to explain exactly how the government plans to handle the small screen in the operations. they have not got
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a grip on it what we've got is unsatisfactory and somebody has to do something alternately the buck stops with the home secretary for now such a javits plan is to keep the number of specialist border force sender if you but he admits there's no easy answer as for defense britain's armed forces are at the ready if need be we have not heard any requests to zero but the home office is in need of armed forces support the no navy air force an. answer amid all the mounting pressure there's also the problem of cracking down on people smugglers the problem is that the more one house for patrol craft out there the more it can be regarded as a pull factor because people these guys know that if they get halfway across the channel they're going to be picked up so it is a very fine dilemma. for the home secretary to consider is he ok home secretary weighs up his options on the issue time is ticking for
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a concrete solution in the latest developments six more rainy and mon were found on a beach near dover on sunday morning professor of international history at london school of economics alan scared says that up to now the u.k. government's efforts to tackle the crisis have been unsatisfactory. the current administration has been at fault we only have five patrol boats in the channel sorry we only have five patrol boats for the border force only one of these is actually in the do it was straits in the channel that is not always. on the government seems to have been done nothing to supply more boat parties because in past years have been very few attempts to cross the channel but since christmas be no four hundred attempts assia partly because as a group one specs it happens the be much more difficult to cross the british border
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. is not only the u.k. and europe has been trying to come to grips with migration this year in the us donald trump's controversial approach to curbing the flow of people has driven deep divisions throughout twenty eighteen we've had a number of guests cross swords on the issue here is a fiery confrontation from gene. first of all it's not true that all these people who are arrested for just crossing the border they're arrested for illegally crossing the border there are a point of entry where they could come and see clinical asylum but these these people if in fact they are of families and not you know sex traffickers are others who come with children away to break the u.s. law by entering and pressuring the border illegally despite the fact that the looking for a better life to chile they know the risks involved and that might be that they are separated from their children if they go in illegally even if they're doing it
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legally which oftentimes just racism that you hear from people like sean. to be counterparts here in the case of these people coming to united states it's not quite as simple as just having some meat specific points eventually people are incredibly violence and they're coming here or you're trying to seek political asylum and i don't understand how in any way that justifies taking your kids away and ordinance that we. take advantage of this and it's what it was that's. kind of policy and really it's his political base which i'm glad he's getting his speech and called me a racist which i'm not surprised it doesn't anger me i wouldn't expect anything else from a leftist who has no facts and throws out the racist word without even knowing who i am and nothing i said was racist but that aside do you know there's a three hundred percent increase in kids coming to this country presented with an adult who turned out to be sex traffickers or pedophiles or others who are not
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their parents and by the way i'm sure you were is outraged sure when barack obama did virtually the same thing in fact deported mexican children back to mexico without their parents' knowledge where was the outrage when that was going on where was the outrage when he sent children all over the country. when they entered this country illegally with their parents i didn't hear a peep out of people like you on the left this is nothing more than an attempt to villainize donald trump where a country of laws if these parents choose to put their kids at risk by breaking the law they're going to suffer the consequences and the american people are fine with that so not all democrats are the same there are plenty of criticism to get so what rock obama and hillary clinton state department did you immigrants are here i have my entire life here and kind of rhetoric and dog whistles from racists like and you saw i mean i think what's what's happening because i don't care ows are you got you got a lot of nerve i'd like to give you want to give me one example of how i'm
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a racist. what the kind of narrative that you're creating to try to get to the false acts that you're putting out there can say badly that always will sure be a lot that's right sis are. your to you're using a very particular propaganda tool to try to create a soft mild and get all that is right since the bay the law imagine that imagine that. yeah well i want time people own slaves now as long as well i'm sure there are plenty of people in this country my dear son know what happened to the not there so i'm finished higher rate i'll go. and use that masonry and you and racism. so if you russian children who had been held in a prison in iraq capital baghdad have now been allowed to return home they were
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jailed with that allegedly i still link to those who went to iraq and syria medina cancian of reports. little. children have returned to russia this evening from iraq brought on a plane organized by russia from baghdad the children are in quite a bad shape it is almost all of them are in need of urgent medical assistance this return home has been no easy task officials say that they have been gathering documents. to for months to prove that these children are russians we did d.n.a. tests specialists went to europe to take samples and the material went through the identification process then we filled out the necessary documents and searched for the children's relatives the previous flight of this kind to happened over
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a year ago meantime these children aged four to fifteen have been in prison in the iraqi capital with their mothers almost all of them had to leave their mothers behind now dozens of russian women remain in prison in baghdad most of them facing charges for joining terror groups and some have already been convicted as all of these children were born in russia and taken by their parents who fled to syria and iraq allegedly to join terrorist rinks on arriving back here in moscow the children have been receiving hospital treatment and general. rehabilitation and of course they have already been reunited to where their relatives who have been looking for them for months. are to started a bring them home campaign last year in an attempt to reunite children who were kept in a rocky orphanages with their relatives back in russia at least eleven children
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were returned by our campaign and dozens more by other efforts you can follow their stories on our website r.t. dot com. a recent poll suggests that the majority of americans are against genetic engineering if it leads to so-called designer babies but many also see the benefits if they could ever advocate disease the findings revealed that seventy percent of u.s. citizens surveyed would approve of gene editing to defeat incurable diseases that children inherit such as cystic fibrosis around two thirds was or would also give their backing to engineering that would prevent long fatal conditions like blindness however most americans oppose genetic modification to choose i color height and intelligence levels. the poll in america comes a month after groundbreaking claims from china the technique was still extremely controversial was used on twins lulu and another in an attempt to make them
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resistant to hiv infection. and last was just. this soldiery was that. through each of the two fact people. a few days later before returning. to greece. we checked whole the surgery when. the result. was. as you ended. ethical concerns over embryo gene editing in china has seen the scientists put under guard he remains in a university guest house in the city of shenzhen and has defended his actions but some scientists say it's a step too far. what i heard that there were a lot of born children from it i thought oh my gosh you just jumped ahead american
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microbiologist brian hanley thinks it's hard for people to accept such technologies as most don't understand the process. of being able to deliver this to adults which is a much which is in most ways an a harder. car around olds can consent and that is one of the young girl issues is that clearly an embryo camp consensus however i think it is unlikely as long as we're not closing the image to which i know. a child who's going to object to being born oh who are more strength than usual with more in durance to near zero her longer lifespan usual or with. better mental capacity most of the public doesn't really understand her technology very world war one were you she was or i think. that with this perception will change over time i'm.
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a french newspaper backpedals off to his fat cat ways compared to some controversial images we have the details for you off the back. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. my days gaudi nihilistic the best they can figure out. and get out to traveling across america by what makes america the charlotte take. place especially. american hero this is it we've come to a point which alan would have done so we always are on the margins so what this
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whole gun culture is really important. because. we're starting last with is going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think i want to leave no governor any more ground on the earth we may be completely different but in the. old. welcome back french newspaper le monde has dedicated his latest front cover to anti-government yellow vest protesters and made a call laws of pictures of president on the demonstrations unfortunately it reminded some also another iconic image.
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the cover dated saturday december the twenty ninth has provoked critical reactions from some of our readers with poet joyce to those who have been shocked by graphic design elements used were furring to russian constructivists from the early twentieth century which used black and red in the way he looks with his face turned to their eyes it's quiet and expressive he looks a bit like a dictator and the shams that israel has vast it gives him but images lunatics we
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saw their policy from the join up it is true that when you look at the front page immediately think of nazi germany as i understand it they regret it now because they went too far in a way there is nothing about nazis in here only a suggestion but if you look at this it is a bit shocking. i think it's more important to work on things that need to meet the rest instead of making climates that will drive us no one. a march by a women's group in california has been cancelled by organizers over concerns that it's going to be too white. up to this point the participants have been overwhelmingly white legging representation from several perspectives in our community instead of pushing forward with crucial voices absent the organizing
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t.-u. will take time for more outreach some members clearly were unsatisfied with the cancellation pointing out that over seventy percent of the population in the area are white others say the organizers failed to encourage diversity there were means march which has been held every year since twenty seventeen has been accused of lacking voices from minority groups and anti semitism so they could college professor and author of on jamison believes the organizers were right to look for diversity. and reasonable. i guess we need to be careful that this doesn't become into a kind of hollywood casting call for a few token women in. white women especially white women and the middle and upper classes can pretend to be the. women who are women other races and from the lower classes can also speak for all women generally if women
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from all different backgrounds are not present but we need to find a way to get in that you were the last hours of twenty eighteen taking away it's time to look back on the events that have shaped it sit back enjoy our twenty eight nice koreas. and twenty eighteen russia found itself in the limelight more times than it would probably have wanted to with some western powers pulling out all the stops to train moscow as a threat in a televised interview russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov distil the challenges russia has faced this year. needless to say it's been a difficult year groceries on the constant pressure from those who see it is competitive for some kind of dominant position in world politics we see this in the way the u.s. behaves they talk openly about the need to restrain russia in china and they don't
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like iran or north korea either. we would like to see our european colleagues showing independence through their practical actions fortunately they're not entirely ready for this the fall of the united states even when it clearly runs counter to their interests let me give you an example the vote on a russian resolution in support of maintaining the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty we heard more concern from europe than anywhere else on the decision by the united states to unilaterally withdraw from this treaty but the entire european union voted against our proposal so in effect they voted for the i.m.f. treaty to be terminated and the euro to once again be overshadowed with the threat from american missiles which are bound under this treaty the next step of course will be countermeasures from russia but this is not our choice but the e.u. cannot fail to appreciate the threat to the security of its own capitals because there is no explanation for their votes against self oppose or other than a false sense of solidarity with the united states and this is just one example the
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last in the chain of events this year but a very significant one. this question needs to be addressed to washington our president and his representatives have repeatedly said that we are ready for such talks at any time that washington wants them naturally this must happen on the basis of equality mutual respect and mutual consideration of interests as we see the extent to which foreign policy towards russia in america has become hostage to domestic political struggles over there competing with each other to see who can attack russia more is considered a useful means of attraction proceeds there is nothing we can do about this but we are always ready for any country including the united states. the western media has played a prominent role in spinning anti russian hysteria and twenty often fighting dubious all anonymous sources has a tongue in cheek of that coverage. the latest headlines from a sane anonymous source this network. can't wash pool according to someone and they
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say in b.c. house no i know someone who spoke to donald trump recently about life in the white house and donald trump's biggest complaint was that he's not allowed to watch porn and the white house has got him into a possible howl case and delves deeper into the force keeping trump's urges down state actors broke into the d.n.c. undermined hillary clinton to help donald trump with melania lives in a separate bedroom and trump ochs. according to a book based on evidence you'll never see. the site of notes i spoke to people who spoke to the president. is that why she probably tried to dig her way out stay tuned for twitter expert suggesting just that security footage of millenia trauma proving that the white house sinkhole is actually hers keep tunnel along that swiss molony on the verge of giving away or escape routes exclusive analysis by u.s.
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and experts state shooting for the latest news brought to you by s.n. . thanks for chasing off the and to national this column brave will be here with all the latest about thirty minutes. welcome to maximize your financial survival guide. looking forward to a year that's without. yanks this is what happens to pensions in. don't. watch tris report.
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them too so if you go and sophie shevardnadze fortier's own the ground breaking news ago pink floyd still sounds fresh in the lyrics of roger waters are as relevant as ever how hard is the balancing act between music and politics well i'm here in st peter's birth to ask the legend himself watcher waters musician author activist co-founder of pink floyd and my guest today is really great to have you with us today welcome to our show thank you everyone's really happy that you're here looking for your tour and i'm looking for a little chat so i'm going to start from the eternal question because you've been pushing the boundaries of music forever. at the same time the lyrics that you
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write are always very powerful.


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