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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 2, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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time after time so you know what you're going underground while we're away for christmas we're screening some of your favorite episodes of the season coming up in this what kind of riot tax can to raise a makes make it today's nine hundred twenty two committee meeting the decide premiership of the united kingdom we speak to northern ireland's former first minister and republican column line on which post breaks it is better than belfast brussels or dublin all this and more coming up in today's show but first what is troubling the u.k. prime minister more today a backbench meeting on brics it that could decide a future all this fanny arabia's crown prince mohammed bin summoned help the first of two meetings with british prime minister theresa may the red carpet has been rolled out early at the prince had lunch with britain's queen elizabeth at buckingham palace and during his three day visit the aide to the family friend what meets with all the senior royals and dine with the queen's son and grandson that's the way even chinese t.v.
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coverage resumes arguable genuflection to someone she know appears to be labeling a murder a mind you this is the kind of questioning u.k. state mandated media presented its questions to journalist jamal khashoggi when he was alive apologies for the quality robertson solomon seems to be saying. i know we have to transform ourselves we have to modernize we have to change and i will be that agent of change your code of an autocrat your compared him to protean and saddam and others but surely the message of the last few years is that the best hope that arab nations like saudi arabia has to leave the west prepared for us has power for genuine reform and change. by fuck like you fuck to. destroy us force all the audio hang on a minute to the b.b.c. a year ago was devil's advocate ing for the noni a pariah crown prince and so was do marcus shuji in fact the late journalist was it . once in russia advocating more russian input in the middle east as he was
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tweeting for the defacto islam is rebels in syria of course there is another dimension to the whole story saudi could stop bombing yemen with british bomb stop buying nato weapons and make friends with iran let alone this man. the leader of the world's biggest oil producer russia they're meeting the world's second biggest saudi and of course saudi has also made friends with this man yes she jinping sent his people to the saudi investment conference just as vladimir putin did but if saudi realignment is a piece of cake well to some that is something else entirely threatening not only say a tally in membership of the e.u. but the very existence of the united kingdom joining me now is former first minister with all the knowledge in current ulster unionist party chairman lord m.p. but i would be welcome to going underground if we leave aside the party politics of the ninety two to two committee how is the union this movement called it's of
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involved with the policy is bricks and negotiations and i know this is the deal being or do you agree. breaks in negotiations that are arguably threatening to break up the union where my party recommended remain vote reluctantly but on the basis that there were two major issues one was the border because we didn't even when we went to see former prime minister cameron before the campaign. we didn't get the impression that number ten really understood the implications for the porter the second thing was you've got your fault for not explaining it to him hard in one of the we did our best five sure you know and the second thing was you've got to remember we were two years closer to the scottish referendum so at that particular stage the decision of scotland to remain in the union would have appeared to have been final but with. in
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a matter of weeks the nationalists were starting up again and we felt there was a great risk of reigniting not independence movement which to some extent has happened so and those two reasons we recommended remain but on a free vote however not only the decision was taken we our position is that we have to respect thumbs and we try and employ get the best possible deal that we can for the united kingdom as a whole do you think that there will be a border in the irish sea there will be a border between the irish republic and great britain between eighty and ninety percent of our exports either go to or via great britain britain is alarmed bridge so arlen can't send its goods directly from its own shores to mainland europe their own there isn't the ferry capacity so it goes across there is sea primarily to ports in wales and then it goes either to the u.k.
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as a who or it goes to the cotton to dover or other southern ports we don't want it to be extended up they are a sea to our shores because the boss spoke of our trade is done with. great britain and that is is the case the total exports to the whole of the world from they are sure public over those exports one point six percent go to know the moment. of the irish republic total imports from the whole of the world one point six percent come from northern hutton's so thought is people don't get that they level of trade not even reporting on earth there is no real border there the movement will you say you've got you've got a currency border you've got a v.a. t. border you've got all that talk so the tax authorities in each side reporter of those or irish government figures by the way what i'm giving it but there are goods
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in transit that go up and down the road but the actual level of trade is modest and is primarily i could culture and we've had all this talk about a hard border let me tell you there isn't going to be a hard porter who is going to put it up and the problem that they are should public house is that they're. and i fear is that brussels in the event of a no deal arrangement would say well you've got to put up an external border that's what the speculation is no government could stay in politically putting up a border they could they wouldn't last five minutes so there isn't going to be a border so if there is a new deal because dublin doesn't accept what you're saying regardless of the border between the six counties in the south do you find it ironic that a union is posey seems to be threatening the existence of the u.k. and shin fame remain in fame. when there's
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a navy union there's an irony in this insofar as shin fein originally opposed arlen joining the european economic community decided in fact in the one nine hundred seventy s. they were opposed to those that the d.p. have taken a position on this we have been very concerned about the approach that they are taking it so my feeling is in our party's feeling is that the way bracks it's been handled by the d p they were part of the negotiations last december for this block stop which is not a millstone around our necks i believe that the relationship with the republic should be negotiated in the final phase when we know what our future relationship is going to be that's when it should have been dumped we should never have accepted it david davis should never have accepted it as one of the preconditions for negotiations up was the rock on which we perished you know what find it strange that you appear i mean we had paul mesquite before we. had will see
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saying that the b. are in it for itself that seems to set off a leg the going to thing you in what used to be the dominant force and you don't know that so i suppose yes put out probably is in the strawman context which i think you're. coming on to the moment well i think they said that nigel daubs is a bit of trying to be che guevara and. there's a role in this one as if he was the kids in a sweet show he was talking. he was going your mind to guerrilla campaign in parliament. hard to you as a eunice to stay in the union if you're a guerrilla campaign against your own government a government which he has a confidence a supply arrangement with you know well in the sense that if there is a may did put in the mind of the irish sea they are here but to do so for tactics if you are in arrangement with stops government which in my view opinion there was
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no need for the deal between the metol but surely to raise them a needed the d p otherwise the queen was going to give a permission to be but i mean is the queen would give her permission because she's the largest party in parliament she was automatically going to be given the first opportunity to form a government so then the question is who was going to vote her right. you going to vote her right and perjury corben then because that's the most obvious you know the old suspicions that he was always the breaks it is a yeah but he's also i mean his job is shadow chancellor announced last week to the world that he long for united ireland i'm sure they would say this is what a diary civil rights. then surely you can understand that is as it came up the idea of a border in the irish sea infostrada the other alternative they're just going to bring down a good deal that is presented in then we'll still vocal for them well first of all well they can do that but you know in practice with the for expression parliament
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socked they say the dynamics are different from what that they used to be years ago but look if you're in a situation and you have a conference of why they have a joint committee that meets regularly why weren't they engaged in the drafting of the document last december it was obvious that it came as a complete shock to them and a surprise to them and then they scrambled to running to see if they could get a bit odd that in which they did but it is totally contradictory because on the one hand it's saying all the mild will be regularly regularly three aligned with brussels and on the other hand saying they'll be no impediment to trade east west and we're live free and equal access to the united kingdom market the only way you can see the whole of the united kingdom can stay aligned with brussels is defectively stand the customs union which is the very opposite of breaks it doesn't or the labor party say anyway we'll get the d b's. view on why they weren't privy
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to that information i'm sure you know people are going to speculate that's because the reason we didn't tell them certainly that's giving boris johnson's away sitting in stormont. i mean people often oversleep talking about the good friday agreement you know so what is the bedrock of the good friday agreement. do you think you'll ever meet again it's possible. i think that the will be nothing in the short term i'm quite sure until after breakfast or at least until it breaks that situation clarifies itself to some extent because i don't think she wants to be implementing brags that and it would have to if it was in government stormed in the event that we leave on the twenty ninth of march so the other thing was there was a failed. negotiation in february of this year. the republican movement said that there was a no wonder standing that arlene fausta would put to her party a number of proposals that they had discussed including an artist's language and
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when it came to the point of her doing so it became obvious that her colleagues weren't prepared to even agree to it so she didn't formally put any proposals to them unfair or nice saying well who do we negotiate with so as a full first minister you're encouraged then that both sides neither of them are saying tear up the good friday agreement even those stormont says no we wouldn't no no well i mean there's no it is kind of you've got a meeting again we had twenty years ago when the agreement was dumb we had a there was a referendum an old man the referendum they are sure public must of majorities ninety something in the republic over seventy percent and all supported the do you piece of course oh posed it. ironically initially. they still say they oppose it but ironically they operate it and it is the only thing going for them the principle of consent that we negotiated thought no longer stay
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part of the united kingdom and that's the people of no nonsense otherwise and they use that continuously as their major defense when they're dealing with banks that will just finally then. figure it's only about referendums we know the good friday agreement and it's specification what do you think is dr paul nolan from queens saying. and we're fact this conversation has been about a date next year the real date is some day ten to twenty one when the catholics number the borders of the north well yeah but you see you can't conflate the two things and not follow twenty twenty one but that doesn't mean that caustics don't fold unionists it's a question of what is the balance you can't apply that rule just strictly on the american because don't forget we've a lot of catholics who come from poland i mean the last census one percent of the population is polish and probably bigger enough then you have conflicts from blocks
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of that's going to make the difference or it could make a huge difference i mean if you do two percent majority for brags that one and a half or two percent can make a big difference at least you're zooming they're going to be able to remain in this country have to break. as they will be and that's why i've no doubt the republican house to vote and they have to accept that they would want united and i wouldn't like to take out granted at the present moment thank you thank you after the break we hear a different view on the irish border from a man who lives on and columbina. i'm max kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is. a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right.
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and we're just getting more and more to the. destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for as we've. been saying the numbers mean they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten dollars each day. eighty five percent of global wealth to the rich eight point six percent market thirty percent your home with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first check. point rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars. but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one show you can't afford to miss the one and only.
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welcome back well in the first off we heard from northern ireland's former first minister but is an island tourism a in the future of the e.u. joining me now is the who actually lives on the border between the six counties and the republic called thanks for coming and going underground so when you watch mainstream media beaming down to your place in morning. do you think the journalists and the pundits and the politicians little interest is going wrong i. don't believe that the main commentary any real concern for ireland. that ireland. remains. the perspectives of. journalism and commentary are largely driven by the major forces that are still controlling us and civil subjugating as i would argue the people of ireland we have ceded most of our of our of our powers to
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europe and that's evidenced in our inability to stop europe foisted on us a huge debt in the very recent past that which we are still burdened with. in order to see if the markets the economies of europe and we don't know the problem is exit personally i would be far legs that left exit that would. get rid of the power of europe but and retain sovereignty within that nation state but that would be in the interests of the vast majority of people i suspect that breaks it in british context is being manipulated by a powerful elite that will that hopes to. tax haven a bust and a race to the bottom we're not sure nobody knows and this will be all to be fought for but in there is context none of this we are caught in
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a dilemma where we're controlled in the north by british imperialism under the sun by the imperial force of europe our interests are never hurt never mention to not our only recourse to power is to beg some kind of business from the beneficence from either of these powers and and the irony is that in one thousand nine hundred twenty s. irish republicans broke with the british union because they saw their interests being in. represent themselves represent their economy in a democracy that plate and responded to the needs of the people and in the north the unionists demanded not to be included not because they saw their need for some executive power and then they saw that in a link with britain but very much that they would cover control of their destinies and a large say in that we come to two thousand and the a team and neither side sees any
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. any need for their own sovereignty and they look to almost a bipolar. perspective of if we defer to this power or that part not seen that the both of them are actually there is to this disenfranchise disempower and to impoverish or barak of the dear preez. over there holds the future of tourism or. yes because they come from their rationale sectarian rushnell they're caught and trapped in the history that doesn't a lot of them are just not that they're making very good political sense that they say in order to maintain the integrity of the united kingdom and in the fierce of burgeoning catholic potential majority in the norse that their only state in this the only thing that will maintain that union is that they are bracket
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all of the good friday stuff the potential for unity and this is actually offering a chance for a union that was almost defunct earlier and republican. leaders to it they voted to leave the european union before break just remind us how his it came not to be leaving the european union to voting to leave the euro but and ireland being. there scant regard for to marcos and we do a no vote. arrogant it can be that the population can be asked to vote again at any time. they would be pretty big going on here in britain of yes of course. i think the irish rolled over in fear because our our economy is tied if you have to realize there's khana me our population is part of society's manchester we're peripheral in every way to the interests of both britain and europe and always have
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been our problem is we have been the first colony and probably the last colony but we have no concept of the to control our economy separately from from these two two powers. so i think there is bad leadership in ireland there it's almost got to a stage where the european union is no the new holy catholic empire and any and it creates of it is almost blasphemy. well. if that's the case. why do you think here it's all about the law in the sea i think the line in the air or sea in britain there are parts of force i don't believe that britain ever lost its strategic interests in ireland a lot of the good friday stuff and the peace process that we enjoy in ireland. was premised on the base on the mission from britain that they had no strategic or
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selfish interests in ireland i think as this to be it unravels it becomes quite apart and that the british have a strategic interest in ireland that they are quite willing to share the good friday agreement the integrity of the union asarco st and you have these jingoistic forces working but so i guess it could be argued that the economic interests of the elite in england could work very well within the city of london but it needs to turn. existence and i think the turret oriel integrity of the united kingdom of the kali empire becomes much more important in this context and we may be seeing a position where all of what. been agreed in terms of peace process has not been torn up not day republicans or dissidents but the middle classes.
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on both sides of the of that to be it in their own selfish interests but for brigadiers watching the twenty eight crisis was said to be one of them was a britain voted to leave but in your country they voted to leave and then after being bailed out then after being bailed out. all the banks well there will be for the we won't build it in fact we were don't what was done when we were foisted like serfs with and with a huge debt now we live as indentured labor theory ireland unions are opinion it is the world's eyes we don't have our budget goes to germany for for assessment and check and correction before we don't we have a housing crisis were huge homeless crisis. to rent a property in dublin in the capital it cost twice as much as a mortgage we have no ability to build houses because the european union
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would say that with goes beyond the budget we see italy daring to do to flout the laws of fiscal policy europe interscope policy. and you can see the reaction to it in ireland we qatar we have a completely compliant government that doesn't see itself as being sovereign. any criticism it's almost servile. so this is why and huge propaganda here. molly. carrot and stick both the threats of what will happen if we dare to. not told the line of europe but i would say watch this space we were given huge assurances during the last couple it's crisis that europe would look after us in effect they dumped us in order to save those markets watch this space where we're told that europe
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will defend the interests of little ireland. i suspect strongly and has been mooted last week through social democratic lines that can the leader of the irish labor party said that he had heard rumblings that europe was preparing to ditch the irish position the backstop and all of that watch this space where the little irish economy becomes so insignificant if it's stopping a deal between britain and europe both of whom need each other because there are so many synergies in their economy that ireland's issues will be. overlapping as then the border where you live for the border i think the reality is. i predicted non profit that i predict that there's going to be a really hard crash here because there is no logical way out of this because the
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interests are mutually. incompatible we will have a crash. there will be. a border that will be maintained by the british on one side and possibly the europeans on the other side we will have a border that never existed before because even in the twenty's we had bilateral agreements that meant in we had common travel area. shared currency lots of different arrangements. now in our context the irish spirit has no ability to make bilateral agreements with britain so we will possibly fear a tragedy that is worse than we can ever conceive of in ireland for people it's mostly denial and they're being fed this will never happen this couldn't happen it's too appalling. unconscionable and we couldn't but the truth is that.
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they are on the red good for accusing british me of your. comparing the border area to pakistani tribal areas in the hindu kush but if there was that reporter then. the rise of militancy the rise of militancy and this is it i watch with it's actually quite funny i think a moment that the last twenty odd years i've been spent on. producing a process that would lead republicans to disavow any claims to sovereignty to independence to bring the whole population to a position where they were think that irish into it was a nonsense and here the people who were very opposed to republican militarism and militant ism are now the people threatening the other side it with the possibilities of it so i think the most dangerous people in ireland the most militant people in ireland are they possibly the irish middle class who see their
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business interests threatened. almost. so for last week. showing pictures of a bombed the customs post. it's almost comic to death that these people who couldn't understand any of this are not almost usent us the potential threat for the truth is that the threat is not there they've been so successful and using fear and using fear and. killing home rule with kindness to use an overt part on stuff that there is very little radical republicanism left there they're almost going to have to create it and i watch the space where they will bring about issues and incidents and use it as a pretext to truth threaten each other well that's it for this year will continue to show your favorite episodes and you were back for a brand new season on wednesday january bill then you can tell just what
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a social media uses. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy thing for him to let it be an arms race in his on off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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not really. the death toll from the collapse in the russian city of rises to thirty three with eight others still missing. taiwan accuses china of interfering off to president xi once he will use all necessary means to ensure reunification. complaint save the dirty politics and failure to collect rubbish grow as the u.s. government shutdown and as a twelve day the shutdown was bald when democrats stalled save ricky total trump campaign pledge to build a wall on the border with mexico. for more on those and other stories check out all . coming up on our national is the kaiser reports but if you're in the u.k.
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