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and america. because of the security of our country absolutely you know we can do it i haven't done it i may do it i may do it. because border. police don't. think we're going to go in there really.
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nearly a quarter of a million pounds on protecting a radical muslim cleric after deporting him to another country we put the issue up for debate. suggesting it's appropriate that the u.k. . should pick up the bill for a terrorist mastermind. just after one pm. thanks for joining us on international straight to this news just in right now from the united states a california police responding to a suspected mass shooting at a bowling alley in california a local police department posted a tweet saying there are multiple victims on warning people to stay away from the area and the number of victims remains unclear unconfirmed reports suggested it could have been a fight that turned into a shooting at
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a coastal city just about thirty kilometers away from los angeles when we get more details on this you will get them immediately. now britain canada and america have all confirmed that a man detained in russia on espionage charges is one of their citizens paul whelan a former u.s. marine is now at the center of intense media speculation our correspondent in the a patrol car picks up the story. haven't they god as get rather used to hearing about russian spies getting caught in america we have the hybrid warfare that you're seeing with russia which is very much forefront inspired master this is the one saying this is a hard and fast rule of trading when you when you go into espionage. particularly coming out of the soviet union or russia they will accuse of being
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a russian spy has pleaded guilty in a us federal court this time the case is the exact opposite paul whelan an american national and former u.s. marine was arrested in moscow in perhaps the fanciest hotel in the capital but who would have known when the news broke that as many as four countries would end up saying he's our guy about mr we won the embassy violent in moscow has requested consular access to an irish citizen currently detained in russia we are extremely worried about pool whelan we have offered consular assistance consular officials are aware that a canadian citizen has been arrested in russia and buster huntsman expressed his support for mr whelan and offered the embassy assistance however when it comes to the canadian passport the suspects brother couldn't even say whether he still has it or not i don't know i know that he was once a canadian citizen so he may still be and i know that he is an american citizen right now strange but that's how it is paul whelan is in detention in moscow having
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been charged with espionage although his family is sure the reason he went to russia was just a wedding party the american ambassador had been given permission to see the spy suspect and so. he did mr whelan's lawyer is seeking bail for his client but don't forget several countries have wind up to help him out so while u.k. officials are waiting for the green light to get access to the alleged spy their top diplomat has spoken out opposition is very very clear individuals should not be used as pawns of diplomatic leverage we need to see what those challenges are against him to understand whether there is a case or not we are not ruling out any theories tool at this stage as to why this might have happened there are very few details on the case that we know off for now there hasn't been much reaction from senior officials either but journalists around the world are all over this story and speculation is rife he faces up to twenty
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years in a russian jail deal of cash plenty of time to be swapped to dispose of. what's most likely as we'll as a pawn in russia's play to get back one of its spies after maria patino here in the united states in the rehab boot do you believe the arrest of her brother was retaliation was revenge in some way by the russians as you've just heard many are linking this case with the case of maria bhutto she was arrested in america in july and eventually pleaded guilty to conspiring against the u.s. with the russian government official and at least one other person without notifying the attorney general however the fact is the charges brought against very a boot and and paul whelan are completely different earlier this week the washington post published an article about mr whelan's detention in a former cia official shows his doubts about whelan being
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a spy saying quote we don't send in a random americans without diplomatic immunity to collect low level stuff so we put this issue to a legal and media analyst line. he says that we only use according to this. people with diplomatic immunity when you look at this as far as the illegality of it what is the role of the diplomatic community how does that work are does that in any way interfere with spying and vice versa you're not going to see a lot of people address this and you have to see a lot of people in american media in the american media speak to this particular point we must assure that all individuals in all countries are recorded their rights that are that are available to them what's fascinating is that you will see american mainstream media in particular that does not have necessarily some of the best newsrooms some of the best let's say experts available who will have to
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feed that twenty four seven media monster you have to feed it you have to give it something you're going to talk to anybody who's ever remotely work with the cia was in the cia drove by the cia knew somebody who was in the cia so a lot of times you're not going to see some of the best vetting of the experts. another round of budget talks between congressional democrats on the white house seems to have led nowhere but the u.s. government shutdown entering its third week the sticking point is funding for donald trump's border war with democrats also reviving talk of impeachment the u.s. president is now threatening to take radical action. have you considered using emergency powers to grant yourself authorities to build this wall without congressional approval and second i don't have to go you have yes i have and i can do it if i want so you don't need congressional approval to build know we can use
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them absolutely we can call a national emergency because of the security of our country absolutely you know we can do it i haven't done it i may do it i may do it now trump did indicate after the meeting when he spoke that he would actually consider calling a national emergency in order to construct his wall so that he could do so without the approval of congress trump also summarized the meeting he felt the meeting was productive but the representative seemed to have the other idea we had a very very productive meeting lengthy and sometimes contentious it's very hard to see how progress will be made unless they open up the government we recognize on the democratic side that we really cannot resolve this until we open up government he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time months or even years trump also said that in the meeting nancy pelosi the speaker of the house of representatives that she told donald trump
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that she had no interest in impeachment they were not looking for impeachment that's the quote there has been a call to get the ball rolling and kind of jump start impeachment proceedings against trump from some democrats one democrat in the house of representatives actually use some rather colorful language to make this call police don't want and maybe don't because we're going to go in there we're going to be some of them. while trump said that he was told by nancy pelosi that quote we're not looking for impeachment in the meeting that just happened nancy pelosi has elsewhere said that she would be open to the impeachment of us president trump we shouldn't be impeached for a political reason and we should avoid punishment political reasons we've reached this point where if you have control of. congress or half of congress and. the president is from the other party you attacked the president by refusing to provide the votes to pass the president's agenda he'd run into problems right
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away because there is no national emergency is causing this this impasse over something that most americans don't really want or care about i think that the upper hand goes to the democrats and they're just going to wait him out until his own party tells him he has to fund the government because it's costing the there are supporters too much and it's costing the country too much to hold a quarter of the government unfunded for a lengthy period of time is going to cause so much pain that he's going to have to cave. we all know a line of her from a favorite t.v. program all fail which may want to be powerful when saying them in public and take the iconic one nine hundred home seinfeld which a new generation of us is damning offensive over jokes like this. this guy makes the best soup in the city jerry the best. soup nazi. i'm not letting you
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cut in line because if he catches us will never be able to get super again it wasn't the only joke that's apparently caused offense another joke included a reference to native americans using the term indians and then one episode a flag of puerto rico was set on fire. and stomped on also a stereotypical portrayal of a gay couple certainly riled some but opinions are divided as to what's comedy and what's not. i wondered how long it would take for the perpetually offended p.c. police to come off to one of my favorite shows it's still the best thing on television . for. comedy genius comedy that's the whole point of comedy when you laugh with each other surprise some people still are low here in the world. who was the freaking crybaby that wrote this trash seinfeld was funny when it is it's funny now and it will always be funny if these jokes from
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seinfeld are now offensive we better take saturday night live off the air to you can't. the most iconic ninety's sitcom friends also fail to pass the sensitivity test of younger generations last year online streaming service netflix uploaded the series but the sitcom strokes fell on deaf ears apparently some viewers a branding the story lines sexist and homophobic so we spoke to comedian wrong. i don't know where the selective virtue signalling originates from i don't know how a bunch of people woke up number like hey we're outraged about seinfeld today hasn't that been off the air for about twenty years yes but we're mad about this today and here's what we're mad about like there's more important things going on in the world i hope that they you know maybe take up a cause or something like that as you know we have some real reasons to be outraged in society right now and one of them is certainly not t.v.
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shows that have been off the air for twenty years. north korea has told america to stop meddling in its relations with the south claims that washington does not want to see an improvement in into korean ties it comes off the kim jong un's new year address in which he expressed their readiness for dialogue but also warned of the dangers of failed diplomacy. none of my approval and didn't although i am ready to meet with u.s. president again and to any time to bring about outcome it would be welcomed by the international community however the united states continues to break its promises. our patience by unilaterally demanding certain thinks she had with sanctions and pressure against our new public and we may have to seek another way to protect our country's sovereignty interests and to establish peace and stability on the korean peninsula so that was a year for north korea and the united states with grave warnings and personal insults being fired from both sides certainly some fear of
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a war but kim jong un and donald trump eventually reconciled the entire world sighed with relief. now looking back at what was a rather explosive twenty eight. at the beginning of twenty the state of relations between the united states and north korea could be summed up with a contest as old as time itself the measuring contest in relations seemed unthinkable yet that was exactly what twenty brought. some of the best faces of classical literature it all began with a woman. this is still north korea's leader could easily make a run at the gold medal if political freestyle was unwilling to simply a human face to the leadership of the reclusive state almost all the support of the games itself the teams of north and south korea under one flag in fact even.
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at least in the way reconciled trying to please them before. the obvious really. fast forward a couple of months and history's made. the leaders of north and south shaking hands smiling my life in. order to shield them in the no man's land between their states. from apply status perspective the whole affair looked almost like a competition incivility with pyongyang peeing to gain the upper hand now that all of branch to the wall rule korea obliteration of what they said was the nuclear
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test site which i got to witness. this minute oh they were. there and now everything is being turned into a massive cloud of dust in fact odyssey got to see many things but no outside i had to pull hello were inside the restaurant comes to north korean leader kim jong il and i'm absolutely shocked. this is how suddenly you get treated to. very juiced up kim jong un's residents the whole faja and fury thing seem to go out of fashion fust so don't trump decided to put aside the summit will happen and personally i think it's going to be a success predictability though he's not one of the traits trump is known for he kept the world confused regarding his intentions to meet kim jong until the very last moment she's a very substantial chance that it will work as i always say who knows who knows
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what's going to happen who will either have a very good meeting or we want to have a good meeting and maybe we won't even have a meeting at all it will see how it all works maybe you won't everything can be scuttled but eventually the two met and they fell from the shame about their feelings toward each other. thank you for that. i was really being tough and so was i we love back and forth and then we fell in love ok one thing. in the north korean
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saga is that. predictability don't go together as he's. living sort of a long distance relationship with. infatuation through the south. but it could be out of five. eighteen years three two place last year sign that perhaps the two koreas don't really need anyone but each other to find a new reconcile are still to come here on the program. and spend a hefty sum in protecting the wealth of a highly controversial hate preacher and some taxpayers feeling rather cheated about story and much more in about one.
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country has gone into a nihilistic fever that's why i think i'm gonna hit the road and get out to traveling across america to find what makes america take the charlotte. place the south american hero this is it we've come to a point around which elements gunsight we always are on the current system. we're starting last with. will begin to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the bees i think i want to leave now. we may be completely different but in this. join me every day on the
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alex salmond chill and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics. i'm show business i'll see you then. stories who were naughty has spent almost two hundred thousand pounds protecting the wealth of hate preacher qatada even after he was deported to jordan to face terror charges the sum revealed by the time is newspaper. among m.p.'s on the public these payments are ridiculous the money we have spent is an insult to the british taxpayer. one point seven million pounds in legal fees for a hate preacher abu qatada total cost for deportation including welfare payments so far one point nine million pounds christ sakes two hundred thousand pounds spent on
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protecting hate preachers human rights you couldn't make it up. no wonder people want to come here they get two hundred thousands even if they leave the u.k. granted qatada asylum and nine hundred ninety four as he claimed to have been tortured in jordan the u.k. then arrested him after nine eleven on terror related charges qatada was then sent back to jordan twelve years later he was assured that he would not be tortured however his deportation overseen by then home secretary theresa may certainly cost the u.k. a pretty penny at least one point nine million pounds were spent on it including payments for legal fees and aid and as mentioned nearly two hundred grand was spent after he had been removed from the country on monitoring his condition and ensuring that he wasn't actually being tortured the government committed to monitoring qatada for up to three years the last payment was made in twenty sixty so our guests debate the issues raised by my current deportations and in particular the
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case of qatada. and the first place. should never have been granted asylum here by can one thousand four hundred when you think about it all the money all the wealth payments he and those around him are parasite did off the u.k. a taxpayer until such times as he was deported your recipe is one for and the key you say should never have claimed asylum inherently we are at the haughty to the convention like most civilized countries which means if somebody claims asylum and they can show a genuine fear of persecution we are obliged to grant them asylum for you to suggest that i am claiming i am my recipe is a suggestion for an icky what you're suggesting is a much greater suggestion for an icky because you're suggesting it's appropriate that the you care taxpayer should pick up the bill for a terrorist mastermind who was going against the rule of involving u.k.
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i'm suddenly going to know i don't know which is different because let me finish now and i on a second i gotta finish you're suggesting that the you care taxpayer should take to pick up the bill for a terrorist mastermind to come to the u.k. live off benefits and then when he does get deported back to jordan we further pick up an extra two hundred thousand now if that's not well nihilistic perhaps is a better word than anarchistic but either way it's pretty imbecilic the fundamental fact is that this guy was by any definition an al-qaeda terrorist mastermind i'm glad that he was deported i mean i am disappointed that we've had to spend two hundred thousand pardons to look after his well for in jordan when that money could have been spent much better for example keith here in the u.k. looking after british victims of al-qaeda violence wouldn't you agree with me with me on that point where would you like to see the want to spend on another universe
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or is victims who chose i'm only slightly disturbed david but. it seems to be that your opinion as to whether somebody is wrapped up in criminality or not is sufficient to convict them i actually like living by the really intelligent so if you rave if you were to accuse me i'm sure you are a criminal offense to serve i'd like to let me finish please if you were to accuse me of a criminal offense i would like to think that it wouldn't be you who decides on that it would be a jury and the fact is that jordan already having convicted him in his absence then had to acquit him when he was retried for exactly the same thing because it was discovered that the evidence was tainted now it's not you are missing with. the matters as to whether you think he's a terrorist or not it's the rule of law where the loot can be proved or not that's what matters but keith people keith with grip with great respect kate you seem to be ignoring the fact that it's not my opinion that he was a terrorist mastermind it's
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a matter of numerous reports by various heads of intelligence services if an intelligence service alleges somebody is a well known terrorist or something like that but if those countries cannot provide the evidence to support those contentions then i'm afraid inge i'm not prepared to listen with deep credence to any intelligence service is that alleges something against somebody simply because it suits them politically to do so in essence what keith saying must be must be music from heaven to the years of any prospective terrorist wanting to get into the u.k. this guy was a he was a really bad rogue with the u.k. is far better off without them and yes initial point we should toughen up our laws much much more robust from to make sure that such wicked terrorists do not enter this country they can go to jordan or forever else they want but not in the united
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kingdom. being busted for. drug dealing could spell the end of your career prospects unless spelling is something you happen to be good at at least that was the case for one pair of you case two.
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there are some of your top stories for the saturday here on international from all of us here in moscow thanks for joining us today i hope to see you again very soon . hello my name is peter and i've been living in bush for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got. time. yet
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. i mean was it just published or did you cry because i had such a tough. stance is not much difference if you ask. politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. somehow i want to.
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have to go right to be pressed to supply them before three of them or can people that i'm interested always in the waters of our. thirty rock stars are here with a cause report we're continuing our special episode here the new year celebrating not only twenty nineteen but ten years of crimes reports at some point in twenty nineteen i'm not sure exactly when that is but we'll keep you posted you know we've been tracking everything from the financial crisis of two thousand and eight to the
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goal rally of two thousand and five to the bitcoin rally of twenty eleven to the big coin crash of twenty eight and everything in between stacey yes that's on toll this autumn that we hit the official ten year mark but i want to talk about our predictions for a twenty nineteen this is the third of three episodes we were looking at twenty nine thousand the year ahead i think is a pivotal year because we're ten years also after the financial crash of two thousand and eight two thousand and nine you know ten years after that bottom when it all started picking up again and as i said i think we're going to have you know a stock market crash and more quantitative easing and can tell in effect and all that negative effect and one other thing we're going to see this year which many might see is a negative that is the jockeying for the democratic nomination. for u.s. politics so we're going to see a lot of politics we saw joe biden.


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