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tv   News  RT  January 7, 2019 11:00am-11:30am EST

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i'll see that. hold their first talks since the world's two largest economies called a ninety day truce in their war also coming up on the program this hour. is the scene of yet more violence as women hold their own demonstration that ends in another weekend of clashes with. the joint. space station orbiting the earth friends. visit by the head of russia's space agency is blog. american senators.
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live from our international news center here in moscow this is our warm welcome to the program i'm you know neal our top story as american and chinese officials meet in beijing with a view to putting an end to their country's bitter trade war the u.s. has ruffled china by sealing a destroyer to the islands in the south china sea the parasail islands are claim not only by china but also by vietnam and time one which is a long standing u.s. ally a spokesperson for the u.s. pacific fleet say that the move wasn't intended to be a political statement but china reacted with fury claiming it was a provocation. the action was in violation of international law last month the world's two largest economies are greed to a ninety day truce in their trade war which so far how seemingly created more losers than winners in the examines. well the next round of the u.s.
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china trade battle and both sides appear to be quite in things. yes dick just had a long and very good call would presume she of china deal is moving along very well if maybe it will be very comprehensive covering all subjects areas and points of dispute big progress being made us trade negotiators will optimistically and constructively communicate with the chinese delegation on the important agreements achieved by the two leaders during the meeting in argentina this is the first formal meeting since presidents donald trump and the xi jinping agreed a ninety day truce last month when washington hit the pause button on the shuttle to increase in tariffs and beijing vowed to buy more products from the u.s. and there's no doubt that for both countries this ongoing trade war has stirred up the financial markets and dampens their economic outlook we saw a number of companies who have suffered financial losses and they are finger
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pointing towards the top political dogs for being responsible for a decline in their profits apple didn't hold back in airing its views our short fall is over one hundred percent from our thought that it's primarily a trial and what i believe to be the case is the trade sanctions between the united states and china put additional pressure on their economy they're going to be fine apple is a great company but that's not my look i have to worry about our country plus using the daughter of a chinese telecoms giant as a battering tool might not be the best tactic to persuade your opposition to work with you either the hallway saw their court huge diplomatic ways when the company's c.f.o. miss wang once you was arrested in canada trumped even pledged to intervene when he thought it would help to secure a trade deal to benefit america beijing was furious we have made solemn representations to canada and the us demanding that both parties immediately
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clarify the reasons for their detention and immediately release the detainee to protect the person's legal rights pretty. the whole of twenty eight hundred passed by with china and the u.s. at each other's throats with tit for tat sanctions and now with the american and chinese trading giants have all their fingers and toes crossed so that it can be business as usual sooner rather than later but who knows it's a very important meeting it's a very significant meeting but keep in mind that the deadline that was set at the key to winning meeting and when those ideas argentina between the u.s. side and the chinese side was more first in terms of coming to some sort of agreement or some sort of resolution i dare say that the early days of january two thousand my team there is not sufficient pressure to cause either side to be reasonable i don't think we'll be going to see reasonable approaches the merger until we get closer to the date that is march first two thousand and nineteen that's where we are now and no one really has an idea of where this is all going to
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but one thing is for sure we're not going to be bored watching this next round and china us trading. it's from attention to europe or clashes erupted in paris between protesters police as a women's yellow vest demonstration took shape in the french capital over the weekend. was. was. the female only rally took place on sunday as the yellow best marches continued for an it's consecutive week several hundred making a style may say against dropping livingstone it was largely peace until later in the afternoon when scuffles broke out between protesters. and it seems one police union has had enough time to lose the mounting a file to list violent protesters who are sure to demand scheme with more world. first century this means the police could have more rights and the ability to put
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haps put what they describe as violent protest is under surveillance it could also stop them attention from being able to go to protests in the first place and that's one of the calls that's coming from the police union they've also said that they want tougher action against anybody who's found to have cause to file an in protest we hear statements saying that we need to be tougher it's been two years since we demanded more firmness against those who assault the police since the beginning of the yellow vest movement how many of those arrested for assaulting law enforcement officers have gone to prison well that call comes after yet another weekend of violence here in paris as protests took place across france for the yellow vests movement around fifty thousand people was said to have been moved of course front and we saw violence from both sides of the crowd this wasn't just the protesters this was also from the police including some pretty shocking footage that some
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merged of a decorated police commander punching several protest it's already met their burden that god was rooted out you know that her was. very. very slow. but one woman who's thirty five years old says she was also attacked by that commanding officer and she's now filed a complaint which is currently under investigation interesting really though there has not been any response about that particular incident caught on camera by france's interior minister christopher kastner who has been quick to criticize violence from the protesters including one protester who is apparently a former champion boxer who was caught in a bout of fisticuffs with officers on the bridge in paris on saturday was.
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well the interior minister took to social media to describe that attack by this alleged former boxer as being a coward back now he's also come on the door attacked for something else that's happened this is something published on social media that appeared to be an official decree from the ministry of the interior suggesting that the police would have the right to round up any legal arms that were owned by the protesters so this is things that just perhaps hunting guns if they have a license knives or even patents now he's been quick to point out that that indeed is not true and he called it fake news fake news another original idea from those who dream of insurrection and who don't hesitate to spread false documents information is the best remedy for folk news to use without moderation
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some people may have been hoping that the yellow best movement would have died down and should have pretty much left two thousand and nineteen alone it doesn't seem to be that way and already knowing is planned for this forthcoming saturday. in opted another long running story turkey the united states. fund themselves once more and all over the fate of the kurds in northeastern syria the us has them on the before it polls troops out of the region and the security of the y p g militia which turkey fuses terrorist but where instrumental in defeating eisel on sunday the us national security advisor i'd line the preconditions for a military pilot. now objectives that we want to accomplish that condition the withdrawal we don't think that took so it's going to take military action it's not fully who was mated with and agreed to by the united states so that they meet the president's requirement that the syrian opposition forces that have fought with us
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and not endangered that statement by john bolton was majoring in visit to jerusalem where he met with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu to discuss the changing dynamics of the syrian conflict he was attempting to allay is really concerns about iranian influence in syria which has been growing since donald trump initially announced the non-conditional troop withdrawal. so our boys our young women our men they're all coming back and they're coming back now there will be a strong deliberate then orderly withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria a very deliberate very orderly middle east analyst told us he believes the u.s. is attempting to destabilize parts of syria by forcing turkey into a standoff with other regional players so we think that the united states is using troop withdrawal in order to create a vacuum in northeastern syria and try to push turkey to su
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a bigger role that is agreed with with russia and iran and that supposedly would bring it into conflict with the interests of syria and russia and iran and basically try to destabilize that alliance the outcome of the negotiations are clear how rational turkey is going to be in the face of american demands we don't know america has a lot of power and they could give turkey and ultimatum it's either us or the russians. you know the trump administration one wouldn't think that this is a remote possibility because they are like that the very direct president trump and his administration. they might put turkey under the threat. another country in the sights of the u.s. military's brazil just days after a visit by the u.s. secretary of state the nation's newly elected president announced he's not ruling
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out an american military base being established in his country. would that include the possibility of having an american base in brazil on the physical the physical issue of it would be symbolic nowadays the american shoney's and russian military powers can reach any part of the world independently of their bases but still pending on what might happen in the world who knows if we have to talk about a u.s. base in the future. president both sonora was sworn in a new year's day and was immediately congratulated by donald trump on twitter it didn't take long for the new brazilian president to respond mentioning the benefits of cooperation between the two countries and appears the u.s. is a closer target her presence will. we believe the opportunity between present president paul snow and our two teams creates a truly transformative opportunity for our two nations for two peoples who. live along with whatever. for them and. we want to work with.
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li u.s. department of defense has yet to give a response on the prospect of a military base in brazil however human rights lawyer done public things from bolton r.-o. are united by a common hostility towards left wing governments in latin america. it's very clear that in our at the new president is in lockstep with the trump administration in wanting to militarize latin america and wanting in particular regime change in countries like venezuela nicaraguan cuba and it's a very concerning situation both sonar and trump share in a right wing at the odds you they share antipathy towards the left wing governments of latin america so clearly balls in our own we've done work very close with trying to try to do his best to partner with the united states but i think the us has more
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bases throughout the world than any country should i mean they just don't need a military in terms of national security so i don't see why the u.s. should have a base they are i think it could only be viewed as an aggressive stance again towards countries it doesn't like like venezuela. political pressure is putting a major u.s. russian space program in jeopardy we've got on story and plenty more in less than ninety seconds. join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. country has gone into a nihilistic fever i think we've got to hit the road and get out to traveling
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across america to find what makes america take the charlotte the genius the quintessential american hero this is it we've come a point around which element is done something we always are on the floor in just a. moment the culture has meaning for you. we're starting last with is going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beach i think i want to leave now doesn't get him oregon town on this may be completely different but to mr. logan vladimir putin to help india fight international terrorism the russian
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president spoke over the phone to the indian prime minister earlier on monday among other things moscow was invited in the run for a modi to a major economic forum in russia later this year. well a serious economic forum wouldn't really work without very big names so even though the landmark event and vladivostok is nine months away moscow is sending out invitations in advance in a phone conversation flat america putin told prime minister modi that he wants him to be the number one guest at the forum and september and guess who that number one guest was last year chinese leader xi jinping indeed when it comes to setting records in scoring economic points beijing and new delhi are competitors in asia but russia is not trying to take sides as you can see in this case the only thing that moscow wants to do is to show that it's looking forward to
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doing business with all the top players in asia so this year it will be mr modi stern and just to remind you and twenty eight russia and india have set a trading turnout target of thirty billion us dollars of the two countries want to achieve that goal by two thousand and twenty five. plans for a joint u.s. russian space station orbiting the moon are at risk for a visit stateside by the head of the russian space agency was called off the reason pressure from politicians. we had heard from numerous senators suggesting that this was not a good idea and i wanted to be accommodating to the interest of the senators so i have rescinded the invitation for demitra goes in to visit the u.s. however we will continue our strong working relationship with russia as it relates
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to the international space station and sending our astronauts into space yet if we go back several months ago that was when enough in five had dimitri ricos into the u.s. but that was criticized in washington he is subject to u.s. former nasa commander and he say space missions are heavily influenced by politics this bites all the positive work they do. it is unfortunate that. the head of those who are goes and visit was cancelled these things you know are of course political above the just nasa has to do with government the government may have something to do the fact that the congress of the united states congress has just changed hands for the republicans to the democrats and it could be really as some kind of a response to that or influence to that everything is about politics at the end of the day right i mean even every even the reason that kerry's get into space programs and space exploration is primarily for national prestige and and soft
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power over seas you know most allies as well as adversaries here the relationship between russia and the united states in space has been very much a positive one i hope that this this latest the problem is just a hiccup in an otherwise fairly fairly healthy relationship. of the year the last twenty again was a challenging one for the russian space agency when a soyuz rocket suffered a launch fear that was back in a tobar he or she fell off recaps events. for decades the soyuz rocket has been at work of course allowing humans to escape that crater. us fail proof for more than thirty years until this. says that those are the last two just the to be if they produce a brain. for good there's that thing it's just a little. it's
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the first. option. especially if the big stuff. to people on board one of them on his maiden flight rescue teams watched the capsule descend with nothing more than pure faith that also know what nick haig and cosmonaut alexi of chanaan were ok.
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we're standing by for information and we continue to get it from a russian by control team but everything seems to be fine with the crew we had become with them. and beliefs unimaginable in scale amongst became real to the families of the. genius life spoke to me moments after learning her husband was doing well that's not the funniest the got. because it's a piece of art then you cut your. first car that spicy bus by side to talk to you do all of this you must by seeing that they are you. know it's not easy and you see there's a lean mean you've had human ear many called it a miracle but professionals called it in packable performance of the soyuz rescue
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system you see the capsule carrying the crew this one is basically a small rocket built into the larger one so huge during an emergency the rescue module kicks away the capsule separating it from the soyuz here's how it works. yeah. but if you are the future. of the corrosive of the of someone who. was pushed into a vehicle. there is a wall. of
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some of. the. investigators checked every entity and person who as much as laid a finger on the soyuz and eventually bend the blame on the rocket assembly defect but it sure the reason behind the failure was operational as the accident occurred due to a fault in a sensor so this could only happen at the assembly stage at the baikonur cosmodrome but while the probe was underway it was. clear with only three crew out of the required six stations on the i assess it had to be manned and fast the i assess has entered twenty one thirty in with a full house the new crew successfully launched in december even a bit earlier than she had told in two months after the incident the new crew was
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unfazed. i went inside. to say it is a bit small. that it is any time you wish me. to part. in a way with this in that event to me was actually richer in. the smart design was so using your little work to switch gears you will hear on the ground if you are ready to do is read everything. it was a nick or alexei but they are set for round two in just
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a couple of months and with this still being a maiden flight for nick hague they are both as excited as. a series of almost as health incidents at the u.s. embassy in cuba as being jeopardizing ties between the two countries for more than a year but not after a number of probes on an f.b.i. investigation new research has revealed the incidence feared to be a new rug between the cold war arch enemies could have a natural origin. i know there have been medically times as having been affected by incidents she was. told.
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it was officials consider russia the prime suspect in their investigation into mysterious attacks on u.s. diplomats in cuba more and more evidence they say three u.s. officials tell us pointing to russia russia is to blame there is some place of blame or at least looking seriously at the russia. and they couldn't cricket coach rather than the son who could not go all the technological device is responsible for the south of the released recordings. was. based on investigative and medical findings we do not believe this trauma was caused by a naturally occurring phenomenon. it is our lot for another but it's a library crosstalk next political and media analyst lionel among the guests
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discussing in that. nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that prevalent in the small place the fall of the human. ted any interrogation out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat why a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said therefore with. a sad statement that i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in
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misconduct that has nothing to do with solving their crime. you know world of big. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. on. the bench seat. once again you say you. played as you know little of the beat.
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no easy. lives. hello and welcome to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle not long ago the political left are the guardians of free speech along with the big ten the left today has gone from protecting speech to enforcing speech even to the point of penalizing you if you say the wrong thing in public you could lose your job and
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liability and welcome to the era of simply shut up and not. talking in forced speech i'm joined by my guest emanuel galvin paris he is a french lawyer in new york we have lionel he's a legal analyst and the news decoder at lionel media dot com and in lake jackson we cross to dan you make adams he is the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity all right let me go to danielle first hero we're pretty much the same age here i was i remember growing up and it was a time of being sensitive to people let's put it that way there are certain words in our vocabulary i'm sure we probably exist in french as well is that things you don't say and i think you know what i'm talking about and you know what i thought that was all right i think that's cool.


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