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tv   News  RT  January 7, 2019 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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was. washington and beijing hold the first talks and the world's two largest economies call that mounted a truce in their trade war also. again paris is the seat of yet more violence as women hold their own yellow vests demonstration that ends in another weekend of clashes with the authorities first to . the u.k. government's contingency plans for no deal breaks it draw further ridicule with lorry drivers branding a staged traffic jam to put a dove or a waste of time. alone
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welcome to our to international world news update from moscow this monday night with me kevin owen first then american and chinese officials met in beijing monday with a view to putting an end to their country's current bitter trade war it comes after the two sides agreed last month to hold off on imposing any new taras for ninety days as the dispute threatens to destabilize the global economy and create more losers than winners that era chewed it takes a closer look well the next round of the u.s. china trade battle begins and the both sides appear to be quite enthusiastic just had a long and very good call were present she of china deal is moving along very well if made it will be very comprehensive covering all subjects here is and points of dispute big progress being made. u.s. trade negotiators will optimistically and constructively communicate with the chinese delegation on the important agreements achieved by the two leaders during the meeting in argentina this is the first formal meeting since presidents donald
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trump and the xi jinping agreed a ninety day truce last month when washington hit the pause button on the shuttle to increase in tariffs and beijing vowed to buy more products from the u.s. and there's no doubt that for both countries this ongoing trade war has stirred up the financial markets and dampened their economic outlook so we saw a number of companies who have suffered financial losses and they are finger pointing towards the top political dogs for being responsible for a decline in their profits apple didn't hold back in airing its views or shortfall is over one hundred percent from our thought that it's primarily a trial and what i believe to be the case is the trade between the united states and china put additional pressure on their economy they're going to be fine apple is a great company but that's not my look i have to worry about our country plus using the daughter of a chinese telecoms giant as
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a battering tool might not be the best tactic to persuade your opposition to work with you either the hallway saw their court huge diplomatic ways when the company's c.f.o. miss when one jew was arrested in canada trump even pledged to intervene when he thought it would help to secure a trade deal to benefit america beijing was furious we have made solemn representations to canada and the us demanding that both parties immediately clarify the reasons for their detention and immediately release the detainee to protect the person's legal rights pretty much the whole of twenty eighteen passed by with china and the us at each other's throats with tit for tat sanctions and now with the american and chinese trading giants have all their fingers and toes crossed so that it can be business. as usual sooner rather than later but who knows it's a very important meeting it's a very significant meeting but keep in mind that the deadline that was set at the key to winning meeting in buenos aires argentina between the us side of the chinese
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side was march first in terms of coming to some sort of agreement or some sort of resolution i dare say that the early days of january two thousand and nineteen there is not sufficient pressure to cause either side to be reasonable i don't think will be good to see reasonable approaches the merge until we get closer to the date that is march first two thousand and nineteen that's where we are now and no one really has an idea of where this is all going to but one thing is for sure we're not going to be bored watching this next round of china u.s. trading just a few hours before the talks started monday the u.s. rattled china by selling a destroyer past disputed islands in the south china sea the paracel islands are claimed not only by china but also by vietnam and taiwan which is a longstanding u.s. ally a spokeswoman for the u.s. pacific fleet said the move wasn't intended to be a political statement but china reacted with fear of calling it a provocation and claiming the action was in violation of international law but
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chad lowe from the center for international business ethics in their beijing told us though that he doesn't think the instant undermined the train talks so i think it's the pentagon's you know the actual maneuverability of the thought that the u.s. dominance in the maritime sea particularly was the many of their former allies will not be challenged we believe china kind of really work out its ourselves east asian neighbors without the intervention of. the pretext of freedom of negotiation is really being for very much are stretched to the u.s. interpret. but. that doesn't really correlate well as the go in the. name begin because those guys are there preoccupied or. resolving or trading the
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best known american access issue so all i do not think is that really a concerted effort. fascism in paris between protesters and police is a women's yellow vest demonstration took shape in the french capital over the weekend. the female only rally took place on sunday as the yellow dress marches continued for eight consecutive week several hundred making a stand they say against dropping living standards turns out it was largely peaceful until later in the afternoon when scuffles broke out between protesters and the police and it seems one police unions had enough now it's to modeling a file to list violent protesters with the latest charlotte dubin ski. well essentially this means the police could have more rights and the ability to perhaps put what they describe as violent protest is under surveillance it could also stop
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them the tension from being able to go to protests in the first place and that's one of the calls that's coming from the police union they've also said that they want tougher action against anybody who's found to have caused by lindt in protests we hear statements saying that we need to be tougher it's been two years since we demanded more firmness against those who assault the police since the beginning of the yellow vests movement how many of those arrested for assaulting law enforcement officers have gone to prison well that call comes after yet another weekend of violence here in paris as protests took place across france for the gallant best movement around fifty thousand people was said to have been involved of course front and we saw violence from both sides of the crowd this wasn't. the protesters this was also from the police including some pretty shocking footage that some merged of a decorated police commander punching several protesters oh murther growth was
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the only route goes wrong the. order to go. but one woman here is thirty five years old says she was also attacked by that commanding officer and she's now filed a complaint which is currently under investigation interesting really though there has not been any response about that particular incident caught on camera by france's interior minister christopher kastner who has been quick to criticize violence from the protesters including one protester who is apparently a former champion boxer who was caught in a bout of fisticuffs with officers on the bridge in paris on saturday was. was the.
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well the interior minister took to social media to describe that attack by this alleged former boxer as being a coward back now he's also come in the door attacked for something else that's happened this is something published on social media that appeared to be an official decree from the ministry of the interior suggesting that the police would have the right to round up any legal arms that were owned by the protesters so this is things that just perhaps hunting guns if you have a license knives or even battens now he's been quick to point out that that indeed is not true and he called it fake news. news another original idea from those who dream of insurrection and who don't hesitate. to spread false documents information is the best remedy for fake news to use without moderation some people may have been hoping that the yellow vest movement would have died down instead of pretty much left two thousand and nineteen alone it doesn't seem to be
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that way and already act nine is planned for this forthcoming saturday. u.s. appears to be spreading small tree focus into latin america the largest country in the region brazil particularly just days after a visit by the u.s. secretary of state the newly elected brazilian president is now announced he's not ruling out an american base being established in his country. would that include the possibility of having an american base in brazil the physical the physical issue of it would be symbolic nowadays the american shoney's and russian military powers to reach any part of the world independently with their bases but stipulating what might happen in the world who knows if we have to talk about a us base in the future. president was sworn in on new year's day and was immediately congratulated by donald trump on twitter it didn't take long for the new brazilian president to respond mentioning the benefits of cooperation between the two countries and it appears the u.s.
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is up for closer ties with brazil to. we believe the opportunity between present president paul snow and our two teams creates a truly transformative opportunity for our two nations for two peoples who are still not lived along with whatever happened yet for them to because we want to work with. the public defender has yet to give a response on the prospect of a military base in brazil but he would run slow down cold new things that are all united by a communist and i think towards next when governments in latin america it's very clear that a pulse in our at the new president is in lockstep with the trump administration in wanting to militarize latin america and wanting in particular regime change in countries like venezuela nicaraguan tube it's a very concerning situation both in r. and trump share in a right wing at the odyssey they share antipathy towards the left wing governments
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of latin america so clearly paulson are always going work very close with trump he will try to do his best to partner with the united states but i think the u.s. has more bases throughout the world than any country should i mean they just don't need a military in terms of national security so i don't see why the u.s. should have a base they are i think it could only be viewed as an aggressive stance again towards countries it doesn't like like venezuela. or u.k. government staged traffic jams were brought in a waste of time and too little too late as westminster puts on a road rehearsal in the port city of dove adjusting case of bricks of no deal or you could correspond to police reports. this is a department for transport triall it was called operation brock and it's all about stress testing the u.k. road and haulage system to see if it would be able to handle the potential disruption euphemistically speaking perhaps in the event of
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a no deal bragg's it now under the government's contingency plans they used disused at ports about thirty ish miles away from that and it's sort of meant to be used as a parking facility for up to six thousand lorries if there is disruption as a result of a no deal brags that so to test this plan the department for transport hi it's a number of lorries and got them to drive from this disused death toll vi or a number of roads to the port of dave but and this is a pretty big but only eighty nine lorries took part in this stress test contingency planning you can take a look at what operation looked like now. there
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was a bit of criticism first and foremost from the all thirty on roads and trucks that's the road haulage association the organization that represents hawley is and they said that the whole endeavor was quite frankly a waste of time take a lesson this plumbing should have been done many months ago on preferably on a bigger scale it should have been continuous stress tested i don't many truck drivers will be impressed by this what we need is a deal through police the transition deal business is simply not ready for this briggs it. yeah and the local m.p. there as well called it a wild goose chase and the journalists following this story had a bit of fun as well some saw operation brought as sort of reflective of the entire brags that planning process take a listen to what some of those on line had to say lori's kune say traffic.
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using eighty seven norreys to try and see what five thousand plus who do so perfectly on brown bricks it is like preparing for a famine by skipping lunch rather than using a load of lorries to create a fake traffic jam surely they should have used red buses with we're out of ideas emblazoned on the side well the tweets may be funny some of them but they are beginning to reflect this sort of quiet painfully constant hysteria that's beginning to surround or continues to so hound the issue of bragg's it here in the u.k. i'm briggs it is of course still a massive cliffhanger for us here this week the u.k. parliament is set to debate the u.k.'s withdrawal from the e.u. ahead of two reason may's crucial and delayed vote on withdrawal next week in parliament and the parliamentary mouth for the prime minister it's not looking good her team say they've got
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a week to convince the doubt and those that are dead set against the deal but there is an awful lot of people in parliament who are against it so it's pretty optimistic thinking that they can all be won over and if the deal isn't approved by parliament well then the u.k. could be staring down the barrel of a no deal bragg's it where contingency planning like the sort we saw today from the department for transport it's not going to look so funny anymore look at the cross it come on our political process putting a major us russian space program in jeopardy to lube out works when we come back of the break.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent just last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one doesn't show you can't afford to miss the one and only.
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a bit of positive news from the russian capital the doctors here say a baby boy who was pulled from the rubble of that apartment block in the city of magnitogorsk on new year's eve has regained consciousness ten month old vanya and spent almost thirty six hours in freezing temperatures it was down about minus twenty five following that explosion and then the collapse of the building which claimed thirty nine lives.
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in the. summer of sleep. basically decent enormous political. so she's a little sick. like me of this it's the state it's in. it is actually it's mommy keep. looking at the m.t.v. and to explore the earth. because what was written here. for michael publishing. the doom of putin's pledge to help india fight international
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terrorism the russian president spoke over the phone to the indian prime minister early on monday among other things was invited to the renda modi to a major economic forum here in russia later this year. well a serious economic forum wouldn't really work without very big names so even though the landmark event and vladivostok is nine months away moscow is sending out invitations in advance in a phone conversation flat america pope and told prime minister modi that he wants him to be the number one guest at the forum and september and guess who that number one guest was last year chinese leader xi jinping indeed when it comes to setting records and scoring economic points beijing and new delhi are competitors in asia but russia is not trying to take sides as you can
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see in this case the only thing that moscow wants to do is to show that it's looking forward to doing business with all the top players in asia so this year it will be mr modi stern and just to remind you and twenty eight russia and india have set a trading turnout target of thirty billion us dollars of the two countries want to achieve that goal by two thousand and twenty five. plans for a joint us russian space station orbiting the moon a risk of for a visit stateside by the head of the russian space agency was called off the reason political pressure it seems. we had heard from numerous senators suggesting that this was not a good idea and i wanted to be accommodating to the interest of the senators so i have rescinded the invitation for dmitri rogozin to visit the u.s. however we will continue our strong working relationship with russia as it relates
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to the international space station and sending our astronauts into space let me tell you but the back story here nasser invited to meet who goes into the u.s. several months ago but was then criticized in washington as are goes in subject right now to u.s. sanctions former nasa commander leroy chiao spoke to us about this he says space missions are heavily influenced in fact by politics and the e-mail thinks that despite all the positive work they do. it is unfortunate. the head of the us cosmos were goes and visit was canceled these things you know are of course political above the just nasa has to do with government to government who may have something to do the fact that the congress of the united states congress has just changed hands for the republicans to the democrats and it could be read some kind of a response to that or influence to that everything is about politics at the end of the day right i mean even every even the reason that kerry's get into space programs and space exploration is primarily for national prestige and and soft
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power over seas you know most allies as well as adversaries here the relationship between russia and the united states in space has been very much a positive one i hope that this this latest the problem is just a hiccup in an otherwise fairly fairly healthy relationship. twenty eighty was a challenging year for the russian space agency when the soyuz rocket suffered the launch failure back in october you may recall igor's done all three cups of that. for decades the soyuz rocket has been at work of course allowing humans to escape their credo. fail proving. there's that thing it's the.
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it's the first. option it's the. push to get to. get me at home. two people on board one of them on he's maiden flight rescue teams watched the capsule descend with nothing more than pure faith that also note nick haig and cosmonaut alexi of chanaan were ok. we're standing by for information we continue to get it from the russian my control
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team everything seems to be fine with the crew we had to come with them and. relief unimaginable in scale for most became real for the families of the crew. have been notified unions wife spoke to me moments after learning her husband was doing well not the can use not got to. be what you supporters of our cause then you cut your britches cause it spicy but. still be do most esteemed most by seeing you look at the idea even. though we mean you did you many many called it a miracle but professionals called it impeccable performance of the soyuz rescue system you see the capsule carrying the crew this one is basically a small rocket built into the larger one soyuz during an emergency the rescue
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module kicks away the capsule separating it from the soyuz here's how it works. but what if you are the future. of the corrosive of the of someone who has three. which is worse than she would be a good. many so all. of them are.
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investigators checked every entity and person who as much as laid a finger on the soyuz and eventually bend the blame on the rocket assembly defect but if you look at the reason behind the failure was operational the accident occurred due to a fault in a sensor so this could only happen at the assembly stage at the baikonur cosmodrome but while the probe was underway it was clear with only three crew out of the required six stations on the i assess it had to be manned and fast vi assess has entered twenty nineteen with a full house the new crew successfully launched in december even a bit earlier than she had held in two months after the incident the new crew was unfazed. they went inside out students say it is
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a bit small. there is any time you wish me to. pardon the design i am. in a way with this in that event to me was actually reassuring in the smart design that is so using your credible work to suggest we all here on the ground in you have it in every every. it was a nick or alexei but they are set for round two in just a couple of months and with this still being a maiden flight for nick hague they are both as excited as ever or not would go is
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as the great phrase goes well that's the way things looking from moscow this bulletin live with me kevin knowing more for me just about thirty woman it's time for another well great programs lined up for you and your part of the world after the break. welcome to sophie and hell i'm sophie shevardnadze so called here in paris but terrorism still remains and threat here and friends as a country targeted by terrorists out of all your members. how can the terrorism threat be contained here in the. former head of the french internal security or a. dangerous extremism in france a country targeted by islamists both at home and abroad and is only just coming to
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terms with the new reality through a string of the recent attacks in recent years. one is the french know how containing tara compare is dealing with the danger. to come together in the face of radical extremism. thank you very much for being with us today hello so france's bill eight takes and border controls with its neighboring countries for another six months to a persistent terrorist threat if this measure is so effective in combating terrorism maybe the border controls to return of the borders should be permanent. to this question brings forward two problems first we are in the show.


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