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tv   Cross Talk  RT  January 8, 2019 8:30pm-9:01pm EST

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it should be considered as someone who really needs attention and. hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered peter lavelle what is happening with trump's decision to leave syria and are you ready for the two thousand and twenty presidential sweepstakes also is there any integrity in the integrity and mission to.
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some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark slobodan he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have dmitri bob h. he's a political analyst with international and in athens we have exclusive for him he is the director and writer for the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated let me go to you first marc staying in syria or getting out of syria because if you listen to administration officials and i'm specifically thinking about john bolton the national security adviser he's traveling in the middle east trying to convince the region that. the u.s. really isn't leaving what's going on it was never very likely that the u.s. would be pulling its troops out of syria after you know everything that's happened in the last few years and now i think it's even less likely than before and the president john bolton i mean national security adviser. is or john bolton has.
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seemingly. whether it's through argument or riding just riding around trump's announcement of a withdrawal a complete withdrawal of u.s. troops now has now announced that it is conditional and he's doing this sort of a trip but we've seen the goal post move every single time let me go to a let me get out and now it's this not john bolton that seems to be dictating the narrative here but we also have trump's troubled relationship with the military brass here so this is a an interesting concoction of brew here that trump either cannot deal with or has just accepted that he's not going to be able to make the decision we will leave syria i guess that's for his base so the status quo remains. well peter i mean trump ran on two very big election promises one was the wall and the other one was
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to get the u.s. out of all its military entanglements a broad a specifically syria he mentioned syria a lot in two thousand and three in many tweets so he ran on these things and if he doesn't fulfill these election promises he's going to be in big trouble in two thousand and twenty but what he's running up against peter is the permanent state the deep state call it what you will whether it's the generals whether it's lindsey graham john bolton mike pop a or whether it's the mainstream media who is also urging trump making you know putting all their all their might and all their muscle into trying to convince the american public that trump is making a bad decision by leaving syria and all of a sudden peter the narrative now is the kurds no one was talking about the kurds for so many years but all of a sudden everyone is an expert on the kurds of what's going to happen to the kurds should trump get out of syria so that's the narrative now ok game a but i mean if you were to go to zero zero two and i would say real median sorenson's. the kurds
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are already talking to the government in damascus not only what's and and they're talking with the russians as well there is an entire process to end this war but it seems my pompei you john bolton the mainstream media the deep state they want nothing of it well. the problem is that the whole narrative of the mainstream media is collapsing because for years they have been seen there are so that was aboard here you know the kurds and there are a very very old warms you know they would like a new one but not our surge you know and no the kurdish militias invited the syrian army to him and be on tuesday you know the russian military police came to him and be wanted to transfer of power there and the kind turks the nato allies who were prickly in the end i asked the fighters by the u.s. media and the european media back in two thousand the eleven two thousand and
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twelve let me remind you when the syrian anti-aircraft forces don't fight which at the syrian space in two thousand and twelve european press was seriously talking about a war on syria because syria is an aggressive against turkey you know i remember it well you well we're talking about this whole story with american troops leaving not leaving. the north east of syria i think the best equipment came from the american conservative. trump professes to believe in america first while kerry and the military brass believe in global leadership which implies among other things got a gun too and plan to go and buy jets last network of bases suitably compliant eliz who provide markets for american arms and the willingness to fight where the long wars and of court so say goodbye to their nice story about immediately been the last two to want war us the military. you know there are two on the ground and
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they're a military ally like me to make this another interesting transfiguration is how legace was a mad dog larry dangerous you know kind big by drop now he's suddenly according to the liberal media and i say he's a saint he's a saint he he is a benign influence on trump he's someone who was limited in traumas bad deeds the adults in absolutely he has what a mad dog and even more i mean when we consider the media barrage of people that essentially have no idea what they're talking about but that doesn't stop them. exclusive or pointed out i don't most of these people have never uttered the word heard in tula last week or so here but considering the barrage against this in the media public opinion narrowly is for it trump knows this this is his political instinct he has the right instinct on this he doesn't know he doesn't
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have the tools to get it done. first of all i think that too much can be made of the idea of this as some kind of trump campaign promise it's true he did campaign on this but it's also true that the vast majority of trump voters out there with perhaps some of our fans being the exception don't care about foreign policies didn't win him plaudits with the republican base if he had campaigned again. invading syria with ground troops but most of his supporters probably would have gone with that as well so i don't think you will suffer much political damage if you don't even know what is the damage of him saying we're getting out of syria when it doesn't happen what does that do he's reversed course so many campaign promises and policies at this point i think most of his true hardboard supporters
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will simply go. i think there's a we can always talk like bolton is doing with the friends of israel defer protecting the kurds getting our nato ally turkey not to promise promise not to attack the kurds or isis is totally and completely and forever defeated this is conditionality the ball has set out which can be fed to the republican base and which is essentially impossible if those are it's conditionality designed specifically to ensure that the us never leaves and that's the ultimate goal here let me go back to alex in athens i think there's a kind of you to what mark just said here there is evidence that in the two thousand and sixteen election the message against nation building abroad about force. exporting democracy and i say that in quotations there is an
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element of trump space to it that anti-war anti empire is important to them and i think that's one of the reasons why trump keeps that in mind go ahead alex. yeah i mean you even see people like like warren and ted lew i believe also came out and these are some very unlikely voices that actually threw support behind trump for the syria decision which which was really out of the blue but the whole trip his predicament right now peter is that he is going up against and you said this many times he's going up against empire. and everything that's happened with trump in russia and the russia you know what charge at the hoax is nothing compared to what truss about to face if he actually does push forward with trying to disengage the us from syria and scale back on american empire here i really think he's going to face a very very dangerous obstacle a very dangerous problem of possibly getting impeached yeah i agree with asked i
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agree with the forces in his empire is his big problem right now and if you couple that with the wall and if he doesn't get the wall approved and passed and built then he is going to really run into trouble in two thousand and twenty and i think the democrats and i think the right knows and the permanent state and the mainstream media know this you know you know. the fact is it's not really about syria at all it's not about two thousand troops there they certainly haven't been. and using much effort to fight and destroy isis they say they're right next to each other ok i almost like in peaceful coexistence here the real issue is here is that if you make one withdrawal then there's a logic of well why don't we withdrawal from other places iraq afghanistan and this is something all of these the deep state the media. the political leadership in both parties that something they can't contemplate well i mean when the united
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states did not apologize to iraq when they did not apologize to any beer for the civil war there when it is now known to apologize and to syria these has very bad consequence the united states never makes conclusions from its own defeats i mean the defeat in syria is over this united arab emirates saudi turning their ambition to damascus also it is going to assad meant all of the arabs he needs presidency as a did you know that they were defeated instead of acknowledging you know. this is the problem with their. ideology that the united states and the you are ruled right now it cannot it cannot at me defeats it can whack on a certain person like we were last to triumph because hillary clinton was back or you know we almost lost the elections in france and germany because russia was spreading fake news but they will never say that actually a way door which was wrong actually our plans for the leave and for syria were
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unsustainable they will never admit it and this is this is what is making future war sport simple unfortunately last ten seconds they don't have to though because they don't have to win in syria they can simply that now i a substantial win for the syrian government and russia destabilized chaotic syria as a spoiler serves their purposes almost as well as a proxy islamic. keep it a quagmire all right gentlemen i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news stayed with our. you know like the e.k.g. for countries is their ten year bond rate you look at that is still the country
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southie the country is not healthy well looks like the health of the chinese economy based on that their interest rates are better than america. the most important moments are when the principals the foreign minister or the president actually ask your opinion when that happens you are on your own and you're not just into the two you actually. have to see what you think. u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either there are already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circular defense's office that says we're going to attack
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and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money. if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war. surely we can risk some discomfort and easiness. welcome back across the uk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle remind you we're discussing some real news. ok let me go back to athens here alex this is the first time i'm going to mention the presidential sweepstakes of twenty twenty we've got two years ahead of us here we have elizabeth warren she's come thrown her hat into the ring. joe biden is publicly considering it. up to maybe twenty other democrats here when i see
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happening over the next two years is a form of cannibalization and balkanization of the democratic party of sensually identity politics on acid and it's going to be a real ride what are your thoughts at this very very early point alex. well i think that elizabeth warren definitely like speer. thought i was there at that. she has no understanding of social media she has no understanding how it's used i think she saw what. cortez did by using social media to really propelled her self into the spotlight and in a very failed attempt to use instagram war it failed tremendously she has no chance peter i think you're exactly right we don't have a front runner right now for the democrats out of think biden can be trouble that the only person that could be trump at this moment is trump and it goes back to our first segment which is if he doesn't follow through on his campaign promises he is going to be in trouble at this moment in time the only person that understands how
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to use the media how to use social media and how to suck up the oxygen from the room is a. she may not she may not be right ninety nine percent of the things that she says but of the one percent of understanding the media and getting media attention from both the left and the right she understands that but obviously she is way too young to her hat in the ring you know it seems to me the ideology of the liberal ideology in this in the identity politics issue is really going to come very deep into this presidential campaign because joe biden so why guy ok and i probably have more indian blood than elizabeth warren on ok but this but we here in the rhetoric coming out of diversity but at the same time there seems to be the democratic party will discriminate against certain people because of their outward appearance it's going to it's going to came in and out and it's going to do it this time around
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it's the program ultra liberal globalist i do or would you only would replace one group of people by the other group of people privileged by the liberal everything will be fine you know they they now have four we mount running five top u.s. defense companies which means by and said in weapon. hundreds of thousands of people around the world and this is a huge achievement for women according to the democrats right. now they can fly fly jet you know jet fighters and kenya and as many people as man you know second and this is again a huge achievement i don't think it's an achievement you know if american women had the same rights for for example child care like your baby to a kindergarten as the women here in russia that will be a victory but their identity what it is not talking about childcare their dog in a bog we meant defense companies rate it's all about power and when i heard joe biden as the candidate from the democrats this is a disaster this would be
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a disaster because he was the man who came to watch school in two thousand dan and said that the united states wouldn't like mr putin to return to the kremlin who the hell was he it will tell russians who we should look at a lot of time on their mind on also that he he was the main the main compete for my and for the disaster that forward in the united states he held for a call. in the most disastrous for us two years you know when thousands of people were killed in davos so this man is going to bring peace this man is going to have a sauber effect on american foreign policy that sounds like mad dog gone mad yes the only adult in the room you know with donald trump. i haven't heard any democratic base calling for peace in fact i mean it's kind of flip the other war party so i don't think that's a demand of democratic candidates i noticed that kirsten gillibrand sent out
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exploratory feelers and she's pulling her natural constituency meaning she is. asking wall street executives if they're interested in backing a campaign if she ran it so that you know that i think it what is required for the democrats to win and i think she democrats. that pretty clearly. i think. yes there will be a quite divisive and fractious democratic campaign we don't know if a primary campaign hillary clinton will come in again joe biden elizabeth warren and i'm sure there will be others i mean maybe even gillibrand but if we learned anything from the last election that despite becoming public and that hillary clinton and the democratic national committee conspired to rig the primary exactly they remarkably rallied then around hillary clinton with even the rigged
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victim himself bernie sanders and then coming around and you know backing hillary clinton has not let me go back to. the market already mentioned bernie sanders here and we do have people in hillary clinton's orbit saying basically bernie sanders supporters should shut up and not how does bernie play into this early in the game . well i think if bernie didn't fold to hillary clinton and actually stood up for himself when he was robbed of the primary win then i think people could still see bernie sanders as going up it gets trump and i think bernie sanders would have a shot to defeat trump but at this point in time i think that a lot of millennial and a lot of the young people that did support bernie and a lot of the progressives don't have the faith in bernie that they once had and i think that's the key point peter you have a large portion of the population that are real progressive that are really people that a lie to the left they don't have anybody speaking for them or speaking to them and
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so i think that's the void that bernie has left that's the void that no one is really filling and that's a very good point i want to switch gears here america let's talk about what is called the integrity initiative please explain what it is because it's not it has not gotten a whole lot of media coverage a sensually how i read it and you can fill in the gaps here. r t sputnik we are accused of manufacturing and coordinating a propaganda program programs in agenda all through the west but this integrity initiative is exactly that against russia. this is the first of all it's described as a charity or a angio non-governmental organization considering that it is funded and actively organized by british foreign office staff it's actually you might want to call it a god and go
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a government organized non-governmental organization and it's an oxymoron but just the name itself is quite you have a mystic it is essentially i rapid reaction online troll the network of their own troll network of many big names in not only british but you know but around the world of the most journalists academics think tankers whose mission is at the action of the british government to jump on issues to pile on and to put up certain narratives information dissin from ation into the media sphere targeting not russians ok but their own people and citizens across european countries that you have admitted you in your theory that that is a form of meddling in the internal affairs of other countries they see it's necessary because of the threat presented by russia and china as confucius networks
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because if there's one thing that is a real threat to the citizens of the west other than florida a good water it's learning about confucius. you know my point is that we are accused of being the purveyors of propaganda but this organisation is integrity initiative that is their whole mission. well somehow the hackers who basically exposed some of the documents or the integrity initiative founded by they instituted for state crafts and on other. found us joined there by the british here and funded by the british government and hearing british politicians yeah so one of these documents is about someone named victor my data from this seems to do it for state graph proposing a series of measures study and russia included mass expulsion of diplomats back in two thousand and fifteen here all that letter and surprise surprise in two thousand and eighteen von hundred more than one hundred russian diplomats were expelled from
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the u.k. from the us from other western countries because of the screen affair ok well these leaked documents give the impression that they were this initiative was forming the narrative around the script for how long before this creep of affair there were a quarter of us over this kind of reaction against russia that fall and again you know we will be having such things until we're forget remember all their all of the noise around their american embassy in cuba have been at there that the viruses are very very excited it is the only weapons now it turns out that these were actually insects cricket series of our crickets make inmate insults and and no one is paying attention it's ok you know we forgot did probably the american diplomats will return probably they will have a mosquito net against them you know and in the same way it may turn out that when
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we actually find out the truth of discrete about it being a problem provocation from the u.k. or from some other western intelligence services you know we will not nor will it until a small article in the times of london way by the way you know these people were poisoned by us ok. i'm really glad the dealer brought up the cricket story because this this whole integrity initiative has been received a socially with crickets and western media surprise surprise. you know what is reported on it no one at all but peter i think that may point is that all roads go back to the u.k. whether you're talking about the steel dossier whether you're talking about stephen helper or the professor masood doing a chemical attack on the london. to have tech chemical attack papadopoulos in a rented pub these guys had a had a man from from the u.k. a twenty year old guy from london working in the bernie sanders campaign how does
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that happen how does this guy from the u.k. from integrity initiative end up in iowa to work for the bernie sanders campaign let's not forget they smear jule styne as well so i mean this is this is an incredible story that no one is reporting on the last twenty seconds but yeah i have i evidently according to the integrity you're in there i am a kremlin troll and they've located that i post directly out of the kremlin itself they're really good at that they recommend that you have never been there i've never been a vote on a tour but if they'd like to write me a letter of recommendation that they think i should be prose thing out of the criminal longside putin i bunch appreciate it ok with all the time we have for the many thanks and i guess here in moscow and in athens this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with this but the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember crosstalk.
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what politicians do so. he put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president when she. wanted. to go on to be pros this is what the four three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the lawyers in the house. or sit. there for a single purpose. they have a super committee. they start training very young.
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eight months of intensive school. rats. and they save lives. nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that prevalent in this particular case the fall of the humans looks at any interrogation out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat lie a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most culpable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said therefore would. send a statement that i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has. nothing to do with all their cry.
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when they came back from iraq oh marijuana her was cocaine methamphetamine so anything that's altering trying to get us out. that bad mindset using a chemical that would be self medicating. i want to be drinking and drink enough just killing myself drinking alcohol links don't drink to get drunk alcoholics drink to feel normal. that's why alcohol it's this way drug addicts do. a shot while still feeling their. star cool under which these guys are blowing through to it it just means to. need to be helped and not good pushed on by the v.a. as far as drugs go and stuff they need to be helped. and they just really shouldn't be looked at like numbers they should be looked at like people if they go to
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a veteran center for health issues be considered as someone who really needs attention. to give a speech on his border wall plan the u.s. government shutdown amid speculation that he could declare a national emergency. a lawmaker from the immigration alternative for germany party is. politically motivated. and russian military police patrols near the northern syrian city of. withdraw from the area. broadcasting live from our studios in moscow.


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