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this is a humanitarian crisis a crisis of the heart crisis. in his first televised address from the oval office the democrats say he's holding the nation to ransom by continuing the government shutdown. and journalists face an increasingly aggressive backlash over. the public from the. right well if you are offended by that i think this is the start. of this hour a new brain study suggests that social exclusion is one of the main contributing
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factors to radicalization claim the researchers say the common concepts about violent religious extremism. suggest that influence group are trying to get the film industry to help counteract so-called russian and chinese propaganda. in moscow this wednesday night phone call and break with the world update from the international first for you this hour president trump has used his first televised address from the oval office to call for funds for his border wall he stopped short of declaring a national emergency to secure the funding but he's kept the government shutdown in place that's now going into its nineteenth day minutes after his speech democratic leaders head back calling trump a lawyer who's manufacturing the crisis. democrats in congress have refused to acknowledge the crisis president trump must have holding nothing people hostage
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might stop manufacturing a crisis stoked fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration and must reopen the government the federal government remains shut down for one reason and one reason only because democrats will not fund border security no president should pound the table and demand he gets his way or else the government shuts down senator chuck schumer has repeatedly supported a physical barrier in the past along with many other democrats they change their mind only after i was elected president so how did it get to this kind of open takes a closer look at how the u.s. government crisis unfolded before heard the highly anticipated prime time address from the president of the united states donald trump now in the speech trump tried to make his case for the five point seven billion dollars he needs to build his
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border wall now he emphasized the flow of drugs into the united states furthermore he made reference to the m.s. thirteen criminal gang and also highlighted crimes committed by people who had entered the country illegally from did stop short of calling for the national emergency as many people had anticipated that he might do but he did call on people in the united states and american citizens and viewers to call their congressional representatives and ask them to fund his wall in order to end what he called a cycle of suffering the wall has been a very big part of donald trump's political identity it was mentioned all throughout his presidential campaign and sense he's taken office building the wall we're building the wall folks were building a big beautiful powerful wall a great great wall and it's going to be a real war it's going to be i was going to be beautiful it's going to be one. would build the greatest one you have ever seen why do wealthy politicians build walls
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fences and gates around their homes they don't build walls because they hate the people on the butt because they love the people on the inside there was also a rebuttal from democratic party leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer they did respond to the president's remarks they accuse the president of engaging in quote government by temper tantrum and of holding the nation hostage there is expected to be a meeting between the president and the congressional leaders shortly and that will prosody clarify some of this but at the moment there seems to be a pretty big political gap in the united states with many people enthusiastically supporting the president's call for a wall and many people enthusiastically opposing it and the two not really seeing eye to eye on anything and not really being willing to compromise when it comes to the funding issue kellam open the american political commentator steve says donald trump resort to to an oval office address because of the democratic deadlock and
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intense media supergroup me. thank you saving the declaration of a national emergency for when these negotiations go nowhere and pressure starts to build because people you know are getting their paycheck c.n.n. i was watching them and they said he lives should they allow him to do it they were fact checking his speech in real time i mean that's unprecedented did they do it for palosi ensure were they did they tell the truth all the time he's looked in the eyes of the children and the husbands of the wives who were widowed and these are real people who are dead because of illegals coming into this country so i think he wasn't needed odd an emotional level with many americans. british m.p.'s and journalists are running a gauntlet of public disapproval on their way to work activists frustrated to the handling of the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. are gathering outside parliament to confront m.p.'s in an increasingly aggressive way as probably boy can i report meat on a super e cheese
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a conservative politician and a vocal opponent of bragg's it but this week some of her opponents came to westminster and got more vocal than her. right one of a color you were offended by the irish i just think this is astonishing this is this is what has happened to our country something has happened the debate over how britain's departure from the e.u. should look or whether it should take place until now has turned rather ugly this is the palace of westminster it's where british politicians work and the area around it is a public street as you can see anybody can walk down here there can be demonstrators as well and it's not unusual on any given day to see a politician maybe a member of parliament or even a senior minister simply walk out of here and towards abingdon green here where they might be taking part in a t.v. debate or an interview but that practice is increasingly. under threat as the
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atmosphere here turns increasing in times over the impending gregg's that day and the fact that there is no agreed plan of action in place this was an a subaru trying to leave after the interview. that you are going to lose if you win it and the politicians aren't the only ones getting abuse from agitated members of the public sky news anchor kay burley was heckled by pro brags that protesters while live on air oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh. oh and oh in jones a left wing journalist and author was taunted by a group of right wing protesters i believe everything. was ok all right surely this situation outside parliament has now become an issue for parliament to deal with i must say to the house that it is frankly in total if members
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of parliament and journalists. go about their business in fear. this situation cannot stand over sixty politicians have written a letter to london's chief of police warning of the deteriorating security situation around parliament and demanding better protection some politicians have said that a certain degree of abuse or heckling simply because of the territory of being a elected politician or just a public figure in a functioning democracy but the police here now have the rama difficult task of balancing the freedom to protest of some with protecting the safety of others including mine. the book outside the palace of westminster that well u.k. historian and commentator adult gobblers told us that he thinks different opinion
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should be celebrated and supported across british society. we have always been divided as a society our politics is divided. our courts are divided if you look at our parliament it's actually two rows confronting each other but what you is now is you have a generation of very thin skinned snowflakes the whole are poor officially insulted then you get also brian to exploit this division to put your point of view delay briggs's and so on so so we are in journalist of the blear for playing this round rather than actually serious minded people say they're women we can always have fun we can always sort of throw to the really cute each other ideas but within civilized with now it is. beyond actually any mission and it's a lesson for everybody that you should not law when you portland's be virtually at
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their invariably abused we should all stand up and say yes we have freedom of expression but also freedom to express our views without being insulted. specialist hazardous material teams are at work in a number of international consulates in the australian cities of melbourne and camera after scores of suspicious packages were delivered to the offices some of the properties have been evacuated whole lockdown according to reports of the twenty two sites have been targeted the diplomatic offices of pakistan the united states britain spain and greece will believe to be among them the work of the pakistani embassy says he discovered three packages containing an unknown powder when he opened the mail in thor it is say other consulates received similar parcels . a british study on the root causes of radicalization has shown that feelings of social exclusion and isolation are among the main contributing factors one of the researchers behind the study told us they wanted to understand what pushes people over the edge. every treated as
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a terrorist threat really want to risk dozens of sympathizers who do not go over. so. i want to do was find some people who basically had sympathies with some of these oh you are these movements that are championed by jarvis causes but are not yet going over the edge of language and want to see what pushes a sympathizer into someone who might be more ready to act. and that's where our experiment came in we were looking at a variety of factors specifically the rule social exclusion people feel socially excluded they're more likely to start sat realizing they're not stupid values and once those values become sacred it's a very difficult point to persuade that person to negotiate with that person they're moving closer and closer towards it so the main motivation was just let's try to combine nothing graphic research survey research in neuroscience all together so that was the motivation. here's how it was done
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a group of thirty young muslim men living in and around barcelona who sympathized with radical jihadist ideology is agreed to undergo tests now their brains were scanned as they played a computer game that simulated social exclusion researchers concluded that the men were far more likely to attach a sacred status to some issues that were not so important to them before going all the way to seeing those worth fighting for. the study claims to dispel common conceptions that poverty religious conservatism or even psychosis and the main contributing factors to radicalization is have it again says the role of other external factors shouldn't be underestimated. people are somehow thinking we're seeing. social exclusion is the only reason for white people radicalized that's absolutely not true radicalization is a complex system with many factors coalescing together discriminated against can be a triggering event many people who go and carry an act of violence when you ask them what was the triggering event that made you go i'm going to get out of my house to carry out an act of terrorism is usually because i experienced
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discrimination that's not to discount the all recruiter all of radicalizing narratives. allowed to get a foothold in certain areas but this is one crucial thing at the community level it pulls you make you should be more focused. documents purportedly leaked from the u.k. funded influence network the integrity initiative once again apparently expose how the group plan to counter so-called russian propaganda british opposition m.p. chris williamson whose party leader was also allegedly targeted by the organization conducted its own investigation into how the group at the parent organization operate he shares his findings in today's going underground on r.t. . well it's not a figment of imagination this organization definitely exists the these lists exist we know that they swung into operation for example into. was
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the preferred candidate for the spanish director of homeland security has written to us about his wives wrote to the spanish prime minister about this because why on earth is a state funded british state funded organization doing interfering in the internal governmental appointments in a fellow european democracy this is an absolute democratic outrage and therefore a little bit troubled and surprise. frankly that we're not seeing any real people in the the mainstream media in this country there's been a passing reference on the b.b.c. to this issue the the government ministers seem to be trying their very best to close this story down saying there's no truth in it is complete sort of fabrication and so on but we know from the documents we know as well for my own sort of investigations and visit to the in stupid state i want to hear about what was it like what you went to the registered address of the institute whether to their return addresses they have a registered address in scotland and it's at the end of this remote dirt track
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actually it was the dead of night when we arrived there and it was rather spooky i've got to say and when i reached the end of the track i was confronted with this derelict mill there wanted to lights on in a couple of the units there and did speak to some of the people who had businesses located in the at the mill they'd never heard of the introduced a craft one of them said he'd got it mentioned something that was in the news paper about some shady organization based in which the village close by but that was as much as he knew about it then went to their offices in london just the temple station and then on this is a state funded organization bearing in mind as well i am a member of parliament here and therefore because we were being stonewalled by ministers in terms of the written palm and three questions and indeed the oral questions that we that we tabled on the floor of the house of commons of that will try and ask questions directly to the organization if they can clarify anything and
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i was met with a very hostile reception i mean shouted out the door slammed in my face now for an organization which is receiving nearly two and a half million pounds in the last eighteen months from the government in this country to the taxpayer from the taxpayer to treat a member of parliament in that way. poses a number of quest. well integrity initiative earlier admitted its documents had been hacked but denied any covert type of activities meanwhile the latest batch of documents suggest the group's been discussing plans to counter russian and chinese propaganda by getting the film industry on board here for trying to investigate a good film turns into propaganda we've shown you papers that could shed light on how taxes paid by people in this country may be used to stop what russia is up to there and way beyond by all means a freshly leagues memo could help clarify the very means we'll need to go beyond
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old style military room and get entertainment out puts the draw out the nature of twenty first century conflict diffuse across society without clear boundaries at times or now no one can say for sure who wrote it but this very false title bears the name victoria darrow he's a leading researcher at the parent body of integrity initiative and his name has been seen in earlier leaks anyway the author whatever it really was once to get as many of the elements of the entertainment industry as possible on board all in a bid to deal with all that propaganda from authoritarian strongholds i.e. russia china and others in the how to use segment he suggests that experts should articulate how u.s. and other global entertainment powerhouses can improve and coordinate so that
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output messaging converges to both the shared democratic values but with locally relevant content. see it's ok to feed people propaganda through movies t.v. shows music as long as it's the right propaganda let's read further into the paper it would be a grave oversight so i feel to focus exclusively on the usa the five always countries the u.s. u.k. canada australia and new zealand have unrivaled influence let's not forget other cool players worldwide even russian and chinese entertainment communities should not be ounce of bounds for western supports for example the fantastic russian film leviathan hold on leviathan that was the movie that beat the hell out of corrupt russian state and church officials. the fact is more than
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a third of its budget came from russia's government hoops but even without getting experts like martha bales and nick call artie's written to them by the way to find out if and how they're involved without getting these experts publicly or privately before relevant government committees and the core markets above hasn't the western entertainment industry already been drawing a backwards or even evil eminence of russia for decades. simple yes hold a. little bit over. from this day forward you will become spends. thousands including struggle of how well if that's not enough it might be up to the u.k. foreign office to spend some of its cash on making directors come up with scarier
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stuff that's of course if the leak files are real. you know without turkey in the united states had so over the kurds in syria it's our next story after the break. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. the
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most important moments are when the principals the minister or the president actually ask your opinion when that happens you are on your own and. of the two you actually. have to say what you think. tension between the united states and turkey is growing over the american troop withdrawal from syria president do on snubs the u.s. national security adviser on his recent trip to ankara slamming the conditions that have now been set for the pullout hawkins has the story. to leave or not to leave
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that is the question or more specifically when and how as a syrian civil war draws to a close the situation in the north of the country is anything but calm it's a game of chess every player has a piece and the situation is not just black versus white and the kurdish question is once again central with john bolton visiting turkey and israel to mediate a settlement the turkish president made it very clear that any charts of a compromise is slim. because john bolton has made a grave mistake it is not possible to accept or swallow the message given by bolton from israel those who are in the terror corridor in syria who learn the necessary lessons yet for us there is no difference between the white p.g. and p y d p k.k. and dietitian we will very soon take action to neutralize the terrorist groups in syria doesn't that as nato allies the national security adviser had hoped the u.s. and turkey could coordinate their actions striking a balance of national interests and protecting those who are allies one day and
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a divisive burden the next there are objectives that we want to accomplish that condition the withdrawal we don't think the turks ought to undertake military action that's not fully coordinated with and agreed to by the united states so that they meet the president's requirement that the syrian opposition forces that have fought with us and not endangered. with turkish troops already on syrian soil and anger ready to push further these opposition forces feel anything but safe until now of course the presence of u.s. forces in the area has been a restraining factor on turkish ambitions to eliminate any armed kurdish groups they view as terrorists but the power balance could now change at any moment given trump the terminations to bring troops home so our boy our young women are men they're all coming back and they're coming back now there will be a strong deliberate and orderly withdrawal of u.s.
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forces from syria very deliberate very orderly as regional interests clash once again if you are sure of the kurds viewed by many as yesterday's liberators and the brain of i so now hangs in the balance on the turkish foreign minister has some other ideas on how to make the u.s. departure less dangerous. the u.s. faces some difficulties in the process of withdrawing troops from syria we want to coordinate this process with russia and iran it is necessary not to allow terrorists to occupy the territory after us troops leave we sounded out a couple of regional experts who say turkey frustrated because members of trump's team don't seem to be on the same page over syria. and totally disappointed from what is going on from their perspective maybe bolton is not representing the president because president from the same something else and bolton is saying something goes from turkey's perspective there is no distinction between p.k. k.
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and p y d from their perspective this is a terrorist entity and they want to clear this whole corydoras the whole syrian corydoras from this entity and this is a huge headache for them this is a very pressing national security matter for turkey so it's not like it has a second decision national security is paramount to the country's health now we look at what bolton saying and especially right before he comes to meet with the turkish officials and he basically crosses a red line when he's in israel the night before he comes to turkey and i don't understand what he was expecting in negotiations with turkey today but. he was expecting what he got in turkey is not going to bow down to the u.s. . israel's security service is denying claims that it violated the rights of five jewish teenagers suspected of involvement in the murder of a palestinian woman three months ago the victim mohammed rabin was
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a forty seven year old mother of eight she was in a car with her husband and daughter in the west bank when she was hit in the head by a stone husband described the scene. it felt like an explosion on the car windows smashed my cost swerved and my wife fell on to me blood was coming out of the nose and ears my little daughter was crying for her mother for a few seconds i couldn't understand what had happened then i regained control of the car and called nine billons they told me to keep driving and we could get to the hospital in thirty five to forty minutes i kept driving and when i got there they told me she was already dead. and the family is still coming to terms with the loss back in october palace. name president mahmoud abbas in five that the crime would not go unpunished however the youngsters lawyers say that the teenagers were interrogated excessively. as we have asserted from the start and son not connected in any way to the case the shin bet security service said no evidence connecting
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the suspects to the act and israel security service says the youngsters are suspected of tara offenses including murder it added to the evidence points to what it calls the radical anti signage characteristics of the suspects the security service is accused of using extraordinary methods against the team such as administrative detention and delaying their access to lawyers such methods normally reserved for palestinians of terrorism. that should use for now thanks for watching your next update from me in the moscow news team is in just over half an hour see them. country has gone into a nihilistic fever. thank god it hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the charlatans the genius the quintessential
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american hero this is it we've come to a point around which alan would have done so we always are on the margins something . called culture has meaning for you. oh. we're starting last with is going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the bee i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more gone down that we may be completely different in this. to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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time after thoughts here we're back with a brand new season of going underground as european commission president convenes e.u. commission is in brussels appearing to hold the fate of jury's amaze u.k. government in his hands coming up on the show straight out of the cold war playbook we often labor's former minister for communities and local government chris williamson why there is mainstream media silence on revelations that nato my five m i six the u.k. foreign office sold to manipulate elections in the usa and across europe. threaten the french republic we look back at another figure it is this a. same with wash westmoreland who often directing the oscar winning film still alice tackles the life of one of france's most subversive novelists collette and for the news find out why the british army is going big game hunting as a u.s.
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backtracks for making tracks from syria all of the more coming up in today's going underground but first to our top story of the new year more revelations of a shadowy alleged conspiracy involving nato the u.k. foreign office and british intelligence to distort public perception of the world around them the integrity initiative has been identified in the past few weeks by the purported anonymous organizational collective which released this video on you tube brutal has in fact created a large scale information secret service in europe the united states and canada which consists of representatives of political military academic and journalistic communities with a think tank in london with the head of it as part of the project britain has time and again intervened into domestic affairs of independent european states leaks about the alleged british government conspiracy concerned direct corruption in spain but from suspicious activity in the bernie sanders u.s. election campaign to a concerted.


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