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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 9, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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the minister for communities and local government chris williamson why there is mainstream media silence on revelations that nato m i five m i six and the u.k. foreign office sold to manipulate elections in the usa and across europe and. threaten the french republic we look back at another figure it is the same with wash westmoreland who often directing the oscar winning film still alice tackles the life of one of france's most subversive novelists collette and for the news find out why the british army is going big game hunting as a u.s. backtracks for making tracks from syria all the more coming up in today's going underground but first to our top story of the new year more revelations of a shadowy alleged conspiracy involving nato the u.k. foreign office and british intelligence to distort public perception of the world around them the integrity initiative has been identified in the past few weeks by the purported anonymous organizational collective which released this video on you tube brutal has in fact created a large scale information secret service in europe the united states and canada
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which consists of representatives of political military academic and journalistic communities with a think tank in london of the head of it as part of the project britain has time and again intervened into domestic affairs of independent european states leaks about the alleged british government conspiracy concerned direct corruption in spain but from suspicious activity in the bernie sanders u.s. election campaign to a concerted plan of action against this t.v. channel r.t. drazen is government appears to have been involved in a covert destabilization strategy that knows no borders britain is capable of conducting such operations in the following states spain france germany italy greece the netherlands live through india norway serbia and montenegro london's near term plans to create similar clusters include latvia estonia portugal sweden bell. canada armenia ukraine moldova malta czechia countries of the middle
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east to north africa poland slovakia rumania bowl guerrier georgia hungary cyprus austria switzerland turkey finland iceland denmark and the usa joining me now is one of german corbin's close as parliamentary allies chris williamson has raised the issue of the integrity initiative in the smearing of the left in britain in the house of commons because they are coming back on so why do you believe aside from the focus obviously on bricks that the mainstream media just isn't particularly interested in your concerns about a taxpayer funded organization but that's a very good question and one wonders whether or not all these clusters of journalists who are apparently associated with the integrity initiative has anything to do with it because there are a number of people who've been named problem journalists have been named in the documents which have been released one has to ask the question therefore is it
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because of their involvement that they are not. covering this real scandal actually and you know reminded of the operation mockingbird that was in existence in the united states it was launched i think in the early one nine hundred fifty s. at the height of the cold war and wasn't really properly exposed until the nineteen seventies i think it was the church report without actually you know highlights of this scandal that been taking place where you know the cia were effectively paying journalists to put out you know propaganda effectively and misleading stories and this is very troubling i mean you know we value a free press in this country don't we i think it's really important for the you know we're confident that you know people aren't in the paon volved some shady organization in fairness to some of the mainstream media journalists we are slowly bit by bit since you're by them in three questions starting to hear from them deborah haynes foreign affairs editor of sky news. implicated in the some of the
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leaks as a position at the times saying i have no formal or informal relationship with the integrity initiative and we're also hearing from david a lot of it was with the never heard of any of these go to going to these so basically we are seeing major media journalists who are being named in a document by a multi-million pound taxpayer funded organization it's got a wish list these are the guys we can probably get. well i mean according to some of the documents that i've seen some of these people have actually attended meetings now if this is not true i mean i'm a bit of the trying to big themselves up in olds trying get more funding but look if you know if i was a journalist to be named in the shady organizations activities then you know i'd be probably wanted to sue them frankly for you know. misusing their name in that way and i know you asked the question has a call yes revealing this is a multimillion dollar operation that arguably disinform ation in stopping affecting public perception what was it like what you went to the registered address of the
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institute whether to their return addresses they have a registered address in scotland and it's at the end of this remote dirt track actually it was the dead of night when we arrived there and it was rather spooky i've got to say and when i reached the end of the track i was confronted with this derelict mill there wanted to lights on in a couple of the units there and did speak to some of the people who had businesses located. at the mill they'd never heard of the introduced a craft died then went to their offices in london just near temple station and then on this is a state funded organization bearing in mind as well i am a member of parliament here and therefore because we were being stonewalled by ministers in terms of the written palm and three questions and indeed the oral questions that we that we tabled on the floor of the house of commons of that will try and ask questions directly to the organization if they can clarify anything and i was met with the. very hostile reception i mean shouted out the door slammed in
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my face now for an organization which is receiving nearly two and a half million pounds in the last eighteen months from the government in this country to the taxpayer to from the taxpayer up saluted to treat a member of parliament in that way. poses a number of questions as and i mean it suggests that they have something to hide doesn't it and i think there are more questions i think need to be port about this organization we do desperately i'm in need to get to the bottom of what is going on why is the foreign commonwealth office why is the ministry of defense as well as the funding this organization what are they getting out of a more troubling still is why is it this organization the state formed a taxpayer funded body is engaged in smearing jeremy corbyn and the labor party and officials of the labor party to this is completely unacceptable and totally alien it seems to me to british democracy where you see the. state graphs as it gets
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its funding from multiple sources including the european union the foreign as well as your defense nato to ensure its independence gets from private individuals so i mean you know your amount of our state is would say they would say that would make i mean look at it could be a wishlist i mean the fact was that the scottish mail and the names of these journalists were here do you think it's like these people are still in the cold war mentality and there were leaks show that they wishing to be able to control the perceptions of international affairs against china or against russia or against their will it's going to get but they wish for it and they haven't been that success well that got me that success because these leader of your party of two well the last true but i mean i was see one of the individuals who was involved with this organization money to get himself implanted into the bernie sanders campaign to as we know in the end didn't actually get the democratic nomination but whether it's successful or not the fact remains that they are seeking to influence
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democracy in this country and that is just unacceptable i mean you call how of state funded organization receiving millions of pounds of said engage in a process of smearing the labor party smearing the official opposition in this country seeking to influence public opinion in relation to. you know potentially future government i want to get on to the subject of world war and peace as a as it were president to toward mosco very important come under attack from the liberal left could be the script incident was a water book in poor relation to be left of the most countries make spilled over hundred russian diplomats chris daughterly of the institute of state crew of general richard barron's one of these two explicitly stated because he asked if he was required to warn the public of the dangers of russia of love of me putin very quickly after there were calls in parliament to back and this channel and sputnik what did you think of these latest revelations of their involvement in attempts to
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close down britain it's a troubling case and you know it's troubling but it seems that you know the trying to set up a country and trying to create a mindset which then justifies further expenditure on the arms industry and so on and you know i just think you know a number of us who asked legitimate questions and look what happened it's completely on except i'm going to make an excuse and i totally appalling what what what what went on there i think it's perfectly legitimate to ask questions and be clear and certain before we take any precipitous of action or they would truly say that because you don't understand the russian threat against this country and that i'm not sure they would say this but that russia wants to invade britain well i mean we've heard these stories in the in the past seventy joy joy in the hearts of the of the cold war and in my opinion in a rush it doesn't pose any threat to the united kingdom it's war will mean you know it's struggling economy you know and so the sanctions of you know an impact there's no doubt about that but let's also remember the you know the soviet union the last
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twenty thirty million people in the in the second world war i mean tony benn used to make this point on a regular basis you know why would a nation that the suffered so greatly want to engage in you know a significant the will world war again in that sense and so no i don't i don't really accept that and i think you know. surely we should be seeking peace we should be using diplomatic means to you know create a safer world and start using our ingenuity to you know create a decent society to support and build our public services role than you know to create this mindset where we want to expand the arms industry and pour all our eggs in that basket i don't think that's a sensible way forward at all what we should be promoting it seems to me is peace and that's certainly would be a high priority for labor i think going forward to try and ensure that we have a safer world and that's one of the reasons of course why germany called in has appointed a shadow minister for peace and does all moments and i think in the event of
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a labor government that would send an incredibly powerful message around the world a permanent member of the u.n. security council who has a priority of peace and is all movement role than you know war and an arms manufacturer but the russian federation is they denied involvement this group other than we haven't been able to get hold of what they may or may not have been involved in doing it was do but it's not just corby in russia the left china is also a great tackler latest revelations and what do you think i mean you mentioned cia operation walking but their attempts to make use of the entertainment industry when they said the china should be perceived as the enemy in the game was to films. you know listen this is all about softening up public opinion and you know and i just think we need a different approach a different mindset putting you know peace and harmony center stage really role than trying to this kind of bellicose sort of approach that this organization the scene to try to foster i think is very very dangerous because it would be in the
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end you know look if we end up in a hot war with any of these countries i mean it's ordinary people that pay the price isn't it but their lives regarding the film industry and these attempts to influence the film industry would by the taxpayer there were i don't think anyone going to is ken loach's a daniel blake the palme d'or. ward winning film being brought out of the into straight crew of to go no integrity initiative what do you make of the chairman of the tories james cleverly accusing your shadow business secretary rebecca long bailey of misunderstanding i don't know blake in explaining to her that the ken loach one was not a documentary shows a callous streak i think within the conservative party also betrays the fact that they are utterly out of touch with reality the truth is and we know this from the un reporter who report the back end of last year's show fourteen million people in this country living in poverty one point five million destitute we know that the
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universal credit thing they refer to as universal discredit actually cause immense suffering and poverty and the government seems hell bent on rolling this this this floor this broken system and inflicting it on the country as a whole and it really isn't fit for purpose and i think the deputy chair of the conservative party you know needs to think very carefully actually before he rushes on to social media to denigrate something which is a serious as this and yes most employees are made and watch it well indeed and i think you know jeremy invited her to do so and it was it might not have been a documentary cathy come home with it one of the loaches earlier seminal pieces had a profound impact on public consciousness in relation to homelessness in the one nine hundred sixty s. led to the formation of shelter and had a really positive impact i think on housing policy and i'm hoping that i've done your blake will do a lot worse because of it thank you after the break. the politics of heroin the
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life of legendary novelist and actress collette with award winning director watch westland this film about her is release in the u.k. this friday and from the headlines the hospital flooded with patients and water well the one next door well is dr funs as the americans apply a sticking plaster that combine. readiness where the congo. about to go underground . what is happening with trunks decision to leave syria and are you ready for the twenty twenty presidential sweepstakes also is there any integrity in the integrity issue.
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seemed wrong rowles just don't. let me. get to shape out. becomes agitated and in gains from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back joining me now to go through some of the week's top stories a broadcaster a former liberal democrat m.p. lembit oh big happy new year all of you forget all that british special forces probably still in syria we don't know going to go from a show of it late last night vote in the senate i think implicitly backing drop syria policy yes well let's do this one let's stay with the story the independent reports john bolton contradicts trump by saying syria withdrawal depends on defeating isis or i still that issue they were defeated trump said it would have evoked one thousand nine percent of the caliphates gone according to pompei zero
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one of chance very close associates do ninety nine boiler to clean their votes kills ninety nine percent of all known caliphates yes the problem here is small little fly in the ointment you're getting some kind of a mixed message here not for the first time from the administration because there are new conditions to withdrawal that is difficult to hear bolton saying well actually we're not so sure about going away from from so no drums treated again how can you really misspoke about that how could you be undermined all the time by your president i mean it's amazing you're not going to call on everyone not just the president undermines everybody else that's the new consistency that way you can never be caught out because you just say you misspoke that's what's happened with this there's no chance of the americans walking away from syria they might move away a little bit but with wheels and wings you can still get that apart from london paris beijing and moscow in the u.n. security council today being briefed about humanitarian situation will be hoping
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that drum indeed is out of there let's go to the british army where they're not trying to close down this channel using the integrity initiative what is this they're recruiting big time controversial set of posters has come to the fore the in one of the gamers gamers your army needs you and your dry drone killings of the beans in ten years you are a gamer on a joystick running a. these folks are self-taught and they've paid a fortune in time and money to become absolutely great practitioners in exactly the skills you need to run a drone it's not the only poster there are the ones calling for snowflakes to join the army as well just even would oppose doing on facebook that he wasn't consulted before. resigning from an english army he says that he will resign as soon as he can he's still got to serve some time before he leaves but dres may help in the n.h.s. this story from the sun yes another mixed message coming up here afshin water waste
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brand new five hundred million pound n.h.s. hospital lies empty just three miles from where to reason made launched and it says plan now to resume a the prime minister went to old age children's hospital to say how she and the conservatives are going to revamp the anywhere by a privatized but about you might say that millions might agree at the same time karelia and the private contractor too big to fail failed and so there's a thirteen story building which is part of the royal liverpool hospital lying empty now this hospital has been flooded not just with patients but with water because it had both pipes and all other kinds of problems there as well the irony three miles away from where we were told the n.h.s. was safe and to ease the maze hands it seems to be drowning in its own water that's a problem it's embarrassing but i guess they'll just carry on regardless and the sun attacking terrorism it which is interesting up in liverpool which is also ironic having ironic as
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a jab on voted for british and eventually in libya they were going very well as far as i understand it this story of a military success after success after military dot com reports u.s. troops and got on remained focused on congo despite local coup attempt short version here is the americans are meddling in god because it's really near the congo congo causes lots of troubles trying to ensure you can is in the region i think they just trying to control the congo let's be honest about that not doing. good job of seem to have provoked the locals and got on an attempted coup arguably not a us spend the coup it didn't work but it's still going on that the us is it was a us friend because it was only in september president was applauding closer ties with china putin of russia and bongo in july was saying close ties who is behind this attempt can ask the head because he's a way out of the country and medical treatment how convenient at the moment who is behind the coup who knows who knows what we know is the americans are involved so
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let me guess is the wildcats maybe the americans trump says maybe indefinitely the troops have to be engaged on to secure us safety at home maybe he's misspeaking that overt thank you well in the first part of the program we have from chris williams on about the use of hollywood as neo con propaganda that accusation could probably not be leveled against a new decidedly are normally would film about one of fronts as most subversive novelists tell it which stars keira knightly and on the quest is directed by wash westmoreland whose previous film is oscar winning still alice we caught up with him before christmas ahead of this week's release of the film in the u.k. . watch welcome back to going underground tell me about collette another british director goes to hollywood makes a film urgent period piece well yeah it's not quite a hollywood movie it was made in europe it was financed out of the u.k. and it was shot in france and hungary. is a story of french writer who lived at the turn of the century who famously had
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their apprenticeship writing books as a ghostwriter for a husband who took all the credit for her work over stories about seeing how she fights off this giant male ego to claim credit but when i jokingly said merchant ivory this is very different arguably well yeah approaching this period piece we wanted to see what we could do to loosen up the whole genre of period piece because it can be a very uptight or own a bit of a busty enough. of whiteness and upper class privilege so we approached it showed what life in the nineteenth century was really like it's a period piece with belching and farting and i mean within the first five minutes there in the bond a lot of period pieces you spend two hours waiting for people to get engaged and. and all the time it's like collette was a very sensual writer in the movie you know she is very much a sexual explorer but was never any negative consequence on her for
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a woman being sexual that everyone presumably is talking about the female identity the sex identity in the film and we don't want to talk about that but this constant issues of opposition of different town and country region indebted because they're rich they collect comes from a family a country family that fallen on hard times and when she gets married she can't afford the parents can't afford a dowry so that scene is quite scandalous because we're leased from an upper middle class publishing family in paris and this the marriage is a bit of an odd fit initially but you were working on this film for many years before. me too you were those are all about women being abused in favor of men within us as yeah i mean the movies timing is extraordinary because it really speaks to the me too in the times of movement but really this is been going on not just for years voting for millenia i mean women
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have been kept down by men within male power structures you know women have not been given a fair shake so this is just one example of that kind of story of you know very interesting example because it was such a dynamic character and it was such a very particular time there's like a seismic shift happening in gender roles around that's how many laws that got refracted to this marriage of these two tremendous characters and it automatically lends itself to cinema because he was an actress as well as a. this is very cinematic about story around the time the marriage goes on the rocks you know in movies often you get long looks into the mid distance a lot of melancholy collette was unstoppable she decided she was going to go on the stage and not like the high theatre it wasn't shakespeare she actually went into the musical with like the performing dogs and the russian acrobats and you know was it was seen as a scandalous move she starts touring around france doing these very out almost pieces of performance art which is very striking and really it's the sort of the
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genesis of silent movie acting she was a mind to do these plays and scandalized people wherever she went and hair was very important to rose mcgowan was on this show and she was really about the boards of hair in hollywood well yeah collette was very famous for her she was known in her village as the girl with the have she had incredibly long braids used to call her whips and when she got married she moved to paris her hair was often commented on as part of her rustic charm she was very much outside of the kind of bohemian elite and sort of kept her own distance from it and then in a radical move she actually cut her hair off into a ball which gave you the iconic look and at the time again this was seen as something very new and quite shocking but within a matter of months many society women started copying her before anyone thinks i
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mean the idea here or going earlier about women's hair being that important why was there as political because when. she was really making a statement of sort of go into a look that was more kind of free and independent and modern at the beginning of the twentieth century we think of a lot of technological in innovations like invention of telephones invention of motor cars invention of gramophone but really there was a lot of style in. of ations around so women declaring their independence that were also happening and a lot of innovations in terms of understands and of sexuality and of course the way she dressed in the film there's a transformation very much a transformation in the way she dressed she goes originally from a country style into kind of a young parisienne fashionable look but then she moves to a more undrugged in a style that we often associate with collette that she was moving away from traditional famine in the poem and. not the going to thing donald trump would probably favor in
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a woman who really. i don't know donald trump and collette would have to say to each of a. round him but i'm trying to do all that relevant between the i mean to be able to compare the idea of even being able to compare it to for nineteenth century paris with twenty first century usa you really think there is that command a lot has changed in the last hundred years but a lot hasn't i mean in the movie willy says women writers don't sell and of course that was in the nineteenth century many women writers took on male pen names like george eliot and shows song and career bell for the bronte sisters and then people say that was a hundred years ago well j.k. rowling goes by the initials j.k. because she was advised by a publishers that woman's name woman's purse name wouldn't sell to a young male audience so we're seeing the same thing today. some might say this is very different to the oscar winning previous film there was still alice how do you
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how do you how did you make that huge break out it seems to i think is a very different film i every time i approach a film i'm looking to break new ground i want to do something new. each film looks a woman just tackling something that's kind of you know a very difficult and their life. still alice it was illness and it was very much a look at illness and the individual how you know not to let the illness become your identity but become the. who's living with and fighting the effects of the disease. it's a woman whose disease is her husband she is you know fighting for her own rights as an artist again something that's very much holding her back did you think is becoming more important in your films i know i mean when you won sundance years ago with your your late husband is it becoming more important there's always awareness of class and economics in my movies i sometimes see films and i'm always like where
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did they get the money from how are they doing this how are they affording this is one of the first things that rich and i always used to work out and the class dynamics of the story are always incredibly important to us or to assume thank you thank you it's been a pleasure. award winning director watch wrestling speaking to me that before christmas you can go and watch collette in u.k. cinemas from this friday and that's it for our first episode this season will be about gone saturday to speak to margaret thatcher's will jump ahead of a delayed critical vote that could potentially topple the regime is minority government the deal then even touched by social media will be on saturday fifty two years the day that the louisville kentucky draft board refused dali's conscientiousness claim when describing his opposition to the vietnam war he said i will not disgrace my religion my people myself by becoming a tool to enslave those who are fighting for their own justice freedom and equality .
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bred for a single purpose. they have a super. star training very young. eight months of intensive school. raps. and they say blah. god god. god. god. god
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god. this is a humanitarian crisis a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul donald trump dumond's funds for his gold award in his first televised address from the oval office the democrats this he's holding the nation the ransom by continuing the government shutdown. journalists face the dog show restraint to members of the public in front of the. schools the real fox. i'm not sure. if you are offended by something. and a member of the migrants will turn in.


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