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this is a humanitarian crisis a crisis of the heart a crisis of the soul. of funds for his a border wall in his first televised address from the oval office democrats say he is holding the nation ransom by continuing the government shutdown. lawmakers are
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personally targeted over brags that as angry members of the public confront them outside parliament. this is obviously. like well if you're offended by what i think this is. a member of the. alternative for germany party who was beaten up on monday evening consciousness or to. help your seat. drop me against a wall was running down my face. we're broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our international certainly glad to have you with us when the u.s. president has stormed out of a meeting with it. democrat leaders in the white house after they refused to back
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his plans for a border wall in a tweet he described wednesday's talks as a total waste of time trump said that when house speaker nancy pelosi refused to approve funding for his border wall he told her bye bye the night before the president used his first televised address from the oval office to defend his plans prompting democrats to accuse him of holding the country to ransom. democrats in congress have refused to acknowledge the crisis president trump mustapha holding nothing people hostage might stop manufacturing a crisis stoked fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration and must reopen the government the federal government remains shut down for one reason and one reason only because democrats will not fund border security no president should pound the table and demand he gets his way or else the
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government shuts down senator chuck schumer has repeatedly supported a physical barrier in the past along with many other democrats they change their mind only after i was elected president meanwhile the us a government shutdown is now in its nineteenth they are to kill them up and takes a closer look at how donald trump's demands for a wall have left the republicans and democrats at an impasse before heard the highly anticipated prime time address from the president of the united states donald trump now in the speech trump tried to make his case for the five point seven billion dollars he needs to build his border wall now he emphasized the flow of drugs into the united states furthermore he made reference to the m.s. thirteen criminal gang amen also highlighted crimes committed by people who had entered the country illegally from did stop short of calling for the national emergency as many people had anticipated that he might do but he did call on people
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in the united states and american citizens and viewers to call their congressional representatives and ask them to fund his wall in order to end what he called a cycle of suffering why do wealthy politicians build walls fences and gates around their homes they don't build walls because they hate the people on the but because they love the people on the insane. the wall has been a very big part of donald trump's political identity was mentioned all throughout his presidential campaign and sense he's taken office building the wall we're building the wall folks were building a big beautiful powerful wall a great great wall and it's going to be a real what's going to be i what's going to be beautiful it's going to be what your nation would build the greatest world you have ever seen there was also a rebuttal from democratic party leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer they did respond to the president's remarks they accuse the president of engaging in quote
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government by temper tantrum and of holding the nation hostage at the moment there seems to be a pretty big political gap in the united states with many people enthusiastically supporting the president's call for a wall and many people enthusiastically opposing it and the two not really seeing eye to eye on anything and not really being willing to compromise when it comes to the funding issue. mentioned a democrat leaders chuck schumer and nancy pelosi had some harsh words for the president but on twitter not everyone shared their concern.
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with less than three months to go until the u.k. is due to leave the european union prime minister theresa may has been dealt yet another setback by parliament ortiz honest as. twenty nineteen the year one brags it is finally supposed to kick in after over two years of torture and negotiations and where we are now is less than three months away from that march twenty ninth deadline and it's quite clear that which she writes it is going to be taking continues to be anyone's guess with uncertainty and chaos really still reigning over westminster now we saw at the first prime minister's questions at the house of commons today theresa may was traditionally grilled by those opposing her deal but she continues to insist that it's still the best deal possible despite being met with quite a lot of resistance the prime minister has been wrecked to stay wasting time holding the country to ransom with the threat of no deal in
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a desperate attempt to blackmail m.p.'s to vote for who hopelessly unpopular do you think he opposes any deal that the government is negotiating with the european union the prime minister says that it's the only deal of the ball if that is the case why wasn't it put to a vote on december the eleventh why isn't it july of five weeks on this deal is dead is the deadest. president anymore dignities can this prime minister in june before she realizes that she is the biggest part of this problem and for that she just. well the last month of course if you remember theresa may had already had to postpone a meaningful vote on her deal to avoid facing the humiliation of a defeat because it was clear that her deal would not pass in the house of commons now that vote again is supposed to take place next week on tuesday january
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fifteenth and now this wednesday was the first day of five days of a quite heated debate taking place again at the house of commons on the grounds that with accusations flying around including direct. this speaker of the house who is meant to be impartial on this whole issue we've all noticed in recent months a sticker in your car making derogatory comments about. this is a serious point about cost ya see how you drive a car with the stickers that sticker on the subject of bricks it happens to be affixed to or in the windscreen of my wife's car yes i'm sure the owner move gentleman wouldn't suggest for one moment. there's a wife is somehow the property or chattel. meanwhile a new poll by the u.k.
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in a changing europe think tank has found that as many as seventy percent of m.p.'s think theresa may did a bad job in terms of negotiating back that which of course is not a good sign for her ahead of this vote and we have to also keep in mind that just to d. m.p.'s had voted on an amendment which forces the government to bring forward a plan b. within three days in case to rescind means deal is rejected and it seems that many here in westminster believe that a plan b. she does not have well with that pressure mounting british politicians and journalists are running a gauntlet of public disapproval on their way back to work activists frustrated at the handling of the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. have been turning up increasingly outside parliament to confront m.p.'s including one high profile incident this week. meet an a super she's a conservative politician and a vocal opponent of bragg's it but this week some of her opponents came to
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westminster and got more vocal than her. right political or you know if you were offended by wireless i just think this is astonishing this is this is what has happened to our country something has happened the debate over how britain's departure from the e.u. should look or whether it should take place until now has turned rather ugly this is the palace of westminster it's where british politicians work and the area around it is a public street as you can see anybody can walk down here there can be demonstrators as well and it's not unusual on any given day to see a politician maybe a member of parliament or even a senior minister simply walk out of here and towards abingdon green here where they might be taking part in a t.v. debate or an interview but that practice is increasingly under threat as the atmosphere here turns increasing in times over the impending gregg's that day and
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the fact that there is no agreed plan of action in place this was an a subaru trying to leave after the interview. that you just want to lose it when it comes to the politicians aren't the only ones getting abuse from agitated members of the public sky news anchor kay burley was heckled by pro brags that protestors while live on the air. rather her part of the world. brotherhood and owen jones a left wing journalist and author was taunted by a group of right wing protesters i believe everything to go with whatever comes right surely this situation outside parliament has now become an issue for parliament to deal with i must say to the house that it is frankly didn't. give members of parliament. lists. go about their business
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in fear. this situation cannot stand over sixty politicians have written a letter to london's chief of police warning of the deteriorating security situation around parliament and demanding better protection some of the systems of said that a certain degree of abuse or heckling simply because of the territory of being a elected politician or just a public figure in a functioning democracy but the police here now have the rama difficult task of balancing the supreme them to protest of some with protecting the safety of others including mine. u.k. historian told us that whatever happens in the brains of process voices from all sides need to be heard. we have always been divided as a society politics is divided. our courts are divided if you look at our parliament
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it's actually two confronting each other but what's new is now you have a generation of a very thin skinned snowflakes a whole professionally installed but then you get also trying to exploit this division to put your point of view delay briggs and so on so so we are good journalists are to blame him for playing this one rather than actually save him i think he would say there we have it we can always have fun we can always sort of throw to ridicule each other's ideas but we've been civilised with that a school aged beyond actually any mission and they said listen if we have your body there you should not long when you ordinance be very really at the very badly abused we should order stand up and say yes we have freedom of expression but also
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freedom to express our views without being assaulted. a member of the alternative for germany party who was beaten up on monday evening has regained consciousness he described for us the attack that sent shock waves through the country's political sphere. i was it a near function organized by the way as a korean newspaper i left the party shortly before six and went to the car park to my car i took a short cut through an area i don't really like and that was a mistake so i went through the square next to the city theatre around normally no people down the only people that were there were two laborous who were loading their car i went bust them the around thirty meters away still came the point at which i was knocked unconscious when i came round i realised i was lying in the street and someone was shaking mam and asking for my wallet and mobile phone were still in me that person down prop me against the wall blood was running down my face someone called the police an ambulance. now as friends. magnet's speaking
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earlier to r t police had initially called the attack politically motivated with party colleagues of mr magnets describing it as a dark day for democracy however the investigation has not yielded anything conclusive to establish whether politics played any role in his policy or has been following developments for us. well the investigation is still ongoing the incident itself happened on monday evening in the northern german city of women and as you heard there mr frank magnate sixty six year old politician from the far right alternative for germany party a if he had just accepted a local theater where he had attended a new year's celebration he was making his way home when he was attacked by three unknown assailants now those three men are still at large mr magnet is still in hospital where he has been recovering from a serious head wound now this is not the first time that members of the have been threatened with violence but certainly this brutal assault marks a new low in that level of violence. are sustained to bone deep lacerations.
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injuries to my left. one of the wave three individuals have been walking behind me for some time so they were conspicuous because they were. covering their faces i didn't see them now but despite mr magnets version of events the police have published the first results of their investigation they've been talking to eyewitnesses and they've been looking at surveillance material which they say contradicts the claims that there was some kind of wooden being or the instrument or object that was used instead they say what happened is that he was followed by two minutes from behind there was a third man behind them they then attacked him and as he fell to the ground they fled the scene now the incident has been denounced by politicians across the german political spectrum there's also been a statement that has been issued by the f.t. parliamentary caucus and they have called this an assassination attempt saying that
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part of the blame must be borne by mainstream politicians and the media. if former cia chief has described president putin as a gift to nato and more about that after a break this is our three. the most important moments are when the principals the foreign minister or the
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president actually ask your opinion when that happens you are on your own and you're not just into the story you actually. have to say what you think. and welcome back this is r.t. international no the european union has expressed anger over a diplomatic downgrade for its officials in washington. this is no way to treat partners especially as neither the u. high representative nor the young was formally notified of this change as would be expected on to customer diplomatic practice the ears washington embassador became
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aware of it at the funeral of george h.w. bush when the usual pecking order of those being seated was altered traditionally the u.s. state department calls up the longest serving officials first with the e. . david o'sullivan expected to be among one of the earliest to because he wasn't. picked up the story of a seemingly growing divide in u. u.s. relations and this comes as you say it's difficult juncture in the relations between the e.u. and the usa president trump has made no bones of his criticism of the e.u. suggesting at times that the body is just too bureaucratic and even more criticism was heaped on the e.u. when the secretary of state might pompei you recently visited brussels even our european friends sometimes say we're not acting in the world's interest is the you ensuring that interests of countries and their citizens are placed before those bureaucrats here in brussels these are valid questions the u.s.
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is also even threatens a trade war with the european union suggesting it wants to slack on tariffs to products that it imports from the european union so all of this is quite difficult for those relations now in terms of what the european union has said not very much the u.s. of course is an important trading partner for the book but we did have some strong words from general to ask last year. but frankly speaking. europe should be grateful by president. he has realized that if you knew that. you will find. your. well that statement was back in may of two thousand and eighteen off to the us decided that it was going to withdraw from the uranium new clear record and since then the e.u. has been pretty timid in the way that it is just scribe the administration of
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donald trump two thousand and eighteen a very difficult a rocky relationship between the two it seems that those transatlantic relationships are going to remain sour in two thousand and nineteen as well. so as charlotte just said there the e.u. has so far downplayed the latest spat a spokesperson for the blog has stressed that despite policy disagreements transatlantic ties remain strong. still use told us though that he is concerned by the u.s. president's unpredictability. even enemies i mean when they're having people over normal diplomatic relations. for with each other this was done in a very brutal way and this reflects the the cards are and the docsis of the administration i'm afraid president i know that this than anything about multicultural sadie's he only see the things black and white and then he only cares
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about the money he can understand the issue of for european union that the countries they were fighting each other with ten million dead you know casualties now there are states there are a discussion over a table i don't think you cuz very very clear idea what carbon into europe during the first of the second world war but the real problem is is that we are covering a lot of things one after the other of the long troubled ministration things aggressive against. against anybody he thinks out there so the moment he does not want you know now he does not want to european unity because because if he sees you are a very good with trade. switching gears now a former cia chief has suggested nato would have no reason to exist if it were not for russia david petraeus was speaking on wednesday at a conference in india the latter putin is the greatest gift to nato since the end
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of the cold war and it has provided a new reason for living if you will for nato those remarks appeared to be at odds with nato as official views secretary general younes stolzenberg has repeatedly stressed the need for better relations with russia nato. goal is not a new cold war we strive for a better relationship with russia but not in the old cold war nato does not want a new cold war nato has boosted its military budget this year by more than seven percent to one point four billion euros and its civilian budget has also been increased as well sara flounders from the anti-war international action center so the alliance is using russian threat as an excuse to spend taxpayers' money. those comments seem to be. a very own furt conscious threat against russia while retired general cia director petraeus does not represent just his own
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personal views he represents. the us well when establishing bill mongar ng is an essential part of every military budget of course they have to stay but there's a thread on russia they are going to get the military budget that they want and force the countries in europe the nato members to also and you know which is the pressure on them to do so. the russian lawyer at the center of collusion claims in the two thousand and sixteen us presidential election has been charged with obstructing justice in a separate case natalya is now wanted in america over allegations she involved she was involved in a money laundering scheme is new here and has been. the time to invest on that sky is in the news again this time with charges over this civil case being brought against her she of course became well known after she was named a key person of interest in the robot mode probe into suspected russian
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interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election all over that infamous meeting which took place in trump tower between vessel at sky and donald trump judio which was alleged to have been aimed at dishing the dirt on hillary clinton ahead of the u.s. elections well this next guy has stated time and time again that that particular meeting had nothing to do with politics and nothing to do with russia regardless she's been bombarded with accusations of working for the russian government something she has continuously denied or two years on the now vessel in its sky is back in the spotlight facing charges of obstruction of justice in yet another case involving the u.s. and russia she said to have made a false and misleading declaration. the judge overseeing the twenty fifteen case by stating she had not participated in the drafting of the russian government's response to the u.s. requests for records however u.s.
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investigators have since uncovered e-mails which contradict that claim all this in its gaia talking to a russian channel said she had yet to find out the full details of the charges but suspect that they're aimed at discrediting her as a lawyer and she believes the u.s. may have various reasons why they may want to do that. i think all this aimed at preventing me from carrying out my professional activities in a way that doesn't suit the u.s. it's maybe connected to the magnitsky act corruption in congress and the judicial system and my knowledge of information that they don't want to be made public. well more than two years on from the us elections this vessel had hopes that her reputation may be on its way to recovery following that miller probe what these latest charges have to pay to that now those are for me i will be back in thirty four minutes with a full of news your watch march international so what this. country
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has gone into a nihilistic fever i think and hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america take the show and say this is the genius of this quintessential american hero this is it we've come to a point on which alan is gone so we always are on the current system but this whole gun culture thing already. oh. we're starting west with this is going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the bees and i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more ground tone than it may be completely different and it is just. nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that prevalent in the spot
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the waste the problem for converged books any interrogations out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat lie a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said therefore we're all poor harry said in the statement that i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has nothing to. with all the cross. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics school global politics school business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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greetings and salutation it's the theme of the week here in washington d.c. and across the united states has been walls walls and more walls my arc watchers on tuesday u.s. president donald trump took to the prime time airwaves to address the nation and make his case for why he is standing firm in his belief in campaign promise that america needs a wall a big beautiful wall separating our southern states from the country of mexico and the poor huddled masses from southern and central america seeking refuge within us borders the president using his usual mix of immigration fear mongering in a politician's grasp of the truth attempted to sell the us citizen read on how the wall was essential to fixing the ongoing security and humanitarian crises at the
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border rhetorical in dramatically asking how much more american blood must we shed before congress does its job. naturally the undynamic duo democratic leadership senator chuck schumer and representative nancy pelosi responded to trump's oval office address with their own awkward parent teacher conference style rebuttal complete with a dramatic slow pen in the prerequisite overly patriotic set dressing behind them we are observing that president trump just use the backdrop of the obama oval office to manufacture a crisis stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration. we are now coming up to almost three weeks of the federal government being shut down and that's resulted that said that resulted from this great wall deadlock between congressional democrats in the white house and after all the midweek speeches there are still my friends.


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