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the byproduct of that drug is the cause like severe depression. because it will need one to it's crazy. you know we don't have to do anything it's not our fault she is crazy and all that. here's. the. thing. i. this story shapes the week tens of thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of fronts in a ninth consecutive weekend of yellow vests protests were clashes with police have
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a right to once again. continue to look with the democrats in a standoff over these border war plans which is resulted in the longest government shutdown in u.s. history also to. deal with this is day to day just. to see just cool. that's one dead dodo box state over brags that the british prime minister suffers another day at the office of tuesday's crucial vote on the e.u. divorce plan. thanks for joining as you're watching the weekly here on alt international. in front swear demonstrators have been keeping up pressure on the government with the yellow vests movement holding a ninth consecutive weekend of protests from paris has shown the.
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oh. the first tensions are rising here the up to three or three in paris one of the protests in the city one of many protests taking place across france we have had violence here in new york to trails. the outlook for. the. good. there's water cannons now in full force trying to push protesters away.
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that water cannon and tear gas plumes coming up from the ground we've seen the protesters throwing a projectiles at the police we've seen the police responding. to gas that's just being dispersed there's flash pulls and those cast ballots as well as what look like to be stun grenades and a mobile police force now you can see running in the hole dressed in black you can just see behind me that is a little fire that's just the period that's been coming along people reveling around that as that i guess comes in the air the tear gas is just moving we can hear it now and people are moving to once why when i have improved as
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the eyes tear gas of being up. there are over five thousand offices taking part in the security of paris eight thousand across france people i've spoken to the chelation all say yes this is after nine this is the ninth consecutive weekends but this is not going to stop this is going to continue. and it wasn't only the french capital that experience protests today in thousands of people took to the streets and police there using tear gas to disperse the crowds in leone hundred smarts in tribute to victims of the protests they released yellow balloons and laid flowers to honor them and some of the protest ended in violence. on the. fringe broadcast o.c.i. reported to this journalist and two accompanying security officers were assaulted they were covering the rally in the northern france if you're wrong on of the
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security officers had his nose broken and needed hospital treatment there were also of the reports of attacks and intimidation on journalists across the country. the u.s. government shutdown has now become the longest in the country's history and this week accusations have been flying back and forth between democrat leaders and donald trump. democrats in congress have refused to acknowledge the crisis president trump mustapha holding murtha people hostage might stop manufacturing a crisis stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration and must reopen the government the federal government remains shut down for one reason and one reason only because democrats will not fund border security no president should pound the table and demand he gets his way or else the
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government shuts down senator chuck schumer has repeatedly supported a physical barrier in the past along with many other democrats they change their mind only after i was elected president and wednesday the us president stormed out of talks with his democratic counterparts branding the metoprolol waste of time on late tweeted that he said the bye bye to house speaker nancy pelosi when she refused to approve funding for his war. former florida state democratic polity chairman sees and american political come to steve differing views on the border wall to speed he hit on every note and you know what's holding all this up you know it's just keeping the government shutdown and holding all this up is the fact that nancy pelosi says no wall not one penny that's not negotiating this was a purely political attempt to help you saying poll numbers where sixty three percent of the people in america now say they don't want the wall and they want to
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turn back on his statements about mexico is still going to pay for the wall because of tariffs that's nonsense we're lowering the tariffs would be less money coming in it's exactly the opposite almost every democrat including schumer voted for a fence a few years ago with obama and love the fence and make speeches about how they need a wall obama made speeches about it now it's immoral because it's trump who wants it so please trump will declare a national emergency reopen the government take the funding from the military and guess what the democrats won't like that either so nothing donald trump could do that won't negotiate with them and he will he makes it good to criticize so you know it is what it is that's the political reality today when i think backs of times of presidents democrat or republican who asked for national time like candy during the cuban missile crisis or obama when we killed osama bin ladin or bush with nine eleven those were real national situations the problem is is that when we
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have a real national crisis two thirds of this country will not believe president trump based on all his past behavior. case for the war. the border between mexico and texas while there he was shown some of the crossing into america .
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when i took the oath of law i swore to protect our country and that is what i will always do my administration has been sent to. jail proposal to secure the border and stop the. drug smugglers and human traffickers. with. a crucial briggs's vote in the british parliament to resume ace had a pretty busy week trying to win backing for a divorce but once again the prime minister was given a hostile reception. deal is dead is the deadest.
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i believe it is possible to have that future relationship which is deep and close with the european union that gives us the freedom to do what we want to do. prime minister has been recklessly wasting time holding the country to ransom with the threat of no deal while the prime minister of peace the facts there is little support for a deal or no deal in this house are we why on earth would we walk away from this to be frank i have lost trust in the prime minister's ability to negotiate a good deal. if this deal is rejected is that we have the risk of her alice's. security your car making derogatory comments about threats that sticker on the subject of bricks it happens to be. affix to or in the windscreen of my wife's car yes i'm sure
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your noble gentleman wouldn't suggest for one moment i heard your wife is somehow the property or chattel. was. for now it seems to reason make could be forced to draft a new deal is the current one is not expected to pass on tuesday and with a growing number of m.p.'s expressing their opposition to the prime minister's plan another option is that the u.k. leave the and its institutions without any deal in place and the uncertainty there have also been calls for an extension of article fifteen which would give the u.k. in theory more time to negotiate a divorce and want to resume a has ruled out calling a second referendum but could in theory still happen and all this is contemplated to tension in and outside parliament as. meet on
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a subaru she's a conservative politician and a vocal opponent of bragg's it but this week some of her opponents came to westminster and got more vocal than her. right political or you know if you were offended by wireless i just think this is astonishing this is this is what has happened to our country something has happened the debate over how britain's departure from the e.u. should look or whether it should take place until now has turned rather ugly this is the palace of westminster is where british politicians work and the area around it is a public street as you can see anybody can walk down here there can be demonstrators as well and it's not unusual on any given day to see a politician maybe a member of parliament or even a senior minister simply walk out of here and towards abingdon green here where they might be taking part in a t.v. debate or an interview but that practice is increasingly under threat as the
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atmosphere here turns increasing in times over the impending gregg's that day and the fact that there is no agreed on election in place this was an a subaru trying to leave after the interviews. that you are going to egypt when it comes to the politicians aren't the only ones getting abuse from agitated members of the public sky news anchor kay burley was heckled by pro brags that protestors while live on air. flow her part of the world so close and owen jones a leftwing journalist and author was taunted by a group of right wing protesters i believe everything to go with whatever comes right surely this situation outside parliament has now become an issue for parliament to deal with i must tell you to the house that it is. frankly in total
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if members of parliament and journalists. go about their business in fear. this situation cannot stand over sixty politicians have written a letter to london's chief of police warning of the deteriorating security situation around parliament and demanding better protection some of the systems of said that a certain degree of abuse or heckling simply because of the territory of being a elected politician or just a public figure in a functioning democracy but the police here now have the rather difficult task of balancing the freedom to protest of some with protecting the safety of others including mine. the state has slammed the obama administration's middle east policies promising big changes are on the way but story under this after this break
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. welcome to max keiser it is. without. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. as a report. police stations are always telling us oh we can't have everything at the same time we can have peace and democracy blah blah blah in a situation i know war situation that's not true is that instead of telling people what you can't have everything and then failing to deliver on everything we should be ferric here and say ok you can have peace like some kind of peace you can have some kind of democracy you can have some kind of justice in the short term but
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unfortunately we cannot feel everything at the same time so someone has to make a choice. welcome back greece is on the brink of political chaos after the defense minister quit his policy would also leave the ruling coalition prime minister alexis tsipras is now calling for a confidence vote in the government raising the possibility of snap elections. again today panels come in are said he's resigning as defense minister and that he would ask the same from other members of the independent greeks party i accepted his resignation and the one accept any other resignation to come will move swiftly
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to the procedure that our constitution and the parliamentary rules oblige for the renewal of confidence in my government by parliament in order to proceed with a clear majority on all those crucial choices for our society and our country just like the defense minister bitterly opposes the government plans to approve it nor the neighbor changing its name to north macedonia he added that any deal including macedonia in the name of the balkan state was unacceptable the name was tied to greek civilization and culture so the issue of macedonia the issue of the name for which thousands of people died does not allow me to sacrifice my position in the government of the shock resignation intensifies a twenty seven year dispute over what to call greece's neighbor here's a look why. for decades greece is fourth basically over neighbor macedonia's name because athens border region is also called macedonia one of the country's official
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name safeway r m short for the former yugoslav republic of macedonia stop the laying claim to the rich history of that name after all military genius alexander the great still study didn't walk out to be around the world was born in macedonia with the things blocking its neighbors nato and the e.u. membership over the issue is finally greeted me the republic of north macedonia macedonia as parliament be amended its constitution to ratify the name change but greece's politics means it has yet to do the same and the deadline for ratification this month. from economics editor at athens news to me to this you know pulis believes that the deal over macedonia name change could lead to a major crisis in greece it's something that the greeks the majority of the greek people do not appear to be ready to accept it as a said all. polls show that public opinion is against the
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segment which means that a major crisis. of this system of the political system the greek parliament as it. stands now is in jeopardy. so i'm not sure whether. prime minister cheaper will going to do it early elections now he would hope to do drag this regime far as possible towards next october when it's the end of its term in office in order to hold elections and by that time there may be a major national crisis. by the forces that are opposed to this agreement outside parliament. the u.s. . state has lashed out at the bomb administration's middle east policies and is called for a new day in fighting extremists might bump a also highlighted the main directions of current u.s.
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policy in the middle east but his speech in cairo somewhat echoed one barack obama made in the same city ten years ago. i've come here to cairo to seek a new beginning between the united states and muslims around the world. the age of self-inflicted american shame is over and so are the policies that produce so much needless suffering. now comes the real new beginning. here to iran's leaders and people that my country is prepared to move forward the president has reversed our willful blindness to the danger of the regime and withdrew from the failed nuclear deal with its false promises. the us we imposed sanctions should never have been lifted. because commitment will not weaken. indeed none of us should tolerate these extremists. the president has made the decision to bring our troops home from syria we always do and now is the time airstrikes in the
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region will continue as targets arise we will keep working with our partners in the coalition to defeat isis we will continue to hunt down terrorists who seek a safe havens in libya and in yemen. speech comes during a controversial face of the u.s. campaign in syria while withdrawing his troops in the region washington recently stepped up the number of strikes on the hawkins. with every u.s. intervention the question of when why and if a tool to withdraw its forces has sooner or later taken center stage and both debate and controversy syria is the latest example and how much confusion this discussion has already caused. first problem to solve is how the withdrawal will look it still remains a mystery not only to the world but seemingly also to u.s. officials themselves they're all coming back and they're coming back now they said
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recently that we have more time is of no if you really want to have we're going to be removing our troops i never said we're doing exactly three years i want to wipe your time here but when you watch of the four months visit. with dr who do you think they should have heard that word oh we're withdrawing is it mission accomplished as with george bush's iraq war speech things that look that clear and simple. and the biggest problem of all just how will the u.s. balance the interests of its permanent and temporary allies in the region we're going to be discussing the president's decision to withdraw or to do so from northeast syria in a way that makes sure that the. defense of israel or other friends in the region is absolutely sure those other allies are the kurds and the u.s. says they won't leave until they're safe and this is a red line for turkey
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a longstanding nato ally any kurd linked conditions or caviar to simply unacceptable for ankara. if the withdrawal is put off with ridiculous excuses like the turks are massacring kurds which does not reflect the reality we will implement this decision and we haven't even spoken about containing iran. also does the defeat of isis also might. equal u.s. exit president trump certainly seem to think so we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten a badly but others like. john bolton still talk of the continuing battle against islamic state u.s. forces continue as trucks in syria which show no sign of abating which brings me to this next point. despite the concerns of top officials the pentagon is already taking a more relaxed that is shoot to that current strike reports the continued degree
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nation of isis leads to decreased connecticut t.t.c. against a terrorist organization our intent is to reduce the number of reports while maintaining transparency reports will decrease from weekly to twice a month and releases will no longer indicates a specific time location or even target for such strikes it's an indication that the united states is not really withdrawing from from syria and a meaningful way i think it means that they are plan to continue with their effort to undermine and attack the syrian government in one form or another they have not yet given up their idea of basically promoting division within syria the effort to break off northeast syria and effectively create a separate entity in that the kurdish region that effort is failing for various reasons but there and elsewhere there is still a long term goal to prevent syria from being
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a strong stable united force that is independent of both washington and riyadh and tel aviv if the hope for the u.s. plan in syria was a new year new strategy isn't quite materialized with the u.s. administration seemingly as confused as the rest of us you all watching our team to national return with more news in half an hour see that. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm showbusiness i'll see if that. u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. we're going after the
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people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circular defenses officer says we're going to attack and destroy their governments and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money on those with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war then surely we can risk some discomfort for an easy nice for us. when they came back from iraq out of marijuana her was cocaine methamphetamine so anything that's altering trying to get us out of. that bad mindset using the camera there would be self medicating. i want to be
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drinking and drinking ino noon just killing myself drinking alcohol links don't drink to get drunk alcoholics drink to feel normal. that's why alcoholics that's why drug addicts do what they do a shot of us over here and there right here through our cool under which these guys are going through to it it just means to. need to be helped and good pushed on by the v.a.'s are as drugs go and stuff they need to be helped. and they've really shouldn't be looked at like numbers they should be looked at like people if they go to a veteran center for help. it should be considered as someone who really needs attention . as a spy you know half do really split your own personality into two you that is that committed jihad this that was still alive there within me and then there is the son
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who wanted to counter everything they want to do and try and dismantle everything they were doing so you have to really become a good doctor and know there are tools. you have to follow your own family in order to hold them. this is a story of one of africa's giants. know his teeth on that shot. and his neck isn't that long. list giant is rather modest and keeps a low profile that's not him either. people are often scared of this particular
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joint but he is nowhere near as dangerous as that one causes a friendly giant every day with the possible exception of weekends. saves human lives day is. his name is isaac the giant power scrat. and i like his brothers and sisters he was born with a passion for travel. isaac's birthplace was a special training center in tanzania. it's
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called which stands for development of landmine detection equipment that's what isaac is these are mine sniffing rat. rats are everywhere they are sociable to all circumstances and they fifteen seem dio's is with humanity since ever. they actually traditionally get rid of all our garbage and they've been doing that. for always. mind sniffing rats are put to work in former hot spots where learned mines are among the most deadly remnants of conflict they're often found years after war has ended and serious injury isn't the only problem. imagine how it must feel to live with the knowledge that there's a landmine lurking somewhere near your home. when i was a close up field and to help make the problem of landmines a thing of the past.


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