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tv   News  RT  January 13, 2019 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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no. i think that in. fact. i. think. yellow vest activists take to the streets for ninth consecutive weekend a protest against the french government. the u.s.
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government shutdown becomes the longest in history as donald trump plays into the democrats for refusing to fund his border war games. this is day to day just for that she. told. the british prime minister looks increasingly isolated and parliament had to choose days crucial votes on have cracks and class. you're watching the weeks ahead on national welcome to the program. we start with france where the l.f.s. movement has held its ninth weekend of protests against the government shall it depends give reports from power.
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oh. the first tensions are rising here the up to three or three in paris one of the protests in the city one of many protests taking place across france we have had violence here in new york to creoles. her. but. there's water cannons now in full force trying to push protesters away. that water cannon and tear gas plumes coming up from the ground we've seen the
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protesters throwing a projectiles at the police we've seen the police responding. to gas that's just being dispersed there's flash pulls and those cast ballots as well as what looked like to be someone could aides and the mobile police force now you can see running in the hole dressed in black you could just see behind me that is a small fire that's just a period been coming along people reveling around that as that i guess comes in the air the tear gas is just moving we can hear it now and people are moving to once why when i have improved as the eyes tear gas of being up. pushdowns there are around five thousand offices taking part in the security of paris
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eight thousand across france people i've spoken to the chelation all say yes this exact nine this is the ninth consecutive weekends but this is not going to stop this is going to continue. and it was not only the french capital that experience protests on saturday in nonce thousands took to the streets with police using tear gas to disperse the crowds and hundreds marched in tribute to the ten people killed since the protests started they released to get a blooms and laid flowers to on of them and some of the protests ended in violence oh oh oh. french bull costa l.c.i. reported two of its journalists and two accompanying security officers were assaulted they were covering the rally in the northern french city of ruins one of the security officers had his nose broken immediate hospital treatment there are
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also other reports of attacks and intimidation in genesis across the country. it's now day twenty three of the u.s. government shutdown making it the longest in history and throughout the week accusations have been flying back and forth between democrat leaders and donald trump. democrats in congress have refused to acknowledge the crisis president trump must stop holding the american people hostage might stop manufacturing a crisis stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration and must we open the government the federal government remains shut down for one reason and one reason only because democrats will not fund border security no president should pound the table and demand he gets his way or else the government shuts down senator chuck schumer has repeatedly supported
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a physical barrier in the past along with many other democrats they change their mind only after i was elected president on wednesday the us president stormed out of talks with the top democrats in congress branding the meeting a total waste of time he later tweeted he said bye bye to house speaker nancy pelosi when she refused her prefunding for his wall. former florida state democratic party chairman mitch cesar an american political commentator steve malzberg had differing views on the border wall disputes. he hit on every note and you know what's holding all this up you know it's shit keeping the government shutdown and holding all this up is the fact that nancy pelosi says no wall not one penny that's not negotiating this was a purely political attempt to help you say poll numbers where sixty three percent of the people in america now say they don't want the wall and they want to turn back on his statements about mexico is still going to pay for the wall because of
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tariffs that's nonsense we're lowering the tariffs would be less money coming in it's exactly the opposite almost every democrat including schumer voted for a fence a few years ago with obama and love defense and make speeches about how they need a wall obama made speeches about it now it's immoral because it's trump who wants it so please trump will declare a national emergency reopen the government and take the funding from the military and guess what the democrats won't like that either so nothing donald trump could do that won't negotiate with them any movie makes it go to criticize so you know it is what it is that's the political reality today when i think backs of times of presidents democrat or republican who asked for national time like candy during the cuban missile crisis or obama when we killed osama bin ladin or bush with nine eleven those were real national situations the problem is is that when we have a real national crisis two thirds of this country will not believe president trump
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based on all his past behavior to make his case full of the will travel to the pollutant between mexico and texas while that he was shot and some of the contraband causing into america.
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when i took the oath of office i swore to protect our country and that is what i will always do my administration has presented to congress with a detail proposal to secure the border and stop the criminal gangs drug smugglers and human traffickers. with the clock ticking down to choose days crucial votes in the british parliament to raise amaze had a busy week trying to win backing for heads of all steel but once again the prime minister was given a hostile reception by his own parliament. as his date is the deadest. i believe it is possible to have
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a future relationship which is deep in place with the european union that gives us the freedom to do what we want to do. our minister has been reckless the way students hauling holding the country to ransom with the threats of no geo political the prime minister. piece the facts there's little support for a deal or no deal in this times we. why on earth would we walk away from it to be frank or who've lost trust in the prime minister's ability to negotiate a good do. if this deal is rejected is that we have the risk of bricks it promises. to carry in your car making derogatory comments about threats that stick up on the subject of reps it happens to be. fixed in the windscreen of my wife's car yes i'm sure
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your noble gentleman wouldn't suggest for one moment. there's a wife is somehow the property or shaft so. thin now it seems to reason may could be forced to seek a new deal as the current want to snow is expected to pass on tuesday with a growing number of m.p.'s expressing their opposition to the prime minister's plan another option is that the u.k. leaves the e.u. and its institutions without any deal in place at all amid the uncertainty there have also been calls for an extension of article fifty which would give the u.k. more time to negotiate a divorce and while theresa may has ruled out calling a second referendum that too could still potentially happen all that has contributed to tension in an outside parliament as polly boycott reports. meet on a subaru she's a conservative politician and
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a vocal opponent of bragg's it but this week some of her opponents came to westminster and got more vocal than her. right one of a colorado if you were offended by wireless i just think this is astonishing this is this is what has happened to our country something has happened the debate over how britain's departure from the e.u. should look or whether it should take place until now has turned rather ugly this is the palace of westminster is where british politicians work and the area around it is a public street as you can see anybody can walk down here there can be demonstrators as well and it's not unusual on any given day to see a politician maybe a member of parliament or even a senior minister simply walk out of here and towards abingdon green here where they might be taking part in a t.v. debate or an interview but that practice is increasingly under threat as the
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atmosphere here turns increasing in times over the impending gregg's that day and the fact that there is no agreed plan of action in place this was an a subaru trying to leave after the interviews. that you are going to do to win it and the politicians aren't the only ones getting abuse from agitated members of the public sky news anchor kay burley was heckled by pro brags that protestors while live on air. love her work was a little harder for her but it was and owen jones a left wing journalist and author was taunted by a group of right wing protesters i believe everything you go with there was a right surely this situation outside parliament has now become an issue for parliament to deal with i must tell you to the house that it is. frankly i couldn't tell. if the members of parliament. go
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about their business in fear of. this situation cannot stand over sixty politicians have written a letter to london's chief of police warning of the deteriorating security situation around parliament and demanding better protection some of the systems of said that a certain degree of abuse or heckling simply because of the territory of being a elected politician or just a public figure in a functioning democracy but the police here now have the right moment difficult task of balancing the supreme them to protest of some with protecting the safety of others including mine. still to come on r.t. german politicians are outraged after the us ambassador to the country sends a letter seemingly threatening german companies find out why after the break.
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letisha always telling us all we can have everything at the same time we can have peace and democracy blah blah blah in a pulse conflict situation or in a war situation that's not true is that instead of telling people what you can't have everything and then failing to deliver on everything you are we should be
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ferric here and say ok you can have peace but some kind of is you can have some kind of democracy you can have some kind of justice in the short term but unfortunately we cannot feel everything at the same time so someone has to make a choice. welcome back to r.t. donald trump is threatens to devastate take his economy if the country attacks the kids in syria and its weights he said the us military pullouts will go ahead as plans starting the long overdue pullout from syria while hitting the little remaining isis territorial caliphate hard and from many directions will attack again from existing nearby base if it reforms will devastate turkey economically if
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they hit kurds. trump's tweets comes days off to take a renewed his threats to launch a military offensive against the k a y p j in northern syria the group received support from the us and has played a crucial role in fighting islamic states but the why ph is feared by and chris a terrorist organization the dispute has put a strain on the u.s. and to case a long standing alliance within they say well we can now bring an antiwar activist richard back richard good to have you on the program here with us now president truckers be known to exaggerate at times but do you think this threat to devastate to case economy is actually genuine. well you know it's just i think amazing the u.s. troops should get out of syria and they should get out of iraq and out of the whole region. it's very very unusual to have the head of the u.s. empire issuing statements like this tweeting statements like this where he's
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threatening our country that is part of nato with the united states and the kind of the eastern and her nato and then to just simply. say we will devastate the turkish economy i mean it's an amazing statement and one that we can't really imagine having heard from any other president of the united states particularly put in those terms but i think it would be there were really create a crisis a serious serious crisis in the relations between the u.s. and turkey if the u.s. were to now move to implement new sanctions particularly if they were said to be devastating sanctions well let's talk about the tickets for minister as well because he spoke about the planned operation speaking on thursday he said they will decide on his timing and not receive permission from anyone so do you think ankara will actually go ahead with the assault. well there's
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a lot of rhetoric that's floating around on both sides that sounds contradictory i mean the fact that trump would say that the u.s. is leaving and then his national security adviser bolton would say from israel are all places that i know that it was going to take years for the u.s. to leave and then turn days later they started leaving so you have that kind of statement and then you have the statements extremely diligent statements by air no one on their side but. at the same time it's tempered by with the foreign minister said and i think the expectation would be that there's not about to be a massive invasion i mean we can't say that for sure but the relations inside the u.s. government i think are very tense right now because those who are really responsible for foreign policy aside from china i think are concerned that this is really disrupting the imperial interests of the united states we talked about say case
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economy the full it's already been hit by the u.s. and by the u.s. steel tariffs and the labor is recently lost hof its value against the dollar but so can a forward to enter a new confrontation in this difficult time. well as i said i don't know if that's about it if that's imminent clearly the turkish economy is in trouble and then it has an impact also i mean the idea that sanctions can be. to new sanctions can be implemented against turkey and it won't have any effect on the united states is completely false both from an economic point of view and from the point of view of the military alliance which is about to celebrate its seventieth anniversary an offensive i should say an offensive military alliance the nato alliance it has been from its beginning in one nine hundred forty nine but i
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think that again the leaders in the pentagon and in the foreign policy establishment of the united states are extremely concerned about where trump is doing well trump announced the pullout from syria about some months ago saying it would happen within thirty days but then if the two thousand will say u.s. troops have left yet what's holding them back well again there is a big division inside the ruling elite in the united states in the establishment the real chorus stablished of. where i think many of the leading figures consider troops proclamation of in his his his very impulsive statements as posing a danger to u.s. worldwide interest and those u.s. worldwide interest are the interest of empire and done the nation and nowhere has been more important to the united states in terms of domination over the last
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seventy years in the middle east. and take he's been a key military pun of the u.s. since joining nato what does this dispute mean for the whole and the alliance. well i think that that depends on what the next steps are that trump the extent they chop announces it is implementing a wide ranging minimum or way to sanctions and turkey i think that that will be viewed very negatively by most quarters in the headquarters of the empire in washington d.c. . ok my guest we appreciate your comments that my guest richard becker antiwar activist thank you for joining us. to thank you. the u.s. ambassador to ben has threatened sanctions for any companies involved in the north stream pipeline project with russia has done of course have reports the u.s. ambassador to germany just issued
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a warning to companies working on the russian led nord stream to gas pipeline he said in a letter that these companies could face sanctions if they stick to the project as you're aware the united states strongly opposes north stream to the pipeline poses serious geopolitical consequences to our european allies and partners we continue to stress that firms operating in the russian energy export pipeline sector are engaging in activities that carry significant sanctions risk the embassy spokesperson said this shouldn't be interpreted as a threat but simply a declaration of us foreign policy now construction on the pipeline began back in july and at that time sixty six percent of germans were polled at supporting it and it certainly is a big business venture it's a joint project between the russian state owned gas company and five western companies with germany taking a lead role on the project now this pipeline is supposed to double the capacity of
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an existing pipeline already on the baltics and it's supposed to stretch from western russia all the way into the heart of the european union when it's budgeted at around nine point five billion euros now america has the united states has been against this since the beginning back in november the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. said that washington had the tools to curb the project if berlin remained adamant now let's hear what berlin had to say now about this the us ambassador seems to give the impression he's a voice. roy of the washington emperor the us ambassador using direct threats towards german companies is a new and on except to build strengthening of tone in the transatlantic relationship which the federal government should protest against the matter of european energy policy must be decided in europe not in the u.s. so the pipeline controversy could go in a number of ways it all depends on whether the e.u.
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is willing to carve out its own economic path or whether it's willing to continue to allow the u.s. to influence the situation from across the atlantic. and lest pm manual tom and says the u.s. is simply pursuing its an economic interests only stream the united states would like to send their own shaded gas in competition we have a russian gas they try to blackmail europeans in order to force them to buy more american shade and sense it is working because germany accepted to build a new port to import from united states but at the same time the europeans want to continue to make energy business of russia because it's cheap and secure the second objective of the united states has always been to
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control eurasia and to prevent europe to be too close to russia it towards to a way to present a strong sense emerging on the eurasia between western europe and russia and by trying to always fragmenting eurasia it's a way for united states to keep the leadership in both worlds for their own job particular power. the mayor of a polish city is being stabbed on stage during a charity event he's in critical condition the incident happened in the port city of game front of a large crowds that may have a dime of it was previously a member of poland's ruling party drawing these souls the attacker reports of the blames the mayor for wrongfully wrongfully imprisoning him the it's hakka was arrested. thanks for watching all say the programs continue in
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just a few moments. the country's gone into a nihilistic fever that's funny thank god it hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the showed the genius. of the central american hero this is it we've come to a point around which alan would have done so we always are on the bridge of some. culture is really important. because. we're starting west with this is what we're going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think i want to leave now governor getting more ground though that we may be completely different but end of this journey.
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to make this manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when they're running close to some project themselves. with the financial merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to foundation let it be an arms race and it is often spinning dramatic developments only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very chaotic at a time time to sit down and talk. at
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the time a local television reporter from detroit is following the case closely bill proctor is well aware of the methods used by local police to close certain cases as quickly as possible. they did this all the time. they had people make statements whether in writing or they did the writing they had some buddies and with the suggestion that hears this and you can go i've heard that doesn't. sound dozens. and it wouldn't surprise me at all the three real number doesn't run into the hundreds or thousands because the same cadre of dead detectives that probably were two dozen of
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them were in place for over thirty five years. were marked on. medicaid. with no evidence or witness statements against him on the seventh of march nine hundred ninety seven monson is sentenced to fifty years of criminal imprisonment for the murder of christina brown. only one element was used against him the confession that he signed. martin believe that this is going to be. a fusion that i would not want to be in prison or. something that i would wish him off worst enemy just being processed for you to go into a sale. the whole process of it is comfortable.
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you feel like your freedom is being.


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