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you know this is going to be that o.b.e.'s was really a lead here in america interval c. national civilian community course they are young men and women between the ages of eighteen and twenty four they receive four dollars and fifty cents a day in stipend for food four dollars for incidentals so they make right at eight fifty a day and they work for eleven months at that rate when they're completed with their whole eleven months they receive a scholarship for college worth about five thousand dollars and that's that's it and they travel around the nation they volunteer with different organizations and do whatever is needed now it's. traumatic brain injury yes yes and that is many veterans have t.b.i.
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and those that do not want to be i often have p.t.s. post-traumatic stress disorder which will be kind of going into that so i don't know how much guys know about that and if you're nervous about working with veterans and your life you see all those terrible things on the news and you're like they're all psycho and we're also going to really get played. it. used to be a vet big man it being the. way the. truth is. the things like that and the words that they are speaking to you are mighty hard my scene with. my. legs that we were to go in and they had to. do this not that we are trying to do that to our loved ones. we're shoulder and
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to our family members or you know all we might not even realize there is something that is going on with. this was you know your society. ok. both hands up i know nothing intimate yet. i understand that you're having a bad day at this moment in time. it's ok. i'm not the one that's the enemy. normally that's going to quick. works on her. when she does it. and that's where we came up with the problem. is because she would come in i mean like i was the enemy trying to i had done something wrong to her and. pretty much. and so and this worked on
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big phil worked on him once were oh you know let's work on all of us utilize it if need be just a simple matter. and then. mario would come in. if you know you know you. if you don't want it to work for you to come up with a million different excuses why. you're right it will work that with with you know groups like the v.a. or like these veterans here that was one of our first successes we got a young guy down here that chief weaver the just retired chief of police found them sitting in a car with a heroin needle stuck in his arm and instead of put in jail he brought us to that are in kuwait retreat. and now he's working with and he's down there every day just
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that he got married and and he's looking pretty good. through southern afghanistan you know i was in the. boys all this recording going hundred thousand wreaths. it's like must exist documentary you go anywhere. some of us don't know whether we can say where we were or war. and so it's easier for us to say we were in a conflict zone. but. so some people in that allowed to say where they actually were being go. for seventy two years were not allowed to say where we actually were you kidding me see how serious we signed a piece of paper same for seven in two years will keep state secrets after seventy two years we can talk about.
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you know we. like there's no three doctrine that really started then in the mid ninety's and kind of became a thing in the early two thousand and six which is full spectrum dominance control of space. cyber security land sea air. and united states in general the united states in general and bringing the country does that right one person on board one country wants to dominate it creates a lot of tension because it is not that everyone else in the bowl has the same i just didn't have the same idea so he dies against it and then and it and that creates wars it is right so and people like you were another people who go will. you go there and they suffer and. other people so. yeah well
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i mean people on the other side of you know our foreign policy are different where you suffer fortunately more than americans. i mean we have p.t.s.d. you. thanks early wives because of a trigger or what not but they're still living in fear every single day you know and places like iraq syria afghanistan and pakistan. well i'm not saying they're all never be conflict i'm not saying there should be no military i just think that military a military should be used for the dance of the population that volunteers to join it and pays the taxes that pay for. you know i think the average
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taxpayer would not. like knowing that their tax dollars you know like how many to one probably like. a thousand to one for all i know you know of their tax dollars or how would you save a tax revenue is going to this system that. has no respect for human dignity. you know for every like thousand dollars that's spent on defense spending. there may only be one you know. for a forum which for food stamps or education or whatever as a nation i feel that our priorities are completely misguided misguided that they've been hijacked and too many people are deluding themselves. we are
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protecting human rights or whatever we we don't have the moral high ground. and that's not to say that some of these people that are are supposed enemy i sense . aren't terrible themselves what they do is completely inconsiderable but it doesn't make us any better if we also have no respect for human dignity. on the twenty second of every month. my bros a lot of my time my bros that i was overseas with we call each other we text each other we facebook each other make sure that we're still we're still good because. twenty two vets a day. star cool. i know what these guys are going through to do it it just needs to. they just need to be helped and not get pushed on them by
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the v.a. it's ours drugs go and stuff we need to be helped i was able to start these all my issues in till i got all the crap of you yeah i was all over forty medications three times a day and i was chemically bottom honest so i couldn't i couldn't get off the street drugs or anything else until i got off all the drug was give me. that's what i'm going to be a counselor or if they were to take the drugs or they would just not. i don't believe in their philosophies or pharmaceuticals every day. because pharmaceuticals i did my last two years of my life. so yeah. or if you are right. they pollute your mind and they just try to get you basically they want to be complacent. yes i don't be open up to where you just
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don't have the mind to plane or to think for yourself. just when she. said you know finally i've had a moment of clarity and i. do think though. that it takes a trilogy it takes the veterans health care ministration their vocational rehabilitation portion of it their education their mental health departments along with nonprofits within the communities and in the civilian population. and we have found that it's very helpful to put the veterans working with civilians in simple projects like farming construction fences building. renovation these type of things that you get to billions civilians work along with the veterans that
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comradeship builds between them and then it's easier for the better news to reintegrate because they fill that is their battle buddy on the right and their battle buddy on the left in the civilian world and in the military that is what we really became to depend on is always having somebody right there beside us that we don't have to worry about them covering our back because that's their job and in the civilian world having that person be in right behind you in cover and you. is very beneficial and that reintegration process. really shouldn't be looked at like numbers they should be looked at like people like like everyone should be looked at like people if they go to a veteran center for help they should be considered as someone who really needs attention. if you look at them like they're. just like beings that need to be
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helped out and sent out back into the world. i don't that's not really it's feel like you're just looking at them as sort of an obstacle to. just clear out and be done with and i don't think that's overall helpful to their recovery. it's already bad enough that in in our society people are seeing them as just kind of. obstacles in some senses things that are harder to interact with or socialize with or people that people feel uncomfortable around but it's even worse that when they actually go to seek help and take the initiative that they're still seen as something that is kind of an obstacle in that sense something that needs to be dealt with and then sent off.
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with just manufactured sentenced to public will. when the ruling classes protect them so. when the final merry go round to listen to the will most of the. time we can all middle of the room sit. in the real news room. as your health care executive or bank your cost for fellow governors millions hundreds of millions trillions of dollars if you're not part of that cobol you are the one paying for it yes and that's why there's a lot of social unrest that's the best movement in france and around the world that's the global insurrection against banker occupation is coming to america and twenty nine s. . your torch and let's party on it did because it's all about the rebel that's.
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what politicians do listen to them. they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be rich. what's it like to be press that's like the full story in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. and the should. reflect there's someone else living inside of me like controlling my body. the byproduct of that drug is the cause like some fear depression.
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because it literally made him into a zombie it's crazy. you know i mean we don't have to do anything that's not our fault you know this is crazy and all that. took years to come that it takes a long time to get rid of. the v.a. has made some mistakes even overdosed there's not the v.a.'s fault it's the doctors that are doing it they're the ones that need to be educated in the way to understand that there is other ways to end up to take care of yourself without having to take drugs that some of it's not even necessary to take and this was really weird going to find look.
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like it may have thought why. i want to be i want to think about something that is lost and just manage to get within yourself doing it getting outdoors seeing your country taking in the hike in the woods anything fishing you know a river creek just just get away all that works there is ways to you know your issues. to be in a depression. using drugs are a little like the idea of using drugs or all you do is just listening to that it's not needed there's too much. beauty beauty to be involved with that that having to use drugs and all the all it's going to do is is take it to another level lower it doesn't it doesn't bring you out of it and i say that mother nature bean outdoors is one of those things anybody could do to.
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meet her been in rural areas or there's a separation between the urban rural areas and i don't know if that has something to do with it if i was selling veterans if they were messed up and they have a they're having issues made that they don't know if they want you know. live through another day i see a tree. you know and you'll find in life and he's so simple so he so late that is so comfortable. you just get a welcher and three years ago. he was in a wheelchair three years ago and really you know. never got out of the house didn't
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come out ok and now i can tell it. songs about twenty years he hid i was in and out of a chair for twenty years and. and i've had a lot to do with not getting enough physical therapy through the me and my drug addictions and it wasn't till i was able to give me right before my mind right before i could start working on other things and i i could have been years earlier if i would have had the support from the v.a. . yeah i thought i had the support from the v.a. a lot of things earlier on i had to take the road i did but don't get me wrong i'd never i wouldn't change a thing because everything that's happened to me so far in life has got me here and i'm pretty sure this place it helps me immensely it helps me get around other people it helps me to get away from that isolation mode that i frequently fall into
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and so yeah being around here being around young unique you know the younger guys the american or yeah it just gives you a little spark to life makes you feel like he had a reason and it's one of those things when you're well intentioned. you join the military because you want to do good. and really good your group you're beautiful whom you during the new order of the moral for yourself for humanity you know for the american people for god and country whatever you know but. then you're aware that your intentions you you want to be having a positive effect in the world so it's that cognitive dissonance thing. ok yes you know they're dropping bombs but it's for the greater good kind of put yourself in a state of denial to a certain extent. but. you're our new start reflecting on it asking
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questions and answers to yourself what was the purpose of this maybe. for me i became more interested in. geo political situation and informing myself more like i said you kind of. put it all together over time. and that's when i don't know really sinks in at least it did for me and i remember my second deployment in afghanistan and i would say well i remember it but didn't mean to do it. piece of the puzzle that i put together when i really realized later. i was in an active part in this whole. imperialist corporatist oligarchic system that doesn't give a shit about people there's the the humanity is gone it's all about profit motive
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that's what mario was the war is a business. why do we go to war to protect american interests sometimes they say you know well what are american interests. things we want. and we feel for whatever reason and i missed it. by saying we don't mean all americans and that that is their intention but the way a manifest soul timidly is that. you know they have oil we want it we deserve it it is our right to take it. because the people who make the decisions to go to war and profit off of it. are the ones affected by it it's not. their son or daughter and it goes off to war it's not their house gets. destroyed it's not. their mother or or father. on tour oh cool or grandparent
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or child that was killed by a drone notes. see we're connected to drones right yes. well that sounds like a claim in that instance. just seems that people don't understand this but a lot of us ball and cheered to be in the service because we wanted to serve the country as vets in that way just wanted to be able to serve our nation so after we get out and there were able to do things that benefit the community we're still accomplishing the mission that we signed up to be in the military for to serve so i really think that these bets that you bet you see that there is a lot of correlation that they're giving back to him giving back to them giving
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back invite them giving back it's empowering them and that's part of the healing process must be in. and it's teaching a child how to do it properly if it's teaching them better and how to work on their car and get it back into running if it's teach them how to grow things in farming and they're teaching them they are they've been empowered. they've given back they've passed that knowledge on to somebody else so i get tickled when i see him do it. so often times people believe that only soldiers have p.t.s. or have triggers or you know things that they're having to deal with but that's so not sure and it is everybody actually every no one can survive life without experiencing some form of. trama and that's going to be different for
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everybody one of our american team members on this last in the last team i wrote this to one of the visitors who wrote working with the veterans has helped me understand my own father's mental health setting foot on a battlefield isn't the only event that qualifies someone for t.b.i. and p.t.s. . i saw a striking similarities in the way he and the combat vets act although he never saw combat during his term in the navy. see that's another thing i've had i never saw combat i mean i was in a combat area you know there was mortars and that sort of thing but i never had to fire a gun at anyone you know and it still dramatically you know and he happened to be in the military can even if you weren't you must say i mean like everyone. in some way it's just. in the military and so much of it always was you know
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made and then and then you get thrown back into regular society and you don't really know how to function in a normal sadly there will always be wars there will always be veterans we live in a very flawed world and. i don't see war start stopping anytime soon which i wish it would but. you have to live in reality so if we don't like what is happening then let us be a part of what. makes a positive change. a great. how can we. see a day at sea does bring. us a little but. was. i
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. thank. you know my by going to what. we saw. so i know you're not. you're not just i mean.
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i mean we're going to. give it up as well i might be. getting the rest but those were the oh. my god and we've. already yes it will be in the. you know world of big. law and it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell. me to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for
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critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei all tells us america is a force for good in the middle east well that's pretty amazing and online censoring continue. the pace also for the democrats the party of war no. officer. had to get up off the ground serve began to get him down to. hurt themselves on the sounds of kind of fighting in the grown man with misleading essentially. through his own. twisted away from
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the officer the joy out of his crew. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on tree swung as observations didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the two any kind went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he did it on three. seemed wrong but. just all. get to shape out just become active. and engaged with. the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just of the common ground.
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u.s. media coverage of an alleged crime for russia collusion provokes the ire of the american presidents to want out so that's even published a complete guide to his impeachments. all say to come four people were killed and ninety three inches after a huge explosion rocks the afghan capital.


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