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i. don't think. the street books are rich people look at the. british prime minister's office to convey. a bet with derision in parliament.
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later this evening. three months national debate begins in france tries to take the heat out of the yellow vest protests. the former chief of staff of the israeli army has just left his post the mids for the first time in syria militants and directly attack to rein in forces on syrian territory something that has been strongly tonight. good evening great to have you with us this is all tonight. it's a historic day for british politics and the biggest briggs's since the referendum in twenty sixteen later this evening m.p.'s will vote on prime minister may's e.u. divorce deal comes after a day of intense debate in parliament. no response for the prime minister would allow no deal to take place there isn't
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a single chance of the government getting the necessary legislation through the flu season wot our people who call this household local health know deal like prime minister says she wants to unite when all she has done is divide. the reason is facing hostility not just from opposition lawmakers but also from rebels within their own conservative party several have already publicly stated that they will reject the proposed deal. now this comes amid widespread media predictions that may's briggs it divorce agreement will suffer a heavy defeat sky news projected that the deal with only get support from one hundred eighty five and pays they reckon four hundred twenty three will oppose it such a big margin of defeat that would make it the biggest defeat in parliament in ninety five years and as the voters close a protest the big gathering outside the houses of parliament correspondent and has
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more. we are indeed outside the houses of parliament and here it's loud it's happened no matter what side of the brass it depletes bactrim people are on they are ready for decision time which is going to be today something that the u.k. has been waiting for for a very long time now over two and a half years and certainly something that's arguably seen as a very historic save possibly the most important one after the june twenty sixth referendum because today is the day when members of parliament who represent the british people finally get to vote on something tangible this deal that the british prime minister believes is the right step to take to move this process forward now in terms of what's happening here again like i said it's absolutely obvious we have an area for the press over there to know if you're going to be able to see it because there are just so many people here it's absolutely propped with
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a sea of journalists who've been following nights for certainly at least the last weeks don and with so much going on around it means we have people with us signs that say leave means leave but certainly as well as you can see the flags in support of the european union so it seems that as much as rex it was a divisive issue for this country when the referendum first came about it certainly has been a very divisive issue for this entire time and of course. inside the parliament building at the house of commons mts are carrying out the final hours of debates ahead of the meaningful vote taking place tonight which will determine which direction the u.k. moves forward after tonight. in the future not just for those so may herself opposition leader tony corbin is likely to launch a vote of no confidence in the government if the deal is defeated. well democrat
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party's already said that it would back such a motion meanwhile it seems to reason they will not be able to rely on a lot of european support contrary to earlier reports the german government has denied that chancellor angela merkel will intervene if may's deal fails to get through parliament or the german foreign minister did suggest the possibility of reopening negotiations on this comes amid reports the president of the european commission. is preparing for crunch talks with ne tomorrow. economics professor at lancaster university again and john says that the path forward remains at this point unclear. ok now we can bring in a group of forty let's bring in a guest so we can speak to tom brooks who's the dean of durham university's law school very good evening to you tom voting is going to be gaining underway surely its search getting a lot of media attention but it seems as if we almost know the results already all
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the predictions saying that this deal is going to be absolutely hammered it's not going to go through if that's the case what should we expect to happen next. well. that's the big question everyone's mind it's fascinating that we're not wondering why in the world theresa may has with new change to reveal in over a month i decided just effectively sit on this all this time but what will happen next will be the government will have to present a plan b. in three days the government has said plan b. is player day that they don't really have anything else that they might just try to come back with it but what with the same plan what will be different will be that instead of the government effectively ordering how things proceed in debates in house of commons this will now be taken over by backbench m.p.'s who can then begin to table to test out various alternatives about taking things out. out of the
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agreements and putting other things in such as maybe keeping the u.k. in the customs union maybe trying some other different kind of tweaks on this deal and of course know that any kind of compromise that parliament might agree to that might change the current deal would make it different from what was agreed with the european union so if they make any changes to the second deal to a plan b. this would require a later approval from the european union which is anything but a guarantee so that's supposed to be what might happen normal course of events of course the prime minister could declare her support for her calling a snap election if she were to defeat that's normally what happens when prime ministers lose big defeats have them or she could also seek to put her support behind a second referendum because of course the second referendum while remaining remains supporting boyce's opinion keen on that to seeing it as
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a way of stopping bracks that it might also be a way of getting public support for the prime minister's plan and helping get that through so a lot of things can happen and we'll be watching this piece carefully you talked about a snap election that something jeremy corbin would love he's demanded a general election if this deal is defeated as expected just how vulnerable is to raise of mice government. i think that they are very vulnerable but they're in a different type of position so without getting into all the legal aspects of it wind in two thousand and ten there was a coalition government part of that coalition government agreement between the little democrats and the conservative party was to effectively change the rules about calling into confidence vote that affectively made it more difficult for parliament to to end the government and force a real force
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a new election and so what that has gone. and at that time was it got the confidence of the democrats enough that coalition government survive for five years but the consequence of it after that coalition right now is you've got a government right now that is a minority that is not committed a majority it's been unable to in several votes already it's failed to command a majority in parliament it's effectively unable to govern failed on an amendment on the finance bill that's normally terminal it looks like it will fail almost certainly on the spreadsheet bill a very kind of key thing from the manifesto also something that would normally trigger a general election yet the government can scum somehow going to limp on you because of that that past agreements i think that if the government were to face a new confidence vote it seems that it might well survive that frankly that the u.p.a. has said that they will not support the government's plan but might support the government on a new call for its vote and that then leads i think to the worst of all possible
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worlds of a real constitutional crisis at the heart of british government a government they can't command a majority a government that can't govern effectively is one thing that will happen if there is not a snap election i think the only real alternative to that and it seems that the government doesn't want to snap election because it is fearful of losing many of frankly put forward it would win or would do no worse under an election than it would call it but it's not only because it appears that labor would win and that's really the sticking point there a second friend it might be a way of keeping the government in place at least for the next month or two months . article fifty would almost certainly have to be to late with the e.u. consent. to it seems to be really the only option that parliament can agree to compromise in the next week or two john great to have you on our team professed brookstein of the law school at u. k. stern university my guest. fighting is
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ongoing in a five star hotel an office complex in the country's capital nairobi between police and government sees that area al qaeda linked terror group al shabaab has claimed responsibility for the assault at least five people reportedly being killed many more injured people are still being held inside the complex as hostages according to local media eyewitnesses describe scenes of carnage and still several are men charged the building in the area includes a hotel and office buildings where international companies are based. on leaks. how do you do is it just learning every. day when. i didn't go to government i didn't really.
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care to mourn the story now from terrorism expert and author to me to be a load of good to have you on it's a tragic story relayed some of the details we're reporting at the moment four people dead from what you've heard do you think that that death toll might increase and if so could it be significantly. it's. a cruise ship. it's. actually.
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it's. i think you have to cut the interview short at this point because we're having a problem with the sound quite a lot of interference the means we will try and speak to you off air and then bring your thoughts to a guest ok many thanks to mr pe. moving on to other news now and after months of violent protests across france present among micron's bidding to engage the nation in a move with cynicism by political foes a twelve week public consultation has got underway to address issues beyond the l a vest movement reports on how the initiative is going down with the public. we've seen the crowds as usual for justice i get a scope there's probably a few hundred between two hundred fifty maybe three hundred fifty who've come here and that every point in this roundabout they are being stopped by the security forces for moving one group actually made a run for it they ran up the road and it looks like they were attempting to enter.
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the town over bush to hold troy and get closer to the action president michael is here in the town today to launch that national debate these debates are to take place across france he's open to meeting to listen to the concerns of people people couldn't say what they concerns of the internet they can take part in the debates and he's saying that this could change the new contract with the people here in france but yes we've already seen the groups trying to to run off from the main crowds and as a result of that security forces tightening the area here completely also deploying tear gas was sold out and pepper spray being used on some of the protesters who have been trying to push the police we're going to turn around and you might also see that enforcement supreme protein including a water cannon down there hasn't been used so far but it is there overseas as
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a deterrent now the debates are going to be held in areas like the town halls we've been speaking to some of them as fronts to get their thoughts on this grand national debate rose. i met with the other vests in my area this time just saying they're just using benefits and doing nothing i have seen people who have no money to pay salaries to their employees i meet such people every day when . he's talking about the president's letter there are so many questions which marriage are supposed to give answers to twill be very. difficult even if we start opening special locations to receive people should mears be doing that we have questions tens of miles before we even reach the outskirts of town we saw security forces on the roundabout on the major junctions and when we tried to enter the town we were told that because we didn't have accreditation for the actual event which
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is taking place in the term hall that we couldn't pass annoyed that with our cotton north we decided to walk in and actually we've been speaking some of the protesters here who say that only residents all of the town all being allowed in and some of those have actually been denied access if they move wearing the yellow vests for the moment there is anger and apathy with this idea of the yellow vests this yellow vest movement has been going on now since november seventeenth and at times we've seen some of the worst violence in moving half a century here in france as a result of that the government has given many concessions but so far it doesn't seem to be enough for the core supporters of the ship visuals who still seem to have the support of the majority of french people when it comes to the polls let's take a look at the time line of events since this protest movement started back in november seventeenth. honestly this
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is the right one and we're not going to change it just because the wind is blowing . i will not concede anything to do see what destruction and disorder. i take my share of responsibility. i. the foremost really army chief is admit it shipped weapons to militants in syria something long denied until now the story amble after the break.
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country's gone into a nihilistic fever. i think. the road and get out to traveling across america to find what makes america the showed the genius of the south american hero this is it we've come to a point about how much ultimate is done so we always are on the current system the . culture party. oh. we're starting last with is going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think i want to leave no governor any more of them it may be completely different to mr. join me every
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day on the island so i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm sure i'll see that. the former head of the israel defense forces has for the first time acknowledged the country has supplied weapons to militants in syria something that have previously been denied middle east correspondent paula has details well this is the first time that an israeli military official has acknowledged that israel has been providing aid to rebels fighting against the syrian president bashar assad now what we're hearing from god the eyes and. the beings on what has been until now a badly kept secret he says that israel has been supplying the rebels with my twin
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. frames at the same time he also says that israel has been fighting in rainy and forces inside syria and he revealed. some details of those operations in january twenty seventh seen would begin attacking the infrastructure of the iranians to a building in syria the grid to go mass was from twenty seventeen would begin attacking systematically a number of times each week without making any statements beneath the radar this comes as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu continues to threaten the remaining ukrainian forces inside syria he says that they must get out fast and that is well won't stop attacking them earlier he denied that it is always arming rebel forces we do not interfere in this terribly bloody conflict we do however provide humanitarian aid to young boys and girls it is expensive but we will continue to invest now these reports are nothing new in the sense that they have been rumors for quite some time back in september last journey i.d.f.
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the jerusalem post newspaper to take down an article in which it said that it's what was providing weapons ammunition and cashed in syrian rebel groups at the same time towards the end of last year there were reports that a former israeli defense minister was meeting with syrian rebels earlier the wall street journal published an article in which it said israel was providing cash to rebel fighters across its northern border so this announcement certainly confirms that the rumors that have been circulating are in fact true. defense and politics commentator i mean or and believes that the israeli actions are aimed solely at securing the country. when he's ready officials now talk about arming rebel groups they don't mean in any brode campaign mode israelis taking care of its own interests and if there are groups which aim to endanger israel then israel would gladly arm
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those other groups fighting its own enemies in an area five ten twenty kilometers from it this is not intended to let the rebels take over italy or aleppo let alone damascus so it can't be overstated the fact that those rebel groups were helped by israel only focused on israel's immediate interest in. years of conflict in syria have left scars on the country and its people many citizens are still having to fight for the chance to rebuild the lives is the story of one boy.
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my friend and i were playing ball when we found something in our backyard we didn't know it was a mortar shell started to play with it down we decided to put it in the basement and that's when the explosion happened. a few months friend died in that explosion so my son got multiple injuries and doctors had to amputate one of his lives there was a risk he would lose the others i didn't know what to do monthly in the hospital when my trash and doctor ilya. us democrats are reportedly preparing subpoenas for donald trump's interpreters who worked on his meetings with bloody amir peretz and it's over concerns the american president's concealing nationally significant information i had
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a choice i'd rather not do that with the with the interpreters but we may have no choice we'll have to see down down the road what happens but we want to get to the truth. it comes after the washington post reporter trump went to extraordinary lengths to conceal the content of his meetings with the russian president allegedly confiscating the notes his interpreter had made of the radicals published at the weekend suggested might be a russian asset u.s. president was quick to react. i never worked for a right you know that is are better than anybody i never worked for russia not only did i never work for russia i think it's a disgrace that you even asked that question because it's all big fat whole it's just dark. jumble so lashed out at the media saying it's getting crazier every single day another big story of the weekend was the choir reopened by the f.b.i. on whether trump was secretly working on behalf of russia and that probe was reportedly initiated initiated a trumpet fired f.b.i.
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chief james komi last year and the president has he's say on fun too. so the people doing that it's best to gauge it for people that have been caught that are known scoundrels there i guess you could say dirty cop so what you say should i have confidence that the f.b.i. or intelligence agencies when i see four and i see all of these people when i see lisa and her lover and they're so says this get that fear and you see what they said about me having nothing to do with investigation the election is next year so what the republicans and other people are going to be asking is why don't you just wait and get him out the old fashioned way by beating him by coming up with somebody better that's really the asons of what this thing is. ok let's pop over now to the u.k. has a poll and let's listen to the opposition leader jeremy corbyn who's speaking in.
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briggs it deal vote coming up it's a difficult margin and she herself conceded it would have been rejected by a significant margin. she has run down the clock in a cynical attempt to strong arm members into backing her deal. despite her promises she's failed to negotiate any changes to her deal with europe no wonder no wonder the prime minister has suddenly discovered the importance of trade unions . she voted to to cut their wings in the two thousand and sixteen trade union act and she's actually failed to convince them she has anything to offer britain's workforce and this mr speaker is the heart of the matter the prime minister has treated breaks it as a matter for the conservative party rather than the good of the economy yeah. but
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she's failed to win over even her own party many conservative members. who voted remain are opposed to this deal as are dozens of conservative members who voted leave. after losing her majority in the two thousand and seventeen general election the prime minister could have engaged with members across this house she could have listened to the voices of trade unions and if she had been listening both businesses and trade unions would have told her they wanted a comprehensive and permanent customs union to secure jobs and trade. the decision to rule out a new customs union with a british say and a lack of certainty in the deal risks business investment being deferred on an even greater scale threatening jobs and threatening living standards or even worse
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it risks many companies relocating abroad taking jobs and investment with them mr speaker many workers know exactly this situation because they are facing these reality this reality now their jobs are at risk and they know their jobs are worse risk both the first ministers of wales and scotland have also made clear to the prime minister their support for a customs union to protect jobs and the economy this day the deal fails to provide any certainty about future trade it fails to guarantee our participation in european agencies and initiatives losing this cooperation undermines our security good now is our citizens' opportunity and
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damages our industries mr speaker the. withdrawal agreement is in short a reckless leap in the dark hair it takes this country no closer to understanding our post future and neither does the future partnership document under this deal in december twenty twenty we will be faced with a choice either pay more and extend the transition period or look us into the backstop at that point the u.k. would be over a barrel we would have left the e.u. have lost the u.k. rebate and be forced to pay whatever was demanded alternatively the backstop would come into force an arrangement with which there is no time limit already point it locks britain into
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a deal from which it cannot leave without the agreement of the e.u. and as my friend a member of the homeowners in paris has pointed out in so many occasions this is unprecedented in british history. the last two years gives us no confidence that this government can do a deal in under two years so at some point before december twenty twenty the focus would then inevitably shift from negotiations on the future relationship to negotiations on an extension to the transition period including negotiations on what further payments we should make to the european union. the vedic partnership documents say and i quote it can lead to a spectrum of different outcomes as well as checks and controls.


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