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because like severe depression. because it will only need him into a zombie it's crazy. you know we don't have to do anything it's not our fault you know soused lazy and all that. secures traumatic things long time to get rid of. them. we are used to the right two hundred and two. the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two. british prime minister treason may serve as a crushing defeat as have breaks it divorce agreement is overwhelmingly rejected by
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the u.k. parliament is being called the biggest parliamentary defeat in modern british history. i have now tabled a bunch of no confidence. and with may's cracks that deal shot down the prime minister finds herself in a position as she prepares to face a very tough no confidence in her government on wednesday. and reacting to the news of the deals to face donald tusk president of the european council hints at the possibility of u.k. remaining in the e.u. . live from the russian capital we are watching r t international with me and. the top story in a historic vote prime minister teresa mayes breaks it divorce agreement has been rejected by the u.k.
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parliament two and a half years off to britain's referendum to quit the e.u. on the back of months of negotiations with brussels m.p.'s overwhelmingly voted down the proposed deal defeated by a margin of two hundred thirty votes is being called the biggest parliamentary defeat in modern british history. this is a catastrophic defeat for this government the greatest for more than a hundred years humiliating defeat for the government to have the greatest defeat for a government since the nineteen twenties in this house i've always believed that the best way forward is to be in an orderly way with the goods to. the government must surely have. see the inevitable comma in scotland the european union is more popular in the polls from the united kingdom on the prime minister should i ask members on all sides of the house to listen to the british people who want to this issue set. to work with the government to do just that.
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have now turned a bunch of no confidence. us she's failed to push through her brags that deal through parliament it's a deal that she spent months trying to negotiate with the european union but she hasn't managed to sell it to the politicians back here in the u.k. the scale of the defeat is unprecedented and politicians from all sides of the political spectrum here in the u.k. came together in order to oppose it they said that it ceded too much power to brussels that it left northern ireland in potentially a perpetual state of limbo the issue is pressing to say the least we've got on the twenty ninth of march that little brags that date edging closer all the time and just on top of that she's got the pressing issue of a little leadership challenge to see off another one that actually jeremy corbyn
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has triggered a no confidence motion in to resume may's leadership so parliament will be debating whether they support to resume a's leadership and at the end of the day it should come to a vote now it's looking like me that she will win that confidence motion because one thing that the conservative party will be able to agree on is that they need to support to reason may as leader otherwise the prospect of a labor government gets substantially higher d.v. the democratic unionist party of northern ireland have also now said that they will support her so she is likely to overcome that. and then she'll have to get back to the task at hand which is figuring out how to save bread because it while at the same time on the forces are coming into play as we speak the pundits on t.v. the politicians in the commons chamber they are talking about the all the options
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on the table now on the cools for a second referendum are getting much louder as all the calls from the hard call breaks it is the ones that want to leave the e.u. quickly and in quite a severe fashion they're saying we need to just crash out of the e.u. with no deal on w t. when the twenty ninth of march comes around a lot of different forces coming into play trying to influence what happens next in relation to this rather difficult brags that process european politicians already weighing in on the results of the parliamentary votes with the leaders of spain austria and the czech republic saying their governments are ready for any outcome but french president mono micron was a bit more explicit he thinks that britain would be the biggest loser in case the no deal breck says he also said france wouldn't stop defending european interests
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to help britain out of its political troubles the president said he expects that london will ask for more time to read to renegotiate the deal the president of the european council has responded to the votes hinting that britain could counsel breakfast in order to get out of the impasse at the same time the president of the european commission shaun claudio has tweeted that he regrets the outcome and that the risk of a disorderly withdrawal of the united kingdom has increased with this evening's phone. while m.p.'s were voting inside hundreds of people gathered outside the houses of parliament a correspondent has more. but in the chamber of course it's a bit of a coalition of remain his and leave us who opposed the deal that was put forward by to resign may i suppose a bit of a muted reaction on the ground because of course there were a number of leavers who were cheering very loudly when the votes came through the leaders braving the union jack flags and as for those waving the e.u.
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flags to remain as i suppose from that perspective well the reason mays do it wasn't offering anything which the current agreement the u.k. has as parts of the member of the e.u. give us on things like access to the single market and so on it's unclear whether that vote inside parliament today will do anything to really bridge the divisions which are risen up in this country since that vote in june of twenty sixteen in particular divisions within families within towns and cities and from groups and even the visions within political parties of course to resume a losing the vote because around a hundred of her own m.p.'s stood and voted against while germany corbett of course also has divisions within the remain voting cities who vote labor and also those in the labor in the north of the country who voted labor as well so both parties as well as many of the sections of u.k. society remain divided on this question today and i suppose the mood is what comes
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next and the question is on so that. they will be part of and that is will be debating a no confidence motion in teresa mayes government and just because she voted one doesn't mean you call reflect on how maybe more options it is binary and i'll sign it that's how i feel she was on the table i totally understand why. but i think they weren't talking about europe until they were talking about their same situation and people were promised all sorts of things in twenty sixteen which have not been delivered which were incapable of being delivered by the leavers who told a lot of wholesalers on the frame. i think that people have the right to change their minds and that most people don't support rights anymore. writer and broadcaster jonathan fryer thinks the ball is now in the labor party's court with regards to bracks it. takes almost all of the conservative m.p.'s and the time do you think for projects to be. running behind the prime minister to prevent
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a vote come to do this against the government subsidies so i think more of the science is going to be a better shot than will be the vote and i'd be very surprised if he's defeated but that doesn't mean the whole bit sort of bridge because of the three of them there is a question well what. the big question really has to be answered is not to come up to me it's a big question is what is the labor party going to do because generally poor britain has been very big you are so much what's a very good position is he has suggested repeatedly that he could bring about a vote bragg's that was good for jobs and good for everybody just you said they're not going to be another deal so they're very interesting to see if he changes his mind on. in other world news now off to months of violent protests across
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france president chronos bidding to engage the nation and the movement with cynicism by political face a twelve week public consultation has now got underway to address the issues behind the end of s may have meant charlotte dubinsky reports on how the initiative is going down with the public. we've seen the crowds as usual for justice i guess there's probably a few hundred for three hundred fifty maybe three hundred fifty who've come here and that every point in this roundabout they are being stopped by the security forces for moving one group actually made a run for it they ran up the road and it looks like they were attempting to. the town over bush to hold troy and get closer to the action president michael is here in the town today to launch that national debate these debates are to take place across these opportunities to listen to the concerns of people people couldn't say
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what they concerns of the internet they can take part in the debates and he's saying that this could change the new contract with the people here in france but yes we've already seen the groups trying to to run off from the main crowds as a result of that security forces tightening the area here completely also deploying tear gas was sold out and pepper spray on some of the protesters who have been trying to push the police we're going to turn around and you might also see that enforcement supreme brewton including a would take canon down there hasn't been used so far but it is there overseas as a deterrent now the debates are going to be held in areas like the town halls we've been speaking to some of them as fronts to get their thoughts on this ground national debate rose. i met with the end of vests in my area this time
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just stop saying they're just using benefits and doing nothing i've seen people who have no money to pay salaries to their employees i meet such people every day when . he's talking about the president's letter there are so many questions which marriage are supposed to give answers to to be very. difficult even if we start opening special locations to receive people should mirrors be doing that we have questions tens of miles before we even reach the outskirts of town we saw security forces on the roundabout on the major junctions and when we tried to enter the town we were told that because we didn't have accreditation for the actual event which is taking place in the term hall that we couldn't pass annoyed that with our cotton north we decided to walk in and actually we've been speaking some of the protesters here who say that only residents all of the town all being allowed in and some of those have actually been denied access if they move wearing the yellow vests for
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the moment there is anger and apathy with this idea of the yellow vests this yellow vest movement has been going on now since november seventeenth and at times we've seen some of the worst violence in moving half century here in france as a result of that the government has given and offered many concessions but so far it doesn't seem to be enough for the core supporters of the ship michel's who still seem to have the support of the majority of french people when it comes to the polls let's take a look at the timeline of events since this protest movement started back in november seventeenth. honestly this is the right one and we're not going to change it just because the wind is blowing. i will not concede anything to do see what destruction and disorder.
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i take my share of responsibility. at least fifteen people have been reportedly killed in the terrorist attack a five star hotel and office complex in kenya's capital nairobi rescuers say several people are still trapped inside according to local media al-qaeda linked terror group al shabab has claimed responsibility for the assault eyewitnesses describe scenes of carnage and saw several armed men charging the building kenyan authorities have not yet announced whether the attackers are dead detained on the
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run two explosions hit the building followed by gunmen opened fire piece of responded and say they were in the final stages of securing the scene the complex includes both the hotel and offices where international companies a based. on the police. how do you do it it was just stunning ever. so i went. oh. i didn't have an issue i did most of. the film israeli army chief has admitted televisa shipped weapons to militants in
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syria something wrong tonight until now that story and more coming your way after the break. strategist finances. when customers go by you reduce the price. well reduce some lower. that's undercutting well what's good for market is not good for the global economy. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that
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mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back to. the major brands of men's shaving products is facing a backlash over its latest promotional video the target audience has apparently been left unimpressed by the efforts of gillette's to respond to the me two movements on you tube the ad has been watched more than three million times and while it has sixty thousand likes its clocked up more than three hundred thousand dislikes. the
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vittorio's and against sexual harassment. is this the best a man can get. is it is pretty going on far too.
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we put the issues raised by this has to be about morales founder of newton diversity and steve malzberg t.v. host and political commentator this is a scene this is outrageous this is piggybacking on a study by the american psychological association which declared that masculinity is a threat it's harmful to society that is such a bunch of garbage i can't even begin to describe how much garbage it is. how dare joe to let be so presumptive as to have presumptuous as to imply that men are evil by nature i think they've done an amazing job i think in fact it's everyone focusing on the negative i think as a male brand they're focusing on the positives as actually always a lot of people that generalize men for being sexual predators awful being a negative and with the attitudes but in fact the ads from gillette is focusing on the positives that it's actually in fact some men out there doing the right thing
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by stopping things in the street stopping people from committing negatively the overwhelming majority of men by sure are going to do the right thing the men who don't are the minority and you spell that out spelled out the prop up of the exact problem it presents as if the majority of men are being stopped and by these these few good men who somehow overcame their involved masculinity at birth and they've developed into the the keepers of the bad majority of men who are masculine i think as a male brand i think is focusing on both i do think that the point made at the moment is quite ridiculous and i again i completely agree because it's too much on the negative side of everything and you are completely dismissing the positive side and you have to be very. biased in this kind of point to be then amazes me that you let would get politically here they had to have come under pressure from feminist
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groups and groups said have this agenda and that's why they did it don't don't think they woke up one day and said hey this is the right thing to do you know they might have had threats of boycotts or whatever believe me there was stuff going on behind the scenes and they made a big mistake as evidenced by the dislikes on the video that you alluded to you know by more than one. dislikes and i think a lot of men are good at not frequent to lead any longer and i want to. you know we've times changing you know it's been decades and decades that things have been changing there's a lot of feminist tools there's a low brow social responsibility to do with i mean it's movements why shouldn't that be for some one form for masculinity why shouldn't a masculine brand and a brand for men focus on something about who create positive social change for men i don't see nothing wrong with that and i think they've taken up the social responsibility as they should be and i will carry on buying so even if it's not targeted to me i'll carry on buying it i'm sure many others would as well. u.s.
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democrats are reportedly preparing subpoenas for donald trump's interpreters who worked on his meetings with vladimir putin it's of a concern for the american president could have concealed incriminating information about his alleged ties to russia if i had a choice i'd rather not do that with the with the interpreters but we may have no choice we'll have to see down the road what happens but we want to get to the truth it comes after the washington post reported the trump went to extraordinary lengths to conceal the contents of his meetings with the russian president and legendary confiscating the notes his interpreter had made the articles published at the weekend suggested trump might be a russian assets the us president was quick to react so i never work for russia you know that is are better than anybody i've ever worked for russia not only did i never work for russia i think it's a disgrace that you even ask that word to exalt refer to hold it just don't
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trump also lashed out at the media saying it's getting crazier every single day another big story this weekend was the inquiry appends by the f.b.i. on whether trump was secretly working on behalf of russia the probe was reportedly initiated after trump fired f.b.i. chief james k. me last year the president had his say on this as well. so the people doing the gauges were people that have been born that are known scoundrels there i guess you could say dirty jobs so would you say should i have confidence in the f.b.i. or zealots agencies when i see more and i see all of these see both when i see lisa and her lover as they're so says their sex just after you see what they said about me having nothing to do with us to go to the election is next year so what the
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republicans other people going to be asking is why don't you just wait and get him out the old fashioned way by beating him by coming up with somebody better than actually the asons of what this thing is because in this froth and in this frenetic this move to say impeach impeach i respect police him again i don't think anybody really understand what impeachment means the american public is complete and totally tone deaf at this point by virtue of this incessant russian collusion russians buying russian does. the american public it doesn't make any sense more we've heard a big cheer waited to it anything new anyone russian involvement he american public to have said said enough with this police give us a new country maybe make it chinese just to mix it up a little but americans are tone deaf when it comes to everything and any they russian in. the film had to face real defense force his house for the fast
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time acknowledge the country has supplied weapons to militants in syria something that was a waste a night middle east correspondent poorness lab reports. well this is the first time ever that an israeli military official has acknowledged that israel has been providing aid to rebels fighting against the syrian president bashar al assad and what we're hearing from gotti eyes in khartoum essentially is the beans are what has been until now a badly kept secret he says that israel has been supplying rebel rebels with light weapons for so-called self defense at the same time he also says that israel has been fighting in rainy and horses inside syria and he revealed some details of those operations in january twenty seventh in would begin attacking the infrastructure of the rain into a building in syria the group to go mass was from when to seventeen would begin attacking systematically number of times each week without making any statements beneath the radar this comes as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu continues
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to threaten the remaining ukrainian course there's inside syria he says that they must get out fast and that is well won't stop attacking them earlier he denied that it is always arming rebel forces we do not interfere in this terribly bloody conflict we do however provide humanitarian aid to young boys and girls it is expensive but we will continue to invest now these reports are nothing new in the sense that they have been rumors for quite some time back in september last year the idea of course the jerusalem post newspaper to take down an article in which it said that it's what was providing weapons ammunition and cash to syrian rebel groups at the same time towards the end of last year there were reports that a former israeli defense minister was meeting with syrian rebels earlier the wall street journal published an article in which it said israel was providing cash to rebel fighters across its northern border so this announcement certainly confirms
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that the rumors that have been circulating are in fact true defense and political commentator and they are and believe the israeli actions are aimed only at securing the country. when news really official snout talk about arming rebel groups they don't mean in any brode campaign mode israelis taking care of its own interests and if there are groups which came to endanger israel then israel would gladly arm those other groups fighting its own enemies in an area five ten twenty kilometers from it this is not intended to let the rebels take over italy or aleppo let alone. so it can be overstated the
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fact that those rebel groups were helped by israel only focused on israel's immediate interests. years of conflict in syria have left scars on the country and its people many of its citizens are still having to fight for and rebuild their lives here's a story of one boy. my friend and i would cringe when we found something in our backyard was even though it was a mortar shell started to play with it and then we decided to put it in the basement and that's when the explosion happened. with a friend died in that explosion so my son got multiple injuries and doctors have to be treated one of his life so there was a risk he would lose the others i didn't know what to do. in the hospital my
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question dr healy. for more details on any of our stories you can visit tell tito kong i have more updates for you at the top of the hour. all the real world that. have been committed to mom out here at home of course you know who was more. modern day i. i was on the car people
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become part of the company that. he probably. would hold his hands to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want. to going to be pros that's what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested in the waters of. course should. your health care executive or a bank your cost like getting a gift from a fellow governor millions hundreds of millions trillions of dollars if you're not part of that cobol you are the one paying for it yes and that's why there's a lot of social unrest that's the yellow vest movement in france and around the world it's the global insurrection against banker occupation.


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