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the artistic integrity of the exhibit many of the victims' families and survivors have sued saudi arabia claiming that it helped plan the nine eleven attacks however the saudis tonight its involvement a coalition of family members of nine eleven victims and survivors said in the statement that the sculptures presence at this site depicting the chaos a kingdom of saudi arabia flag is an outrage just a front to the nine eleven community and all other americans who seek justice for the attacks on our nation on september eleventh two thousand and one however not all agree and then people have been unreasonable to just blame an entire nation more interest. there's more to it than the ice thinks if it should stay here because it's for everybody and like you said everybody you at the end were as such but what happened the exhibit which was created by french artist lawrence chin kelly in two thousand and eleven has been shown in twenty five countries and according to the port authority an initially garnered the support from several
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companies and organizations including the chanel foundation the international olympic committee and coca-cola the artist said in a statement to the observer i first created fly candy sculptures to celebrate mankind on an international level and pay tribute to people of the entire world given the unique and justified sensitivities surrounding the world trade center it came to my mind to propose to remove a sculpture showcasing the flag of saudi arabia or relocate it to a less sensitive location but there is no way i can do such a thing as the flag of saudi arabia is entirely part of the g twenty just like any other candy flag of this candy nation show now the exhibit was originally supposed to stay here at ground zero for two months but since the backlash port authority officials are now going to move the exhibit to j.f.k. international airport sometime this week reporting from ground zero trinity chavez r.t. just a sampling of the top stories for this hour live from moscow on r.t.e. international we are back soon with much. so who is
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christopher manny well i grew up in several small towns throughout the midwest. from a good christian family. and join the national guard and then eventually college and into law enforced. i did thirteen a half years work in the street here everybody who was in my peak knew that they could trust including the street people. you know a lot of people don't realize but i was a single parent reason to chance farai places retraces guy. and were return to mexico and my kids are of a different race today we are going to go through the autopsy report of dad's radials why couldn't you just talk to the fact matter is next only to try to do and the attack was so quick and so violent you know i kept pushing them off and he just kept attacking what was going through your mind at that point. just to houston if
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you don't think. we've got a fourteen guards shot. or fifteen gursharan. there's no stiffening. for a bird or bird gunpowder particles on the skin surrounding any of the entrances so . that fire was not what that strike and this as a quest for manning when he shot the said this every seven roxane balance travel back our. hands he had a friend on the roof out of the. scout this may come home to. face that present or may have. been one of the top point poured out of the fire our. meeting with the district attorney we were provided with photographs of christopher manny the day of the incident. there were no visible injuries to his head his neck his face shoulders his back there was a very small abrasion or
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a laceration to his thumb. there was a. bit where you said you don't know if you think you miss me but i don't even know what i was. told. right i mean they're all in there no never you got here or so they say. you know if you've been struck. instantly and i remember touching my head and i really felt like my brains i mean oh. i remember an officer touched me on the shoulder and i said how bad is it and i kind of left my brains porno and he said no you've got smarts you got sprucing you've got some issues but your brains are untapped. market police department is conducted a comprehensive internal investigation into the officer involved shooting
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a gun trade hamilton and red arrow park on april thirtieth two thousand and fourteen based on the comprehensive internal investigation i signed in order terminating christopher manny from his employment with the milwaukee police department earlier today. in this case were manny approached this individual as though he were a criminal suspect even though the officer sofer reported that he thought he had mental problems upon his approach the training to deal with the mentally ill people tells you. again absent the behaving in so many sitting fashion objective the putting your hands on him is almost the worst thing you can do and fine says officer christopher manning or in jazz by not following proper police training and protocol it's important to keep in mind that i ruled that the officer violated our core value of competence and i fired. the d.a.'s jobs to assess criminality
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going up there or not and not to. have to have to travel to happen i was very surprised at the decision to terminate christopher a manny didn't relate to the shooting at all. related to the fact that he felt that the half down search was improper and. that the chief made the decision based on this officer knapp on procedures in autumn of the ending trey's life and i think that was a good decision. but he still wants his officer to face criminal charges. good evening ladies and gentlemen our police commissioner i'm here today on behalf of my police to present the eligibility of the appointments to police officers who stand here before you as a diverse not proud of the chiefs actions i think the chief was a coward nowhere in this entire nation and certainly not in the city at any officer
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ever been fired for something called coach considerations. i have been pleading that our officers need to work in tandem should we any have band with another officer maybe it would have never happened because individuals saw that there's two of them there's only one of me i'm not going to fight this situation. probably any other officer would have had the individual you know of bulky coat maybe the hands are in and out of pockets and the actions of that individual caused the situation become what it became. chief when terminated our brother officer. the firing was cowardice and unsupported by facts about anything in the story. called in sick. the membership as voted their voice shall be heard vote. ninety
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nine point three percent ninety nine point three percent voted no confidence she cannot stand before the membership and lead them probably give them the confidence and. if they can protect the community then maybe it's time that he packed his bags. out there looking for patrick certainly over the next creatinine couple situation for you to come up with my goal keeper steph curry sure are you good to see you would like to give him that would have been for the mayor as you know we invited him to join us but i'm sure i was you know the mayor has full confidence in the chief. difference between us so i think the. and thanks for comment thank you sir for tipping if you guys are good we get your back to the. many not only wants his job back he also wants his money back that says derek williams explained. the letter was
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handling word friday to the fire and police commission christopher manny writes i hereby appeal from personnel order twenty fourteen one zero to discharging me from service to days before being fired many applied for duty disability retirement many claims this incident has left him with debilitating mental health issues already this is the nov sixth twenty fourteen day police commission so we will have a period of public comment everyone will be limited to two minutes. and counting how long you are. going to want to say i am. going to say. that. i feel like the police union. i hope he himself. says that he's a fine thing to do the job. might be oh
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terminations oh for me. i'd be all for a doctor. same exact investigation multiple times in the works you know you've never seen the people who do not in this situation we don't believe that every officer can do no wrong but when one off is used as a sacrificial lamb. or on the. stand was the was. any reasonable was or would have had to conduct themselves as officer many did. while your. statement of no confidence. ninety nine point nine percent bull who
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i see was handled. how. do we know you ok. do you really. think oh. i'm sorry if i think some of you have to be. right on. the way. but after noon today i am announcing that the marketplace department will commit to having all elise officers receive forty hours of crisis intervention team training by two thousand and seventeen. this is
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breaking news coming out of the st louis area great series from release they have reached a decision whether to indict severe wilson in the shooting death of an arson. michael brown we said good announcement. not that. manager would go you just keep. like he was set up so my kids also would believe or not or do. it for money. that. i feel like with. nothing wrong with his approach you know for myself out here because i want some back it was just as a family member. we were trying to just do things a little soft. laugh. laugh.
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and just transpired for the rest of stay. the last. laugh. was i don't like i thought. boy the type. of all over the whole new. car
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was. luckier than the last. yes. sure sure. the bird is not there or there. the bird is that that there are.
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people out there. have been committed to mom who didn't know mark or you. lose one of the people. you know company. in a world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle
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for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. right now the street right outside the courthouse is blocked off by milwaukee police if they can hear the desk we got good morning and thank you for coming in the death of dr hamilton is a tragedy for everyone involved but i cannot be swayed by passion in making these decisions and after carefully analyzing the investigation the forensic evidence in the case the law i have come to the conclusion that criminal charges are not appropriate in this case what's significant to note is that they stated that he was shot while he was on the morning sixty four but he used rubber bands to describe the downward trajectory with essentially if this is mr hamilton it would be in a downward trajectory to fall over mr hamilton was on the growth in those shots
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were fired you can see that you with your directory generally be assembled at that point everything a da da was very other mantri and for him to use some rubber bands is this in. east a months and this is all you have again my obligation is to review the case in light of. wisconsin law and i've done a detailed analysis of the law of self-defense the unique evaluation you do with police officers as whether they had a legitimate objective lee reasonable basis to use force of obvious concern to everybody as when the number of shots fired and the way the the baton was being employed at that time whether he connected or didn't connect that's a deadly weapon and therefore wouldn't be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he'd committed a crime when he used force. understand as well you can discharge you know fifteen rounds in under three seconds morning very very.
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very important when a police officers were equipped with revolvers they had six shots so they were trained differently fired. twice and then reassess the workings of. this is. the standard is that they are not allowed to employ floors to kill they're not a low allowed to use force to they're allowed to employ force to stop the threat. i'm only going to. read out of. a very sad. you're going to say. they're already here as the minutes of private. holes is the way as a minstrel crowd. certainly was.
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good afternoon to the department of justice. the office of them indicated that they are going to go ahead and do the federal investigation. before. the officer was shot and killed on try hamilton in red arrow park will soon find out he's getting his job back former officer christopher manny is appealing his firing to the police and fire commissioner manny has filed for a duty to get to believe retirement even if he gets his job back would he be back out on three. remain standing. use only swear the testimony you're about to give in this hearing will be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god i do. and you see right through us list which is. my name focus
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was right opposite it is. about an inch and a half and it seemed like the entire pocket was. did you think there was a weapon in there it suggested that there could be a weapon such as a knife. blade of grass i've seen them take glass and shove in between their papers with duct tape that that is the area we're suggesting there could be a weapon. thank you so at. the time since so you're ready and able to rip turned to do the right no sir i want to return to duty the doctors say i can. but that doesn't hide the fact that i was wrongfully terminated and that i want to be a cop. you said that the bulge in his right pocket led you to be concerned that it was a fear you're like he's probably got a weapon and that ball just probably a knife i don't have x.
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ray vision but it sure looks like a knife and you've got the behavioral those are all things that come into play very rapidly into your assessment sort of follow what you told the interrogators and mr tristram i know you will. is there a mention in this report of any concern about a bulge in a right pocket no is there any mention and this report of a knife or shards of glass. i don't know sir thank you that's all i've got to say. commissioners. mr holmes who make a movements was right back you know. thank you you misstep down. if we have other officers to act like him and they need to be removed from the force. base for started it he does not need to be a police officer for the city of milwaukee ever. own
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direct your attention to exhibit one thirty six did you drafted for officer many i drafted for a number of officers on the shift yes and you wanted him to be recognized for meritorious service right yes i did during the period. you supervise him did you come to any opinions about officer may's work ethic yes what were those opinions he was a hard worker would you say officer man he was one of the best officers you ever supervised he was one of the best. and if officer me was reinstated today would you have any problem with him working under your command i don't sleep so would you welcome him back i want to thank you. sir manny. if you feel i violated a rule i understand that but i ask that you do not terminate me i want to be a cop i've helped people my whole life it's who i am. you have your evaluation you have a resume to go to another job because the hamilton family all they have
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is the memories of mr hamilton right that would be correct no more questions. and i am advised that the commissioner panel has reached a decision after proper consideration of all testimony and evidence presented i do here by finding that christopher many shall be permanently discharged. i mean half of everyone involved in this proceeding it was saying to me. people are saying. here in charge. they want to. say you will love them wrong. right like very degree murder here they have they
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had approved it was first degree murder not intentional on the. way to the right thing i want to educate you on that you're sick. hard to tell you they cannot tell me all about how much they don't know how tough love how do you think you're. making. america with the pound and how they look at things to hide. their nothing all day but.
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the one name three year old man was shot by police officers. like monsters that the officer fired at the suspect he was seen as an armed and died in the house mr carlisle just cry out. and as i say even though now for forced mirrors here now walking into reckoning with your hopes trusts and since he's actually going. to take what's going on right now you've got to see right now because most again the police are still to protect us like i said he was going to. this is what you got i said we lose lives every day to the people this morning to protect. this is what
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i'm. going to get all these six lawyers upset me yet. oh my little brother's a tantrum down in never gonna werman now hurry livin life in the heavens the can down down because shall we say kid you need painted since spouting your face we live on the verge of everything all the really want is for this family to have every day based on natural one of a kind of
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a groove for the family and up all the time to sleep dash he will think him to stammer out of this a shame we have to face this reality of death for tree and dark we bring a clarion and use your name to start a charity fast you know about to risk a free hand to go crazy days it. seems you want to feel really really tough sometimes you dreamed of us again today to see free victoria that. if you want you future stream it. down to zero one is the price that we love car cars be christ challenge certainly represented for breakfast much interest my passion to show my ships in the name the disabled leave us feel candid tears b.r.l. my word spread love to this song the tears i clean the world tis no matter what their value on or me as what i put the crack in the percy go it will cure you could
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it be my worst yet my brother is called sap fourteen times no in him you don't play in the park through the honesty so i know that's the case is still going to help. damn straight never forget. the book. the big. shots seemed wrong. roles just don't hold. any newbold
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to shape out these days to come out ahead and in again try to get close to trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. president donald trump is repeatedly said the u.s. will withdraw from syria it would seem he's the only one in his administration backing this move is trump in charge of his own foreign policy are john bolton and my campaign actually running the show. reflect there's someone else living inside of me or controlling my body. the byproduct of that drug is the cause like severe depression.
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because it literally need him into a zombie it's crazy. you know i mean we don't have to do anything it's not our fault you know she was crazy and all that. took years to traumatic takes a long time to get rid of. this i was told headlines that u.k. opposition leader triggers a no confidence vote off the tories are the biggest parliamentary defeat in modern british history approach a plan that was overwhelmingly rejected by m m p.


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