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first against. syria so it's very important to. drawing the borders so i think the kurds in. syria. understand that we need to they need to work out an agreement with the government with the national government that would be mutually acceptable but out undermining the territorial integrity of the respective country. we. call another us from the foreign minister said. on many occasions and certain words of. the situation. we.
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don't want to. resize. them had to do with the changing of names mentioned the un security council decision on that matter and. ask you to clarify what russian diplomats mean one. decision of the un security council. the process. of. coming into force are you satisfied with something can you please present your position. to your only have two options for answering your question. so you can better contexts i would like to know your opinion about the situation. there are two of which is size the u.s. . presence. united states
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and nato say that they only want to counter russia's aggressive action in the region what is really happening there. is that it's a good question. you know. i have never heard before that most of the u.n. security council. that is being implemented can be regarded as in the exam. to mine the goals that the resolutions there first issue i mean the un mediation. coordinating. the. name of macedonia we've always supported this dialogue we always. supported the efforts to find this solution that would be acceptable to a lot of. people and of course the governments of both greece and macedonia.
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we're not against the name. that eventually was announced. so we're just asking questions you know whether the sort was legitimate and the whether it's really based. on a consensus between greece and. it's because of what you mentioned at the end of the united states. trying to get all the balkan countries to join nato as soon as possible and to put an end to russia's influence in this region that's what we're talking about of course we can't agree with those who say that russia has. no room in the balkans like federica margaret said the e.u. works in the balkans she said and nobody else has any business working there even though later she told me that we just misunderstood her. i misunderstood what
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she said because it's not just the e.u. it's nato playing a very active role here so. it seems that nato has a room working in the balkans alongside the un actually working more actively there we just want the position as a un security council to be respected and. it says that the resolution of the issue has to be a legitimate but now we see the name of the country being. brewed by a document which was signed not at the level required by the constitution of macedonia that's why we have questions whether the process was legitimate or. when the parliament in macedonia. approved the amendments to the constitution and simultaneously a law on the languages that the president of macedonia refused to sign. this also.
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questions people accused so. all the troubles all the difficulties we see. might see in the balkans we have a question of what do our western colleagues thing is about what the west was doing in macedonia right before the referendum. when. you your country is send the nato secretary general and. the european commission and the un general school people would go. and. canvassed for. favor of changing the name of the country and joining nato that's what they were doing they did not. advocate a name that would. provide for reconciliation but he promoted name. a membership instead i think it's very obvious that that's are all in my
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introductory remarks i mentioned some of the transcripts we saw in what the united states and its closest daylight's have been doing replacing international law with . what we call rule based or water. let's take the situation specifically. we have the un security council resolution that's part of the internet part of international law. says that greece and macedonia should look for a solution. but instead of that. finding a solution that would be signed by the macedonian president they they'd be. banned as their rule their rule a new rule that goes against the message during our constitution and they say this
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decision can be signed by ministers presidents. and then they can disregard. the outcome of the rough around them so these new rules that they promote in the balkans and elsewhere quite dangerous but most they just to reflect this obsessive desire to make all the balkan countries join nato as quickly as possible just a few days ago i read something i read a report about bosnia and the united states has been the working. toss saying that the serbs play a destructive role. and recently i think you said that time has. been the daytona agreements because the serbs will slow down bosnia and herzegovina from joining nato so once again their goal is not to ensure their welfare. in the old the three technique groups
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living dear no they want bosnia-herzegovina to join nato has quickly as possible but that's the last two years centuries mentality or nineteenth century problem. we talk about equal and indivisibility security for all the countries atlantic region and now what we have instead is replacing the international law with the rule beast order that is nato centric and i have many examples like that thank you very much. the u.k. foreign office has confirmed to me that they have requested consider access to pool when then i just want to take care of you saying that they will only be allowed that if russia is allowed consular access to. and also why is there so little information surrounding the actual charges laid against him.
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refuses to. respect. the nine hundred sixty five convention. like i said earlier i haven't heard. i'm not aware of the u.k. requesting access to poll one but i said if there is such a request we will not do the same thing the british counterparts have done we will act based on the our obligations under this. convention and general diplomatic practices now is regards charges brought against this is. open information. he was. passing certain he was receiving certain secret materials.
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but i assure you that you're. much more information about the vailable than information about the whereabouts of so again you list this is just. an acceptable this is you know it's been almost a year and we not only have not only we don't have any access. to these people on the nine hundred sixty five convention we are not even told we're do your soul. is another reason for us to question what the british legal system is doing but what we want to do is we want to resolve all those issues through dialogue. which i respect for each other's interest you can treat to russia like
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a country. should grant the desires of all the other countries and yet nobody will respect our interests this is what some western countries have been doing this is unacceptable of course we should have an equal situation here. and the next question please. thank you for this opportunity. well as you know the trade between russia and japan it was a record high last year. and the level of. what an. opinion should. trade and relations between. but. there is also today still one step. what will be the other steps.
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increase the all time high. and this is not the end because our we have plans with their chinese friends we discussed these plans that the meetings between the russian president and the chinese. chairman and also during president putin says that to china. and when. i was president she. visited russia. who. can also as part of our meetings and g twenty meeting scrimmage. but if the economic. ministers meet quite often. preparing for. summits between our two leaders and just recently we had another meeting we preview did leak to civil sixty different different organizations that are responsible for
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various areas of our a corporation and with and we have about seventy projects that we've approved there were over one hundred billion dollars and there is serious damage and this includes nuclear energy. transport the future so that would interest cost mr storm chanda space exploration which as you know our space agencies have been coordinating their work. as regards global navy systems. and they do so i think all prospects on the trade in investment corporation is extremely significant in that we also have been coordinating our positions in the international affairs with. the c.e.o. which is. and we also
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harmonize our positions so we align what we are doing. what we are doing within the rationing economic union and aligning it with the chinese initiative one built on the road as regards international affairs and we agree that we hold the problem syria and other matters in the middle east or in the korean peninsula should be always resolved through diplomatic means at least on international law so i think we have been consistently improving our relations on all fronts. and i would turn to media. to look up whatever. i should next month. organize. it to decay to mostly be about iran first
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going to the. other percentage of the russian federation what is your opinion. on the whole and some say. iranian summit that was organized by just takes what's your question. well exactly i was going to ask who is the actual organizer of this because the polish foreign ministry said this was a joint initiative by poland in the united states who has my compare. stern tour said that the u.s. is the only organizer in this just. taking place in poland yes we saw a report a bug this upcoming summit and we. saw the planned agenda for the meeting they're going to talk about syria yemen. and. the hearing ian missile program this time it's not
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a nuclear program. and iran's position in the. title is the situation in the middle east. so there's a huge missing part of the. palestinian israeli settlement and this is where you can speak conspicuously absent from the agenda and like you said this entire summit will be bogged promoting. american. position and u.s. efforts to contain iran in the region it's very clear that this is what the war so some it will be all of. which another thing that bothers us is that . the invitation says that ministers don't have to worry about the final document because the u.s.
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and poland will prepare the final statement before hand and this will be released as their joint communique and all the other participants be able to contribute to formulating the text of the final document actually that's not the way things are normally done in international affairs so unified ministers and their presence will just be used to. legitimize the document that will be a largely written by the united states alone all due respect to poland so we don't really think that such an event can be. constructive contribution to result in problems in the middle east as regards the uranium aspect of this matter and how this can affect your relations with the iran's relation. with poland it's your byelorussia fears we don't want to meddle in tibet.
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especially when i should thank you very much. mr. russia and i mean you're right it's very probably a very good question your relations are developing within a very positive manner who are thankful that. i would like for what you were going to ask you about one. day you mentioned a number of times the russian nationals as the interest rates and as a share of defiance in the throne of. various countries because it's a violation but there is one person a young man who knows what it's worth. i think about a journey now being it on his being being in a right. charges against i think we're just trying to not in charge as far as we know here by john cynically ignoring all the inquests from russia
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extent to which we're extradite this person who was. so that he. buys a little lonely. vigil if he still is. in russia and so what are the steps which have been taken on a day how do you. you know questions about the russian citizens who find themselves in a difficult situation in whatever country including serious countries we. are all contacts and i can assure you that we reached this issue in our recent talks with those there but john. i hope that through dialogue shoes and. legal norms we'll be able to come up with a solution that will suit all the parties and will bring this person to russia.
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you said in your interview that. forward to seeing with sensible. government in ukraine can you please name the criteria. sensible enough. and if i can elaborate on this question why russia. why does russia have. to take the return of russian nationals russia as you know it craig said that machines can be exchanged when we swap but there are dozens of other. grade if. you refuse to do is why. would i see the earlier.
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politicians politicians in ukraine i think this would be a political to any country but as regards the current situation in ukraine i'm not the only person who is eager to see some sober minded politicians clear just look at. some ukrainian media. what the criteria are. should respect their own constitution their own laws. this starts with the empty constitutional. power in ukraine in europe with started demanding. to expel the russians from crimea i think this is not sober minded. my president. i ran for president he said he would be the president of peace but once he became president. he stopped seeing.
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instead. he's been quite militant recently. promising to. liberate. occupied territories just here refuses to implement the document that he signed himself i mean the minsk accords and later decisions made by the normans you for. including twelve. and steinmeier formula with. the linking up with the special status law. and with the local elections dear there is a lot i can say on this issue and we have a plain facts to mention on the. us to bug sober minded politicians. the one thing i should mention is people should or politicians should respect their
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own politicians in the documents that they signed them so. now you have this education bill the law in the ukrainian language is the official language of ukraine and i guess you know that this is a direct violation of the ukrainian constitution ukraine's international obligations and just recently we saw a recommendation so that the. commission being rejected there's a lot i can say on this issue. obligations. if you respect your obligate if you've gone through specked the obligations you've made it. very hard to engage in talks with such people. now is regards the agreements made with mr. tools. you know they would list some bold sides that were approved the two parties went over those lists
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a number of times the everything was agreed upon but on the day when people were brought to the. point to the place where they had to be actually for sure handed over. ukraine right there in that place where the supposed to take place ukraine suddenly said twenty three people the number that was approved by ukraine twenty three people will not be handed over to russia i don't want to get into the reasons that referred to they said they were not involved in the advance. well this is not really important would ease important dates that the two parties looked at the list the lists were approved and then once again ukraine fell to deliver on its promises . but now we should continue supporting the process is.
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to further. help implement the. general swap placed on the all for all principle but actually the position of the ukrainian authorities not exactly constructive on this issue now is regard to people detained in russia. regardless of the events in that which. we have. given rights you also have. in ukraine she is currently in russia though. there are in the gauge and a lot so i hope this will defective then and i hope if they come to an agreement that this agreement will be implemented. thank you. twenty four my question has to do with all close us.
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graphically speaking. as i stand they are the property. that an alphabet and settle this are they so this is a question i have what do you think about that and if we take our western partners they continue to make friendly steps the monuments in the baltic countries and being demolished in a daily basis and people who used to be the anime's people are now being told to be the friends and the hero so what is the only way to stop what is their way to stop but. our partners and their allies seen the steel a. we have the theory good relationship with the kazakhstan among other countries news you know quite often presidents go to me they meet with several times a year have been have regular telephone conversations and our position is very
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close as regards the future of the your region economic union. yes kazakhstan his me did mrs. munger other things they are going to start using. the. alphabet. instead of the cyrillic alphabet and we don't think this will somehow. the interests of russian population we have been monitoring the situation but we always monitor the interests in the situation russians living in other countries but this is our top priority because always. this is true with kazakhstan and many other countries not only. yes but also in european countries. other parts of the world where we have. russians
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and i think this is our number one priority has always been you know now is regards . neo nazi. trends in eastern europe of course we're talking primarily ball to bowl to countries and unfortunately poland. we totally. denouncing any attempts to rewrite the history of world war two the greek war and rewriting history in general is not something that politicians should just be engaged in let's leave history off to historians actually have a commission historians between the russian poland and the historians meet together in the work together looking for common approaches this is very useful by the way you mentioned because of stan another c.-s. countries i would support and russia and this is something we discussed but there are colleagues. from the world history institute.
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that coordinate this work of joint roofs off the story and so i would support doing something similar with the c.i.s. countries because we do have a common history and we have a lot of common history so it's a really important for us to figure out. the principles we had when we were a single state and the situation we have to deal. after in one thousand nine thousand one. more. the united nations so we had a number of resolutions adopted that were. saying that it's unacceptable to glorified naziism and the united states in ukraine were the only two country that voted against the latest such. resolution. which is. highly symbolic and also we had
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a number of talk community. united nations. say that it's unacceptable to dismantle. war monuments we saw some incidents like that in the bowl gary and hungary. and. in most cases the local authorities respect their obligations to react to such acts of vandalism but with polish colleagues unfortunately we weren't able to see eye to eye on this issue you know. the. base they say the monuments that are not located within the cemeteries are not protected by this agreement but this is misinterpretation of the existing treaty if professionals if a professional lawyers take a look at the green.


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