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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 16, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EST

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also we had a number of talk community. united nations. that say that it's unacceptable to dismantle. war monuments we saw some incidents like that in the bowl gary and hungary. and. in most cases the local authorities respect their obligations and react to such acts of vandalism but with polish colleagues unfortunately we weren't able to see eye to eye on this issue you know. the. base they say the monuments that are not located within the cemeteries are not protected by this agreement but this is misinterpretation of the existing treaty if professionals if a professional lawyers take a look at the greenman. they but it sure will confirm that this is wrongful
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interpretation but. in most cases we are able to work on the case by case basis very specifically hearken to you slovenia as an example. the war memorials they are on in perfect condition and they actually are acting new more eels commemorating. our common fight during world war two when we are going to build a new monument for slovenians who taught in russian who died in russia so you mentioned in line from an. education that's important so that young people in russia c.i.s. countries in european countries the young people should know history. and. they should not be ignorant they should not forget the. because this would be
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devastating for european culture european civilization in general but to have this kind of enlightenment and to have this kind of education this kind of propaganda in the positive sense of the word it's important to also remember warney morial is a world war two. channel from a stony a police. i mean center they've saved. my question. was on the heels of what i was asked by a colleague from twenty four where in a four parliamentary election and the new party. creation of. unified united schools which we are using both russian and historian this party believes that it will help to push the gap and the society will be no segregation.
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so every phone call be united and everyone will be together and my second question . you. seem to be couple of things about the people who are. all in their way the great sense and. they shouldn't be staying on their territory only for a certain amount of time and now they can be granted. to receive the citizenship but there was some good isn't there was this suggestion that this person will see even more problems if they accept the citizenship of a stone yet they will lose the opportunity to come back to russia without any impediments so can you comment on that police. haven't heard about this proposal but the way you describe it. i think it's
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unacceptable because it undermines the interests of the russian minority in this tony. and essentially. this. will work against this is intended to forcefully incorporate. this minority is a good thing to be done in speaking community against. the. requirements of numerous international conventions including the convention on their right of ethnic and language minorities what's happening with the russian language in. the baltic countries. this is a very serious situation and actually the seriously undermines the reputation of these countries in the european union and nato in general because nato likes to position itself. not just as a military alliance but also as a democratic union is a whale i often talk to made
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a representative send representatives that high level but do you always see leadership pointing out that there is this an acceptable practice of discriminating against the russian minority in the baltic countries this is not to mention this shameful phenomenon of. citizenship. now as regards these proposal to all for its. citizenship to all the people who have been living in this since one thousand nine hundred one of course it's their right it's up to them to decide whether they want to receive his stony incision ship. if certain people think there is. no citizenship passport. helps them to move around that's up to them to decide to you but i heard that one that the minister of the interior came up with. the foreign minister. this is the.
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citizenship to all the people who have been living in the. see. that has been sent to the authorities long time ago so i really hope the. solution to this issue will be for the international organisations. much more active role in addressing this issue. times published. the results. and the result was genuine and secondly given the widespread. russian foreign
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minister. is why his first big news conference of the new year of twenty nineteen he covered the i.n.f. treaty of north korea. with america. you can find more details on that right now on our web site. also join him. for his life report is right there in the crowd. at this moment for now though to some other news for you here on international in the most important since the day of the referendum in twenty sixteen the u.k. parliament has overwhelmingly rejected to resume for steele the prime minister lost by a whopping margin of two hundred thirty votes it is the biggest defeat of a government in modern british history. and. this is a catastrophic. greatest one hundred years humiliating defeat
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for the government work. yet. to. show the party you just wait government must surely have see the inevitable commie scotland european union is more popular in the united kingdom and the prime minister it is clear that the house does not support this deal but. tells us nothing about what it does support now tabled above. and while they were voting inside hundreds of people from both the pro e.u. and pro brooks had gathered outside the house of parliament and plunging the area into a company of china. was shot. i
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know you are going to think the police deployed extra forces to the area but the atmosphere remained calm and peaceful the majority of people on both sides wanted major deal to be voted down no deal breaks or tears were hoping that would start the bricks and bolts finally rolling while many remain as had their fingers crossed it would trigger a second. i don't believe you know what you. know just because she's always had one doesn't mean you call reflect on how maybe more options it is binary and i'll sign it i think that people have the right to change their minds and that most people don't support rice anymore. i was afraid i do think the was going to be the other people were promised all sorts of things in twenty sixty. capable of being delivered by the leave. or let's back into the. press conference now with the foreign minister of russia sort of
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a left with. said to restore syria's territorial integrity and sovereignty this is something that the united states. and all the other member states of the united nations have subscribed to yes so we will insist that the interest should hold all the parties should be taken into account the neighbors of syria and of course which are security interests of all the countries in the region including to ricky we'll be taken into account in the final settlement. part of the sanction for. the. market for it i mean the russian market. to be one of the key markets for our country to stall the situation. with
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what should be done many companies have gone bankrupt. and would like to return to the russian market and there should be some sort of steps made right what steps should be made again i'd like to say that we have a monument dedicated to russian soldiers. never. come into this season anything can if you like in other countries one sees monuments being. so what is your opinion about dissension and. the situation it was very clear when sanctions were imposed on russia we had to respond. we responded. with counter sanctions. cultural products since the united nations imposed
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sanctions on russia a number of years ago in iceland has joined those sanctions. and those sanctions involved restrictions. against russian banks including certain banks that offered loans to agricultural companies. and these. cultural companies said a disadvantage because they were no longer able to loan money for their operations that's why we had to impose come through sanctions. on cultural boards so the solution is very simple you have to abandon this practice so for conducting international affairs. using. sanctions even though this practice has become prevalent in the west especially if
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you do united states you should abandon attempts to dictate to other countries to use fear economic leverage against other countries through sanctions and the countries that were first. using sanctions should take the first step we often say well we made the first step but you have to help us we would like to lift those sanctions but russia should do at least something they often say to. be creative problem we didn't create a problem with sanctions when you're a crisis in. please say yes we understand you're right we have to resolve the situation that was something. so we can claim that you have. to our demands and then. this would give us good optics so we can resolve a situation that's not fear and i would see if you made a wrong. you have to remove your or
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we will respond with risp. very quickly. your mode if you want. to put a different question. to represent for ministries delegation visit to this region to. it's a vast potential new karma and. if you want to be productive for a ship it will be the russian sorry for interrupting that we will continue to dip in and out of a sort of first major press conference of the new year of twenty nineteen for the me inside though as you probably well know by now that's a reason may the u.k. prime minister will have berks the deal has been officially shut down and besides the parliamentary trouncing was made now has another headache she's now facing
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a vote of no confidence. now assessing the possible outcomes the deal is in tatters and it looks like in relation to the break that agreement it's back to square one for two reasons there may there is a rather more pressing issue for her now that is that she's got to c.r. and not the leadership challenge but now this time it's the lead out of the opposition party labor jeremy corbyn immediately after terri's made a last attempt he said that she tabled a motion of no. for tense in the prime minister so for the entire day they're going to be debating whether they've got confidence in to reason with his leadership and at the end of the day it will be put to a vote now it looks as though it's reason they will be able to see off this leadership challenge of course many of us will remember that she managed to see off the leadership challenge from within her own party just at the end of last year so
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it's expected that all her road conservative politicians will support her otherwise they'll risk a labor government which is something that despite all their disagreements they can all agree that they don't want and also the democratic unionist party of northern ireland which supports to reason may they have a confidence and supply agreement in parliament they have also said that they will support to resume a in that vote so she will then need to get back to the issue of salvaging this bragg's it deal and at the same time a lot of all the full says a coming into play europe was also eagerly awaiting the outcome of the vote the e.u. politicians very quick to react spain austria and the czech republic so the governments were ready for any type of bricks and or the french president says that the e.u. is highly unlikely to make any further consume it. don't text that i hold of wa the u.k. is heading towards a new deal despite there being no agreement it scares everybody the first looses
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a place on the british people maybe we can improve on one or two points i don't really believe that because we went as far as we could in the existing agreements but and just in order to try and solve the problem of british internal politics we won't know not defend the interests of europeans but the president of the european council donald tusk suggested that the u.k. simply stay in the e.u. after may's defeat for the president of the european commission says he regrets the results and wants the u.k. to clarify what is planning to do next and of course many other senior officials have also reacted. if that proposal goes into direction of a more deep relationship with the european union we are ready to do so we are not against this on the on the on the country secondly. what what we don't want is that this mass in british politics is now transferred that an importance in
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european politics it's not for the u.k. to. tell us the next steps on our on our side we really remain united and determined to reach a deal to stick to our agreement. of we have the plan for twenty months of march and easy to make proposals that we can come to a deal when we come closer to the opportunity a professor at the london school of economics alan scott and writer and broadcaster jonathan fry i think that the future of perhaps it is very uncertain it is a model it is a fiasco it's all laws to the prime minister's fault since she's deliberately gone ahead with a plan which for months everybody knew wasn't going to work and now she's faced becomes would says but it will take a couple of weeks before the atmosphere clears out any indication at all of where we live is the god deal was very unpopular among the british people opinion polls
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gave it about twenty percent support eighty percent of the seventy eight percent of the come to work against the big question really which has to be answered is not about reason a big question is what is the labor party going to doing because generally called in the very ambiguous to help them a good physician is he has suggested repeatedly that he could bring about a new labor dregs good for jobs and good for everybody despite the fact you said they're not going to be neither do you so very interesting to see if he changes his mind on just. a major brand of men's shaving products is facing a backlash over its latest promotional video the target audience has apparently been left unimpressed by the efforts of gillette to respond to the me tube movement with a number of dislikes under the video on you tube far outweigh the likes. we
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believe in the best in meant. to say the right thing. to the right way. already. but. it's not enough. there's a voice watching today. we
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put the issues raised by this advertisement to steve malzberg t.v. host of political commentator and joe and i'm bob and moran is founder of new news and diversity. why is that a bad thing to highlight the best way the best version of yourself whether you're a male or you're a female what's wrong with highlighting the best version of the what's wrong with inspiring men to be the best men that they can be that i don't see anything wrong with that and i think they should carry on doing at this video jones the masses of men as he will and the few trying to stop them and by the way boys will be boys there is nothing wrong with a boys getting in the scuffles with the boys i did it in my youth all my friends did it we grew up just fine these days if a boy just you know puts. it for seven eight years old six years old this is
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a girl on the cheek innocently he suspended from school he has a blot on his record for life if he goes like this bang bang in a schoolyard maybe you know innocently at five or six years old he's suspended this is crazy stuff of course there will be some way that we boys but what does that mean what does it mean are we allowing mental always have fights in the street do we condoning it is ok but he's a boy so it's ok to fight it's ok to do this in u.k. especially with not being such a high rate we condoning it by saying oh no it's ok but it will be boys it's ok to be violent it's ok to be aggressive no it's ok to not be aggressive it doesn't it doesn't affect your masculinity it doesn't demean you master knitting and if you are threatened by this by this ad if your masculinity is threatened then you have to question what you what masculinity means to you how dare. you so presumptive as presumptuous as suing pli that men are evil by nature and boys are evil
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by nature and need them to lecture to us to us males otherwise they get to turn into homophobes it and bring people up and break people and abuse people this is. not complete to see. and think it's absolutely fantastic they're focusing on the positives there's actually always a lot of people that generalize men for being sexual predators awful being in a t.v. and with the attitudes but in fact the gillette is focusing on the positives devastate actually in fact some men out there doing the right thing it presents as if the majority of men are being stopped and you know by these these few good men who somehow overcame their masculinity and birth and they've developed into the the keepers of the bad majority of men who are masculine the overwhelming majority of men by name sure are going to do the right thing.
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but all tribes facing a number of investigations into alleged ties with russia at the weekend it was revealed the f.b.i. started its probe at the moment he entered office this was not some to suspect a different kind of collusion. and explains it's been leaked to the media during the presidential campaign the f.b.i. investigated donald trump to see if it was working for the russians now the f.b.i. investigation found nothing however the fact that it even took place is being described as a scandal within itself but the reality is that the f.b.i. has a long history of looking into top u.s. government officials and their ties to the rue skis for example they were all over vice president henry wallace when he called for a more peaceful approach to the soviets the real peace treaty we now need is between the united states and russia on our part we should recognize that we have no more business in the political affairs of eastern europe than russia has in the
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political affairs of latin america western europe and the united states at the time the mainstream media dragged him through the mud and let's not forget george mcgovern the liberal senator who was investigated also by the f.b.i. we all know that for years liberals and progressives were called soft on communism in moscow to agent this charge was even leveled against don. martin luther king jr they investigated henry wallace f.d.r.'s vice president they tried to smear him as a communist while this was condemned and seen as a threat not to the american people to national security but that the security of the interests of these powerful people for whom the agency's work and not for the american people but here's the kicker what's different is that these investigations never came to light they were kept out of the public eye until documents were released two years later but what seems to be revealed here is the close relationship between the intelligence agencies and the press and b c editor william arkin recently resigned in protest of the fact that the way he sees it american
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media is essentially just being used by intelligence agencies the generals in the national security leadership that runs the country and now also is the commentators in the analysts who populate the news media really are not people who we can look to is saying while they won a war they they avoided a war they achieve some magnificent objective in fact they are the custodians and the architects of perpetual warfare it's much more open and that's very chilling actually journalists are sucked into want to be close to those in power and it's become really taking dictation in many ways of whatever government tells them the vetting process the challenge in particular on national security interest issues and foreign policy now they can go right on the opens and there's no filter there's no skepticism about this as we have in the past and so you've got journalists openly siding with the intelligence agencies as if they have paid assets of those
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agencies so rather than learning anything scandalous about donald trump what we actually learned something scandalous about the mainstream media. r.t. new york. straight back we go to the russian foreign minister a sort of good laugh it off in his first major news conference. of course this affects our interests as well. because the e.u. as an organization has a structure at a national level china is our number one partner but as the e.u. well ahead of china as an organization even despite all the sanctions and. our trade down drastically i think it's above two hundred seventy but that's still . a very crucial trade partner for us and. things that happen with the e.u. really matter to us in addition to bracks that there are many other things going on
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as well so it's important for us to understand how this is going to affect trade between russia and the e.u. but. i don't want to say that it would be more favorable for us that this is the kind of mind set. that you other countries might have other countries and other politicians who like to meto you know other people's affairs but we never do such things i gave you some examples earlier of certain countries response. in the macedonia fears and now we see something similar happening in germany the u.s. some besuited there is very active. talking to german companies to regarding nordstrom's to. do such things so we are not going to comment on bracks that even though some people say that russia is very happy with the brics that situation no
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a long time before this became an issue we have always said we want to see the e.u. strong and united. let's wait and see how this will pan out we want to work with the europe. union we want to work with the u.k. if the u.k. ends up with drawing from the e.u. but. what's the best way to do that we'll have to figure there's south one the situation becomes clear now as regards serbia. you're right you said that sooner or later serbia will have to decide between russia and the e.u. but the again this is. the kind of mentality that's obsolete it's no longer relevant this reflects the old colonial system i have given you a number of examples where the e.u. would make unilateral demands that. zero sum game
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mentality of like. down events in your. e.u. commissioner called to. told ukrainians they have to decide whether they want to be with russia or with the europe this is a provoke it if statement provocative question it's just reflects imperial thinking that's not in line with the decisions we made all together in the oas see and then russia e.u. contacts the talks that we see underway in serbia with. the e.u. talks. tell serbia shamelessly that first it has to recognize cost of his independence and then join. e.u. .


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