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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 16, 2019 9:30am-10:00am EST

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that's madeira as in president nicolas maduro who has just assumed the presidency of the world oil exporting alliance opec that's what duros seen here responding to donald trump's military threats against the wall of aryan revolution after that b.b.c. program at an energy conference in moscow president has not ruled out military action in venezuela do you take that threat seriously. you know i'm doing it here this is a forum on energy. of course we can discuss other types of benefits of spiritual energy let's take a look at this the president of the largest the most powerful military power in the world has no right to joke or not be serious the people of venezuela are rebellious people we fight for our freedoms that freedom arguably under threat not only from nature nation propaganda but from richland donors sympathetic to nato nations ambitions in venezuela suspected of killing campus you know jose cruz marquez in the past few days here in britain of course the defacto killing continues on the
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trays of may according to her department for work and pensions twenty one thousand sick and disabled people died waiting for welfare nearly twelve a day waiting for a decision over claims but even that perhaps pales into insignificance compared to how policy on the poorest country in the middle east yemen joining me now by skype from hastings in the south of england is labor council of hollington my evans' my thanks so much for coming on the show everyone's talking about bricks if they still had time to talk about the hunger strike nothing in the gari radcliff less on your hunger strike why did you go on the hunger strike so new year i travel to new york where i took part in a fit you outside the u.n. and we were on hunger strike and it seems like quite a severe action to take but actually the situation in yemen is in that state of emergency at the moment you have eighty five thousand children who have already stopped to death sixty thousand people have been killed directly five. saying
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fourteen million are in a state of famine five million at risk from color and two point two million children have malnutrition at the moment and this is all due to the saudi led bombing of infrastructure such as water points hospitals roads bridges and supply lines and the un has verified for the hundred twenty five such attacks which contravenes international human rights nor so i fell a huge responsibility as a citizen of this country and as an elected representative to go out there and to voice my anger about what's happening and the reason why britain is so relevant is that and since the conflicts broke out in march twenty fifth has been supplying saudi arabia with weapons. tourism is government says the saudis can make their own inquiries about what you're talking about about human rights we must train their pilots we must target help them target people in yemen and we must sell weapons to
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them to avoid terror attacks in britain selling one of the most all former tarion countries in the world four point six billion pounds worth of weapons that's it but it goes against international laws and human rights legislation i don't think that this country wants to be complicit in war crimes and we all know how corrupt saudi arabia is this country is very quick to jump on the bandwagon and declare war against other countries which they deem to be undemocratic and yet saudi arabia has a clear track record of. pressing democracy of out white violence i don't think i need to mention jamal khashoggi and the coincidence that happened in the saudi embassy in turkey is no excuse to say that we have nothing to do with the conflict training saudis and how to use the equipment and arming them with that equipment is clear. complicity we've asked the saudi ambassador repeatedly to come
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on this show of course he hasn't but he has given reassurances to mike pompei of the u.s. state department and apparently to of foreign secretary jeremy hunt that the kind of allegations you're making aunt true what about the fact that some councils up and down the country apparently forty three pension funds have been on the country stakes of more than half a billion in b.a. systems a bust lucky break the on motor government all companies implicated in the worst humanitarian crisis in in yemen they're making cash offer this because they need to get money from somewhere because of the the bank bailouts of twenty one heads indeed like my role as a councillor since i became elected last may a little of it is about income generation so when i signed up i thought it would be sort of more every day helping people instead much of my time is is taken up by how we going to generate income so for example hastings we've had slashed by forty
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million since austerity and we've gone from a staff of six hundred members of the staff to three hundred members of staff and it's heartbreaking to hear that councils have invested money in be a use the system's lot martin these arms companies that are supplying weapons to saudi arabia and i'm sure the council workers who are receiving their hard earned pensions a few that this money basically has a lot tarnished to it i do understand why households are looking to invest because austerity is so crushing. it's devastating that having to make such an ethical investment decisions a lot of talk today about a possible general election in the offing do you would you support a call being government creating some kind of legislation to to convict people for a. involvement in the yemen water resume's husband philip may work for the company
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which is the largest shareholder and b.a. systems capital group for the second largest shareholder in lockheed would you support a korban government creating a new crime i would one hundred percent support a new piece of legislation convicting war criminals who are we paying billions but always i'm not saying teresa mayes husband is a war criminal if you're not investing huge amounts of money in these companies and they wouldn't exist so you know that's the simple bottom line of it and you know members of the public were aware of the dodgy dealings behind the scenes of you know certain upper echelons of society who are all good friends and to each have a business sales and it's that me the reason may have husbands it's financially benefit millions from this current war in yemen that shares that he has company has
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put money into. are going towards the arms company that supplying the majority of the weapons that the saudis are using you know there's a clear link there and these people they they get away with it you know people spend so much time talking about benefit forward but it's these people who are creaming millions from unscrupulous investments they're the people that need to be taken to court they're the people in need to be held up and. held account for what they're doing it's not acceptable and this needs to stop immediately we're going to try and get tourism as ozment comment and capital groups a comment about your allegations there because the editor of the evening standard george osborne who was chancellor when the austerity measures are brought in works for blackrock as well as the evening standard which is a b.a. systems investor doing its endemic british elite involvement in the yemeni. of
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course and they are involved at every level and media is the key level to have right wing key media newspapers a fleet newspaper that everybody reads picks up on the on the gravel the train every day influence in people's lives and i think people don't realize how much that doesn't do it's their mind when they you know read these articles criticizing the labor party criticizing corbin as more criticism on of the labor party and the has been on the conservative government around things like rex and this is the right wing ploy where they use media publications and to shape people's minds and opinions and then suddenly everybody is saying or don't like that term equipment and you know if you press people and say why but you know generally there's often not a good reason it's just they say things like it's a feeling i just don't like it but there's no tangible reason i would be willing to
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gamble a lot of that you know opinion has been shaped by reading these but when articles in publications such as the evening standard is a key component to. making the general public submissive and just finally we have the d.w.p. the aunts are in parliament in the past forty eight hours seventy two hours twelve a day and twelve die every day waiting for benefits twenty one thousand people dead less than here at home i'm not talking about yemen less than ninety five thousand that died over the person independence payments in the disabled what's it like in hastings where your local councillor we've had universal credit rolled out earlier . and since it came out in twenty sixteen there's the a sharp increase in the use to food banks by eighty percent over the christmas period that rocketed to one hundred six percent tastings of them runs consistency we have abba down here as our m.p. . i once there's been
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a lot of denial in her camp about the effects of universal credit she's hating it as a success but then people locally they have a very different story just walking down the street in hastings you can see that homelessness has massively increased the last couple of years where we're struggling now to have facilities thankfully we've received a special by we can put people in overnight shelters but there's been a massive search of homelessness as one in ten landlords say that they don't want to take people on universal credit because of the onset since he of rent so it's pushing people into crisis immediately. i don't know all that well versed with what this report is say but i can say that the reality of the situation in hastings is that there's a massive increase in people going to food banks as a massive increase of people being homeless and it's humiliating and it's desperate for people who have very little in the first place. after the break
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i mean breck said chaos of the u.k. stand a chance for the r. and breaks russia's former deputy prime minister of haiti dvorkovich tells us whether a post breaks a trade deal is possible and slower the walking how much slower will britain's flagship high speed trains have to go to save money for your for the railroads were they just too elizabeth coming up about to have going underground. gone into a nihilistic theme. i think we've got to get them and get the jamming across america what makes america the charlotte. you know this is a point in time and guns are always around in some. concert . we're starting with
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is the beginning heading east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think i want to leave. any more. we may be completely different in this. president donald trump repeatedly said the u.s. will withdraw from syria it would seem he's the only one in his administration backing this move is trump in charge of his own foreign policy are. in my campaign actually. going to.
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join us as you know. i mean. if it up as well i must. get up on. my bed and we. will. be. welcome back joining me now to go through some the week's top stories is there is. going back well we see there's been some kind of vote. i should say yemen governor
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today in berlin governor divergent series agrees un secretary general giving priorities twenty nine team ahead of that vote last night this from the mirror what did you make of this. fix it tory tribe flashes incredible no food no channel tunnel notes unbelievable you know this is supposed to be the most serious subject this is the note this is the no food no channel tunnel what about fifty percent of the british export to europe what will happen to the banking system what the what will happen to the financial market we could eat the money. presumably this is a propaganda fear mongering ahead of the vote yes definitely trying to do this bill yeah but i don't believe it would work i don't believe this propaganda would work you know why britain in such a mess why we reach this point now and nobody can tell what will happen to war what
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will happen in six months what will happen in six years that's that's that's really what amazed me maybe it's an entire establishment against german core britain because his vision is arguably so different to the new liberal vision we've been presented with since nine hundred seventy nine i'm not surprised i agree completely simply the don't want germany to be elected i know the man for thirty five years he is very efficient he is very honest he is very genuine for the cause and mainstream media is going to. be a. russian but anyway when might get under a bit on that but this from the daily mail which theoretically should be a serious very serious infrastructure projects story read that. it is to. meet the new high speed trains floor and listed it in a bid to cut cost and stick to its fifty. six billion budget you know still have to
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be there in slow but you know i was looking for i mean they're terribly serious story but it actually says that they could be running slower than the trains we have today i mean why this project why the government is actually financing it why the government is putting money if they want to be free in law and we haven't seen the project here and i should say just to contracts change contracts rumored to be on on friday let's see how many tory donor companies are involved in that let's go to this from the best selling newspaper in this country about our defense secretary yet here you know defense secretary government williamson's planned to scare away the spanish vessels of gibraltar by using the ball guns. i mean believable to scare the visible by people i was making i joke in this week of a hundred years since the paris peace conference it was some kind of joke with the
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defense secretary's little difference ticketed should not make jokes he should put strategies i've been to several times you know poor people there you know why you are putting them in such awkward position. to take care of that vessels and spanish missile i think you know we were a war with with spain there's a senior source in the sun story governor williamson comes up with some pretty off the wall things about firing paint balls at the spanish navy beats a lot of them i don't know where they'll be in position for a june nato defense ministers meeting arguably the next story perhaps is is more serious than american weapons of mass destruction spokes linked to five based. unit it's a follow up over we talked about last time this week. as you know those people who are involved and financed by the foreign office two million a year it's those people actually hold the story of that one in
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a bust actually in this article you know who is this guy tim brandon group hired by the cia in the ninety's to run a p.r. campaign against saddam hussein yes what is this what does it say the same propaganda i think the same people i think the those people actually who created havoc in the middle east who you know were behind a war which caused the iraqi people the middle eastern people more than three million web killed in this war who is understood to have helped set up unpublicized the iraqi national congress in the middle east in the run up to the war and he is appears to be part of this foreign office think. what was wrong with his attempts at the iraqi national congress in the run up to the iraq war in iraq he created that organization. jalapa he was. to get out of this and you know they used false information and all that to death to actually to create
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that environment for the war against iraq under apartheid and look at the outcome of this if you go back to seventy years ago they used the same tactic look what happened to libya it's completely dismembered in that's next story i should also say that i know it's terribly serious calling for. portrayal in kingsman comedy film which is also implicated in that we're expecting more from the integrity initiative which employs journalists employees who knows. and you know you mention libya here is a young girl you is from the bench press and the u.s. military is all over africa despite not being at war in africa you know i believe you know they will clear it was why there are building a military base there in all of the preparing for the future war the trumpet ministrations as the seven of thousand u.s. military personnel it's as a thousand contractors presumably to protect protect the united states. is
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about three thousand miles away from africa why they are there you know unbelievably. few days ago all prison time said i am pulling out all my troops from see it again simply because he was defeated in syria now i think these military base definitely has a plan future a plan to destroy africa to create wars in africa you know that whatever that american goal it is destruction they are expensive and destruction not construction this is this is how we see it from middle eastern point of view have no barry allen thank you well well it's like trump my next guest is also a man accused of being complicit in russian election meddling but not the us presidential election the election for the top job in chess the now head of the world chess federation and former deputy prime minister of russia. arkady dvorkovich is no stranger to russophobia after helping to organize the twenty eighteen russia world cup event for which the british foreign office issued a travel warning advising england france to look out for anti british sentiment we
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caught up with him at the russian british business forum in london to discuss russophobia and pushed bricks at trade deals arkady you've organized the world cup . presumably seen widely as as a big success do you think that helped to take the edge of the other allegations routinely made here in the. the whole point or third in doing this in the right way and using call more than approaches to the mediation of such events we started doing that few years ago when the team worked hard and all the best bits of world cup of nations starting from. just getting through the visas and doing good business fun ideas. to go to the embassy to logistics. stadium construction management cultural program and many other things that we had to do to make this world cup legendary looking back. did it make much of an
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impact for the british government the foreign office were telling british friends don't visit or at least think a lot unfortunately i wish i didn't have money and british friends around and that was due to the fact that the newspapers and the british government are not. giving. signals that it was dangerous public good or only yes exactly and when people realized there's not since many people still came and were sending back the signals that it's ok that nothing to worry about and people who are trying to get them but i mean think it's a surprise by what's been called worse a phobia here given the britons and make new trade deals after break that i was not surprised but i know that in the. he was picked by his braces of course it's more important than any other things and it's just unfortunate that. other negative things take part of the journey here of being in opposed to read the sings before
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i'm sure they actually they targeted you when you became head of the chess world well i know that there are the statement vocal example of english just figuration but again. just unfortunate since people chances to do big things. in collaboration with the vultures for your ration as well as not about russia about watches for your nation and if they will think that if the russian guy at the top of the duration that this would not work with the figuration there were reports here saying that only was a breck's it probably was a trump but the russian summer organize you becoming both of the world turns red racial. all those things are just not true and i think. the thinking creates obstacles for further collaboration between the english chess figuration and feed the it is an international institution and elected
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president i around the invasion visit my team and we do this to the benefit of every just eurasian the world included including the english one third we have to work together and stop thinking about. things that are not just not related to that the fit is different now because the new team new people in the we're not doing courage or politics we're not doing well business we're doing chess. just draw on the industry more generally and the russian economy is british businesses think of doing trade with russia resists oil prices don't think that the russian government should be thinking about diversification religio resources because the saudis look to be. what was that the thing was that twenty years ago in three chief great results the dependence on oil in the use of substantially while the back
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in two thousand was twenty five percent now it's nine percent. and our economy is not as much dependent on oil anymore that it will be for other sectors took over services agree culture. industrial production in general oil is still important we're not fighting oil since i didn't put in fact that are the same about vests for to buy the other things but it is really crucial to understand that oil is not of the same importance it was fifteen twenty years ago still be cure about prices since it's a global factor and prices should be fair for all market participants both for producers and for consumers and we truly believe that. stability in the market is the more important than having car
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prices being fishel for just one site the current level is more or less a cave you have been thinking. in our budget projections that. from fifty to fifty five maybe the levels at this they could do for the market sixty to seventy of course better but it should not expect prices all the states of. that level. so we are confident that our fiscal stance and pointer polices. are in good shape since we are conservative in our projections but you are right the priority is to they were safe i because otherwise is in the doldrums really controlling the russian federation we call them we work with the saudi relationship and the reigning sanctions again our budget projection project. prices so forty dollars per barrel so if. you're able to deduce prices from seven to sixteen. if we need new shoes is our current budget hawk rich thank you
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russia's former deputy prime minister arkady dvorkovich that other russian british business forum in the tip of the show will be back on saturday to see whether the british government still exists until then he'd be judged by the social media view on saturday one hundred seventy nine years since the defacto jenna five all british east india company responsible for killing millions captured the capital of yemen. as an officer. told to get up off the ground yasser began to pay him down. them freeze on the sounds of an mit grown man the christening essentially. through his. twisted away from the officers. of his group. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the web in one's midst and then when it
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happened on she swung and i didn't hit him i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were so the answers back here they're high again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled his gun and even turned three. there's albeit a whole cost going on in america for profit and the drug companies are killing millions of americans for profit and if no politician does anything about it i mean i look around the world and i see this relational and the frats protests and i see that as growing going globally and john locke said in sixteen of the ninety i believe that if the social contract was broken that it's up to the people to revolt the social contract has been shattered revolution isn't assessed.
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when they came back from iraq now oh mary was her was cocaine methamphetamine say anything that's altering trying to get us out. that bad mindset used in the chemical that would be so. i want to be drinking and drinking just killing myself. now go home links don't drink don't get drunk alcoholics drink to feel normal. that's why it's this way drug out if you. shop while still for the near here star cool or to reduce guns or bring through to it it just means to. reduce need to be hoped and not get pushed on by the v.a.'s r.'s drugs bill and stuff they need to be built. and either she really shouldn't be looked at like numbers they should be looked at like people if
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they go to a veteran center for health issues be considered as someone who really needs attention. breaking news in r.t.d. us confirms that soldiers have been killed in explosion in the strategic syrian city of miami beach in an attack which has been claimed by islamic state.


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