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it. was. one of the. u.k. prime minister faces a vote of no confidence the day after she suffered think big ifs poly venture defeated british history both sides of the break to debate. against a deal that's the scene right now in the u.k. houses of parliament. it was quick to react to the outcome of the vote some senior
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politicians said the e.u. would make the concessions others. clarify its plans. this is international british m.p. spent all day debating whether the government is up to the job of running the country and shortly they will vote to decide just that in a motion of no confidence it was called by the opposition let's go live and listen in to the debate in the u.k. houses of parliament the. way. i. was immaculate because looks like the debate has just finished and that means that it's. piece of falling out now to think about just where they are going to cast
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their vote will they support the government in which case the whole briggs it discussion will continue we don't know which direction or will they vote against the government in which case i believe they'll be fourteen days for the reason made to try and form a new government and it might not end there is a whole rabbit hole we could be going down and we'll be following it very closely here on our t.v. . ok in the meantime let's cross over to london our correspondent has been following events. throughout all of yesterday and today poly lots of discussion in the house about what is going to happen regarding the government and probably a lot of people talking on the side about what we're going to do in terms of moving forward for the briggs's deal there what more can you tell us. it was just another day in the office for terrorism a she sort of a leadership challenge from within her own party at the end of last year but this time she needs to see off the challenge in her government and it was the leader of
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the opposition jeremy corbin who tabled a no confidence motion last night after that historic defeat that she sustained in parliament the biggest commons defeat in history it's really an unprecedented sadia politically to push e.u. withdrawal bill through parliament and they have been to facing all day on whether or not to resume a should keep her job take a listen to what they had to say to cope to miss a humiliating defeat the marsh fork and eat you keep government westminster incident killed. on a customs union in denial on no jail in denial on the amount of money being spent preparing for no jail in denial on last night's results he talked about being in denial the only person in denial in this chamber is him because he has consistently consistently failed to set out what his policy on breaks it is this government has
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failed our country it cannot govern cannot command the support of most people facing the most important issue for the moment which is great if they failed again on the last of the last night on what he himself describes as the key issues facing this country. with every hour the previous prime minister faced with this kind of defeat last night they would have resigned countries would be able to change the government that they want. well just like we more or less knew that she would lose the vote yesterday based on what politicians have said about not supporting the deal she's likely to see. to win this vote taking place in the chamber tonight jeremy corbin as leader of the labor party he's got the support of other opposition parties like the liberal democrats
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in the scottish national party but that is unlikely to be enough to topple the prime minister because she will have the support of the conservative party they may not be able to agree on how to proceed with briggs it but they are all in agreement about supporting the prime minister for now as leader and also the democratic unionist party of northern ireland they have a confidence and supply agreement with a reason may's minority government and they have said that they will support her in this vote as well even though they voted against bragg's that deal last night against the deal in the form that it was presented to them yesterday so in terms of what happens next really if she loses this vote which it doesn't look likely right now there will be fourteen days within which political parties could try and form and scramble together an alternative government but if that doesn't pan out then
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west staring down the barrel of another general election on top of all our brags it was but the likelihood is that the reason may is going to survive this evening just like she survived many times before and then she needs to turn to this bragg's it head scratcher that we are currently facing after the defeat last night she said that she's willing to try and build a cross party consensus that's not something she said before that she's going to go out and speak to other political parties in parliament to see how she can build any sort of majority for some sort of deal that will get an e.u. withdrawal bill through parliament but the problem is that there isn't really a majority for any one particular group forward there is some talk right now of the parliamentary machine krige be used to try and get another vote. in order to exclude the option of a no deal breakers it appears to be the one thing that parliament could get a majority for sure the hard preggers it is will be very upset about it but they
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are in a minority now at the same time while all this political turmoil is unfolding this talk and the prospect of a second referendum is getting closer getting more realistic over seventy labor m.p.'s came out publicly today saying they support having a rerun of the referendum and this all does appear to be moving towards a softening of brags that at the very least those who voted to leave the e.u. would be forgiven for worrying about bragg's it kind of hanging in the balance one of two reason may's own ministers when he was doing an interview today said that the government may consider staying in the customs union which had been one of the reason maize red lines which she set out when she went into the negotiations so
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it's a significant departure from kind of the the rules that she'd set out and the limits of those who don't want to leave the remain as those those who want to stay in the european union will certainly be encouraged by what we've heard from brussels that pretty much breast bragg's it can be reversed the president of the europe the president of the european council said yesterday rather significantly that if there is a deal is impossible and nobody wants no deal then who will have the courage to say what the only positive solution is and not only that we're also hearing murmurs from brussels that the e.u. is ready to extend article fifty beyond this year and into twenty twenty. one to get the results in from. many thanks poppy. talked about the european reaction there and many of course on
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the mainland eagerly awaiting the outcome of the vote on tuesday's briggs's deal with each new politicians very quick to comment spain austria the czech republic they said their governments were for any kind of brags that they were too bold that the european leaders also expressed readiness for anything. regarding the future relations the reason of course the possibility of further defining certain points if this helps to avoid a hard break that scenario we will of course do everything to find an orderly solution but who are also prepared if there is no orderly solution we still have time to negotiate but we are now waiting to see what the british prime minister proposes we always the u.k. work to from its red lines of the costumes union in the single market the position could evolve also leaders of long lamented that result from the two thousand and sixteen referendum but now that that deal that was on the table has been outright rejected by parliamentarians in the u.k. it seems that they think that the only option now is for the u.k.
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to remain possibly via a second referendum angler merkel the german chancellor said there was still times for talks and clarification there was also a clarification from claude the president of the european commission who said he regretted that decision by the u.k. parliament meanwhile the president of the european council donald went even further saying that there was only one positive solution and that of course it seems to be a day in the year now other e.u. leaders have pretty much had it too at the back of their teeth with the decision from the u.k. with leaders from italy and france trying to put their own country's interests first rather than k. president michael is even to some degree started to give the u.k. the cold shoulder. the u.k. is heading towards
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a no deal despite there being no agreement it scares everybody the first losers of this are the british people maybe we can improve on one or two points i don't really believe that because we went as far as we could in the existing agreements. just in. order to try and solve a problem of british internal politics we want not defend the interests of europeans the plenary session is taking place currently in the european union parliament it's being led by people of course talking about breaks it might have been hoping that they could have been dotting the i's and crossing the t.'s on this deal today but not so it looks like it's back to the drawing board and in fact there are warnings now that a high risk new deal is a very likely outcome. of a no deal has never seemed so high our goal is to avoid such a scenario but we also have a responsibility to remain cool headed which is why i wouldn't turn. to this
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possibility many voices are now suggesting that a second referendum is a very realistic possibility but briggs it is a warning that if a second referendum takes place it might produce the same result but actually with a larger majority for leave if the trial becomes complete and we are forced to vote in a second referendum you may be in for a big surprise the british may be a very placid people very laid back but i promise you they get pushed too far it's a law that will roll we will be even more defiant if we have to fight a second referendum i will win it by a big majority. ok this is the scene now in the case has a parliament the m.p.'s hundreds of them gathered to make a decision. which will decide the future the political future of the u.k. not just in terms of who governs the country in terms of forming
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a government but. even on the bigger picture whether or not they could be in the european union or not because that's how important decision could be potentially this will decide who's going to be leading the country to reason may and our government facing a challenge the question that's being put is pretty simple the motion is that this house has no confidence in her majesty's government so do they want to keep to reason may and her current government if they vote against or there will be fourteen day period in which to reason they will try to form an alternative government if she fails to do that there are still lots of alternatives the opposition might get an opportunity to try and form a government should be very difficult you could even get a general election which would of course put briggs it on the back burner unbelievably as it is of course the number one topic in the case right now but is expected to win this vote and then they will push forward with the prospect of what kind of break the deal will be it's
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a very complicated and let's be honest quite messy situation. and we await the results of this no confidence vote. so as treason may prepare for the results of that vote camilla take a look at the journey that has led her to get to this point promised to david cameron at the time he wasn't expecting the vote to end up in a briggs it decision so he was forced to leave may won the race to replace cameron as the leader of the u.k. a year later she triggered article fifty and officially started the brig's at negotiations last july she proposed the so-called czech is the on the opposition to that sparked the resignation of some key ministers including the foreign secretary boris johnson returning to talks with the e.u. her deal was reached the pm said the december date for parliament to vote on it but then fearing defeat may postpone the vote that triggered a no confidence motion within their own party she's been here before she survived on that previous occasion will she survive tonight and then of course just
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yesterday may's deal as widely predicted overwhelmingly rejected by and peace but. british independent m.p. janet at consumer spoke to a little earlier this evening believes that it's actually the e.u. that should be a little bit more nervous. how come they tell their electorate their biggest trading partner is not going to have a free trade deal with them but they haven't managed to negotiate and know that voters are going to punish and punish them so that is a real threat and not is coming across very clear today in the chamber this morning so i think it may comes back and she actually grows a bit of stature about seem like a prime minister who is representing a majority of remind people of something point four million people and she comes in here she tells them what she wants she's never come here and she's never told them what she wants what we want the pressure people and they're open to negotiation and i can tell that terse. cinnamon's all open to discussion and i think it's all to
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play for. back to the houses of parliament as the n.p.c. queuing up for getting ready to vote some we're going to be bringing you the reaction we have a way this decision goes we're going to be bringing a response and analysis and we'll be looking forward to decide which way is the u.k. going political solution to this because. we are used to the right three hundred six the no use of the last three hundred twenty five. we are used to the right. i used to the left three hundred twenty four are you so the no no no. i.
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want to go to the prime minister. i. want to point out to mr speaker i'm pleased that this house has expressed its confidence in the government. do not take this responsibility likely and my government will continue its work to increase our prosperity guarantee our security and to strengthen our union and yes we will also continue to work to deliver on the solemn promise we made to the people of this country to deliver on the results of the referendum and. i believe this duty is shared by every member of this house and we have a responsibility to identify a way forward that can secure the backing of the house to that end i've proposed a series of meetings between senior parliamentarians and representatives of the government over the coming days and i would like to invite the leaders of parliamentary parties to meet with me individually and i would like to start these
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meetings tonight i mr speaker i the government approaches these meetings in a constructive spirit and i urge others to do the same but we must find solutions that are negotiable and command sufficient support in this house and as i've said we will return to the house on monday to table on amendable motion and to make a statement about the way forward the house has put its confidence in this government. and i stand ready i stand ready to work with any member of this house to deliver on breaks it and ensure that this house retains the confidence of the british people in a way they want to see it because. i thank you mr began last last night the house rejected the government's conclusion of its negotiations with the european old order i called the prime minister.
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on a point of order and the prime minister was heard and she was heard. in relative tranquillity and certainly with courtesy and the same courtesy will be extended. to the beat of the opposition and others who seek to raise points of order that the way it is generally corbett thank you mr speaker last night the house rejected the government's deal in fact typically a week ago the house voted to condemn the idea of a no deal breaks it before there can be any positive discussions about the way forward the government i think the government must remove must remove clearly once and for all the prospect of the catastrophe of a no deal breaker to me and all the chaos that would come as a result of that nine but the prime minister to confirm now that the government
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will not countenance no deal breaks it from the european union. point a lot of mystery on black birds thank you mr speaker and i must see the type welcome the offer of talks from here the prime minister i think it's important mr speaker that all of us recognize that a sponsibility that we have and on the back of the defeat of the governments motion last night that we have to work together where we can to find a way forward to what i commit the scottish national party to working constructively with the government however i do think it's important i do think it's important that the car that we make it clear to the prime minister in the spirit of openness in these talks that the issue of removing article extending article fifty of people's fault and avoiding a new deal have to be on the table we have to. be on the basis that we can move forward and achieve a result which go unify all the missions and by the united kingdom here you.
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point to all. three would say we are going to come to thank you mr speaker from the liberal democrat position we are clear that we want to. with talks with comanches governments but it's very important that the government makes clear that no deal is not an option thank you very very important the prime minister as she actually to be fair to her earlier today didn't do rollouts extending all its cool fifty is important to the house kids that have that job to think and come together and finally i would ask the prime minister will change sure mr speaker that this house gets a chance to take control of our own business as we go through the next few days and we. thank you put into all that i missed that i will dogs mr speaker on the result of the motion of no confidence tonight illustrates the importance selfie confidence
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and supply arrangement that is currently in place thank you thank you thank you it was i always was i'm always i don't have to say i am always delighted when maher opponents and the strip the strength of that our relation to how it was for northern ireland. and when the people of northern ireland for you that and dash meant in education and house and infrastructure they will find this part of it on the boat by this party and this government or that actually and passion was how i think i can i say this all the time is to stay and no to. say maybe you know me you behave with great dignity this place man. not to vote this is take our psyche can i say however that they have the confidence should supply arrangement of course
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is built upon delivering brecht should on the basis of our shared priorities for us that is the union we want to deliver bracks are taking back control of our laws our border and our money and we believe the european union is one country that does work in the coming days to achieve that. jack. on this well if you're. really feels you must know that he has been represented by just been listening to some of the response they have voted the results are in. a very narrow victory for the current government three hundred twenty five i'm supporting them in the vote three hundred six opposing a very narrow majority just nine votes go back to london to a correspondent probably both who she's also been following events that it was expected you said this the reason they would survive her government would stay in power but my goodness it was close. he's
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a meet tonight because wow that was close i mean we knew what a small majority with that confidence and supply agreement with the democratically us party of northern ireland i think majorities around fifteen so yes there you go the numbers speak for themselves that they voted and now jeremy corbyn he was first to speak after well reason may spoke first and she said that she will come back to the house on monday to talk people through what the next steps in relation to where is it are but she said that talks with other parties in with the aim of building across party consensus for an alternative greg zip and they will begin tonight so this is quite a departure for two reason may she hadn't until she lost the vote last night signaled that she would be willing to talk to any other parties and a lot of people have been calling on her to do just that for quite a while now that now that her feet have been held firmly to the fire looks as
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though she is going to have to now reach across the aisle and talk to other political parties many of whom have very different ideas about how bragg's it should look jeremy call been the leader of the labor party. he who tabled that no confidence vote motion in her government was the cause really of the vote this evening he said that he will only in gauging those tourists if to resume a agrees to take no deal the prospect of crashing out of the e.u. with no deal off the table so he's setting conditions already publicly there in the chamber saying well i'm not going to talk to you unless you say we're going to do that next stop there was ian black for the leader of the scottish national party nationalist party in westminster he said he'll only engage in talks if she agrees to keep a second referendum as an option on the table as well so already it's getting
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incredibly complicated and it's hard to see again how we're going to get a consensus on anything and again those calls for a second referendum they really are getting louder we've got pundits talking about it more and more politicians talking about it seventy labor m.p.'s came out today publicly in favor of a rerun of the vote and so it does appear to be heading towards well if parliament have their way a softening of the original brags it plans to resume a hand and for those that voted the to leave the e.u. well they'd be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the brakes it is in a bit of danger it's certainly looking less than lightly than it was three days ago even one of to resume a zone mr minister has said in an interview today that the government may have to consider staying in the customs union in order to get
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a deal through parliament one that all those politicians in the house of commons will approve which really does go to show how difficult it is all this really a demonstration of how hard it is to have. a vote while the public votes on like we did the referendum in twenty sixteen here in the u.k. on the question of britain's membership in the european union but then a parliamentary democracy a constitutional democracy working to implement that decision made by the people because there seems to be a disconnect between what was voted for and perhaps how it is implemented and of course the people who want to state in the european union those that are desperate not to leave well they will be encouraged by what they hearing from over in brussels because the president of the european council donald test he said last night that if
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a deal is impossible and no one wants no deal and it looks like we're heading towards that through parliamentary mechanics then who will have the courage to say what the only positive solution is now we know that the european the highest court in europe voted not voted rule and at the end of last year that article fifty could leave with us and now we're hearing murmurs from brussels that the e.u. is willing potentially to extend article fifty beyond june which was when they had kind of said they were looking at extending it to but all the way into the twenty twenty so yeah lots of options on the table and brags it perhaps may be slipping away or being kicked down the road a little bit this could bring as of today live from london on the phones. get
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some analysis now bring in john daunt who's a radio talk host a columnist and i'm sure he would not be short of an opinion or to go down the way you expected john people were saying tourism it was one of the good but my got the hang on by the they must not have cut their fingernails that hung on by them. absolutely i mean today's predict conflict fast we all knew that she would win i think people are surprised that the government has only won by nineteen and believes the nonsense will snip the real vote was yesterday there is no confidence in her short of a lousy deal and i'm getting a bit frustrated that reporters in the newspapers and t.v. stations are saying that sarah people don't want to know do you know what is this know people the people voted to get out the politicians i meant to supply that i welcome the idea that we leave without a deal and we'll trade on your own standards and i think there's an awful lot of
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people maybe seventeen point four million i guess who won that. runs like you like a much earlier unfortunately since we've lost the connection with john it's just this guy clinton freezing up a little bit ok if you're just want to double check we got the picture back can you still hear me john. i can hear you actually we did you just froze for a moment but you are back more most importantly you talked about the public don't want bragg's it but it's pretty clear where the message is coming from is the politicians don't want the hard drugs if you just heard jeremy corbyn some of the party leaders say make sure that the no deal brags it is off the table before we even speak that's where the message is coming from isn't well that's an affront to democracy just like the whole idea of a heart in a soft rex's they'd be manipulating their state stablished when leaks for the last two and a half years.


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