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tv   Cross Talk  RT  January 16, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm EST

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of the syrian city that was there were among twenty seven fatal it is from the attack this is all according to the turkish president efficient us army twitter account confirmed casualties we didn't specify the number media publish the video of c.c.t.v. footage that said to capture the moment of the attack we'll show you but i must warn you may find these images upsetting. and. the mixtape has claimed responsibility shortly after the attack the u.s. military vehicles were filmed close to the scene by outies video agency ruptly ruptly source on the ground also confirmed u.s. troops have now placed the entire city block down the pentagon military helicopter said to have flown in to evacuate those injured with more details here's artie's paulus leah. it certainly is a significant development we've heard from the spokesperson for the u.s. led coalition against islamic state known as operation inherent result now he has
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confirmed that they are american deaths although he hasn't given any specific numbers turkish media is reporting that there are wounded american soldiers who have been airlifted via helicopter to nearby hospitals now at the same time the spokesperson has said that they are gathering information and they'll release a report as soon as they have updated information but he did say that the american troops were on a patrol in the city what we do know according to eyewitnesses is that there were more than a dozen walking down the main street it is near a busy market it is also near a cafe where we've heard from eyewitnesses there was a meeting underway between members of the military council and what they say are some foreign dignitaries but we don't have any information as to the nationality of those in the meeting we assume they were american having said that though there are reports that there were also three inch troops in the area now the american president donald trump has been briefed on the situation and has said that he is monitoring developments the city is in lockdown people are not being allowed to
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move around and american troops have been stationed at the entrances and exits to the hospitals of course among those injured and killed all civilians who just found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time now islamic state has claimed responsibility they say that they were targeting u.s. backed forces and that it was a suicide bomber with an explosive vest who carried out the blast. for now the area in and around the bridge is one of the main hot spots of syria where almost all players of the conflict are concentrated would be the coach of ours more on their interests and goals. man bishop is the best place to try to understand the complicated puzzle of competing groups and the ones united syria which is now so divided with the multiple wars tearing the country apart located east of aleppo and west of the euphrates river three hundred thousand people live and the arab
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dominated city has been under the control of kurds for the past two years ever since they drove out and now if we look at the map this city is a tense frontline for well average single party involved in the conflict first there are kurdish forces who for generations have been locked in a bitter battle with attacks those who are in the territory do in syria will learn the necessary lessons for us there is no difference between the warring p.g. the p. y. d. the p.k. kerry and we will very soon take actions and neutralize the terrorist groups in syria the kurds moving west of the euphrates was a red line for turkey and at the same time turkey considers the kurdish presence there a provocation on the other hand they sacrificed a many men and resources to wrestle control for myself and won't be leaving without a fight while those drops the us right in it up to its knees which has friends of
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both had to bring in its own troops to keep turkey because away from each other but while washington was trying to keep the warring sides opponents as our forces were provoking the wrath of ankara. the us is in the process of creating a terror army on our border but we have to do is nip this terror army in the barred america do not encroach on our borders do not provoke us or we will run out of persians and the us also had a hard time pressuring the kurds to actually leave the town kurdish commanders have. made commitments that they will turn over areas to local populations as they have been so tremendously sisk successful in liberating those areas from that we expect them to live up to those commitments well the kurds are still in the town and after trump surprise the world and no one saying there was trouble of his troops the kurds still worried about the threat coming from turkey turn to damascus
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and ask for help bringing yet another player into town now there are talks of introducing a save zone to the area but even that won't help the parties to settle their differences which leaves the man bears as a microcosm of the entire multi interest fight which is the syrian conflict maybe she's very tense area between turkey and united states the americans had promised more than two years ago to do you care to show interest would withdraw from the city and the u.s. would remain and carrots are still there and turks do want president to do what he said lyricist betrayed them and not fulfill its commitments and broken its promises and so on at the same time the syrian government is trying to take over if the americans go out and do a deal with the currents to come in and take over the chancery it's a very constricted area. now is this huge agreed into my house surgeons it makes it
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even more complicated. of an israel is facing political deadlock after the country's opposition leader announced his party was ready to form a new government one refused to recognize the authority of president nicolas maduro who's just been sworn in for a second term but there is facing opposition not just inside the country to explain is credible but. economic and political strife has taken place in venezuela with the opposition moving against the elected government of nicolas maduro now nicolas maduro was recently read an auger rated for his second term as president of the country with many south american countries that are allied with the united states condemning that election and that inauguration now at this point we've seen a leader of the opposition in venezuela wand wedo basically declare himself to be the legit president of venezuela despite the fact that he was not elected he claims that is not legitimate that the constitutional convention and elections that have
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taken place are not legitimate and that he is the actual president now at this point it's also surface that a phone call has taken place between vice president mike pence of the united states and. on that phone call the vice president of the usa was friendly toward mr wedo and voiced opposition to this is some of what was said. because the dictator with no legitimate claim to one who is a precise the venezuelan people who for. the united states strongly supports the courageous decision by. the president of the national assembly to invoke protections and declare the country's presidency vacant now there are rumors circulating at this point that u.s. president donald trump may consider recognizing the leader of the venezuelan opposition as the legitimate president of venezuela and not recognizing the elected government that is internationally recognized headed by nicolas maduro and the
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united socialist party those are rumors are not exactly confirmed at this point however we have seen in the united states very widespread condemnation of election meddling and foreign meddling in the internal affairs of other countries however there have been some voices in the united states that have spoken up and said that it would be ok to meddle in politics as long as it was done for the sake of defending democracy don't mess around other people will. only for the very good do that to mine video and those former cia for a very good cause. back in september there was a meeting between the trumpet ministration officials and rebels in venezuela some coup plotters who were attempting to carry out a coup apparently met with the trumpet ministration now this was back in september and at the white house they would not exactly get into details about what had been discussed in those conversations they did declined to get into specifics however
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they did say that they were for dialogue with all venezuelans who demonstrate a desire for democracy and they also said they hope to bring positive change to a country that has suffered under so for a very long time the usa has been criticizing in opposing the venezuelan government led first by hugo chavez and now by nicolas maduro in the united socialist party but at the moment there are rumors that that opposition to the elected venezuelan government could ask elate. who is a political analyst and also the. whale another says dot com he believes that the united states has been trying to some but sabotage democratic candidates in venezuela. the issue with men as well is that not only has the united states continually financed one of the in opposition and freedom of information act request. filed by eva golinger show that at least fifty million dollars us
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financing has gone usa can you imagine if the russian government was financing a political party in the united states the react the public reaction but not only that it goes even farther to the united states when it's far to threaten to sanction the opposition presidential candidate last year had recalled gone for daring to defy the u.s. backed opposition boycott of that election on the argument that his candidacy would confer legitimacy to the government i mean this is you know this is this is. washington claims to speak of democracy yet you know actively attempted to sabotage your democratic candidates electoral campaign. english football club chelsea is facing charges following an investigation into anti semitic chants by its fans to come out to hungary last month my colleague under from the movie tells from our correspondent alexia risk. just go through them what do these charges exactly relate to you what have chelsea fans done wrong well last month we reported here in the same studio about
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a huge racism scandal in england where part of the chelsea fans abused during a game in london something which exploded a media bomb in england and just four days later a part of chelsea fans went to the game in budapest against a local side in the europa league and they were heard chanting and to semitic chance in the in the stands supposedly related to their north london rivals of tottenham hotspur but they chose a very wrong place to do that. obviously very sensitive about and to semitic issues now they're facing the club is facing the investigation and possible partial stadium ban as you wait for dozen such cases but they didn't stop there just a week after that incident the british transport police reported that part of chelsea fans were travelling from london on the train after the club lost to leicester city at home and they racially attacked people on the train as well as sexually abusing sexually attacking several women on that train so it looks like
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you know three incidents in just one month and the club looks to be in trouble. a lot of focus on chelsea at the moment i mean that's not been the only club that's been in the spotlight. instance about racism and it's not about chelsea in fact the club itself has been doing very well according to different and discrimination groups they've instituted the zero tolerance policy towards any kind of discrimination but we're talking about the minority of fans which always spoil the weather for certain clubs and in this case we can talk about the tottenham hotspur which i mentioned before they had an incident in december as well when a banana skin was thrown into the pitch to an african player of arsenal and just this past weekend a journalist went to a game against manchester united at wembley and reported that there was racism racist behavior in the stands as well and you know what back in the days to remember that any racist incident have. outside of england even in russia here people would just point the fingers and say look everyone is else else is racist and england's doing fine but right now we're seeing
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a spike of such incidents in in england and god knows why why is this happening. time for a reminder of our top story this evening to reason may has won a confidence vote in government comes just a day after her brags that divorce agreement was overwhelmingly rejected by lawmakers. are you still the right. student three hundred twenty four are you. going there is every two hours and please at this house has expressed its confidence in the government yeah i'm always delighted one more of whom i'm sure it is true the grandfather dr our relation to our do not take this responsibility like me and my government will continue its work to increase our prosperity all of us recognize the sponsibility that we have and on the back of the defeat of the government's motion last night guarantee our security and
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strength are you here and we leave the european union as one country that is work in the coming days to achieve that and you know. when but by golly that was pretty narrow a margin of just sixteen votes kept to reason may and her job and speaking after the vote she said she's keen to get on with the task at hand that is of course this brags that headache that she has and in order to get on with gregg's it she says she needs to start some cross party crisis talks on bragg's it immediately as early as this evening in fact in order to come to some sort of consensus on an alternative brags that plan now let's call it that after her brags it plan a tanked in parliament last night to ease it may sustain an unprecedented defeat when she took her brags that a deal to parliament she wasn't able to push that through so tonight after winning
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the no confidence motion she was sort of extending an olive branch to all the other political parties saying look let's work together it's not something she's known for really she hadn't spoken to other parties in the past she's known for not really talking to her. faucheux anyone outside of her circle of trust but she said let's talk take a listen to what the other political party leaders had to say to her in response. before there can be any positive discussions about the way forward the government of the government must remove must remove once and for all the prospect of the catastrophe of no do you. think would come as a result of that from a little democratic position we are clear that we want to engage with talks with them actually government but it's very important that the government makes clear
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that no deal is not an option i commit the scottish national party to work constructively with the government however i do think it should which i do think is important is not the sharks that we make it clear to the prime minister and the spirit of openness in these talks that the issue of removing article extending article fifty of people's fault and avoiding a new deal have to be on the table we have to. this is what we can move forward and achieve the result which to unify all the regions and if the united kingdom you know that you well that is politically weakened being backed into a corner by other political parties there will holding to reason mais feet to the fire really jeremy corbin the leader of the labor party said to me talk to her if she rules out say no deals bragg's it which is actually something that the parliamentary machine was working towards anyway but it appears to be the only
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option is that there might be a consensus over wanting to reject about something that everyone might agree that they don't want but ian black thirds of the s.n.p. going one step further saying he'll only talk to two reason may shake loose the option of a second referendum on the table so it seems. the defeat last night is paving the way certainly for potentially a softening of bragg's one of to resume a zone ministers said in an interview today that the government may have to look at the option of staying in the customs union which has been one of the prime minister's red lines when she was going into the negotiations with brussels in terms of what she said she would wouldn't change and what she wanted no matter what so that's out the window it looks like potentially what's taken place it does raise the specter not just of softening the braggs the process but potentially of
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reversing it altogether over seventy labor m.p.'s came out and pledge their support for a rerun of the e.u. referendum today and those that don't want to leave will certainly be encouraged by what they're hearing from brussels because the president of the european council donald tersely tweeted last night saying that if a deal is impossible and nobody wants no deal then who will have the courage to say what the only positive option is well there are a lot of people with the courage to say that here in the u.k. and they seem to be lobbying for it rather strongly not only that but we're also hearing from brussels that article fifty which is the date that person is set to. intercept for the train tonight of march this year it's coming out very shortly that could be extended not just for a couple of months as was previously thought but because of the scale of the
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political turmoil here in the u.k. over brags that that could be extended britain's departure from the e.u. potentially until next year. teresa mayes victory comes twenty four hours after a day of defeat a draft brags that divorce agreement was opposed by an overwhelming majority her fellow employees including many conservative rebels. not surprisingly there's been plenty of interest in the events in westminster across the channel in europe spain austria in the czech republic said their governments are prepared for any type of bragg's it some other european leaders also expressed readiness for anything. regarding the future relations the reserve course the possibility of further defining certain points if this helps to avoid a hard break that scenario will of course do everything to find an orderly solution but who are also prepared if there is no orderly solution we still have time to negotiate but we are now waiting to see what the british prime minister proposes we always the u.k.
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work to remove from its red lines of the costumes union in the single market the position could evolve also in leaders of long lamented that result from the two thousand and sixteen referendum but now that that deal that was on the table has been outright rejected by parliamentarians in the u.k. it seems that they think that the only option now is for the u.k. to remain possibly via a second referendum angela merkel the german chancellor said there was still times for talks and clarification there was also clarification from claude the president of the european commission who said he regretted that decision by the u.k. parliament meanwhile the president of the european council donald went even further saying that there was only one positive solution and that of course it seems to be a day in the year now other e.u. leaders have pretty much had it too at the back of their teeth with the decision
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from the u.k. with leaders from italy and france trying to put their own country's interests first rather than k. president michael is even to some degree started to give the u.k. the cold shoulder. the u.k. is heading towards a no deal despite there being no agreement it scares everybody the first losers of this are the british people maybe we can improve on one or two points i don't really believe that because we went to so far as we could in the existing agreement and just in. order to try and solve the problem of british internal politics we want not defend the interests of europeans the plenary session is taking place currently in the european union parliament it's being led by people of course talking about breaks it might have been hoping that they could have been dotting the i's and crossing the t.'s on this deal today but not so it looks like it's back
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to the drawing board and in fact there are warnings now that our high risk new deal is a very likely outcome. bruce could no deal has never seemed so high our goal is to avoid such a scenario but we also have a responsibility to remain cool headed which is why i wouldn't turn. to for this possibility many voices are now suggesting that a second referendum is a very realistic possibility but briggs it is a warning that if a second referendum takes place it might produce the same result but actually with a larger majority for leave if the trial becomes complete and we are forced to vote in a second referendum you may be in for a big surprise the british may be a very placid people very laid back but i promise you they get pushed too far it's a law and. we will be even more defiant if we have to fight
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a second referendum i will win it by a big majority. well the conservative government may be i may have survived a vote of no confidence tonight but how did they get to this position well prime minister david cameron quit after britain voted to leave the e.u. that surprised him to resume a win the race to replace him here later she triggered article fifty and officially started the brig's it. last july she proposed a so-called czech is the opposition to which sparked resignations of key ministers including boris johnson the foreign secretary returning to talks of the e.u. her deal was reached the pm said a december date for parliament to vote but then fearing defeat she postponed it triggered a no confidence motion in their own party she survived and then just last night made this deal was overwhelmingly rejected by peace. it's been a roller coaster ride earlier i spoke to the director of the crisis research institute in oxford that's mark home and he says the aim for the prime minister now
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is to try to come up with a deal that will be acceptable to the majority. the basic majority they have the conservative party members and the democratic unionist party and that is an essential part of this dilemma that ever since mrs may called last to certain action and reduced have authority she's been in the week a position on the other hand the opposition can defeat her because as we saw today if you have a vote of no confidence in the tory government tory m.p.'s including very prominent are mailers rally to the tribal identity and it's quite striking that m.p.'s like on a subaru who are painted next to mrs may as leading remain are tories no less wear the most aggressive towards jeremy corbett in their interventions when he was speaking so you have this ball here but we have your pin issue which divides parties and then there's the party political issues which tends to draw them together to clarify for anybody watching us maybe not sure what was it that employees didn't like about the briggs it deal why did they vote it down is it too
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hard what do they want changing. well for well over four hundred had a variety of reasons there were some who felt it was too soft and that included the ulster unionist side and also the so-called tory or your people search group who want to essentially a. no deal brigs it then the world want to remain as twenty or thirty in the conservative party and then put on all the other side who would like either soft or briggs it or no briggs is a tall as you've been reporting at least seventy possibly more now labor m.p.'s are come out publicly for a second referendum which implies of course reversing the original decision so you had in this huge majority against mrs may the thing that unites them is a dislike of how to deal problem is to find some kind of the rule that is acceptable to a majority at you if you're successful for majority which also happens to have the prime minister in it because as the clock ticks down to the twenty ninth of march if article fifty is to be suspended or revoked if there's to be any new election
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all new referendums that requires an act upon. and it moves the government to sponsor it to get through the tire available so this is where is an incredibly weak position she can still put a spanner in the works or two from the point of view of those who want to stop the kind of giving of the e.u. that she has sponsored or even to reverse it. new craze has been flooding the internet it sees people posting a current picture of themselves on site one from ten years ago it's pretty simply known as the ten year challenge lots of celebs of rushed in posting the results and social media it's said to be a way to mark that two thousand and nine if you remember was a boom year for smartphones it was the first year when global sales topped one billion. as is normal on the internet lots of light hearted versions of the challenge have appeared but some are warning still that sharing personal information including photos on social networks can be dangerous little activist and commentator for hughes thinks that the task might actually be more about
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creating a global database of people's identities is this. a ruse or an opportunity or develops a used. international a talent since community gathering eden seeks to get people to voluntarily opt. photograph of themselves and real name of real people people's physical appearance radically and. i think it's quite an evident will that any recently updated photographs would say this is me today can fall into the hands of the intelligence services when we pay for things and we usually loyalty cards in shops and supermarkets and we want to fail of the things we buy the habits we have the even at home it a vehicle shopping or the we shopping i think there is definitely an economic say on an intelligence gathering said everything we put on social media which is who or what we believe in believe in what we do. you're watching our team to nationals
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a busy night of world news subway back with updates for you on the top stories in about two minutes time. when i came back from iraq oh mary was her was cocaine methamphetamine so anything that's altering trying to get us out of. that bad mindset using the chemical that would be self medicating. i want to be drinking and drinking ino new nope just killing myself by drinking alcohol links don't drink to get drunk alcoholics drink to feel normal. that's why alcoholics that's why a drug addicts do what they do a shot while still for the next. star cool under which these guys are blowing
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through to it it just means to. reduce need to be helped and not good pushed on by the v.a.'s are as drugs go and stuff they need to be built. they've really shouldn't be looked at like numbers they should be looked at like people if they go to a veteran center for health issues be considered as someone who really needs attention . that entire collection of countries and regions that have been the main economic. players for decades now over time they're going to become this much more players of the world is going to evolve china india middle east africa under certain scenarios they're going to represent about eighty percent of world g.d.p. at the end of the century and that scenario is where they do catch up in terms of productivity growth.
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take a. while but i don't. i want to go. to the right i'm going to see the net used to the last three hundred twenty five so the new set. turbulent week in british politics is to raise a nice government saval you say no.


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