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there's a whole cost going on in america for profit and the drug companies are killing millions of americans for profit and if no politician does anything about it i mean i look around the world and i see this in the france protests and i see that is growing and growing globally john locke said in sixteen ninety i believe that if the social contract was broken it's up to the people to revolt the social contract has been shattered revolution isn't this. is the right around. the no. three hundred twenty five.
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a turbulent week in british politics as government survives a no confidence vote a day after divorce agreement was shot down by her fellow m.p.'s. but maze of battle may not be over as opposition leaders lay out terms of negotiations. the government must remove must remove one since rule the prospect. of a no deal. and in syria four americans including two soldiers are killed by an explosion in the strategic city of responsibility for the attack has been claimed by islamic state. broadcasting live coverage from our studios most of this is r t international and sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us. now british prime minister theresa
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may has won a confidence vote in her government it comes a day after her briggs a divorce agreement was overwhelmingly rejected by lawmakers. are you still the right one hundred thirty. three hundred twenty four are you sure the mayor you said it was having a our increase at this house has expressed its confidence in the governor you know our i am always delighted one more of whom i'm sure it is true the grandson of dr our relation to our do not take this responsibility likely in my government will continue its work to increase our prosperity all of us recognize with responsibilities that we have put on the back of the defeat of the government's motion last night guarantee our security and to strengthen our you and yes we leave the european union as one country that is work in the coming do to achieve that objective yeah when but
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by golly that was pretty narrow and speaking after the vote she said she's keen to get on with the task at hand that is of course this brags that headache that she has and in order to get on with gregg's it she says she needs to start some cross party crisis talks on bragg's it immediately as early as this evening in fact in order to come to some sort of consensus on an alternative for exit plan now let's call it that after her brags it plan eight tanked in parliament last night to ease it may sustained an unprecedented defeat when she took her for example and a deal to column and she wasn't able to push that through so tonight after winning the no confidence motion she was that sort of extending an olive branch to all the other political parties saying look let's work together it's not something she's known for really she hadn't spoken to other parties in the past she's known for not
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really talking to have political foes or anyone outside of her circle of trust but she says. let's talk take a listen to what the other political party leaders had to say to her in response before there can be any positive discussions about the way forward the government the government must remove must remove clearly. the prospect of the catastrophe of the no dual direction the money. that would come as a result of that i commit the scottish national party to work constructively with the government however i do think it should which i do think is important is not. that we make it clear to the prime minister in the spirit of openness in these talks that the issue of removing article extending article fifty of people's fault and avoiding a new deal have to be on the table we have to. be sure that we can move forward and
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achieve the result which go unify all the lesions in the building you make you can do. well there she is politically weakened being backed into a corner by other political parties they're all holding to reason may's feet to the fire really jeremy corbin the leader of the labor party said hello to talk to her if she rules out a no deal bragg's it appears to be the only option that there might be a consensus over wanting to reject that something that everyone might agree that they don't want but ian black third of the s.n.p. going one step further saying he'll only talk to to resume a if he keeps the option of a second referendum on the table so it seems that the defeat last night is paving the way certainly for potentially a softening of bragg's it one of to resume a zone ministers said in an interview today that the government may have to look at
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the option of staying in the customs union which had been one of the prime minister's red lines when she was going into the. goshi actions with brussels in terms of what she said she wouldn't wouldn't change and what she wanted no matter what so that's out the window it looks like potentially what's taken place it does raise the specter not just of softening the braggs the process but potentially of reversing it altogether over seventy labor m.p.'s came out and pledge their support for a rerun of the e.u. referendum today and those that don't want to leave will certainly be encouraged by what they're hearing from brussels because the president of the european council. tweeted last night saying that if a deal is impossible and nobody wants no deal then who will have the courage to say what the only positive option is well there are
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a lot of people with the courage to say that hair in the u.k. and they seem to be lobbying for it rather strongly not only that but we're also hearing this from brussels that article fifty which is the date that britain is set to leave the e.u. at the moment is set for the twenty ninth of march this year it's coming out very shortly that could be extended not just for a couple of months as was previously thought but because of the scale of the political turmoil here in the u.k. over brags that that could be extended to britain's departure from the e.u. potentially until next year. u.k. prime minister of tourism a has given a short statement from number ten downing street after winning a no confidence vote in parliament she emphasized her intention to deliver on the results of the two thousand and sixteen referendum to leave the you may held meetings with representatives of minority parties in parliament before her remarks and she is expected to meet with other senior government representatives as well.
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teresa mayes victory comes twenty four hours after a day of defeat her draft brags a divorce agreement was opposed by an overwhelming majority of her fellow m.p.'s including many conservative rebels. while surprisingly there has been plenty of interest in the events in westminster across the channel in europe spain australia and the czech republic said their governments are prepared for any type of bragg's that some other european leaders also express their readiness for anything. regarding the future relations the reserve course the possibility of further defining certain points if this helps to avoid a hard break that scenario will of course do everything to find an orderly solution but who are also prepared if there is no orderly solution we still have time to negotiate but we are now waiting to see what the british prime minister proposes we were always the u.k. worked to from its red lines of the costumes union in the single market the position could evolve also even leaders of long lamented that result from the two
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thousand and sixteen referendum but now that that deal that was on the table has been outright rejected by parliamentarians in the u.k. it seems that they think that the only option now is for the u.k. to remain possibly via a second referendum angela merkel the german chancellor said there was still times for talks and clarification there was also clarification from claude the president of the european commission who said he regretted that decision by the u.k. parliament meanwhile the president of the european council donald went even further saying that there was only one positive solution and that of course it seems to be a day in the year now other e.u. leaders have pretty much had it to the back of their teeth with the decision from the u.k. with leaders from italy and france trying to put their own country's interests
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first rather than k. president michael is even to some degree started to give the u.k. the cold shoulder. the u.k. is heading towards a no deal despite there being no agreement it scares everybody the first losers of this are the british people maybe we can improve on one or two points i don't really believe that because we went to so far as we could in the existing agreement and just in. order to try and solve a problem of british internal politics we want not defend the interests of europeans the plenary session is taking place currently in the european union parliament it's being led by people of course talking about breaks it might have been hoping that they could have been dotting the i's and crossing the t.'s on this deal today but not so it looks like it's back to the drawing board and in fact there are warnings now that a high risk new deal is
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a very likely outcome. of a no deal has never seemed so high our goal is to avoid such a scenario but we also have a responsibility to remain cool headed which is why i wouldn't. put this possibility many voices are now suggesting that a second referendum is a very realistic possibility but briggs it is a warning that if a second referendum takes place it might produce the same result but actually with a larger majority for leave if the trial becomes complete we are forced to vote in a second referendum you may be in for a big surprise the british may be a very placid people very laid back but i promise you they get pushed it's a law and. we will be even more defiant if we have to fight a second referendum i will win it by a big majority. the conservative government may have survived
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a vote of no confidence on wednesday but others take a look at the journey that has led to this point prime minister david cameron quit after britain voted to leave the e.u. theresa may won the race to replace him a year later she triggered article fifty and officially started briggs at negotiations last july she proposed to the so-called checkers deal opposition to which sparked the resignation of key ministers including foreign secretary boris johnson returning to talks with the e.u. would. it was reached and the pm set a december date for parliament to vote on it but then fearing defeat may postpone the vote triggering a no confidence motion within her own party which she survived and only last night may's deal as widely predicted was overwhelmingly rejected by m.p.'s director of the crisis research institute mark almond told us that there is a lack of clarity in parliament on which direction to take. even before the referendum i remember talking to some of the people organizing relief campaign and
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i had to imagine they would have. to go to. them so they would come out of the traps. they want to. process and that's partly because you can sort of divide you don't want to do it it's also true the opposition is very divided so we have a deep divisions and a consequence. because of course the country troops are in the south used to be. a major stronghold. so you have quite the opposite result you have. very deep divisions in the population to the region. but in the north of england you have a clear majority to leave words like no deal hard bragg's it and second referendum are still being bandied about in fact seventy one labor m.p.'s have written to german corben urging him to back a so-called people's vote while we've been taking
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a look at some of the doomsday predictions being made. is. spiraling out of control we've decided to press the pause button get some perspective on how justified the apparent. first up we have the rejected deal with jeremy its most outspoken critic the prime minister has negotiated a botched. worst of all worlds deal which is bad for britain leaving the country in an indefinite halfway house without a real say some journalist acco the disappointment of the labor party leader one of the reasons that the u.k. will still have to conform to the rules in one way or another. yet michel barnier the man behind the deal himself clarified the roles from the very beginning the tradition we lost for twenty one months during this limited period of time do.
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we continue to apply to do you. the divorce bill now this one is a big remember when most of the u.k. papers were dominated by headlines like leans it gives us potential in the customs union without an end date divides up the united kingdom between northern ireland and great britain and pays thirty nine billion for nothing in return the likelihood is that the u.k. would probably have to pay out a similar amount if they were to remain in the. on the other hand will also stick to commitments made before that happened the united kingdom should pay its share of the commitments taken during its membership all e.u. projects and programs will be financed as forseen under the current multi annual financial framework. no deals that with other countries that it's the fear right this deal will deny the u.k. an independent trade policy while potentially keeping us out of existing e.u.
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trade policy we would be cut off from the world with our trade and economy regulated from brussels but there's another side to this story as the world trade organization director general puts it himself it's not the end of the world trade will not stop it will continue in memory as will be negotiating with the u.k. the legal basis on which that trade is going to happen it doesn't mean that you have a disruption in terms of trade flows or anything of the. so now that may's deal has been shelled for the time being surely some people should be happy wrong brace yourselves for the worst or at least that's the narrative that the media has been pushing right from the start playing to be unable to fly from the u.k. and vice versa creating chaos in ports before this is not an apocalypse movie is it. could britain be isolated overnight will all planes be
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grounded after brags that well the easyjet chief executive doesn't quite mirror that sentiment. deal. continue. if you're not frightened yet in this guardian article will send shivers down your spine but the reality is only thirty percent of all important projects is provided by the. but what about the meds forty five million packs of medicines leave the u.k. every month to go to europe and thirty seven million packs of medicines come to the u.k. it will still be able to trade with the e.u. on the basis of easier time with pharmaceutical products it would be difficult to imagine that the e.u. officials would allow british citizens to be without essential medication just because they decided to leave the union wouldn't it well maybe they should have been clearer with their messaging it turns out that the feeling of uncertainty due
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to bribes it has been pushing some nationals in the u.k. over the edge i want to the british government has somehow a tress this very issue. of family members living in the u.k. by twenty nine twenty nine c. will be able to continue receiving u.k. benefits in the same terms as now it's no wonder that brags that saga is troubling the minds of both u.k. and citizens with the instability of a. in turmoil and who can blame them especially if you're fed fear in the papers on a daily basis more or less screaming the end of the world is nigh in a day or two to. two u.s. soldiers one american civilian and one american contractor are among the blast victims in mond beach after an explosion rocked a crowded area in the center of the syrian city three other service members received injuries this is according to the u.s.
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central command reports say at least sixteen people were killed in the attack local media published a video of c.c.t.v. footage capturing the moment of the blast now bit of warning you might find these images disturbing. no. you really should. islamic state has claimed responsibility for the blast u.s. military command says the troops were conducting a routine patrol shortly after the attack american military vehicles were filmed close to the scene by artie's video agency ruptly u.s. military helicopter reportedly flew in to evacuate the injured is also here as more but more than a dozen walking down the main street it is near a busy market it is also near a cafe where we've heard from eyewitnesses there was a meeting underway between members of the military council and what they say are some foreign dignitaries but we don't have any information as to the nationality of those in the meeting we assume they were american islamic state has claimed
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responsibility it was a suicide bomber with an explosive vest who carried out the last. the moment the area is one of the most strategically important places in syria this city is located at the crossroads which connect to turkish russian and american zones of influence artie's medina question about has more. men bishes the best place to try to understand the complicated puzzle of competing groups and the ones unite is syria which is now so divided it was the multiple wars tearing the country apart located east of aleppo and west of the euphrates river three hundred thousand people live and the arab dominated city has been under the control of kurds for the past two years ever since they drove out and now if we look at the map this city is a tense frontline for well average single party involved in the conflict first there are kurdish forces who for generations have been locked in
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a bitter battle with attacks as you're in the territory do in syria will be necessary lessons for us based. no difference between the one p.g. the p y a d p kerry kerry and we will very soon take actions and neutralize the terrorist groups in syria the kurds moving west of the euphrates was a red line for turkey and at the same time turkey considers the kurdish presence there a provocation on the other hand they sacrificed a many men and resources to wrestle control for myself and won't be leaving without a fight while those drops the us right in it up to its knees which has friends of both had to bring in its own troops to keep turkey because away from each other but while washington was trying to keep the warring sides opponents as our forces were provoking the wrath of ankara. the us is in the process of creating
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a terror army on our border but we have to do is nip this terror army in the barred america do not encroach on our borders do not provoke us or we will run out of patience and the us also had a hard time pressuring the kurds to actually leave the town kurdish commanders have made commitments that they will turn over areas to local populations as they have been so tremendously successful in liberating those areas from gosh we expect them to live up to those commitments well the ca's us still and the town and after trump surprise the world and now i'm seeing the was drawable of his troops the kurds still worried about the threat coming from turkey turn to damascus and ask for help bringing yet another player into town now there are talks of introducing a save zone to the area but even that won't help the parties to settle their differences which leaves the man as
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a microcosm of the entire multi interest fight which is the syrian conflict the us has announced of the date it plans to begin withdrawing from the. arms control treaty with russia we'll fill you in on details in just a minute stay with us. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten points over time stamped each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you won't see the rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent from last year some with four hundred to five
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hundred three per circuit first and that one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one business showed ford to miss the one and only. welcome back this is r t international that the u.s. is set to start its unilateral withdrawal from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty on february second back in october president trump said washington would pull out of queues in russia violating the compact contract rather but on
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december fourth secretary of state might pump a zero gave russia sixty days to return to full and verifiable compliance basco insists it is following all provisions of the agreement and the i n f a treaty was signed in nineteen eighty seven by ronald reagan and soviet leader mikhail gorbachev and it took effect a year later it obliged the us and u.s.s.r. to destroy all ground based missiles with ranges between five hundred. five thousand five hundred kilometers the parties also undertook not to test produce or deploy any such missiles in the future president vladimir putin has said that despite the american decision to withdraw from the treaty russia is still ready to discuss how to salvage the curation of the intention to withdraw from the island of treaty has become just another step in a sequence of similar actions it's obvious that such a course will have the greatest consequences despite the united states declared intention to withdraw from the i.m.f. treaty we are open to further dialogue on ways of preserving the treaty. and on
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this we can cross live to journalist rick sterling kind of unfold this a little bit so rick russia has maintained from the very beginning that it is in full compliance with the i.n.f. treaty the us has been equally adamant that moscow is in violation is there any way for the two sides to come to terms. well i think so within the u.s. foreign policy establishment there's different views on this for example the new york times recently had noted tauriel calling for a reconsideration of the planned withdrawal. and i think a lot will depend on on europe as well how much they resist this this drive from the hawks in the administration to to basically tear up the i.n.f. treaty so russian deputy foreign minister sergei cough recently said moscow was prepared to address washington's concerns but the u.s.
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was not ready to negotiate do you think that the trumpet ministration actually wants to find a solution or are they dead set on pulling out. i think some within the administration for example national security advisor john bolton definitely is against he is for withdrawal in fact in two thousand and fourteen he wrote an article calling for the us to withdraw from the treaty and to upgrade our arsenal is was the subtitle to the to the the article written by bolton and twenty fourteen so there are elements in the administration who just want to withdraw they want to escalate the arms race they want to their goal is quote unquote to achieve regain nuclear supremacies so course this is not the first major nuclear arms agreement the us has withdrawn from george w. bush previously pulled out of the anti-ballistic missile treaty famously so where do you see the future of nuclear arms control efforts between these two countries
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and in general because russia and america are kind of the examples for the rest of the world. right well this is this is actually hugely important it'll be very dangerous not just for the united states and russia but for the entire world if we see the continuation of this decline in arms control and a resumption of a full fledged arms race this will be tremendously destabilizing it will increase the risk of a of an accidental or intentional conflict so now there is a process that needs to be followed by the treaty and that's where pompei zero at the start of december said that he was giving giving notice that within sixty days they would begin the oafish the oficial process so in a couple of weeks in early february that is when the trumpet ministration has to oficial he announced its intention to withdraw and that process last six months now
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when they give that notice of withdrawal in a couple of weeks they are also obliged to explain why and so will be very important to examine the details of their explanation because there are supposed to be extraordinary events that caused this withdrawal and it'll be interesting to see what they come up with in that needs to be scrutinized very carefully interesting to say the least rick sterling investigative journalist as always it's good to have you help us all these situations thanks for being with us here on our to international. all right that is for me more news in let's say thirty one minutes stay with us. stairs opiate a whole cost going on in america for profit and the drug companies are killing
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millions of americans for profit and if no politician does anything about it i mean i look around the world and i see this relational and the frats protests and i see that is growing going globally john locke said in sixteen ninety i believe that if the social contract was broken that it's up to the people to revolt the social contract has been shattered revolution is the next step. that entire collection of countries and regions that have been the main economic. players for decades now over time they're going to become just much more players in the world is going to evolve china india the middle east africa. under certain scenarios they're going to represent about eighty percent world g.d.p.
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at the end of the century and that scenario is where they do.


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