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no politician does anything about it i mean i look around the world and i see this in the france protests and i see that is growing growing globally john locke said in sixteen ninety i believe that if the social contract was broken then it's up to the people to revolt the social contract has been shattered revolution is in the sun. donald trump takes his space missions even higher revealing plans to put u.s. missile defense systems into all but. it's ultimately going to be a very very big point. and obviously.
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and it leaves interior minister hits out of france accusing the country of harboring dozens of dangerous fugitives and demanding their extradition. this government just failed our country and defeat of the governments these are this house has expressed its confidence in the gulf. and the british prime minister really wins a confidence vote in parliament today after m.p.'s roundly rejected e.u. to fulfill. its eleven o'clock am mosque and you're watching all to international live from all studio with me. welcome to the program. drones blazes and space sciences donald trump is pushing for the expansion of u.s. missile defense capabilities as the pentagon publishes a review outlining new ways to deal with the threats facing. country a possible
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weapons race on the cards and joins me in the studio to discuss just that how far are we from an actual arms race. it is actually possible that we are getting there and saw some would say that we are there already because in the first review of america's missile defense program in almost a decade besides plans to develop twenty new interceptors in alaska as well as radars and centers sensors sorry besides plans to use laser armed drones and stealth the f. thirty five jets the donald trump administration now once a leap in technological development specifically the american president is keen to get what he calls a space force. we will recognize that space is a new world striding domain. with the space spores leading the way
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it's ultimately going to be a very very big part of our defense and obviously. offense we have some very bad players out there and we are a good player but we can be far worse than anybody. if need be. so more than three decades after the year of ronald reagan and george h.w. bush the american president is talking ok maybe not about star wars but definitely about something that sounds like the militarization of space and the ultimate goal here is to be able to take down the missiles and of the enemy in the air space of what donald trump calls rogue states by the way in his speech he did call out north korea and iran but in the review itself in that document you can also find the
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names of russia and china i mean what does this actually entailed does it mean that in the near future we'll see u.s. missiles being deployed on satellites for example if we talk specifically about the president's ambitions to get a space force in this particular case most of the technology has not been developed so by giving this speech donald trump is trying to make sure that the money goes the right way however according to the pentagon actually it was the deputy secretary of defense he just said that work on the first elements of this cosmic missile shield will begin this year now if we go back to the president's speech among the threats that he specifically mentioned were hypersonic missiles and that is something that russia tested successfully i mean it was just the end of this december lot more putin said it was a great new year present for russia well i can say though that moscow says that it
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is ramping up its technological development efforts as a response to what they call hostile actions by america and their aggressive military expansion so both sides are definitely blaming each other but if we're talking about an arms race it's definitely out there in some form already frightening for the rest of the world to launch a tanker thanks very much for the update on this story and we're going to cross live now to gregory cup play from the international strategic studies association gregory things are coming up on the program now. in your opinion be interesting to hear what you've got to say about this what would this space system change for the u.s. in terms of defense let's start with our first. well the united states has been lagging very badly behind russia and particularly the changes in the people's republic of china for some time so this this review is long overdue it's been delayed for
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about a year really longer than we thought it would take the u.s. and now needs to start to play catch up it has been not modernizing its forces particularly its space and relations sources for some time it has not engaged in it if you like an arms escalation or an expansion quite the contrary it's been a rather dismal reversal for the us defense forces over the past couple of decades decade into the in the last decade in particular and so they need to modernize their weapons systems away from the older technologies which we being used to fight wars in iraq and afghanistan and the like and get back to strategic weapons rusher and that they will probably go to china have already committed into that's a sphere china in particular has already committed into the space basing of weapons and strategic systems so really the united states is is playing catch up and and this report even the un kind of five hundred
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a page version of it was fairly measured and moderate in how to intended to approach that your correspondent mentioned the deployment of a few small numbers of. interceptors to be based in alaska for example this is really token a small start to the program is nothing very great in d. so really the u.s. is not doing anything too ambitious the decision by president trump to push for a new branch of the military the space force really also is mirroring what russia or and the p.r.c. have done already so there's nothing new there. these are at it greatly let me let let me come in there i mean you know you've talked about them needing to modernize all they've got at the moment and other countries including russia already jumping on to that and indeed modernizing that what they have. and you say it's nothing new
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but isn't space defense something quite new no no in fact during the cold war russia or in particular was. developing and had developed in fact you know we're polar orbit. weapon systems space weapon systems oppression orbital bombardment systems and the like so no this is not anything new or tall yes there could be some new weapons and yes it was possible that president reagan strategic defense initiative could have deployed space based energy derived a.b.m. systems any ballistic missile with a systems and in fact this this technology was developed and started to be developed at that time it's now highly feasible and we have to bear in mind that it was the u.s. development of that the terror capability which caused the soviet union at that stage to back off its plans because it ran out of money in it and it was that.
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reagan space initiative which helped the russian people. actually overthrow the communists in the soviet union and restore sovereignty to russia they're going to look at the justification in the us president trying meal mentions iran and the extraordinary threat of north korea as reasons to develop the new missile defense capabilities. in your opinion can these countries actually compete with america anyway. well it don't they don't it doesn't take these days particularly doesn't take a major first world power to compete in this arena ballistic missile technology. is fairly readily available as is nuclear weapons technology so it is relatively straightforward for iran and the north and north korea to be able to pose a threat to the united states and bear in mind that what the present trumps program
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is outlining is virtually entirely a defensive system against these these strategic capabilities or became a belief or unilateral action by. iran and north korea rather than an offensive capability and debt the launching of a preemptive operation by the united states so it is a defensive operation. it's a necessary catch up and as all defense planners must do they must consider the capability and resources of all of their neighbors friends and mysteries alike rather than to consider the intent of the adversary now so basically the u.s. is planning its capabilities against the. its capabilities against the potential capabilities of iran north korea russia or and the people's republic of china you
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can take this a step further because the people's republic of china has in the past few months absolutely and categorically stated that it has the strategic intent to overtake and replace the united states is the global strategic hedging on and it is a phrase used by beijing including president xi jinping regularly that china intends to be the global hedge of mom by twenty forty nine in other words it says that it has launched a new thirty year war against the united states and the united states has not actually responded to that statement that absolute and categorical threat by president xi to the u.s. interest so this this. missile development reporter in space development a report by president trump is actually a fairly measured and moderate document and it proposes in fact only modest technological capabilities or deployed capabilities by the u.s.
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in the foreseeable future yes it aims to streamline american capabilities yet it aims to ensure that the u.s. remains to technologically advanced and superior but you have. even in the united states but where the president is fighting a political war if you like against the democrats you see rather ludicrous comments by people like senator markey from massachusetts a democratic senator there saying this is shades of of the reagan. strategic defense initiative for example well if it evolves to recognize that it was the strategic defense initiative which was in fact the primary reason for ending the cold war ok gregory couple a believer the international strategic studies association thanks very much for coming on to the program. it's been a taboo in week for the u.k. prime minister after her proposed brags that deal was overwhelmingly rejected by lawmakers trey's may managed to survive a no confidence motion on wednesday by
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a margin of nine hundred votes the victory which saw a deeply divided conservative party rally around her followed an impassioned and wide ranging debate and has a comment on the country's future. i used to the right under the tree the nose to the larry three hundred twenty five so the nose having no nose abbi. thank you i'm pleased that this house has expressed its confidence in the government and i expect mr speaker the right to honorable lady will. be no nothing has changed prime minister and we will also continue to work to deliver on the solemn promise we made to the people of this country to deliver on the results of the referendum and the idea of the government must remove must remove clearly once and for all the prospect of the catastrophe of
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a no deal breaker for me and all the chaos that would come as a result of that i could not take this responsibility likely and my government will continue its work to increase our prosperity the opposition or should we cut by and smell the coffee. with the latest on what's happening in westminster his our teens and us to see it joe. we have going on right now is these political games of figuring out exactly what breaks it is going to look like and who is going to end up getting what they want really continuing in full swing and it's really clear that there is going to be a bunch of people that are going to end up to with perhaps it looking like something that they didn't expect because of so many different opposing views on how exactly it should shape up but indeed a very busy difficult time for the british prime minister she has massively field with the deal that she has been pushing forward through the house of commons for
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her country to accept that didn't work out she ran it just survived by a very narrow slim majority of just nineteen votes a vote of no confidence that took place here and now the question is what happens next indeed what we've seen as theresa may need really after surviving a vote of no confidence called for an opposition party leader jeremy corbyn who initiated that vote of no confidence to get together for talks and start moving forward with figuring out what to do next he however declined that meeting and he says no talks will be taking place until a new deal drugs it is completely off the table this is what he said earlier today the process of the last two months has been one of threatening people by saying well if you don't vote for this to them is no deal and it's going to be the crisis of no deal i just said quite simply i'm happy to put forward our views on it but you've got to take no deal of the table first thought well that
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theresa may taking no deal off the table seems extremely unlikely at this point although again with so many things having happened anything could happen but for now we have jeremy corbyn there say that she has survived as he put it for now hinting that a more motions of no confidence could in fact follow depending how events unravel he. he said that this is a government only in name as he put it and he's called again for another general election to take place because according to the labor party leader that is the only way out of the deadlock and he's said that the reason is offered to discuss this. process of moving forward as a stunt and he does believe that if the government keeps pushing forward with the keeping the idea of a new deal drugs that on the table anything is possible and including a second referendum but also said it made it very clear that all the options are on
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the table including the public through talks which we made clear in our conference motion which was five to remind you unanimously agreed by our conference last september eleventh. however the difficulty there is when pushed for details in terms of what labor's position would be on this whether to leave or remain what kind of specifics they would put forward if there were a general election that's where did things become extremely vague and that's the problem there is specially given there is only just weeks to go before bracks it. kicks in so he's also written a letter to theresa me earlier today urging her if she if you want to deal rule out the possibility of no deal but meanwhile we have the british prime minister the ever surviving theresa may her clock is ticking because now she has to come up with a plan b. which is going to be voted on at the house of commons as soon as tuesday january twenty ninth and so not only does she have to come up with this plan b.
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which she didn't have certainly up until the vote that took place earlier but she also has to make sure it's going to be much more popular than whatever she had come up with in the first place especially given that she's unlikely to get away with it if she really does not pull something together that is going to work for the majority which is extremely difficult given how split the country is on the issue of broad. just to recap on the possible scenarios and what's ahead in the next couple of months theresa may is soon expected in brussels for crisis talks on brags that she'll be hoping to win concessions from the officials in a go she has to the current deal was made will then present her plan b. to parliament on monday m.p.'s will debate and vote on it on the twenty ninth of january and currently the case should you want to leave the on the twenty ninth of march as things stand may leave with no deal at all on world trade organization. gerard bason the leader of the u.k.
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independence party and mark arment of the oxford a crisis research institute gave us their thoughts on the impasse in parliament and what it means for the country. the establishment remind us of being counter-attacking for the last two and a half years with the assistance of mrs my with the assistance of the commission to get to this position where we are now not really leaving this whole two and a half year political sure rod is being conducted on the false premise that you can't leave without a deal of course you ended up with a deal that nobody wants even before the referendum talking to some of the people organizing the leave and i had imagined they would have a whole show drew of parts of europe you would have to go off the course of they could quite happily live with them so they would come out of the traps of to go for a beautiful woman and so this is what wolfowitz tribute to the year to begin the process and that's partly because people very divided on what to do your position
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is very divided so we have all these divisions and they come to cross parties and they cut across the country to. a place interior minister matteo salvini has accused france of harboring fugitive terrorist suspects and is calling on emanuel macron to hand them over with the story his charlotte depends. after decades on the run one of italy's most new tourist criminals finally stepped back on to home soil says operatives steve charged with four murders was part of the so-called great but gates that terrorized the country back in the seventy's.
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to me is into a prison sentence but tiste escaped to france now under the so-called to me to hold on doctoring by which foreign terrorists were given safe haven if they had to announce their past crimes france welcomes him with open arms for decades he enjoyed something of a celebrity status becoming an author he mingled with the literary elite and politicians now the success in bringing him to justice has led to italy to call on other countries including france to stop hall bring terrorists. to the french president to return to italy the fugitives that should not be drinking champagne under the eiffel tower who should be rotting in jail and it's only it's only world's france to hand over more than thirty over these champagne terrorists.
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the list includes nisus coachmen n.-t. who said to live in this house south of paris. i think that of the forty years we could find a solution to this story as has already been done in the history of the world in civilised countries it's time to turn the page but i've never done what they accuse me of i am absolutely a warrant from an n.t.'s extradition is currently being looked at and it's likely that he won't be alone in wondering if onse is about to give him up but there is big but french officials have said extradition can't be pursued in most of the cases as the statute of limitations here would quash the proceedings with tensions
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between the two countries already at a tipping point migrants the forthcoming elections and italy support for the movement they seems to be no sign the president called has any intention of allowing salvini to claim a home run show that even ski altie should let certain law. cheerleading democratic senators in the u.s. are turning up the heat on donald trump requesting access to the interpreters who are present as meetings and with a lot of. we believe it to be in the national security interests of the united states that any record of these conversations be preserved and immediately provided to congress we insist that the interpreters for these interactions especially the individual who interpreted for your meeting with president putin in helsinki be made immediately available for interviews with the relevant committees in congress
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democrats letter follows an article published by the washington post on sunday a claim that trying deliberately conceal details of his meetings with vladimir putin including talks in helsinki last year are the democrats have also joined menendez and reid in calling on the interpreters to testify. do you intend to try to subpoena the interpreter or get the notes we do want to pursue this we certainly could subpoena the interpreter would say subpoena interprets notes the question is on what basis will they refuse because they will refuse and what is our chance of success on that. don trump has responded to the allegations by lashing out at what he calls the fake news media he says that becoming crazier every day political scientists call and told us that if interpreters ever interviewed anything they say will be taken by the time it says evidence of wrongdoing on the president's part. i think president. the president.
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as he does turn over records and until he leaves office however if. they are able to. then. of course. all sorts of claims or both whatever communication is provided. by the. want to dismiss. the president. does not matter what the jurors are going to. now whether to follow the path of the e.u. the cost of an issue and the exchange of an honorary award with the scottish president putin's official visit has brought about a number of new deals and seemingly cemented historical ties and thousands of
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serbians have been launching in support of the talks earlier today for more on the meeting in belgrade. infront of thousands of people who marched through central belgrade today to greet the russian president in serbia but if it does highlight anything at all that would be the division in the serbian society on wednesday also we thousand strong march swept through the city but it came to a very different to an opposition rally against the current government so today's event is something over your response to that so big. invited politically to its country that wants to join the european union but also at the same time wants to stay a friend of russia a big geo political and diplomatic challenge but the two leaders still met the russian president awarded the serbian his serbian counterpart with a medal the serbian president gifted vladimir putin
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a puppy but it wasn't all just about symbols of friendship serious geopolitical issues were on the table as well like for example kosovo and it creating its own army glad i'm a potent made a comment on that in fact i see. too soon of russia as well as serbia is interested in the situation in the balkans to be stable and secure in particular in terms of kosovo russia's position is well known we are in favor of belgrade and pristina coming to a healthy and acceptable agreement on the cost of a settlement based on the un security council resolutions unfortunately because of it has made a number of provocative steps aggravating the situation and course will make the first steps towards creating its own army russia fully shares and its people's concerns and understands that these irresponsible actions of the cost of in the ministration could lead to the destabilization of the situation in the balkans.
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also more than twenty documents have been signed here in the serbian capital some of them deals totally moving to one hundred million euros in transport and energy sectors we've got to realize that words we are ready to lengthen the turkish stream to european countries and to european consumers we have more than enough resources for that we are dealing with serbia on this issue this is also true for infrastructure development and also for transitional infrastructure development on serbian territory we are ready to invest in it and these investments will be about one point. four billion dollars. and while the day most definitely wraps up on a positive note for the leader well the challenges they stand. on of reporting from belgrade in serbia oxy. presidential rivals are always a draw for the media cameras however no one quite expected. his counterpart the
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church to make to. take a look. at the new. news from i'll be back around thirty minutes time with the more updates international it's the kaiser report.
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join me every thursday on the alex i'm i'm sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. i'm max keiser this is the kaiser report to show the takes you places that you never thought you'd ever go they say well i have a headline here that i never thought i would ever read because it looks like there's some crack down on this opioid epidemic and the giant.


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