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tv   News  RT  January 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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this. is really important. we're starting west is going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think i want to leave now doesn't know any more ground for a minute maybe completely just. kick ass and water cannon are called into action and government. stage for ten of consecutive weekend across france despite president launching a national debate to placate the protesters. u.s.
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president trump addresses the nation it with a border security proposal which he says could end the government shutdown but the democratic leadership in congress says brings nothing new to the table. both the u.s. president and the special counsel but both believe reject an incendiary new buzz feed's for alleged wrongdoing by donald trump. and from the airport to a jail cell all she speaks to a friend and former colleague of an american born iranian journalist detained in the u.s. saying her freedoms are being abused press t.v. a material witness in the case which hasn't as yet been disclosed. she is an american journalist and she's been detained without charge without information so it's truly very concerning.
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it's one am here in moscow and you're watching altie international life for most and you're with me. welcome to the program. the tenth consecutive saturday of yellow vests protests have taken place nationwide in france over what they call rising living costs and government policies passed despite president micron's efforts to equality unless by launching a national debate which he's promised will result in a new social contract take us on water cannon and i can't appoint by police to disperse the demonstrators. who are seeing the first tensions here in paris today as act time is under way of those relations over in the distance you might be able to see the water cannon they're trying to disperse the protesters away from this area we did see protesters
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actually trying to break down some of the traffic lights and we've also seen tear gas being just mostly looks like there's some people down on the ground a little bit further over that boy a tree looks like a potentially kind of remains she is not you can see the protesters are trying to throw back at the tear gas of pellets no she would say the police. official figures from the interior ministry say around seven thousand people are out in paris today taking part in this tense weekend of protests but the generations of old didn't just speech egypt those figures from the ministry over the interior well as we can see there is anger on the streets now let's take a look back now at that anger that's been bubbling owes us since november seventy you. know the course is the right one and we're not going to change it just because the wind is blowing.
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i will not concede anything to those who want to struction and disorder. i. take my share of responsibility. as you can see some damage to a vehicle that protesters trying to throw projectiles to wards of police and somebody that being dragged away looks like they've received an injury as a result of something that's been hit and then you can see just chaos ensuring as
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a trying to get somebody injured out of this crowds the moment there's also feeling the violence against journalists in these protests and it was actually a protest underway today against that violence i can just hear behind us something sounding like it's being smashed up i mean really has just gone from total cohen to chaos in just a matter of moments. during this protest was meant to be in tribute to the people who have joined in these protests since they began and also been injured in these protests and it looks like it could be even more injuries today. dollars from speaking from the white house has just presented a proposal to solve the current crisis of a government funding the shutdown of the u.s.
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now in its fourth week of a disagreement on border security try offered what he calls a compromise to democratic eight us. eight hundred million dollars in urgent humanitarian assistance. eight hundred five million dollars for drug detection technology to help secure our ports of entry an additional two thousand seven hundred fifty border agents and law enforcement professionals seventy five new immigration judge teams to reduce the court backlog of believe it or not almost nine hundred thousand cases to physically secure our border the plan includes five point seven billion dollars for a strategic deployment of physical barriers or a wall. talk or spondon in the u.s.
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right till eleven more details rachel can you fill us in on some more of that the telethon to watch on how to thank. you. yes sir president trump promised that he would have a major announcement today and there were some details about it leaks beforehand and that was that he was going to her vied. to three years of protection for dr recipients here in the united states now that is what he mentioned in his speech he still asking for the five point seven billion dollars in border wall funding however his language on that was a little bit different this time around he mentioned that he wasn't looking for a wall to cover the entire southern border however he does want to structures and certain areas and he's asking for more in terms of border security and a lot of different areas now house speaker nancy pelosi has already responded she released a statement and said that she does not accept what trump called
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a commonsense compromise and instead she said that he's presenting initiatives that have already been rejected by democrats so it looks like in the next week we could see some wonders lation presented by trump and the republicans and we could also see some legislation presented by palosi and the democrats however it remains to be seen exactly how they're going to come together or if that is going to happen i mean right now we're on day twenty nine of the longest partial government shutdown in u.s. history and while trump and members of congress are still receiving their paychecks there are hundreds of thousands of americans who aren't and who are suffering or as a result of it right now we've got around four hundred thousand federal employees who are being forced to work without pay and more than three hundred eighty thousand workers who have been sent home without any work or pay so it remains to
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be seen whether they'll come together and find some kind of compromise however after today it looks like there still could be some back and forth specifically between trump and follows. ok rachel blevins there reporting from washington thanks rachel we're going to go straight to our political analysts i was under a burner joins us live as well to discuss this further as other things are coming out of the program it was the common sense compromise that's what trump said five point seven billion dollars for a strategic barrier or a wall even before trump announced his plan democratic leader pelosi rejected the private proposals as more of the same and we seen that obviously straight after the speech it doesn't really bode well for an agreement does it because he said it is a compromise but it doesn't seem to be from her point of view. no i don't see an agreement in the works because immigration is has become and not just in the united
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states in the west in general one of the key political at and emotional issues so the parties are definitely using it as a leverage. to build support from those. from their supporters in fact trump speech was completely aimed at his base and he knows he's not going to win over democrats in this climate continuing on with the russia gate investigation and so on whether or not it through that's another matter but immigration has become the issue that the by democrats from republicans so he is counting on securing the vote of those who voted for him in two thousand and sixteen in two thousand and twenty and he's not going to relent on the wall he has already made a number of compromises in the language. if not even in practice i mean we're
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talking about now he talked he called it a strategic barrier you mention it's going to be made of steel and it's going to be transparent so not a solid wall he also mentioned that this is such a barrier was already under construction. during the obama presidency and in fact we've seen the number of immigrant illegal immigrant expulsions increased dramatically under obama so. that's another point. so i've seen a number of compromises from trump in language but he cannot he cannot back away from the idea of a wall because that is that has become. key to his base yeah he also mentioned that it was going to be. that's a bit high priority locations and to prevent drug drug trafficking that was the message wasn't it and despite that despite his proposal to spend an awful lot of
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money towards. preventing drug trafficking. and heightened security how are they ever going to agree. well. apart from the fact that the drug trafficking that's an old canard united states reagan was president reagan was the one who used it the most and trump has revived that completely. new slogan now the idea that immigrants. bring drugs instead of looking at how internal market forces and policies regulate demand for drugs in the drug market that's another issue but i think. they're going to it's going to it's like that game they play in the american countryside called chicken with two tractors face each other until the forcing the driver the weakest driver to jump off at the last moment and i
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think trump is the one that has the most. reason to hind to stay put or not relent on this point because the numbers are actually with him. many hispanics are voting republican so there's no reason for him yet to relent. in the last. congressional elections many democrats were surprised that some thirty percent of the latino vote went to republicans and that's because many latinos have become ever. so trump is not from speech and his. focus is not without. a logical basis from his point of view so there's no reason for him to compromise
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and there's every reason for him to hammer down on the other hand the democrats. have more. should be more careful because many democrats while publicly. complaining about trump's migration privately may share some of his concerns because he does speak to very private concerns and that's where i think trump's. trumps. conviction might help him in the long run ok political analyst alice on the burner thanks very much for sharing opinions on this latest development thank you. thank you we'll be back in a couple of minutes after this break.
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when almost seems wrong. wrong just don't call. me old yet to shape out these days and to. engage me because the trail. went something and find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. you want to make sure that the quality is not just a slogan misery but it also is associated with the rise in the start of the believe how can you have a rise of this done. by having people. saving and investing . increasing the size of the missional. so that you can distribute pull everything.
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from donald trump has firmly rejected a damning new report by buzz feed to news which claims he instructed his former lawyer michael cohen to lie to congress about a planned business deal in russia cohen is among those being investigated in a russia collusion probe the investigation itself is being led by a special counsel robert miller whom the president flanked for not giving the buzz feed article any credence i think that the. great work. with great journalists and i appreciate the actual counsel coming out. right i think very appropriate so i think that.
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the report detailing cohen's alleged confession to special counsel manners investigation into election meddling has caused a sensation in the media it was branded a bombshell article on immediately led to talk of impeachment. president trump is facing new scrutiny today over a report that he told his personal attorney to lie to congress about his business dealings with russia we have breaking news tonight on the russia investigation here's what buzz feed news is reporting that ice bombshell report coming from buzz feed news president trump directed his attorney to lie to congress about the moscow tower project congressional democrats calling for an immediate investigation declaring the trial must be impeached if the story is true the media quickly picked up on the story despite the fact that the whole piece is based on anonymous sources a washington correspondent dan cohen takes them to story buzz feed news released a major report alleging that u.s. president donald trump has received ten personal updates from michael cohen and
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encouraged to plan meetings with russian president vladimir putin. president donald trump directed his longtime attorney michael cohen to lie to congress according to two federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation of the matter and even as trump told the public he had no business deals with russia the sources said trump and his children if the and donald trump jr received regular detailed updates about the real estate development from cohen whom they put in charge of the project a michael cohen is the former lawyer of donald trump he was sentenced to thirty six months in prison after he pleaded guilty to lying to congress about the trump tower plan he's also admitted to campaign finance violations cash t.v. agents and fake fraud and of course he's a key figure in investigation of where the so-called russian collusion probe of the two journalists wrote in their article that they didn't actually see the court documents or any evidence that they base their reporting on rather they were
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briefed by two anonymous law enforcement officials and jason leopold that one of the authors of this buzz feed article has a history of fabricating sources regarding the cohen story today leopold told m s n b c that he had actually seen the evidence showing that trump instructed michael cohen to lie to congress and it's a total contradiction to what's written in the article and what his co-author has said i don't think that we've said that we haven't seen that but i will say that i'm very confident that your colleagues said on c.n.n. this morning that you were briefed on these documents and we've been i'll just say that we we've seen documents we've been briefed on documents and we're very confident in our reporting because feed has problems all the way around not to mention the people who actually write for it. the authors have real credibility problems they can't get their story straight and their sources whatever those are named an unknown which we've gotten used to in this country is being credible so
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maybe. this is been manufactured to give some interesting and relevance to to to that continued testimony by this perjury by this liar by this guy you can't form a sentence in the english language without indicting him self over it i mean a loss as to the excitement over this there's there's no there there on top of which the president through his counsel denies it flatly so you know if there's evidence it's hard to say that you deny something if there's evidence for it did journalism it's groups of people who slap together a website you get people who are paid to report who are wrong including one of these fellows who has been pitted les wrong and who perhaps allegedly his own may call into question his veracity and nothing's ever done you have a new it's a journalistic force and sachems of the american people who don't care whether the
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story is true they like the story because it makes trump look bad and that's the story makes trump look bad they like we've seen some democrats promise that they will investigate the report calling the allegations against trump quote among the most serious to date some have even gone so far as to call for president trump's impeachment so we'll have to see how this one pans out. now an american born journalist who works as a news presenter on iranian state t.v. has been arrested in the u.s. as a material witness in an undisclosed case a court order revealed on friday that although she's being detained she's not been charged with a crime. you
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know. ok but. the fact that certain dietary restrictions were just natural instructions to. have staff had been. well. we are concerned by the arrest of a journalist for iranian state t.v. shamy we have serious concerns about her detention and we urged american authorities to clarify the situation. she's a team assure them that she saw nothing but journalism. mrs. affront to freedom of expression a political abuse of innocent individuals. i believe the united
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states should. be. spoken exclusively to a close friend of the jailed iranian t.v. anchor she shared her concerns about the legality of these detention and the conditions she's being subjected to in custody. the only information and contact the family have heart with matters here is a telephone call to her daughter on tuesday where they received wiring information from my. daughter that she had had jobs a muslim woman who was her job a veil covering such as what time wearing at the moment that was taken off against her will. was taken without her job and she was given only a short sleeved t. shirt in contravention to her own islamic dress code. that she was and that she had to gain another just to be able to cover some of her head she also told her.
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daughter that she wasn't in absence given adequate food because she was not given allow muslim option or a vegetarian option on tuesday the only conversation they've had with her she told her daughter that she had only been able to eat a cracker or some bread that came with that food since being detained if they had questions about four miles here in regards to an issue she would have all this of them that is what her son has said the children have been subpoenaed as well and they have no idea why you can imagine how worried they are for their mother and how nervous they are about the situation marcy is an internationally known journalist and she's been a journalist for many decades she is an american journalist and she has been detained without charge without information so it's truly very concerning. that's on the show and thomas will take over in around thirteen minutes with more updates
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but first it's going underground. leak. leak. please reach terminal debt deal over the no amount of economic activity going forward will never provide the tax revenue sufficient to pay down the step we're past the point of no return we've gone through the debt looking glass
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this means only one outcome that central banks will continue to print to keep the interest going on this insurmountable debt pile which means wealth and income gap are guaranteed to increase which means the g.l.a. zero movement is going global and the global insurrection is upon us and that's a guarantee. like there's someone else moving inside of me or controlling my body. the byproduct of that drug is the cause like severe depression. because it literally need him into a zombie is crazy. you know we don't have to do anything it's not our fault
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claims and all that. appears problematic. i'm afshin rattansi we're going on the ground amidst a crisis in the british government coming up in the show in a week of unprecedented turmoil in westminster the name of the labor prime minister who defeated churchill did not get forty five was never forgotten we talked to lord aptly grandson of one of britain's towering socialist leaders clement attlee and as
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a minority government prepares for plan b. to raise a maze contempt and on president the defeats in parliament we get both sides of the debate with may's former home office minister norman baker and consultant editor of the ms daily mail andrew p s plus. questions to the prime minister but after the biggest if he didn't. even call itself the prime minister all of them all going up in today's going on the ground the first after a week of crisis in westminster affecting arguably not just seventy million in britain but about half a billion of the e.u. jeremy corbin's labor party chose to reference one u.k. politician named again and again and tuesday's biggest ever defeat of a british prime minister he and his health secretary are in bevan famous for creating the national health service clement attlee was name checked on a street sign in a labor broadcast as tories were congratulated for voting for themselves on wednesday to keep theresa may pregnant. a country that believes they have. no
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right. country shared. the names of clement attlee and the man he defeated after leading the u.k. to victory against the nazis were touchstones in the defeat of teresa mayes breaks a deal just this should be a historic day for the future of our country and parliament this was once a chamber of winston churchill and clement attlee instead it is a day of high farce and self-delusion but as the late world war two veteran harry leslie smith who also featured in this week's labor broadcast said labor leader jeremy corbyn made him think of arguably britain's greatest post-war prime minister john major i may call a minute and remind you of clement in nineteen forty five and i think if he puts his shoulder to it where you know i think he can be. a man who changed. england for the better just clement attlee did someone who would not agree is the grandson of clement attlee david cameron's former whip in the house of
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lords british tory government dear lord athlete who served in yugoslavia and in iraq joins me now law that they welcome to going underground so before we get to defend masses why do you think your grandfather's name was invoked time and time again not only at the tourism a bricks a deal vote which was the worst vote for a prime minister in recent memory maybe ever let alone a no confidence motion on wednesday where the closest thing about clam was his brilliance holding together a disparate disparate and talented team and you saw when he went sick he did occasionally the team fell apart but as long as he was. as well he held that team together and that's what we're missing now there are only two promises to maybe change anything a post-war one was a clam and there was no exception but what does his legacy have specifically to do with.


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