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oh. wow. among the stories that shapes the week b. you k. plunges into political chaos with the prime minister's deal suffering a mammoth defeat bugs to reason may holds down head position now release of diving a confidence vote just twenty four hours later. calls intensify for donald trump simply trends from the democratic camp as the u.s. president heads for the slew of allegations of wrongdoing but he says he's not going anywhere. but it sure in the great job that's the way i view it.
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is just this sunday scenes of violence break out in the greek capital every deal to change the name of neighboring macedonia iressa injuries are reported in the mass demonstrations. you're watching the weekly international bringing you the highlights from the week and the latest world news. the k. was thrust deep into political tim all this week after trees and maze proposed for steele was dealt a crushing defeat in parliament the following day though the prime minister saw off a confidence vote called by the leader of the opposition leaving the country no closer to a breakthrough here's a quick recap of the drama. yes
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i think that i have put out who. are you know what i'm doing with. the country and up here in this old me to you frankly i know a little culture to the point of hundred years from now we're going to resolve these questions with this deal would reject this deal because of the obama ticket to. be on a civil rights two hundred until you know you still the left four hundred and thirty two children never used to be. having it is clear that the house does not support this deal. they would have resigned and the country would be able to choose to come look at things beyond.
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to the right one hundred fifty i understood the letter three hundred twenty five countries at this house has expressed its confidence in the governor i am. i believe they're. probably aware. i think. in the wake of those fights the publication of the leaks government document on thursday added to the control the c. of the brac says the paper explores the possibility of holding a second referendum and estimates that the whole process would take up to a year that includes seven months to lay the legal groundwork and a further three months at least for testing the actual question the leak came as a surprise to many as to reason why has remained adamant that she will deliver on bracks is well down the street confirmed that the paper is genuine it tonight the government has been actively planning for a second vote it says the paper is purely for as stressed of peppa says and has
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reiterated that the p.m.'s position that breton will leave the e.u. meanwhile jeremy corbyn has set out the conditions under which he would support a second vote. all the options are on the table including the public vote option which we make clear in our conference motion which was as a reminder to you not of us they agreed by our conference last september even before the referendum i remember talking to some of the people organizing the leave campaign and i had imagined they would have a whole show draw all parts of the european legislation they had to go up or so they could quite have to live with them so they would come out of the traps of to go further if they want to and so this is what we're for against it it took three years we begin to make that process and that's partly because the conservative party is very divided to want to do but it's also true the opposition is very divided so we have all these and they cut across parties and they cut across the country to. a recent poll has found that if a second referendum were to be held
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a majority of voters would now choose to remain in the e.u. it shows that support for remain is at its highest level since the twenty sixteen votes and as party boyko explains every run of a referendum wouldn't be without precedent. thanks to. the people may have voted but the british parliament is in political turmoil over what the u.k.'s departure from lately you should look like if some politicians get their way whether it should happen at all to this issue but to the elected what else can we possibly do . to the british public to go back and. reconsider this breaks it is a call for deception but most of those people that promise to help you know why we bothering to leave and we leave we're still subject to all the rules over on the continent of these slighted politicians will be hoping that perhaps the imperfect
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but stable relationship between brussels and london could be heading towards their union if a deal is impossible and no one wants no deal then who will fire. really have the courage to say what's the only positive solution is so if you think the people have voted then think again governments have been known to ignore a referendum result or to. ireland learned this the hard way twice in two thousand and one after a smallish campaign irish voters rejected expanding the bloc east island effectively put a spoke in the e.u.'s wheels when it was keen to invite nations like romania and bulgaria into the club so the e.u. irish government invested in a big yes campaign and a year later the vote was rerun.
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the majority of votes against the proposal. the irish decision on the e.u.'s defacto constitution the lisbon treaty suffered the same fate majority in favor of the proposal. i see the assault as a sign of confidence by the irish people and european union as a sign of their desire to be all hard members of european union. before the break that shambles it was the greek debt crisis keeping e.u. officials are quite night. in twenty fifteen the new greek prime minister staged a referendum in which greek citizens overwhelmingly rejected the e.u.'s austerity policies but brussels imposed them anyway those living in the birthplace of democracy well pleased with what they saw as an undemocratic process.
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and this one may not be related to the e.u. . but it is related to britain in twenty twelve voters in the city of manchester rejected having elected mayor but a couple of years later david cameron's westminster government imposed them on the region anyway late last year the e.u. is top court ruled that the u.k. can unilaterally stop gregg's it stressing that the twenty sixteen referendum here wasn't legally binding so technically in terms of the law the u.k. government is free to do whatever it chooses be it plowing ahead with leaving or nothing into reverse shore stopping gregg's it would be a failure to deliver on the will of the people but after two and a half years of political turmoil here in the u.k. public opinion has shifted the latest polls now show that some fifty six percent of
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u.k. voters would say no to bragg's it and given the circumstances there are now leonti of politicians to break the bread as it promised and sell it as the noble thing to do well those calls for that second referendum continue to grow to reason they will be back in parliament on monday to present a revised version to m.p.'s. critics of donald trump it's the president of the new misconduct claims this week they range from obstructing justice to holding the u.s. hostage over this controversial plan for a five billion dollars wall to wall his opponents there's only one solution. from dirty filthy dossiers to sexual misconduct allegations illicit business deals on and on you name it chances are trump was accused of it weekly
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this week it's this seat president donald trump directed his longtime attorney michael cohen to lie to congress according to two federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation of the matter and even as trump told the public he had no business deals with russia the sources said trump and his children if donald trump jr received regular detailed updates about the real estate development from cohen whom they put in charge of the project specifically to alleged law enforcement officials anonymous of course as this tradition claimed to have seen documents regarding the proposed construction of a trump tower in moscow markedly one of the original authors couldn't clearly state whether he is even seen the documents he's our answer would put any lawyer to shame i don't think that we've said that we haven't remember but i will say that i'm very confident that your colleagues said on c.n.n.
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this morning that you were briefed on these document i'll just say that we we've seen documents we've been briefed on documents we're very confident in our report you can imagine how embarrassing it must have been for buzz feed when robert mueller by no means a fan of trump and the guy investigating the us president came out and dismissed these reports buzz feed's description of specific statements and characterization of documents and testimony and not accurate yet still the pundits call it a bombshell why is anyone's guess the other recent bombshell came from the washington post which claim. that trump tried to see details of one of his meetings with putin according to current and former officials anonymous as is tradition the constraints that trump impose the part of a broader person by the president the shielding his communications with putin from
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public scrutiny and preventing even high ranking officials if he's only been destruction from fully knowing what he has told one of the united states marine adversaries the bombshell kind fizzles out in the twenty fourth paragraph where the washington post admits that trump allows most of his contact with putin to be monitored like his meeting in where then secretary of state rex tillerson was present trump of course this misses it all is fake news attacks against him defamation never work for russia you know that is are better than anybody i've ever worked for russia not only did i never work for russia i think it's a disgrace that you even ask that question because it's all big fat hope it's just . but the democrats being democrats now want to raise hell over this they want the interpreter from the helsinki meeting between trump and putin to
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spill the beans they hope anything to get a trump if i had a choice i'd rather not do that with the with the interpreters but we may have no choice we'll have to see down down the road what happens but we want to get to the truth impeachment they cry impeachment impeachment impeachment almost thirty ish of theirs at this point the trump seems particularly concerned you can't impeach somebody that's doing a great job that's the way i view it. seven people have been arrested during clashes with police in greece a sixty thousand protesters rallied in the capital at ten lest the sputnik news agency twenty five police officers were injured.
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the greek authorities use crowd control equipment to dusk to disperse protest as clashes broke out in athens outside the parliament building this sunday against a deal between greece and its neighbor macedonia to rename the country and then ten allow a succession to nato the dail will see the country renamed the republic of north macedonia in order to try to end to this being to have the name shared with the northern province of greece however some greeks fear that's an attempt to appropriate historical and cultural heritage and the strongly against it it came and could be ratified on monday and then would go to a vote later next week for decades greece's force basically over neighbor macedonia is name because it happens border region is also called macedonia one of the
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country's official name safeway on short for the former yugoslav republic of macedonia to stop the laying claim to the rich history of that name after a little treat jenius alexander the great still study to walk out of these round the world was born in macedonia without its blocking its neighbors nato and the leadership over the issue finally agreed to name the republic of north macedonia macedonia as parliament be amended its constitution to ratify the name change but greece's politics means it has yet to do the same greece's former ambassador to canada and a desk cross of the u.s. says as far as the west concerned it's all about nato. the whole issue of the region that the greeks are very angry about this agreement is that for the first time british you bring the name of my shadow here who.
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will. not accept that and that's why we are reacting but the worst thing is that the united states nato and. they don't hear very much about the agreement but say what they want is to have a scorpio drawing nabeel home that there is big pressure exercised on the government to arlo joining me a resolution was adopted by the demonstration which. actions to the british the public to the party were trying to convince the members of parliament not vote for that because it would have disastrous effects on. syria says us defense forces have shot down a number of israeli missile attacks targeted at damascus tel of the meanwhile
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claims to be striking iranian forces the situation is still evolving. syria has already thwarted another israeli strike targeting an area south of the capital shooting down several missiles shortly after that incident israel's ministry claims to have taken down a rocket if the occupied golan heights no specifics were given however about the source of the launch his call islay with the details syrian air defenses repelled an airstrike that is why he believes have been carried out by israel now they managed to shoot down seven missiles that were targeting the area around damascus international airport as and israel when plane was coming into land this happened during daylight hours on sunday afternoon which in an obvious soft is quite unusual . the army said that it had intercepted a missile from syria over israel's tallest peak mount him on and that interception was witnessed by thousands of tourists who were skiing at the time this is a highly unusual incident because in the past any missiles that have come in from
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syria into israeli is space from the israeli side have widely been understood to be air and anti aircraft missiles but this one we're hearing from the israeli side was they believe deliberately fired at israel so it certainly takes the whole situation up a notch now there were no injuries reported on either side the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is currently in chad had this to say about the reported incident this woman with whom you. would have a certain pose to to harm iranian entrenchment in syria and to harm anyone who tries to harm us this is not the first time that this kind of incident has happened in the past israel has carried out hundreds of air strikes against what it says are a rainy and sponsor targets inside syria. we spoke to joshua landis director of the center for mentally studies who believes that despite the ongoing conflicts in the region president trump is still a get to withdraw from syria. we killing i or you know the worst enemy.
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right here or read syria you look at it is isis so we're killing right for people that are generally always prepared with the let's put it that way we've done in syria has cleared. i guess about ninety percent of the territorial caliphate president trump is trying to make the case for why the u.s. can withdraw from syria as we know many of the elite did that team foreign. policy team around president trump the secretary of state national security council want to stay in syria but the president is saying look russia the united states syria are all in the same team in iraq are on the same team trying to destroy isis the united states can withdraw and russia iran and the syrian
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army will finish the job. italian in terry a minister mattis l.v.a. me has called on the money to handover attends a fugitive terror suspects believed to be sheltering in france but the story has shot it depends. after decades on the run one of a to these most new tourists criminals finally steps back on to home soil says operatives steed charged with four murders was part of the so-called great book gates that terrorized the country back in the seventy's. cuny is into a prison sentence but tiste escaped to france now under the so-called to me to hold
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on doctoring by which foreign terrorists were given safe haven if they had to announce their past crimes france welcome to him with open arms for decades he enjoyed something of a celebrity status becoming an author he mingled with the literary elite and politicians now the success in bringing him to justice has led to italy to call on other countries including france to stop hall bring terrorists. to the french president to return to italy to fugitives that should not be drinking champagne under the eiffel tower who should be rotting in jail and it's only it's really worlds france to hand over more than thirty over these champagne terrorists .
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the list includes new cisco an n.t. who said to live in this house south of paris. i think that over the forty years we could find a solution to this story as has already been done in the history of the world in civilised countries it's time to turn the page but i've never done what they accuse me of i am absolutely a warrant from n n t's extradition is currently being looked at and it's likely that he won't be alone in wondering if onse is about to give him up but there is big but french officials have said extradition can't be pursued in most of the cases as the statute of limitations here would quash the proceedings with ten choose between the two countries already at
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a tipping point over migrants the forthcoming elections and italy support for the movement this seems to be no sign that president called has any intention of allowing salvini to claim a home run. altie charlotte so long. to libya and the rest in the capital city tripoli have been paying tribute to people killed in minute fighting this week among them a journalist for the associated press who also works for artie's video news agency ruptly at least thirteen people were killed fifty two others wounded according to the country's health ministry mohammed ben khalifa had been contributing to roughly since twenty sixteen and had produced around thirty stories for the agency his colleagues have described him as a courageous and talented journalist he survived by his wife and seven month old daughter here's some of the last images he captured during his reporting along with
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a recap of recent events in tripoli. what was going. on. with what. was a ruptly was saddened to learn of the death of journalist mohamed bin a khalifa who lost his life during clashes in tripoli over the past three years he worked with us to deliver high quality reports in difficult circumstances we send our deepest condolences to his family. protesters in the iranian
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capital a calling for the media release of an american born and nest in u.s. detention the presenter for iran's english language news channel press t.v. was arrested on u.s. soil last sunday. masia hashemi was confirmed as a material witness by court documents from an undisclosed case but has not been charged with a crime the rally took place outside the school sampras and iran which acts as a mediator with american interests in the country as tensions between washington and to run remain high.
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you know ok but. the fact that certain doto restructurings with their stature instructions and i think. they're so perhaps crass had been moved against her will. we are concerned by the arrest of a journalist for iranian state t.v. . we have serious concerns about her detention and we urged american authorities to clarify the situation. she said nothing but journalism. which is much. different. a political. mission to individuals. i believe should.
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be. according to the all day should by a course in washington d.c. testify before a grand jury after that she will be released however some have raised serious concerns about the conditions of head attention spoke exclusively to a friend of the jailed to rein in t.v. and. the only information and contact the family of harper's magazine is a telephone call to her daughter on tuesday where they received wiring information from told her daughter that she had had jobs a muslim woman who was her job a veil covering such as what time wearing at the moment that was taken off against her will the her mug shot was taken without her job on that she was given only a short sleeved t. shirt in contravention to her own islamic dress code her that she. has and that she
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had to gain another just to be able to cover some of her had she also told her daughter that she wasn't given adequate food because she was not given allow muslim option or a vegetarian option to say the only. conversation they had with her she told her daughter that she had only been able to eat a cracker or some bread that came with that food since being detained if they had questions about four miles here in regards to an issue she would have all this of the matter is what her son has said the children have been subpoenaed as well and they have no idea why you can imagine how worried they offer their mother and how nervous they are about the situation my see is an internationally known journalist and she's been a journalist for many decades she is an american journalist and she has been detained without charge without information so it's truly very concerning more updates of the top of the hour.
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you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's tied to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. the country has gone into
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a nihilistic fever that's why i'm thinking and we've got to hit the road and get out the traveling across the merits of the find what makes america take the charlatans the geniuses because american hero this is it we found the point around which hollywood is gone and saying we're starting last with is we're going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think that we can leave now don't forget the more gondola we may be completely different by the end of this journey. there's a lot of fog going to go if there is a pill it is diminishing every hundred yards you can tell we're heading into san francisco area life support systems are breaking down oxygen is low not the sort that really does well on single highways still tries me crazy the only thing worse is to the time when. they need.


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