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house has expressed headline stories this hour time for a plan b. the u.k.'s embattled prime minister to return to parliament with a revised. top cabinet minister warns the whole breaks a process is no risk of being told. coming up on the program this hour the news site buzz feed pater's smelling blood sports implicates the u.s. president in a serious crime but unlikely source rejects if the authors are forced to defend their article on primetime t.v. . indeed the same source that we use in that story are standing behind.
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a federal judge in new york. the trump administration to question up citizenship to the twenty to twenty census describing it as unlawful we've got reaction to the ruling. so this isn't about. this is a. browning country this is all about should people here illegally fill out the set. to say yes i'm here illegally no i'm not a citizen up course they should it's common sense. live from moscow to the world this is our international my name's you know neal and you're welcome to the program our top story. this hour at the news site buzz feed
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is standing by and then send your reports it recently published which claims that donald trump instructed his former lawyer to lie to congress about a proposed business deal in russia both feet insists it trusts its sources who are all named in the article so i can't talk about the timing of when we've spoken to people but i can tell you that yes indeed this is the same sources that we use in that story are standing behind it as are we so just to talk us through what's happening here the report which details an alleged confession by michael cohen to special counsel mueller's investigation into election meddling caused a sensation in the media it wasn't long before the president's critics were talking about impeachment president trump is facing new scrutiny today over a report that he told his personal attorney to lie to congress about his business dealings with russia we have breaking news tonight on the russia investigation here's what buzz feed news is reporting that
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a bombshell report coming from buzz feed news president directed his attorney to lie to congress about the moscow tower project congressional democrats calling for an immediate investigation declaring that trump must be impeached if the story is true but the thing is special counsel robert mueller is office took the unprecedented step of speaking about the report caracter writing it does simply inaccurate statement drew praise from the u.s. leader. appreciate you coming out with this statement. mr president did you really say that why would he all of a sudden thank robert miller the man who's had collusion allegations under the microscope who's been busy trying to look for stuff that would easily mean and for mr trump if there's anything to be found weird if i hear it right. to counsel. i think very appropriate so i very much agree.
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this is what we got for miller speedball buzz feed's description of specific statements and characterization of documents and testimony are not accurate we're used to not hearing from mr miller after compromising bombshells explode but it's not like there is now some good new chemistry between the president and the special counsel or that the hunt for collusion evidence is over it's that the quality of this particular bus fede piece put robert miller in a position where he had to say something but when it comes to what it says in the report president donald trump directed his longtime attorney michael cohen to lie to congress according to two federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation of the matter so why would god trump haters smelling blood evidence from sources which the reporters don't name. sources.
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sources you can find this word all over the article eventually though we find out from one of the authors they've never even seen the papers i.e. the evidence have you seen any of that other corroborating evidence no i don't see them personally but the folks that we've talked to the two issues that we've spoken to are actually one of the recently read in to that aspect of that especial counsel's investigation i don't think that we've had that we haven't seen much but i will say that i'm very confident that your colleague said on c.n.n. this morning that you were briefed on these documents we've been i did say that we we've seen documents we've been briefed on documents we're very confident in our report but anyway we're guard loose of everything i've just told you about what was the instant effect of the buzz feed scoop everyone's getting the impeachment buzz this information if feeling to be true shows there was obstruction of justice if these facts are true this is suborning perjury and there's no question it's an
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impeachable offense if the president directed michael cohen to lie to congress she should resign but if he doesn't resign he should be impeached they only want to impeach me because they know they can't win in two thousand and twenty too much success india is become a one johnny one note operation they are out to get trump in the main they didn't like the election results they wanted hillary clinton in there they just appear to be a grumpy dissatisfied nonobjective. on a witch hunt here this is not a light accusation came out of buzz feed this is a very serious accusation it's like crying shouting fire in a crowded theater theater when there's no fire it is amazing to me how much the mainstream press jumped on this story in the last twenty four hours and it's also frankly quite amazing that the special counsel's team has come out. the story is totally bogus well it's simple calendar math the next white house election is
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already next year so whatever is dreaming of impeachment is running out of time you can't impeach somebody that's doing the great job that's the way i view it. moving across the atlantic the u.k.'s prime minister looks set for another tough week treason may well lead dress parliament later on monday and lay out her plan b. for breaks it following the historic defeat of her proposed e.u. divorce deal last week for the details we can cross live to polly boyko who's in london polly our hopes high round your parts the trees are made can today make a sizeable dent in the break that deadlock. you know there's not many people who would say that the reason may is doing a great job right now her plan b. appears to be a repackaged plan a she appears to be trying to tweak her original deal just enough to win over the doubters on her own side so the doubters in the conservative
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party and in the d.s.p. the democratic unionist party of northern ireland that's popping up her minority government and the prime minister appears to think that if she secures changes to the thorny issue of the irish backstop she will still be able to squeeze this deal through parliament on january the twenty ninth which is the next scheduled vote now one option floated over the weekend is that to reason they could try to negotiate a special bilateral treaty between london and dublin although dublin is already rejected this idea saying that any negotiations are going to be taking place between the u.k. and the e.u. take a listen. it is not something we would entertain it would not work the same many of the issues pertaining to ireland are related to and to negotiate and agreed through the european union and is much stronger negotiating through the e.u.
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taskforce. poly the whole of being reports that some m.p.'s are trying to quote hijack the break said process what do we know about the fact. well look in regards to the new plan a lot of people saying there's not much new about it so a lot of politicians are saying that the prime minister is simply slugging a dead horse here and they're dead set against the deal no matter what so less than a week ago to reason was talking about having a cross party consensus holding talks with opposition parties to try and see how she can secure a plan for braggs it going forward and get it through the house but that idea has crashed and. one opposition m.p. described to resign may's after two towards the whole thing as my door is open but my mind is very much closed so the reason we failed at gathering across party support for her own plan but there is now an alternative sort of cross party coalition growing on a plan to block
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a no deal bragg's it and i have to say it's really gathering steam one group of m.p.'s wants to introduce a parliamentary bill that could delay britain's departure from the e.u. if no plan is agreed to by the twenty ninth of march the twenty ninth of march being braggs that day which is scheduled for that the same group of m.p.'s could also try and trigger a second referendum via parliament as well depending on which side of the fence you're on some are calling it the seize control plan others are calling it a plot and insurgency downing street is warning of the dangers of hijacking the deal take a listen. there is a danger the parliament cute stop brags that any attempt to remove the government's power to meet the legal conditions of an orderly exit at this moment of history significance is extremely concerning parliament said to the people of this country
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we will make we make a contract with you you will make the decision and we will honor it what we are now getting are some of those who were always absolutely opposed to the result of the referendum trying to hijack bricks and effect steal the result from the people. say the lay of the land right now is you've got to resume a abandoning all hope of any sort of cross party talks and trying to tweak something that failed spectacularly last week she wants to tweak it just enough to try and win enough support to push it through before this deadline and on the other side you've got this growing plot to wrestle control of the breakers that process from to resume may and how government one more thing to add off the back of that comment by liam fox that you've got to leave population and remain parliament regardless of how people voted originally there is a sense of growing frustration at this parliamentary deadlock
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playbook of keeping this right up to date from london thanks pauline. seven people have been arrested during clashes with police in greece sixty thousand protesters rallied in the capital city a journalist working for the sputnik news agency twenty five police officers were injured. the. only god. as you can see the greek authorities used crowd control equipment to disperse protesters clashes breaking out in athens outside the parliament building that was on sunday against the deal between greece and its neighbor must a donia to rename the country under internal law it's
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a session to nato now the deal will see the country renamed as the republic of north must sit on it in order to try an end at the speech of the nation shared with a northern province raise a weather as we're seeing some greeks feel it's an attempt to appropriate historical and cultural heritage and are strongly against it their agreement could be ratified on monday on would then go to a vote later this week. for decades greece's fourth basically over neighbor macedonia's name because afghans border region is also called macedonia one of the country's official name safeway on short for the former yugoslav republic of macedonia stop the laying claim to the rich history of that name after a little treat jenius alexander the great still study to walk out of these around the world was born. without blocking its neighbors nato and the e.u. membership over the issue is finally greeted made the republic of north macedonia.
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parliament be amended its constitution to ratify the. greece's politics means it has yet to do the same we spoke to a former great combustor to counter there who had a quite direct response about what is happening in greece he says as far as the west is concerned it's all about nato. whole issue visas. are very angry about this demon is that for the first time reese is giving the name of macedonia to a slab country that belongs to the north and they cannot accept that and that's why i. reacted but the worst thing is that the united states nato. they don't care very much about the agreement say what they want to have scopes join that's the whole game there's big pressure exercised.
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resolution was adopted by the that much variation which this is actions we take into the presence of the public through the parliament trying to convince the members of parliament not to vote for that it would have disastrous effects. for those of you maybe needing some encouragement in terms of exercise check this out i mode open runner has completed a stunning feat of physical injury and running fifty kilometers through the siberian wilderness in minus sixty degrees cold he took on the grueling challenge to raise awareness about cerebral palsy and to help youngsters suffering from the disorder.
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yeah the best definition for that just in credible we've got still plenty to come in the program including
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a federal judge in the us thwarting an attempt by the trump administration to make changes to the twenty twenty senses we'll take you through without all means coming up. you want to make sure that the quality is not just a slogan of misery but the it also is associated with the rise in the death of believe how can you have a rise in this done. by having people reach saving investing. broadening increasing the size of the national park so that you can to steven mold to everything. you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we
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need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. back with our to international a new york federal judge has blocked a trumpet ministration initiative to out a question about citizenship to the twenty twenty census. the decision to add to the citizenship question to twenty two in two sentences even if it did not violate the constitution. was on rule fool fool among to choose to have independent reasons
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and must be set aside like question that by its innocent ship has not appeared on the survey since nine hundred fifty the proposal to add one is highly controversial as the census numbers are used to determine the amount of heiser representation as well as funding that each state gets critics say that such a move would marginalize democrat voting migrant communities on play into the hands of the republicans we asked commentators from both sides of the debate for their thoughts on the judge's ruling. by the money that the g.o.p. is finally concerned with the voting rights act after spending so long and trying to basically get rid of that which they successfully did in two thousand and fourteen these shelby county versus eric holder i mean so this isn't about expanding voting this is about a republic can be said is majority white people worried about browning country afraid about electorate of a lecture and that is increasingly becoming so
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a party that is going to extremely hostile to them i mean clearly to let's be honest our country of laws not a country of men and their opinions you know what is right and it the republican and one hispanics you know how good the bad guy in the presidential race little bit between between mitt romney john mccain and donald trump with this batiks donald trump so many many hispanics like republicans like this fans like what we're saying so let's not make it seem like it's black against like and you could categorize it that's evil people just panic we're talking about asian people we're talking about people from africa and the caribbean and you're talking about florida for instance the one point four million people who just got their voting rights back ok are the majority of them are black and brown people who are probably not going to be. voting for the purpose of your phone your demonstrate with its surface like a criminal. criminal not steve elliott called i'd rather be august the rapist and
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violent crimes joke after voting rights absolutely i mean style is that the republicans just got shellacked and california and the house orange county blue and this is a reaction to that i mean they think that the republicans are trying to manufacture a situation where they will still be able to retain power through an outdated an antiquated electoral college and also through spirits questions that are really meant that manufactured republican control what they really need to do is prove to the people that they have to their policies and that's why they will and if they can do that they will lose the house of representatives in twenty twenty maybe when it back but this is this is a reaction you know that i would like i would like everybody to run on i would like the next presidential election to be on if you're here illegally should you be forced to tell the government you're here illegally and seventy five to eighty percent of americans would say of course just like they say of course the fed up borders of course have ice of course those sanctuary cities your your your democrat
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party has the losing on immigration left and right but this is all about should people here really legally fill out the census and be quiet to say yes i'm here illegally no i'm not a citizen off the course they should it's common sense. and these are scenes from france over the weekend where over eighty thousand people participated in yellow vests protests in cities with violence continuing to flare over rising living costs it's got the country's medics on high alert take a look. we have first aid equipment on the bus bandages and he sets some state equipment to try to help as much as possible at the scene so that when emergency services arrive
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the injured are in a much better condition. we are here to help the injured no matter who is injured it would help everyone who needs our help. my colleagues were hit last week on the show and city say helping is street medics including me. and head to. come to friends on how for the people of french demonstration here germany and french have a very friendship so come on the last ten weeks coming here saturday for say day and held for the people to hear as this trial held for the full florida yellow
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lasts. i'm not even going to tell you about the wounded we felt we're not going to go into details it's horrible. to. look at. the. public health. hygene campaign in new zealand left people aren't raged on being dubbed by some as casual racism this bomber sparked a wave of criticism after a labor m.p. in new zealand posted a picture of it on social media it features a white girl telling her black friend that he should visit the toilet before entering a swimming pool the ad campaign has received a range of responses. it's funny thirsk long but then you realize that
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racial profiling and it's not funny anymore. oh evie i stop running around who you my sleeping fall on your sense of entitlement why does it have to be family. daveed cali and paula can. buy things the sign is racist to the o'reilly formed racist. to people who are truly no trace this is just two kids in a public information sign. why is this culturally insensitive to people that precious if it was the other way round i don't think a single white person would be offended by. the two characters hemi and molly have featured regularly in auckland advertising campaigns nevertheless the city's council has apologized and taken down all of the signs we got reaction to the story from radio host and journalist john galt he is off the belief the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. i think it's nonsense and what i saw when i looked at
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the post was two children i didn't see the color of their skin to be honest with you and as i understand it one of the other posters a large opposed the black kid who was telling the white girl to make sure she goes the truth some people just want to see racism everywhere and all this does is dividers even more people prefer that if it was to white children then people would say why aren't you including people of color some people just want to see racism where there is no racism listen let's work together when there is a real racism when somebody is stopped from getting a job or getting on in school college because of their color of their skin or their cultural background that's what we should challenging the known opposed to this he just makes the whole thing ridiculous not torture for example goes out with an asian british lad he says british is made but he skin eats brown we don't need to
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be making an issue of this we need just gan long and challenge real racism. talking wars among the stars next than the to stop it becoming a reality crosstalk begins in moments. of flight there's someone else living inside of me controlling my body. the byproduct of that drug is the cause like severe depression. because it literally meet him into a zombie it's crazy. you know we don't have to do anything it's not our fault this is crazy and all that. the fears
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come on the addict takes a long time to get rid of. what politicians do something to them. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be rich. but you going to be pressed to supply them before three of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the how. things should. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that.
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in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to crush the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous. or is it your. book. belonging to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four. those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. hello
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and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle buckle up and brace for impact trump introduces star wars two point zero and calls for impeachment russia gate morphs into treason game. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have victor he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and we have dmitri bobbitt she's a political analyst with international red cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated mark let me go to you first hear more calling this program a star wars two point zero on the back of the release of the missile defense review .


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