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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  January 23, 2019 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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greetings and salutations one of the great historical and psychological quandaries of the human condition is whether we are by nature peaceful or warlike this is one of the good questions that has plagued humanity since we crawled out of that primordial soup are we by nature are hardwired to kill each other and master or is murder war and conflict just simply symptoms of a very tragic learned behavior that can thankfully one day be undone untaught and driven from our existence i bring this up because this week a news item crossed our desk that contained both sides of this long running debate in all contained in one news story and that is the story of yes killer robots no i'm not talking about science fiction fantasy i'm talking about military industrial
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science fact killer robots are the cute shorthand for a new fast growing segment of military technology and hard word called autonomous weapons weapons that are run by artificial intelligence that require no human involvement when selecting and executing targets imagine predator drones operating themselves patrolling a border war zone and dropping bombs on targets it's a i was programmed to detect as a threat no human operator in the mobile home r.v. in new mexico would involve whatsoever if this brightens you you're not alone as new polling released on tuesday by the campaign to ban killer robots revealed that sixty one percent of the globe agrees with you and opposes the use of these autonomous weapons. and while killer robots are autonomous weapons frighten most of the some of the top nations in the world including russia south korea and of course the united states of america recently blocked a move that the united nations to potentially ban the use of these these new
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improved weapons. the greedy warlike nature of a few once again winning out over the many desire for peace so today let us ask ourselves are we hard wired for war or hard wired for peace as we hard wire robots for war and start a brand new chapter in watching the hawks. but you get the sense like i realize that this would be. as if you were to fall out of . your seat. but they like you that i got. was that we. would. be. taking her. world the world it was a hard science i robot and i am to have the wallace and the against killer of are
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you against killer robots i'm not i'm not a fan of acrylic. it's a look at punk band killer robot i would i would probably buy their album but i don't want to i don't want to log on you know i never thought that the pure there's . been this conversation with about killer robots like these it's one of those things that like you have seen terminator i'm seeing all the movies would like to play because they were warnings right and that's what i mean i've kind of figured we just wouldn't go that route i figure out like most generation we grew up in the eighty's and even before like you know west world wasn't a new suit that came out a long time ago target audience has been right action has been warning us of autonomous machines sense the beginning of science and. you know when you look at the survey results most people kind of know about the same way that what you suggest that so sixty six percent in the survey said that they oppose lethal autonomous weapon systems and they're their biggest concern was this idea that they
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would cross a moral lion and because machines should be not should not be allowed to kill. and fifty four percent of those opposed said they were concerned that the weapon would be unaccountable so if you're putting on the idea being that we're going to pump it full of this algorithm and say when you see this when you see this that it will just kill people based on what facial recognition or something and then who is accountable for that death if someone is killed. you know it's funny we have a hard enough time. we have a hard enough time holding politicians accountable when they commit war crimes around the world do we even care about work. we can't even hold real life people accountable for their crimes. let alone. holding them accountable. a. great. battle at the u.n.
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for quite some time now over twenty countries including coast rica palestine and pakistan support a ban on killer robots funny palestine and pakistan. those are two countries that have suffered a lot. in fact was a brazil chile and austria. formally proposed a legally binding agreement to prohibit the use in the future of autonomous weaponry. interestingly enough though misty international was russia is real south korea and the us indicated an annual meeting of the convention of conventional weapons. in november twentieth that they would not support negotiations for a new treaty that would ban these items what. is real so crude us it's pretty incredible and when you look at public support most countries the we won't support this but i'm. publics actually against their own leaders you know generally
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and even here in the united states are you looking at the poll shows that the states blocking a ban on killer robots are totally out of step with public opinion government should be protecting people this is from russia. the acting director of amnesty taki said about government should be protecting people from the myriad risks that killer robots and i think what this is is that we're using this idea of this killer robots killer robots or drones and the thing is what made them how little ball of a cell was we're taking people out of the equation it's just a machine and then american lives are russian lives aren't heard north korean lives are heard we are putting lives at risk but at the end of the day if we had put the amount of effort into you know infrastructure and feeding these people and fixing what had already been destroyed in these countries and stead of designing better killing machines we wouldn't have to worry about the killing machines being
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automatic and all of it and it will kill innocent before one superpower because you know no no other super is going to step up and say i'm done with this unless one does that not all will but if nobody does them. in the united states as in many other countries minors are not legally capable of entering into a business contract but in the case of facebook if a minor makes a purchase without the parents' approval they say it's valid the center for investigative reporting has revealed him launched a legal effort last year to unseal documents from two thousand and twelve class action lawsuit filed by parents against facebook for profiting from transactions with children in an improper manner last week the court agreed to unseal certain documents which included internal facebook memo stating quote in nearly all cases the parents knew their child was playing angry birds but didn't think the child would be allowed to buy anything without their password or authorization first and that a transaction on facebook doesn't necessarily look like real money to
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a minor but employee concerns were of no concern to facebook with the document show referred to these children as wales in reference to big spenders at casinos and while the case was settled twenty sixteen the judge who unsealed the records wrote in his opinion on the matter quote this information would be of great public interest particularly since it relates specifically to facebook's transactions with minors so water is while many platforms brag of their parental control functions facebook already boiling in their own bad judgment as decided that they are looking babies deserve a like. this is one of those ones are tough for me because on one hand you know i'm a stickler for good. parents if you let your kid play with a video game when the kid rocks up six thousand dollars because you are supervising the playing the game or like paying attention that's that's your own fault but at the same time. i also know how incredibly greedy and horrible facebook is in my
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opinion. trying to bilk people whether it be their method and in this case their money sir is one of those ones of my mind is kind of. and i think the one thing that we often forget because i think my first reaction to was this idea of well why are you letting on your i pad with the stuff like get off my lawn you kids. but then you realize that you know i'm not a parent ok so i don't know what wanting to take a shower and meaning five minutes to myself and also a lot of these games and these apps are actually helping kids with certain things and their teaching. hand eye coordination reading all these things but if parents are being told by this app it's for your kid and there isn't that kind of control on there when it's apple doesn't allow janitors certain things like other platforms so this original lawsuit was a class action lawsuit because you had two children and their parents who were part of the lawsuit and the reason they were suing is that they were led to believe that
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these kids were it lead to believe that purchases using real money would need parental approval and that the children were purposely led to believe through the game that they weren't using real money that when they were buying it didn't clarify to them they were doing that so each child racked up with a little over a thousand dollars that you would get sixty sixty or sixty six one hundred dollars and the judge agreed so that was on may twenty sixth the sixteenth facebook was forced to introduce a feature that allows users to request funds for purchases made by minors and remember what the thing is you're not supposed to be. at least thirteen to have a page but. you know it's interesting when you see facebook's kind of response. as you said they were. you know when a parent would come and say well there's like six thousand dollars the charges are only approved twenty and then. i mean. that's great
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they're good. well anybody could call up and say well. apologies for interrupting our programming there is because by then the putin and his to his counterpart are now holding a press conference in moscow after a round of bilateral talks let's listen. it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that we have achieved great results good results. but of practical results. and one of those results if the is the russian iranian summits part of the astronaut pro says we discussed the. syrian peace settlement during this summit. we are planning to organize a new summit like that which will plague take place in russia we have agreed with
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mr earlier one. on the dates. and we still have to agree on the date with the rain in counterparts the talks today took place in the traditionally and historically constructive atmosphere. and we focused a lot on the economic issues. on the issues of developing and humanitarian ties and of course we have talked a lot about syria too and we have discussed in detail the prospects of the syrian political process russia and turkey have a strong and principled position with regard to the long term solution to the syrian crisis. we want to do that on a political and peaceful manner. in accordance
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to un security council resolution to two fifty four. taking into account the sovereignty and territorial integrity of syria and this is the way we discussed. the syria peace process as part of the astronaut process today the arsenal process remains the most effective mechanism of resolving the conflict in syria and you certainly we are focused on the constitutional committee which will. be working on the basics of. of the new syrian government. and russian diplomats are in close contact with the rainy and diplomats have done a lot of work to agree on the least of the people to be represented in the committee. all of the agreements reached with the french. germany in istanbul have been reached but unfortunately the constitutional committee has
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not yet been created but thanks to our efforts we now have a strong and balanced base to launch a new. stable and effective. process we have discussed the issues of finally exterminating the last traces of the terrorist organizations on the syrian soil we have discussed the memorandum on the creation of. we see that our turkish counterparts are doing a lot. to resolve the terrorist threat coming still coming. from syria from the region but we need to work together to remove. the problem still remaining in the region we have discussed what next steps can be taken by syria and russia to stabilize the situation. the
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position is that ceasefire. should not. in any way interfere with the fight against terrorism this fight needs to continue have discussed. the ways. in which the us decision to withdraw its troops from the northeastern part of the country how this decision will affect the situation if this withdrawal is implemented this will be a positive step it will help stabilize the situation in this to mulches region which is currently controlled by the kurdish militants. and this context we support the dialogue between damascus and official representatives of. this dialogue will
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essentially help stabilize the society of syria. but will help not only syria but all of the states surrounding it. the cooperation between russia into in the post conflict. the lucian of problems will also be important to we have agreed that our diplomats will coordinate their efforts along these lines you can order to help the syrian refugees and internally displaced persons when discussing bilateral issues we have noted that. there is expanded cooperation in trade. over the past eleven months trade turnover increased by eighteen percent and treat twenty three billion dollars . which is higher than. in twenty seventeen and the. council of cooperation on the higher level is operating as planned and
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and. new session will take place this year in russia we have. successful strategic cooperation on key projects in the energy sector both. in january and estimable together with mr erdogan would be. in the final steps of the creation of the part of the stream the gas pipeline this is a crucial project for russia and turkey and as part of this project to pipelines that have been created that follow along the seabed of the black sea. have a huge we believe that. the work to create the land barge of the pipe . line will be created will be done just as effectively just as quickly so that we
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can complete the project by the end of this year. once the pipeline is operational this will not only hold. an energy security of turkey but also will have been. eastern and central europe we have another large scale project planned the creation of a large scale atomic power plant and a coup you the first. energy unit is currently under construction and it's supposed to be operational by two thousand and twenty three. it's supposed to coincide with the one hundred year anniversary of the turkish republic we welcome the interpreters of to. operations in russia we invited to participate as a part in the. twenty nine thousand exhibition that will take place in the gutter
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and bourke in july. of course we discussed a number of humanitarian and cultural issues we are preparing to hold cross cultural years and years of tourism. which is russia. has. in twenty seven and twenty seventeen. about six million russian people went to turkey as tourists. and of course it. does a lot to ensure security for the russian tourists so in conclusion i'd like to say that our talks with mr erdogan were a productive and successful and they will help further. promote our cooperation on the basis of mutual respect and i'd like to thank mr erdogan
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again for taking our invitation and coming to moscow. here. my dear friend mr putin. says. dear members of the press. warm greetings to you all. so i would like to stress that i am very happy to be in moscow and i would like to think president putin. for it his warm hospitality. because. this visit is taking part. in soon after the terrible tragedy in the strait of carriage. and there are
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four turkish nationals. the people who died in the accident. search and rescue operations are under way. and i would like. to express condolences to the families of all those who perished in the accident and wish them. patience and. confidence and i would like to. wish that all those injured in the accident heal and get better soon as possible and i would like to express my condolences to the families of all those who were hurt in the accident despite the nasty weather russian emergency services carried out the search and rescue operation in full and i would like to think president putin for
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this and all those involved. in all areas be economy trade and energy culture and we are seeing our cooperation developing very successfully. as two leaders president putin and myself. note that day by day our cooperation is getting stronger in the of the economy we're seeing positive developments our mutual trade volumes are growing. as president putin already said it is now around twenty six billion dollars. the two major projects are. under way and that is that is the. nuclear power plant and the turkish
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stream pipeline. this year we're planning to have. a multitude of events within the framework of the. crosscountry year of culture into or is russia is. turkey's number one source of tourists last year we hosted. around six million russian tourists and we're hoping that this year will see more of them coming in. as far as a visa free travel is concerned. that question was on the table during today's meeting so. introducing these if we travel would be very beneficial for the russian turkish relations. it would increase visits. between our countries
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and the full of people between our countries we discussed the live memorandum. when when talking about syria and the apartheid summit. we also discussed the united states' decision to withdraw its troops troops from syria and gave our assessment. cooperation between russia and turkey is instrumental for the peace process in syria and together with the russian friends. we intend to strengthen our coordination over the t.v.'s in syria. and in this sense. it is critical not to. vacuum to. replace
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american troops in syria once they withdraw we must prevent syria from being taken over by business after the americans leave we need to. rid syria of isis in the front and the why and why. we know the forces that seek to undermine turkey's relationship with russia. and it will be working in coordination. implementing and carrying out the decisions we have arrived at in this regard in the near future. a constitutional commission should be set up in syria we would like to accelerate that process. and.
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with. assistance from our partners we are confident that this will be done as soon as possible. and we also discussed the issue of syrian refugees with a russian called this issue affects us directly because turkey is hosting three and a half million syrians already. in the area of the. and the olive branch over three thousand syrians have already. gone back to their homes they have returned to their. locations and they are enjoying peaceful life free of terrorist activity and we should spread this positive experience on to other regions in syria on to the eastern bank of the year freitas. and in all kinds of formats in the bilateral formant and in the us in
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a process form it will continue working in this area. russia will be hosting another summit of the. another tripartite summit including myself president putin and mr rouhani of. iran there will also be a meeting of the council of cooperation and how little cult council of cooperation and i would like to see once again. if you just joined us you're watching r.t. international and we've been listening into the press conference of president president putin and the one following that bilateral discussions in moscow the essence of their meeting today. ok i do apologize i think we are going to actually go back in to listen to questions from the press. on the
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safety and security. do you. have any specific agreements with the american side and specific bilateral agreements. have you discussed this issue today and the question to mr putin what is russia's approach to this issue. because. a meeting on establishing the security zone is under way. all the regions that are near you are of concern for us are highly important and we need to take respective measures. in our contacts with the americans we see that they are positive about. our
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initiatives. some twenty five thirty kilometer inside this syrian territory we have no issues with russia on this account. since these regions will be cleared of terrorists and militants and after that. our foreign ministries and our defense ministries will continue working hand in hand to monitor the situation. i mean. when the american. military is. stationed on the territory of the syrian arab republic illegally and there are no bases no. legal
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basis for them to be there they were not invited by the legitimate government of syria or by the decision of the un security council. and we have had a very constructive conversation with our american counterparts on anti-terrorist activities including in syria. i hope that this work will continue. that's the first thing i want to say now secondly. we respect the interests of our friends. in what regards their security and thirdly. there is still an agreement between syria and. you know from nine hundred ninety eight which concerns anti-terrorist activities and this is the basis. that covers a lot of issues. that pertain to securing.


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