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withdraw troops from syria will affect the situation in the country if such plans all implemented this will be a positive step. both that of the gun and putin today read to rate it also the afterwards to bring peace to see rain to stabilize the situation there through so called asked to enough form and we've done so it is clear that the countries are go we need to work together on that but still it's clear that the right disagreements between the parties involved. ok watching our team to national joy made half an hour for the latest.
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she dragon was designed to sail around the world the wrong way so she actually first best when she's healed over about forty five degrees sailing up when she's seventy two feet long such minute and she's a pretty big ass all but also the rain last all our conduct inside a lot of people when i was going to go out the first time and thanks to the shipping cost the atlantic in twenty four teams if they are you heard from the atlantic with fourteen women and you know the chapels would cost in terms of oh man he has a good grip each other is here having all the ladies on board is pretty awesome and a lot of people say it can't be done but when proving them wrong step today i know a feminist which is the reason that we're having an all girl team and it's really because i am pulled. wanting to understand more about female health plastic accounts for ninety percent of all trash that finds its way into the ocean in the majority of coastal and island states there is no organized sorting of waste in
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some areas so much plastic is dumb to watch into the water that the sea is like a toxic plastic soup initially plastic waste this picked up by the stomachs of marine inhabitants and then at the end of the food chain is delivered to our plates before i met the old female crew of sea dragon i never sailed and did know how to change the world but i did know that if you want to make a change you must start with yourself and as a beginning i decided to make this film. thing so everything in time all. right. and bridges highways that date if it didn't have it yet everything. for me it really began and the about eight years ago i had the opportunity to take a boat around the world we set up but the best couple of years on the sea dragon. wanted to look at these islands a prospect that we were hearing about and quickly realized that actually what we
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were looking for what the micro plastics these tiny pieces. carry and knowing about that and back. and that then opened up this whole question about toxics and that's really where expedition that came from all right let's move would be to i'm going to rewind i'm shanley i'm your skipper it. can be an awesome week i've been living on board c dragon for the past three and a half years now and she's a great home yeah we're. where we're going to get to go in this spot cameras already here. hi guys i'm john mission coordinator for this leg of x x p. caribbean i was on the first x. expedition across the atlantic in two thousand and fourteen with emily. i have never sailed before i am married more so unless i'm going my way and i'm from wales
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in the u.k. i'm the poet i'm from germany a little hamburg and that's that it marrying geology and my background is in biology and also pharmaceutical sciences i'm studying green enough for st lucie i'm an all chased a marine scientist and then i'm also about promoting women in science i've been really a strong supporter about women in stem careers. then the last thing is i'm a breast cancer survivor you guys don't get seasick i believe that's not a problem but if it is we are talking about weird appeal right so the best place to be is inside the comics so that's what we call this in the states here that you'll be sitting on it runs up and down your inside of the clinton not trying to hang over the side of the boat to get into the water just you can decide to actually have a hose these guys here these little glue bits here are called the eclipse so basically when the boats heeled want to wear the other we're kind of rolling back and forth
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this is what's going to keep you in your book the right and the right. plenty times over a friend's twenty. eight so long hikes and say twenty times up the. wall so this will rise a little bit but so the writing says you know and then he's got to still want to still have the care and. i think this might be her now so let's see enough and to let you know in sabrina. brand i'm looking at making her bow down to be awesome. like on the how you're just right home. it is because the president. and.
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yet. no i'm terrible at writing it much easier than i think that nobody. got ahead i just knew him say. he would like to try that was not a draft of he would go to on the if that was exciting that's who was the there are . they the reality is that they say these islands that we've heard of they don't exist in the middle of the asia and you do get high accumulations in a we see these photos of these masses of plastic that looks that you can welcome them and but they're all very costo out in the middle of the ocean we get some areas and wind sweat we get localized areas where big
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a piece accumulate but the reality is the most of the a ship is covered in this fine lair of micro plastics tiny tiny little fragments and that's what we're looking for hit today in the sample of everything. one two three. i have so we've got that hole in the woods and now we've just been adjusting the lines and said to get the tool actually flying along the sickness of the asian and we don't want it to dip down and we don't want to skip over the top they were basically now we'll walk she now to make sure that that all of the is shit and is going into batman's and into the trolls will do this the next minute send them home and we'll have a. well. i think the biggest thing that has shocked me is that we've never had an empty troll no matter where we've been whether it. and the fire be in the baltic.
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out in the middle of the atlantic we've always. kind of scary when you haven't seen land for like eight days sailing out says that was the closest people to you were in the space station and you're still finding that human in impact. like. the. caribbean is lucky because it isn't on the team one of the giants one of the accumulation things we hate to see what is here actually happened to. sticks out which is that worries me still a client states say we're curious as to why it's not. good but what
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we've seen so far should daily styrofoam. take away containers. must take. the ones. home the smoking gun. we take this month on even the signs and thirty minutes if. we get something sorted all of the things that we capture in to a set of three sets of differing mike so there's the top serve or parts of that as we go down smallish and we're going to use. these. to capture certain things so things that we think that look like plastic and even interesting organics biota that we might want to have a look at down the microscope. some. of that. oh no
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these things are this is plastic. yet can you see the world really. but if you think it's just a little stretch of ocean it's a little bit of ocean it's quite scary because we always find something. similar time we seem to spend to see the old we realized that the solutions to say many of these things start on land and that's a big reason for the shift for the caribbean and sex positions now to be say land based. so where is the big engine that's yes. there's no doubt what i want sunk not too
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long ago. this is on the just over this next door it's a little fishing community we're just going to try and do an estimate here the plastic bottles the palestine and everything that we're seeing and say that we can record that in the range every time that. this just looks disgusting but they don't come here to everybody. wanted to pass the banks and to see if you can give an estimate of what we've got here and spend if you want to do i've been counting polystyrene alone so basically these containers here that you can see that are for takeaway food so people obviously come in they just throw them into the water as disposal i mean rochester. there's another one i had counted four hundred thirty eight pieces of styrofoam alone like we can recognize these things now spray bottles these dishes the styrofoam we recognize
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the stuff but once it gets out in the ocean what you'll find is that plastic breaks down really quickly because of the movement of the waves and the sunlight the u.v. . breaks down smaller and smaller and smaller into little plastic fragments so it may not be harmful for that little fish that eats one fragment of plastic but once it makes its way up the food chain it's getting to levels that are harmful to human health and marine health too. so this is the kind of thing that you. don't want to see just as much as you don't want to see little pieces of fragment when we pull up our show. maybe a guy been sued or something for it but we don't have the bottom and so somehow we have to think of some way of getting all this out you know and the main focus and would first be cleanup and then in the sort of bigger picture along with what you might like to see instantly we don't have a lot of additional compete simply because we don't have much. to do but you want the old really look to do you know so we can show people the results of their bad
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disposal practices you know that kind of the so put it in the documentary we dismiss him general education. all day so i was very. well without first being a yes yes yes absolutely thank you david and i haven't met you yet so i hope you very well again yes all right. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics score less and less i'm show business i'll see you then.
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well that's what i said but men want to know what did what is what made my mind i did my law he said it's probably. just been. made all right but. i think. everybody should learn to. say we had the lamp balance and we should today we need to try to get an understanding of the big challenges around waste management on these small islands where you have a lot of this plastic and thing on the street maybe sees that comes wrapped in plastic and is really very limited options to what you can do with that few things get separated the majority of it does get buried you can see here you know this is this is where all of the waste from the whole. is not really any sort of separation happens either a household level or a waste facility. rustics. because i'm sure you've seen them all over. there even more expensive to deal with because you need to.
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you know. it's getting to. some of them too. so much. you know it's not really a system to do it. makes me sad in one way. but it's tremendous i don't even know what to say there's like lying about. where they can. look at returning the recycling thanks to. does this is the any sanctions and expanding say which kind of new concept is it
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just getting going and they see the name and it's working great. schools to get in school construction cranes that way speak for. safety tell me she said they sometimes if we are not responsible. for that waste she want to do the right thing that and eventually will hopefully get into the household level as well. to give you an illustration. but what. is it
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scary. normally these are just really a huge turning point it's. this is the truth and that is that oh crikey they all quite have. i think you could we could make a sculpture. i could see that i might need someone else to pick them up for me. just. go to. the. we see a lot of plastic that's going down drains running down streams and we're guys and ultimately every. brandes downhill to be a shame he hasn't beat parents rotate around and the plastic gaze
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into these carrots is what we call and shy at. these thoughts. the wolves cities in. a decision stats here are land. classifieds for local still. very good question because we don't really need them and sale is something like that perhaps you could get a link to to the supermarket and i asked them if they need to provide a way to take a carriage vehicle to bring that and instead and this in some places around the globe they had an outlet and tags on the plastic backseat paid for it which is really reduced the number of plastic bags that anybody uses really the rule is given all the. number specs of.
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the loose. lows. washed up. so we got to kill. the one.
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i've . been. like. oh i don't want to talk about this
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they bet. you call me that you know the main group that are very experienced they were fine but everybody else will say one thing basically. ways to break my head to see which way it's not just completely such i'm just saying that i had no idea that. stuff like this and not the statue. flying up on the state road do you feel like oh i stoped i'm ok.
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now. you. might assume. that happened and you can that is crazy. down the mountain valley. with. you. and the enemy yet and. this is like it only gets from
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here all the way in which is feeling the french for my last chemo is january eighth and by august i still look like lice and ellie is oh you know it's like you know me i get insured and a house spikey. he came back around. hurt her. and i guess sessional sad and she went out like create my head in life hold everything plays and put me back how the hell i not knew that maybe come stay the way rest in far hope so right before coming on this trip i celery this is my two year anniversary for being cancer free that's part of this trip for me is also raising awareness about these chemicals that are in our environment they're in our oceans they're in our seafood they're even in our ground water supply. thinking about what are we putting into our bodies and how that's ultimately affecting us
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truth be told one in promise will get cancer. of the hardest moment in one. year spend to take. the hardest moment. i guess. i'm going to have but you are right. you do not have to. but is tied to the effect of q mono. sometimes ignorance is bliss and we don't know what wonder drugs are going to do to you. then you kind of don't worry but as a scientist and having studied a lot of stuff i knew. what they were pumping into my body what was about to happen . the cowards who is here.
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i was more scared of the drugs keep sir. i love the chemicals that we're finding in the action and we all flying in our own bodies and cost and shit and the fact that they are increasing makes us feel like they probably have to connection to the rising rates of cancer and definitely being part of expectation and the thought that. the toxic chemicals that i feel it in my body over my lifetime i would pop out on my children. the only reason why i would like. to go in to become a mother and i can tell you that. having a biological child was just not for me or not in the stars but you know i don't think of that is i can't be a mother. just on this side of the line. i
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mean you are. are. can anyone guess how. sixty thousand. get. out yet you really get it this is very very sad is sixty. six and then they get once maybe twice three times at once and didn't.
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meet any reasons for a. mistrial in their drink yeah. that's right that's a perfect example of single use do you think you could do without a straw. do you think we're capable of looking at lifting a glass to our lips and drinking from it have lots of other alternatives to you like glass containers for your life the result home and these are all things that you guys they take back your parents now because you can tell them let's stop using plastic or at least reduce our use of plastic do you think you guys could do that yeah i hear is out here. all right.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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rival crowds rally in venezuela for and against embattled government after the opposition leader declares himself president and gets the support of washington. a french t.v. show tries to teach children how to use while also pointing the finger at certain country's leaders and news agencies p.s. they think. it is the police association of children i think you should be open i and i'm astonished that they teach nothing on the confidence of. an american iranian journalist who was arrested and held in the u.s. as a material witness is set to appear in court today we'll hear the latest from one of her close friends.


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