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or is it. the. president recalls the events of twenty four. those who. had invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. venezuelan president nicolas maduro to close. in the united states to washington to recognize the. country's president but also accuses the u.s. of meddling in venezuela. venezuela the president is elected. and of course they take anyone from the streets he wants to be
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a president. i. would find its way violence and divide between two presidents we look at weather events following a. scene in syria libya and ukraine. parts of the us media and a number of celebrities have been working themselves into a frenzy over donald trump's red make. likening that now. goods. and recommend. the country's interior minister deputy prime minister try to over treatment of migrants.
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friday january the twenty fifth eight zero one here in moscow we're rounding up this i was top stories welcome to the. venezuelan president nicolas maduro has ordered the closure of venezuela's embassy in america off the donald trump recognized opposition leader one guy is the latin american countries interim leader but otoh has accused of being washington's puppet. i want him to do even his way to the president is elected by the us they take anyone from the street who wants to be a president nicolas maduro has cut diplomatic ties between venezuela and the united states from what we understand the venezuelan embassy in the united states in washington d.c. has closed i've decided to include diplomats who can conceal the stuff from the united states includes our embassies and consulates in that country you. know as an opposition figure he's part of the national assembly and in front of a crowd of his supporters he recently took an oath and declared himself to be the
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interim president of venezuela saying that nicolas maduro the elected president who was just recently re inaugurated that he is not legitimate now he's gotten support from brazil argentina and chile and all of them basically following the lead of u.s. president donald trump trump declared that one way to was indeed the interim president of venezuela even though no election took place in order to get him that title now more recently in the aftermath of trump's recognition of wedo we heard some rather fiery words from u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o the time for debate is done. the regime former president nicolas maduro is illegitimate. his regime is morally bankrupt. economically incompetent it is profoundly corrupt. it is democratic to the core. i repeat the regime of former president nicolas maduro is illegitimate donald trump has said that he is not ruling out the possibility of
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military action against venezuela who dream. of it without considering anything but all options are on the table is that your theory which is all options all options with the public in venezuela has been somewhat divided with two people claiming to be the president of venezuela the situation could escalate very rapidly that would not only have implications in venezuela but could have very global implications as well. former president of ecuador rafael korea has thrown his support behind because my daughter was with us on several ducking american countries of trying to bring around a coup in venezuela. clearly. what is happening in the world is unbelievably annoying the constitution laws elections and procedures one why do declares himself into the president something that does not exist in the constitution where you some
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man appears called why that and eleven latin american countries and the us already hanging him as leader in countries that were openly pushing for a coup can you imagine what kind of president make the parent. what if tomorrow the us doesn't like another government democratic or the ways they back a self declared president and they want the home world to proclaim him and the organization of american states to greet him with handshakes and aplomb. what is happening is unbelievable we have to take a stand against it. it is not the first time washington's been accused of meddling in other country's affairs but at guys they have now looked at how things panned out elsewhere starting an uprising a revolution is simple enough first comes the pressure sanctions built up gradually first it was a few officials and then they sanctioned the president and state companies and the government itself through deed and word they helped show then they into
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a crisis we are evaluating all of our policy options as to what can we do to create a change of conditions were either liberal that doesn't have a future and wants to leave us on the court or we can return. the government processes to their constitution we are not going to tolerate the dictatorship he's trying to create the dural dictatorship a dictator dictator the venezuelan people deserve better than what the regime of nicolas maduro offers them now that the country and people are in economic misery and you vilified it's need is pick a hero like thirty. five year old u.s. educated one goh edo head of the national assembly which as it turns out the united states has been quietly assisting financially in helping for a while who would have thought. by now you should have
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caused enough trouble problems on top of everything out starforce even the app a little into the streets the more noise the better and you mustn't let things calm down keep shouting keep agitating. i. was. in the air and the chaos the confusion comes a special moment when lou or breaks down when loyalties crumble when brother turns on brother in the street partly thanks to you that movement do something crazy
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like denounce the government proclaim a new an elected president. i'm mike pence the vice president of the united states the united states supports the courageous decision by one god or the president of your national assembly to assert that body's constitutional powers declare madeira or your server and call for the establishment of a transitional government moochers crossness the vi on conti house now is the time for more direct action get all your friends on board as many nations to recognize one go ido as president quickly as possible as no going back now alone bia columbia recognizes one quite as president of venezuela and will assist in the transition to democracy to liberate the venezuelan people from the dictator but i think brazil has just issued
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a note recognizing one why do as venezuela's president he will support this realization in a democracy alongside other countries in the immigrant we recognize and express our full support for the presidency of venezuela assumed by the president of the national assembly one though it is clear that nicolas maduro is not the legitimate leader of venezuela so the united kingdom believes that plan is the right person to take venezuela forward there's heavy pressure from the us certainly all of the allies i mean countries like under us that are allied with the united states are going to be expected to parrot this line if you go back to one nine hundred seventy three in the attempt to overthrow salvador allende it was exactly the same playbook we're watching a replay these are the kinds of tactics that the american government is used to overthrow regimes that it considers hostile to u.s. business interests certainly smaller countries will feel the pressure especially within latin america from the united states to play the game you see if your
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country just so happens to be in the americas. you're in washington's hemisphere which it seems justifies meddling interfering and changing governments at will but just to be sure bully them at the know that if you don't get what you want you'll beat the lights out of them and take what you want. without considering anything but all options are on the table to them the degree to which is all options or with all options and there you go sparking uprisings one o one now this me will take some practice tweak here or there but it works tried and tested time and time again but the consequences are a whole other story. the venezuela crisis has split parts of the world support for president my daughter has been voiced by china russia and turkey and in
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latin america by bolivia cuba and mexico more right leaning governments in the region though while backing one why don't you also house the support of canada and in europe all france germany and the u.k. the e.u. itself has called for new elections though hasn't formally recognized why dole as president. and with his president over one among those expressing their support for my daughter we spoke to ankara as a former minister for he thinks the people of venezuela can end this political crisis sound you can or you must respect the moment of silence if you don't respect the ballot box this is not democracy it is a totalitarian mindset as a person who believes in democracy and the announcement by president trump shocks me room always someone just because other countries are not well you wait eight rounds is on the democratic the person who declared president
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was elected as a member problem. was the problem and head of the opposition but he was not elected president we. who had been here in turkey back in july two thousand and sixteen we all military bought that well all of it was our own people who went with their bare arms their heads their legs yes the military have this thought. that if anyone tries to do tear that people will do whatever it takes to make sure that they will be. used to going to. the friendship president meantime emanuel who has followed washington's lead in supporting the venezuelan opposition leader. but. up to there we go election of nicolas maduro may twenty eighth europe supports the
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restoration of democracy i salute the courage of the hundreds of thousands of in his watching for that freedom. short of the show you know i mean i side with the millions of frenchmen who are complaining about a president who is harming the french people since i condemn any acts of hooliganism and violence without exceptions i mean to settle. for me this remarks for a certain questions and the wealthy telling people do they contribute to the one thing in a hotel and people should be the preoccupation of the italian government and john believes or do they change anything in the french political situation i don't
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believe so either so i think these are his this remarks and i won't say more about them as of course the on friendly. it's called diplomacy because once have a good image approach even though in france he's seen in a bad light and his popularity has fallen since the l.o.'s protest he wants to tighten the most here against demonstrators it's sort of a double standard he supports such movements abroad but we are not being taken into consideration i don't know why mccrone bothers to make such comments if he's not listening to us at the same time. speaks of democracy but they democracy he has here is a plutocracy the democracy of the rich independent journalists are over there in their believes micron's stance on venezuela is problematic. it is the most absurd statement when for the last ten weeks we've had people rioting all over the place
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in france it's a very strange thing to say i don't think it will go down very well in the political class i don't think they would think it was a very clever thing to upset bearing in mind as we have said as france has a serious problem with public order itself and i'm sure he will be violently criticised it for us i mean it's ludicrous you just can't believe that these people are on it was a look in the mirror and see how ludicrous their statements are the crisis in venezuela has rapidly escalated over just the past few days local journalist honors are gone as in the middle of the unrest in caracas. after a relatively calm year venice will a seen as person violence again on the streets after four days of protest twenty seats people reportedly were killed during these acts of violence on the streets and a sign at the station declared as president of venezuela while nicolas maduro stays
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at the presidential palace after days really just of violence continue and escalated during the day. after day opposition rally the balance continued to escalate throughout the night and is probably to continue to lead in duty and then it's coming days. supporters are being compared to a coup klux klan members with a number of media outlets on celebrities likening the make america great again cops to the white hoods of the infamous racist group in the upper trying to investigate . this is a half word says make america great again they now call it the my god this is a kook looks klan hoot they used to terrorize fried african americans and those
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different shapes euros purposes however this make america great again hat is just as maddening and frustrating and triggering for me to look at as a k.k.k. hood. many people have called donald trump of filthy racist in the past what's up with this new wave of hat hate now even though something that's now compared to the k.k.k. fashion has been worn by african-americans or the l.g.b. t.q. community well just remember that white teenagers versus native american vets situation the viral video sweeping the internet of a mob of mag out wearing high school students surrounding a native american chanting in drumming in the nation's capital it is disturbing students mocking a native american man some of them harassing and jeering at a native american elder so much and the story was twisted as we learned from videos
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that emerged later as you can see the teen dubbed as a shameless bully was just standing still and smiling at the man with the drum who come up to him but that's not important because the student was wearing a mag a hat people who judge me based off one expression and they've gone from there to titling me and labeling me as a racist person do you think if you weren't wearing that hat this might not have happened or it might have been different that's possible oh the had does mean so much and again don't forget that from now on in the minds of so many people people whose voices matter the red mark a hat is the new white hood without white boys being able to empathize with other people humanity will continue to destroy itself. and so it's probably only natural that americans wearing maggots have gotten themselves in trouble.
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i was. the president. supports he help your cause you're. the of the if i've just been asked to leave the store can you get your hand if you do your house my hand i don't. like. yeah i don't like you so who knows how far that kind of bullying may get soon some in the media have tried very hard to make you associate mr trump with the k.k.k. now with this hat situation it must have become a much easier job. and american iranian journalist who was held for over one week in the us has spoken to. me who works for press t.v.
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was detained on january thirteenth while visiting family in the state of missouri and she was questioned by the f.b.i. as a material witness in an unspecified case the iranian government as well as press freedom organizations express their anger over the arrest and family released a statement saying that the arrest was unfair. this was not just about marzia his shimmy this is about the fact that any of us muslim and non muslim can be imprisoned without charge in the united states before release people protested in washington d.c. and tehran demanding the journalists be let go and are sashimi describe what happened to walk tease afshin rattansi. some of the information is sealed but i don't think that this should be sealed but you never know i wasn't told anyway so i listened crying that plane. to d.c. and then met with a whole lot of that be i take it into the f.b.i.
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i think take the f.b.i. headquarters. i was. mike mike picture was taken mug shots they took my d.n.a. with no one is already in the race no one is still here read you the right. no one ever read me my rights my rights were not rent i was on suicide watch there which i can tell you i mean i'm thinking wow what's going on here there was actually a prisoner who was getting out that day and we were sitting together in this one room about to be transferred by shackles to the court and she and i found out i knew that someone would have been sitting outside of myself with the second and i was like i don't know what that was about and she says oh no they said that you were on suicide watch suicide watch. i mean i'm definitely not going to kill myself . i tell you what concerns me and she was i'm thinking well you know maybe they
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have something up their sleeves here. you can watch of the whole interview with me and going on the ground on saturday here on r.t. international. salvini italy's interior minister and deputy prime minister could face trial over his refusal to let a group of migrants descend from a rescue vessel last year that's after a court in italy over ruled a previous ruling by prosecutors to drop the charges the politician known for his hard stance on migration is suspected of abusing his power and holding people against their will. or reacted by taking to twitter saying that he could face up to fifteen years behind bars italy's interior minister also said the decision had left him speechless adding though that he feared nothing he vowed to continue defending italy's borders from illegal migrants meanwhile the e.u.'s made it clear it's considering shutting down the leave led search and rescue operation in the
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mediterranean known as the fia e.u. foreign affairs chief federica marini called into question the italian leadership in the mission and it's true the ire of salvini who suggested marini had forgotten her rooms. the person who represents us in europe was put in that position by the taliban left because of the now off to be in the point it got how to be in the tally and meanwhile the world economic forum has released the results of a recent survey indicating that the majority of italians consider immigration to be mostly bad for the country independent political analyst alice on the bruno told us a lot of italians feel they've been abandoned by the. been asking for help from europe and other countries to deal with the migrant problem for a long time but me has not got much response and that front so if you took a pool right now of italians vini might be the most popular politician
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because whatever sell vini is doing has worked in the numbers. of illegal migrants coming on to italian shores has decreased sharply since he came into power he has the support of a lot of italian people and he probably has the support of a lot of the time people who aren't publicly supporting him. in public they may say something. more. and in private they may express different concerns. greece has delayed a vote on changing macedonia's name after protests outside the parliament in athens . right police fired tear gas to disperse the crowds ten days ago macedonia's parliament backed the constitutional provision to change the country's name but the
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move needs the greek parliament's approval of protesters reportedly led by the communist party who said that this deal is in accordance with the plans of the west to divide the balkan. russian nothing suing the author of a twenty six thousand report on alleged state sponsored doping but after the swiss supreme court cleared the move using performance enhancing drugs my colleague andrew farmer discussed the story with r.t. . so many of us remember the so-called mclaren report orchestrated and investigated by mr mclaren from canada the lead investigator of the world anti-doping agency essentially that report put rush into wilderness accused russia of state sponsored doping system and a lot of athletes were barred from twenty sixteen games in rio and twenty eight in the n.b.a. champion. because of that report now this report had some inconsistency is in it but equally the twenty eight athletes which were later. you know reinstated all the
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doping allegations although they were named in that report they were cleared of those doping allegations among all these athletes on the report there were five members of the russian rowing team which were barred from the twenty sixteen games in rio now the federation of rowing of russia officially filed a lawsuit against richard mcclaren they actually brought the documents to his door and posted a video online that is something that the canadian legislation entails the people to do the lawsuit itself was filed back in july but now they had to bring it in in person which they did so now we expect the lawsuit to proceed in the next thirty days richard mcclary has thirty days to respond. with this lawsuit just to remind i mentioned the twenty eight athletes who were cleared of these doping allegations despite being named on the report back in the days we spoke to them that was last year and they had this to say about the about this event.
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because the story is a little noise with the most news marble things presently was to appear in the bureau yampa list knows of it boy is going to be a dirty one. almost a. good building is nice to your. cost of doing just reason you should sit on. the shoot of that is to choose to be just. a goody good national voice which to be trite as the dumbest things in the oven to one your absolute joining your thoughts are you close. to being pushy stings of the opinion leadership in your work the facility with the machine which starts. it down which is. more.
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than you did that pushed. the thread to. which if you. as an aside to this we have the world anti doping agency de way and just recently it decided not to further suspend restart of the russian anti-doping agency i've run along saugor about access to the boat free moscow that decision didn't go down too well with everybody they did it yes and the usual suspects have been criticizing that decision indeed some members of the media were saying that russia should be banned again and that it should be allowed back into the sport and you know it begs for a question like you guys want clean. but at the same time you don't want the agency which is supposed to clean up the sport to to operate which is which is weird but there was this one person who went even further now we're talking about linda hello and she is the minister of children and equality in norway now you may ask yourself
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what the children and equality have to do with doping she also happens to be the vice president of the world anti-doping agency and the only person on the board of water to vote against a restart is reinstated back in september and this week as well now she said that russia needs to compensate all the expenses that water has suffered over the months investigating russia's laborde stories and trying to see where the result is worthy of reinstatement russia must be for those who city involved in the cheated and why did it only series on this night in day instead of trying to protect clean athletes that is despite russia has been paying around a million dollars annually to the waters budget that is despite russia's spate fifteen million dollars fine to the international olympic committee based on the mclaren report based on the state sponsored system doping allegations she wants more money for despite all that she's not saying a concrete figure but the norwegian press is speculating that could be tens of millions of dollars but as far as we understand miss helen has not yet filed an
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official lawsuit and we'll see whether she does we spoke exclusively with the former president of the russian rowing a federation very human boot who is leading the group of athletes in the endorsement. well most of the sum is based on our expenses during preparations for the olympics it is all backed up by official accounting documents i don't think we're asking for too much it's not so much about money is moral compensation if mr mclaren were to publicly apologize that would be fine too. it hurts me personally that those athletes who spent four years working hard preparing for the olympic games were treated unfairly that's why i want to defend them and obtain justice. this court process will not be quick we gave the lawsuit documents to mclaren and he now has thirty days to assess the situation and respond then we along with.


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