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tv   News  RT  January 25, 2019 7:00am-7:31am EST

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the headlines and i say venezuela president nicolas maduro what is the closure of this embassy in the u.s. it's off to washington to recognize the opposition leader in venezuela as the country's interim president. all to venezuela the president is elected by washington and of course they take anyone from the streets he wants to be a president. well with the country in govt in violence and divided between the two rival leaders
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we look at what appears to be america's tried and tested recipe for regime change possible side to come parts of the u.s. media and celebrities to get added on from this make america great again i spoke with caps and liken them to the poets of the fleet klux klan plus an american iranian journalist who was released after spending ten days in u.s. custody speaks to us about her writings most of the time i was in solitary ok i was locked up i couldn't come out they said that you on suicide watch suicide watch . i mean i'm definitely not going to kill myself. hello there you watching r.t. where she's gone three pm here in moscow now we'll start this hour with breaking news because roger stone who's been a long time political adviser of the. u.s.
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president donald trump has been arrested and indicted the charges include obstruction tampering with evidence and making false statements indictment has been brought by special cancel robert mueller who's investigating alleged russian meddling into the u.s. election back in twenty sixteen roger stone was trump's adviser during his campaign up until twenty fifteen and is thought to be his informal adviser after leaving the official post. the venezuelan president nicolas maduro has ordered his diplomats to leave the u.s. he announced he was severing diplomatic ties with washington after the trumpet ministration backed opposition leader why though who's declared himself interim president of the latin american country is also accuse wydow of being america's puppet. i wanted to do then is way that the president is elected by washington and of course they take anyone from the street who wants to be
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a president nicolas maduro has cut u.s. diplomatic ties between venezuela and the united states from what we understand the venezuelan embassy in the united states in washington d.c. has closed i've decided to diplomats you can conceal the stuff from the united states includes our embassies and consulates in that country. as an opposition figure he's part of the national assembly and in front of a crowd of his supporters he recently took an oath and declared himself to be the interim president of venezuela saying that nicholas manure of the elected president who was just recently re inaugurated is not legitimate now he's gotten support from brazil argentina and sheila and all of them basically following the lead of u.s. president donald trump trump declared that one way to was indeed the interim president of venezuela even though no election took place in order to get him that title now more recently in the aftermath of trump's recognition of wedo we heard
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some rather fiery words from u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh the time for debate is done the regime former president nicolas maduro is illegitimate the united states is ready to provide more than twenty million in humanitarian assistance to the people of venezuela. these funds are to help them cope with the severe food and medicine shortages and i or other impacts of the country's political and economic crisis the public in venezuela has been somewhat divided with two people claiming to be the president of venezuela the situation could escalate very rapidly that would not only have implications in venezuela but could have very global implications as well. kind of and reporting that will then is why it is embassador to russia told us why he thinks what is happening is maddening. it's completely ridiculous to think that we can listen to or accept a person who proclaims himself president that would be as if would recognize
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hillary clinton as president just because trump won the election with fewer wants than her but nobody ever raised this issue as they have their own internal rules these rules are agreed internally so why should we allow the u.s. to dictate to us what to do in our country. but it's not the first time washington has been accused of interfering in other countries affairs but it gets the evidence now whether events in venezuela following a tried and tested recipe. starting an uprising a revolution is simple enough first comes the pressure sanctions built up gradually first it was a few officials and then they sanctioned the president and state companies and the government itself through deed and word they helped choke then they into a crisis we are waiting all of our policy options as to what can we do to create
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a change of conditions were either. he doesn't have a future or we can return. the government processes to their constitution we are not going to tolerate the dictatorship he's trying to create if venezuelan people deserve better than what the regime of nicolas maduro offers them now that the country and people are in economic misery and you vilified its leaders because hero like thirty five year old u.s. educated head of the national assembly which as it turns out the united states has been quietly assisting financially and helping for a while who would have thought. by now you should have caused enough trouble problems on top of everything out starforce even the app a little into the streets the more noise the better. and you mustn't let things calm down keep shouting keep agitating.
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in the anarchy the chaos the confusion comes a special moment when lure breaks down when loyalties crumble when brother turns on brother in the street partly thanks to you that moment do something crazy like denounce the government proclaim a new i'm elected president obama. i'm mike pence the vice president of the united states the united states supports the courageous decision by one god or the president of your national assembly to assert that body's constitutional powers
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declare madeira or your syrup or and call for the establishment of a transitional government now is the time for more direct action get all your friends on board as many nations to recognize one go edo as president quickly as possible as no going back now alone bia columbia recognizes one quite as president of venezuela and will assist in the transition to democracy to liberate the venezuelan people from the dictator rather brazil has just issued a note recognizing one why do as venezuela's president. will support this realization in a democracy alongside other countries and the immigrant we recognize and express our full support for the presidency of venezuela a seemed by the president at the national assembly one though it is clear that nicolas maduro is not the legitimate leader of venezuela so the united kingdom believes that plan is the right person to take venezuela forward there's heavy
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pressure from the u.s. certainly all of the allies i mean countries like under us that are allied with the united states are going to be expected to parrot this line if you go back to one nine hundred seventy three in the attempt to overthrow salvador allende it was exactly the same playbook we're watching a replay these are the kinds of tactics that the american government as used to overthrow regimes that it considers hostile to u.s. business interests certainly smaller countries will feel the pressure especially within latin america from the united states to play the game you see if your country just so happens to be in the americas you're in washington's hemisphere which it seems justifies medley. interfering and changing governments at will but just to be sure bully them let them know that if you don't get what you want you'll beat the lights out of them and take what you want. without
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considering anything but all options are on the table is that the degree to which are all options or with all options and there you go sparking uprisings one o one now this may all take some practice tweak here or there but it works tried and tested time and time again but the consequences are a whole other story a crisis in venezuela has rapidly escalated over the past few days a local journalist noticed gotti there has been in the thick of the unrest in caracas. after a relatively calm year venice well a.c.n. is person violence again on the streets after four days of protest returns to its people reportedly were killed during these acts of violence on the streets and assign a position declared as president of venezuela while nicolas maduro stays at the presidential palace after days protests and violence continue and escalated
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during the day i. thank. god i. asked her deposition rally the values continue to escalate throughout the night and is probably to continues to lead in doing then it's coming days. the fed is where the crisis has spent much of the world to right leaning latin american governments are backing plan why don't you while the e.u. has called for fresh elections although it hasn't formally recognized why they as president support from the meanwhile has been voiced by china and russia and then in latin america by bolivia cuba and also mexico turkey is also backing. sound. you must respect the balance loose if you don't respect the ballot box this
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is not democracy it is a totalitarian mindset as a person who believes in democracy the announcement by president trump shocked me more when someone just because he is on the. road is on the micro but the person who. was elected as a member problem was the problem of the opposition but he was elected president we . were hearing back in june. sixteen we are all military though or it was our own people who where with their bare arms yes the military start who if anyone tries to do two year with that people will do whatever it takes to make sure that they're well used to run.
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in other news a number of explosions have rocked a shopping district in china's northeastern city of chang churn killing one person and injuring another. unverified reports a explosive devices were being thrown down from the building at around three pm local time i want video also shows to what's said to have been a blast on the floor you can see it here that's where the only confirmed fatality was found another explosion was confirmed at an underground parking lot the building was evacuated and firefighters are at the scene a criminal case has been open. from supporters are being compared to members of the ku klux klan a number of media outlets and celebrities to have likened their make america great again to the white hoods of the infamous racist group with more his.
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this is a hat where it says make america great again they now call it the maggot that this is a cook look square hoot they used to terrorize fried african americans and those different shapes eras purposes however. this make america great again hat is just as maddening and frustrating in sugaring for me to look at as a k.k.k. hood many people have called donald trump of filthy racist in the past what's up with this new wave of how the hate now even though something that's now compared to the k.k.k. fashion has been worn by african-americans or the l.g.b. t.q. community well just remember that white teenagers versus native american vets situation the viral video sweeping the internet a mob of mag out wearing high school students surrounding a native american chanting in drumming in the nation's capital it is disturbing
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students mocking native american dad and some of them harassing and jeering at a native american elder so much and the story was twisted as we learned from videos that emerged later as you can see the teen dubbed as a shameless bully was just standing still and smiling at the man with the drum who come up to him but that's not important because the student was wearing a maggot hat people who charged me based off one expression and they've gone from there to titling me and labeling me as a race this person do you think if you weren't wearing that hat this might not have happened or it might have been different that's possible oh the had does mean so much and again don't forget that from now on in the minds of so many people people whose voices matter. the red mark a hat is the new white hood without white boys being able to empathize with other people humanity will continue to destroy itself and so it's probably only natural
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that americans wearing magers have gotten themselves in trouble. was. the one. who the first. point. was help your cause your was was the i've just been asked to leave the store trying to get your hand if you through your heart my head i don't. know what i. was like yeah people like you so who knows how far that kind of bullying may get soon some in the media have tried very hard to make you associate mr trump with the k.k.k. now with this hat situation it must have become a much easier job as
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a prank then i still to come for you this if least interior minister has taken a swipe at the foreign affairs chief in iraq over migration we'll have a look at that in more detail just after the break. thanks guys are financially but they say the girl is. close to tears if this is a central plank support diagram is kind of covered right now so you stop to. seem wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out these days become active. and engaged equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. work. you the right location. oh you'll be able through. all of us fool. because related to. russia. welcome back now it is the final day of the annual world economic forum in davos and it's seen stern words to you coming from the u.s. billionaire george soros and also from the chinese representative that so let's get more on this now from the situation he joins us live from the alpine resort good afternoon nastia tell us more then what is this route back. well
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andrew the billionaire investor and influential person george soros and the vice president of china's main security regulator seem to have had a go at each other while locking horns here at the world economic forum in switzerland soros used his speech as an opportunity to attack china and its president. this makes xi jinping the movies doing dangerous and those who believe in the concept. well the billionaire philanthropist also said that china is not the only a third tarion regime as he described it in the world but the wealthiest strongest and most technologically advanced he tried to use his speech as an opportunity to try to convince washington to crack down on china's technology according to him
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artificial intelligence and machinery are possibly going to lead to to tell a tarion control in the country but of course lo and behold we saw the chinese representative really not mince his words he had a separate message of his own to the western world. you have to realize that democracy doesn't work very well you need political reforms in your countries. well the chinese representative clarified that he means this with sincerity and despite the fact that there seem to have been some chuckles in the audience this was certainly match with a non overreaction because it was certainly a moment where it seems that there was some understanding of that china is not playing around and certainly is a force to be reckoned with according to analysts who commented on that speech
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saying that a spell. surely now when it seems so blatantly obvious that the west and e.u. political systems have quite a few problems to take care of. ok frank's an asset and situation of their for a say in davos thank you. an american iranian journalist is urging people to join her protest in washington d.c. later on friday to draw attention to a controversial law that allows people to be held indefinitely without charge she was recently released after ten days in u.s. federal custody earlier mars a share me spoke to artie's after she returned see about what happened i was found private plane. to d.c. and then matt with a whole lot of that. to the f.b.i. they take the f.b.i. headquarters. was. my picture was taken
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mug shots they took my d.n.a. no one has read you the rights no one is still yet read you the rights. no one ever read me my rights my rights were not read they said that you are on suicide watch suicide watch. i mean i'm definitely not going to kill myself. i tell you what it concerns me and she because i'm thinking well you know maybe they have something up their sleeves here most of the time i was in solitary case i was locked up i couldn't come out a member once being returned coming back from one of the court hearings and all the prisoners were out and so i entered and the guard stopped me no and then all the prisoners had to get back through another door. oh. they couldn't be closed to me and was a very he works for press t.v. was taken into custody in january the thirteenth while visiting family in the state of missouri the court of justice confirmed that she had been questioned by the
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f.b.i. as a material witness but didn't specify in which case the iranian government as well as the press freedom organizations express their anger over the incident we for her release people protested in washington d.c. and also to around demanding that journalists be let go my face family released a statement saying her treatment was unfair. this was not a just about marzia his shimmy this is about the fact that any of us muslim and non muslim can be imprisoned without charge in the united states my son who was with me trying to get on that flight instinct would just and. he did not get on that flight in which to which i had told him to the f.b.i. i was with him and accompanied him the whole night. till he was not under arrest but actually he current and my hears my other kids if he hadn't been there your children were not led to just like you disappeared. what realizes how easy.
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for them to make someone disappear. it's he was now. in exhibit no one would have known. where it was mind boggling arrests it. shall cause not charged with the crime and. wow i definitely saw it first hand that was speaking to our city's afshin rattansi there the f.b.i. has declined to comment on the incident. no matter salvini is italy's interior minister and deputy prime minister has taken a swipe at the foreign affairs chief federica more greeny he said she's forgotten her italian roots as the you consider shutting down the italy led to a rescue operation for migrants in the mediterranean. the person who represents us in europe was put in that position by the left because of the now off to be in the
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point it got how to be in the towel in meanwhile selvin he could face trial over his refusal to let a group of migrants disembark from a rescue vessel last year that after a court in italy overruled a previous ruling by prosecutors to drop the charges the politician named his hard stance on migration suspected of abusing his power and holding people against their will to sell veiny reacted by taking to twitter saying that he could face up to fifteen years behind bars he also said to the decision had left him speechless adding though that he feared nothing he vowed to continue defending at least borders from illegal migrants independent political analyst and a sound reporter who know told us a lot of italians do feel they have been abandoned by the. been asking for help from europe and other countries to deal with the migrant problem for a long time but really has not got much response and that front so if you took
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a poor right now of italians really might be the most popular politician because whatever salvini is doing has worked in the numbers. of illegal migrants coming to italian shores has decreased sharply since he came into power he has the support of a lot of retired people and he probably has the support of a lot of the time people who aren't publicly supporting him. in public they may say something. more. and in private they may express different concerns. ok well before we go this error reminder for our breaking news roger stone who's been a long time political advisor at the u.s. president donald trump has been arrested and indicted the charges include obstruction witness tampering and making for. all statements the investigation alleges that stone is somehow linked to wiki leaks publishing clinton campaign
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e-mails at the time of the presidential race the leak is thought to have cost clinton some votes with some arguing that it enabled a republican rival to win an indictment has been brought by special counsel robert mueller who was investigating alleged russian meddling into the u.s. election back in twenty sixteen or just stone was trump's advisor during his campaign up until twenty fifteen and is thought to be his informal adviser after leaving the official post. now some breaking news is and that's how the rest of the news is looking at say five today too we're back again with more in half.
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an instant media darling and certainly a fresh face the newly minted congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez is rattling some democratic establishment cage's she calls herself a democratic socialist and she has some big clients it's a democratic party and america is ready for a. kind of financial survival johns today with the money laundering first to visit this campus in this way this is. all good this is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your
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something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in there to the congress to decide to give mccoll and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we do this well we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. luxury automobile again for max you know what money lending is highly illegal here folks much guys of course. political tribalism we're in the thick of it and living with its consequences now how did we get here we'll take a look at that on this edition. of
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the politicking on larry king were a bitterly divided nation with a deeply dysfunctional federal government and at the top a presidential lightning rod inspiring move other loyalty and absolutely. how did we get to this point a provocative book the red and the blue you see it now points to the nineteen ninety s. the author is steve kornacki n.b.c. news and this is. horace upon it with great pleasure i welcome him from new york city and steve is a to rethink the book you should be very proud larry that's that's really kind to say i appreciate it and i got to say by going back and researching this book about the politics of the one nine hundred ninety s. a huge part of it not not just not just try to be nice to those here was larry king life really were the that show in the.


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