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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  January 25, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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to officials hundred of fifty more missing the collapse released a huge volume of mining waste flooding rural areas nearby towns have been evacuated and survivors of being airlifted to safety but i know mine is owned by the brazilian metals giant the family so operates another dime in the states which ruptured in twenty fifteen contaminating rivers and killing nineteen people. going up to date with the latest global news programs here on r.t. continue in just a few moments. what politicians do you suppose to. put themselves on the line. they did accept or reject. so if you want to be president. some want. to go right. it's likely to. be that. interested
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in the news. this is the comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents yes thank you for being foreign agents with me for sixty years of bill for single payer health care coverage has been introduced in the house of representatives h.r. six seventy six last year there were one hundred twenty four co-sponsors for it and this year is the greatest support single payer medicare for all has ever had in america which is why this year it was important for our corporate ties politicians
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to give that number h.r. six seventy six to a different bill this year it's the nato support act. yes because nato was feeling really unsupported it was. this is really down on its. own a crisis of self-confidence you know the north american treaty organization is seventy years old this coming april fourth and has become an aggressive or more of our military many of you nato is as a war legitimizing body as if the united states is. standing there waving its arms like a horny gorilla with a semiautomatic rifle. and now you know he's like the zookeeper like come on come on do you can't throw everybody all right. and when nato signs off on a military action it's like this to keep her going ok. go to jack you. guys go that guy's just nozzle author and anti-war activists david swanson said
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this nato is used within the us and by other nato members as cover to wage wars under the pretense that they are somehow more legal or acceptable placing a primarily us war under the banner of nato also helps to prevent congressional oversight of that war yes people think that nato wars are the good wars. there's almost no such thing as good war as a right not coming from an imperialist belligerent bloated military like ours with between eight hundred thousand military bases around the world you can't go will that one over there that was the good one now is the one that ignoring the five hundred other bombings but this missile that's all that's a good one dad that's a noble one right there that's like putting like a little piece of kale on top of a deep fry twinkie tower. this is my healthy time snack right
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here is that because kale right there like how long did you do that were someone goes well that's healthy why you haven't in the front. so it's a bad time when you look at nato and go what makes all of your wars the good warriors but the mic resistance and the mainstream outlets will tell you nato is just a defensive measure against russia but in reality nato has waged aggressive. wars far from the north atlantic bombing bosnia and herzegovina kosovo serbia afghanistan pakistan and libya nato has added a partnership with colombia abandoning all pretense of its purpose being in the north atlantic just use the example of libya with the us and france leading the way nato took a country that was one of the most developed in africa and turned it into a smoldering heap of warring extremists organized mass human murder is not better
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or nicer when it has a nato banner next to it ok that's that's just a christmas wreath on the serial murderers how else would it says they're. just trying to find but it's not you know you send in some investigators and what are they going to go i think this is a good guy dressed up the bodies in the basement with nice little bow ties. with some of you voters out there will say will trump promise to rein in nato and maybe even withdraw from nato yeah but has he from also promised that no one would ever you know million years be as humble as he is. that's been true. as david swanson pointed out when it comes to actions trump has not taken any actions to limit or end or withdraw from nato is the trauma much the
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problem of both sides of an issue so whichever one he dies you can psylocke i'm delivering my promise this he literally promised to pull back our global military presence and also build up our military bigger than ever so no matter what are you guys these are great promise keepers you know i use this tactic sometimes i'll tell a friend that i'm amazing and bad and then also tell her i'm goal worst. and then no matter what. our military is bigger than ever nato is bigger than ever and we're dropping more bombs that ever and both the democrats and the republicans support this festival of mass murder only twenty two members of the house voted against the support nato bill this week and i'm pretty sure those twenty two thought it was a single payer health care bill. others argue that nato shows how well nations can
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cooperate in the world knows the notion of supporting nato as a way to cooperate with the world ignores superior non-deadly ways to cooperate with the world saying nato is the only way to come together is like saying the only way you can befriend your neighbors is to join forces in murdering other people ok i really bonded with my neighborhood every sunday we go across train tracks and beat people to death would tire iron see where we are just praising the plan now. nato is seventy years old this april fourth and it's time to stand up against their endless wars there will be a no to nato yes to peace festival here in washington d.c. april third and fourth look it up and learn with the base the media what are you do you want to take a. well
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. i'm going to take the news from behind these are thrilling times of my friends i was surfing the internet the other day when i found something very exciting we have gotten to the point when wearing dystopian end of days outfit. to try to survive the toxic planet we've created is totally cool. yes these fashionable urban air masses are a real thing and they finally answer the question we've all been asking why can't i wear a condom on my face. so i have. shocks. like this which was kind of terrifying. for the girl who has everything now you can get
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her oxygen. don't worry planetary dread is also fun for the whole of. you. why not teach your children early that even if the planet is dying it'll be fine if you just where there's thing over your head when panda bears. even though there aren't any more panda. the less the pandas have their own master with humans on them. the way. the you. look i couldn't agree with this more i think it's great i don't fix the water buy bottled water don't clean up the food sources just get cancer treatments and series are. we here at redacted tonight also now sell hot hot hot urban i.v.
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bag. because you. know you can keep your chemo on fleak. i think we can all agree a human beings are one toxic planet zero. human beings are killing it meaning the wildlife in fact in fact we have almost succeeded in a limited one of the world's most horrifying pests monarch butterflies i mean just look at a gorilla they look like spiders of spiders worst. according to a new survey conducted by. society for vertebrate conservation the iconic north american butterfly which migrates thousands of miles across the continent on an annual basis is now hovering inches away from extinction well it serves them right for being migrants. are not
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welcome here. soon there will be a wall of the stuff these butterflies. lest they find some way to. go of course this is terrible but luckily one of the things that is likely killing them monsanto's roundup herbicide has also proven to be good for killing humans so maybe the animal that is applying the chemical that is killing the butterflies will be killed by the chemical thereby saving. but it's not just roundup herbicide it's also climate change so here's some more good news environmentalist in france and ireland are pushing forward with legal cases aimed at forcing their governments to step up action on climate change motivated by a twenty eighteen flagship ruling that the netherlands must cut emissions faster to keep its people safe this story this is blew me away because apparently other
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countries have an obligation to keep their citizens safe i don't say here in the u.s. they send out unmarked opioids in your tax returns. along with an exploding samsung phone they don't have. however there was a big legal win here in the u.s. yes the supreme court issued a crushing blow to acts done in a major climate case they declined to hear the appeal in which exxon is being told they must reveal what they knew about climate change and when they knew it but accept that. not for x. time doesn't drill and tell now. they crack quietly on the weekends. sometimes accidentally spray their crude all over your purple mountains majesty but . they always get you a paper towel after work. like a gentleman. like it wasn't. always.
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does it always do the whole job. look exile has been lived for years about climate change but it was for our own good it made us keep buying gas guzzling cars and it made exxon executives very rich. by for our own good i'm for their own good all right we the american people don't know what's good for us we have to be lied to right it just came out the trumps lawyer michael cohen higher than i t firm to rig early c. and b. c. and drudge online polls to favor trump it's kind of like because ribs sandwich r.i. we didn't know we wanted our boneless meat to look like it had bones in it until it did. and that's when we realized still kind of gross. but while this poll rigging has gotten tons of coverage i didn't hear much about the fact that all of our exit polls are rigged in this country consider this your jejomar
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idea. that all of our exit polls are done by one company called edison research and instead of using the initial exit poll as a test for fairness it isn't manipulates their polls to fit outcomes they've said this publicly the manipulation is done by edison officials or electoral officials who do not talk with individual voters but rely instead on machine counts so pathetic little stink bug here michael cohen rigs two online poll. ols i guess twenty four seven coverage about it meanwhile our country rigs all the exit polls and that story gets the same amount of coverage as the savage garden reunion tour. but put all that out of your mind to remember that venezuela's president nicolas maduro was not rightfully elected i ride president trump this week in a bipartisan move recognize the venezuelan opposition leader as the nation's
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president despite the fact he has been elected way we can just declare any president the other because i want to. write samuel l. jackson you're the new president of russia. a. car to be a you're the queen of england they say oh you're the new czar of canada. was because you're going to have more interesting. new president united states julian assign a. was. one of the reasons our entire government and our entire mainstream media claim that the door must go is because he has a terrible human rights record says the country with the most people locked up
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behind bars in the world. one of the people locked up this past week was press t.v. journalist marzia hashemi she was arrested without charge on sunday january thirteenth in a st louis airport despite being an american citizen she held they held her in solitary confinement for ten days as a quote unquote material witness i'm guessing a witness to american rights abuses. say you don't want. every day we're helping them out by embedding her in a human rights abuse story. she should be thankful. wrote arresting press t.v.'s. show me on no criminal charges demonstrates by any objective measure the us operates as a rogue state in its utter contempt for accepted international human rights law and standard thank you and see
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that your problem baracoa you're holding america to accepted human rights standards . you don't go by those who are right when we operate by the human rights standards set forward in the movie idiocracy. i mean didn't trump say he's looking for a new venue for the state of the union. i think i think we're finally there i big we've achieved full idiocracy singularity you know you say brando i say round up what's the difference. we have to go to a quick break but i'm always talking with my life just calmly go to restack course i come to talk to you yes. the right location but the one who will be able through. a useful rule.
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between do not use the stuff. thank. you so. i. thought that. thank you. welcome back it's more important now than ever to reduce u.s. carbon pollution one way to do that is to switch to electric vehicles or as the
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cool kids call them according to a new report from deloitte soon electric cars will be as cheap as gas guzzlers in three years however there is evidence that if you try to buy an electric car at your local dealership you may hit a few road blocks for more on this we go to our energy efficient correspondent natalie miguel. these dealerships are giving people who actually want electric cars a hard time to come on really even these are a new frontier for them and you're expecting too much too fast think of these dealers as grandparents they want their exposure to foreign concepts like your grandfather wants exposure to foreign people in small doses. that's why it's no surprise the sierra club study of visits to over three hundred dealerships in ten states found that more than one in five ford and chevy dealers fail to charge even for a test drive around half of sales people explained how to fuel plug in vehicle and
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only a third discuss the billable tax credits it's incredible but they aren't doing their jobs i mean they're trying to keep their jobs very. good you know how much money dealers make off of service and repairs businesses don't sell anything that needs less maintenance or if they did then apple wouldn't run out of wildcats to name their operating system. i mean even if they did manage to go from lion to mountain lion with whoever was right there the whole time. rocks a lot or links or by ok. like you need an android is an x. but you're. you're saying the dealers are trying to sell their own cars like countries like norway and sweden destroy us in electric car sales and infrastructure yet we are consciously avoiding what could help save our planet it's hard to sell what you don't see yourself our electric cars get way less ad money
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according to this chart from the northeast states for coordinated air use management ad spending for the ford f one fifty was ten times greater than money spent for two affords evey's combined with less money to work with you need to be smart about how you advertise and what isn't smart are ads like this one from kenya motors where i have to pretend they're e.v.a.'s are made by genius anthropomorphic hamsters dress and suspenders have i blast prescriptions and dance to maroon five. yet are apparently above saying their car comes with hamster wheel drive. and you imagine how big the screw driver on those classes must be. whether these car companies or dealers like it or not more than a quarter of us greenhouse gases come from gas powered vehicles our future depends on dealers knowing about miles per gallon tax credits or or just remembering to
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plug in the damn car for the test drive ok if it's any consolation i'm sure any dealer who attended last week's north american international auto show won't forget to plug in their e.v.a.'s after an infinity electric car died before it even reached the stage. no dealer wants to be this guy. ladies and gentlemen d t t q x inspiration. you can't see it but it is here. you know that sounds like my way our state if you just replaced infinity q x inspiration with. god. thank you thank you joe and all anti-corporate media has been censored and attacked over the past two years well
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there's a new neil caught on backed fruit the guardian that may soon take over your internet whether you like it or not for more on this raging controversy let's go to redacted correspondent only. there's a new censor in town claims to be able to clean up the wild wild internet news gaar a news rating system there's guard might sound like a condom for reading which would make reading even less fun but whose guard is actually a time machine that lives on the top of your browser and new legal sites according to news guards knew of their trustworthiness but can we really trust this news condom news guards anal analysts use a three color rating system this ease into an insult to the readers intelligence it's just a callback to the very useful terror alert popsicle that's going to bring the country spam since two thousand and one that all are was created by eckstein just
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director tom ridge who sits on the board with his guard so it's no surprise that al jazeera the qatari backed news like it's incredible rating because it's been terrorizing the israeli government with award winning coverage of palestinian protests so much so that the israeli prime minister barred in al-jazeera journalists from a free press seminar is well it's the middle east only democracy you can. see that by. our women wearing less quote. news guards founder steve brill says the new venture will solve problems that the algorithms couldn't figure out but the senior citizen who sad because he just missed his half price matinee came up with a brand new way of labeling site nutrition labels that will tell them the background of the publication who. what their history is and guess what's on
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your healthy diet of news fox news yes that fox news is fair and accurate according to news guard and not at all a joke the bible says even heaven is going to have a was around it not everybody's going to be allowed in the project for an alternative source code for drugs was released and the war machine is not at all health news guard admits the site does not publish false content and is transparent but it's junk because of its deceptive headlines like innocent child harassed and threatened by cops shoveling snow with a permit the child was obviously not innocent he did not have a permit and his friend mysteriously appeared out of nowhere then vanished the next day he's clearly in the book you only. project according to news gard also doesn't handle news and opinion separately as we can see here in this article if dr king
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were alive today his facebook page would be deleted and he'd be censored that's clearly an opinion that m.l.k. would have had a facebook page he only seem like more of a youtube personality to me and he would have been censored their racial injustice and economic injustice kind. should. end at the moment. this is on the heels. hundreds of facebook users hundreds of alternative news sites which had millions of followers but steve brill promises that this is a different system how are you going to void of being accused of bias well first of all when facebook did they didn't tell you who the people were we know who these people are and it's not all settling news guard is funded and deeply connected to the u.s. government conservatives and powerful money interests who better to control criticism
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of the government than the government itself you know what i tell you who would be a better anybody here and he wrote and she wears a tin foil a great. time here is conspiracy theory and no and throws they're not free installing news guard on all computers by default this week microsoft began installing it automatically on all mobile editions of its edge browser the successor to internet explorer and news guard has already been installed by default on computers and us public libraries and schools. reporting from washington caroline. you know your line from the future tomorrow you'll read of so you know you
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celebrated m.l.k. day with office reading job well done. and this coming monday. kemal harris announces a presidential run with a grand show of calls to millionaire donors. pretty impressive finally a week from today. after learning about metaphors trump moves state of the union address to north carolina hard farm. that would you like that i didn't want to stand up comedy special holy camp gandhi special god talk my profound moral clarity here. you are you know more than fifty percent of the day his task your screen and your
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screen is controlling you through this little incentives and hey you know robot on the shelf you know play my favorite song and how they feel so good i'm so warm inside you know meanwhile your bank accounts being drained by wall street and you know you know your net worth is collapsing in your money's being destroyed and all the relationships are hardly dysfunctional and you're living in a frickin president you have no right to assemble no right to free speech but you're feeling good about it because this is extraordinarily. it's subversive it's whole ations it's the state gone amok. but there's someone else moving inside of me or controlling my body. the byproduct of that drug is because like sometimes you're depressed.
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because a little you need him into a zombie it's crazy. you know. we don't have to do anything it's not our fault you know she's crazy and all that. traumatic. of. venezuela's president. says he is ready. to end the country's crisis. to negotiate. with venezuela torn between rival beaches and quoting it to you by washington it's america's trying to. change. the trump campaign is. being charged in the in the press.


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