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tv   News  RT  January 26, 2019 6:00am-6:31am EST

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the biggest thing and it shocked me is that we've never had an empty. like the knowledge that he loved the sounding of an album. people obviously come in they just throw them into the water as disposal it may not be harmful for that little fish that eats one fragment a classic but once it makes its way up the food chain it's getting to levels that are harmful. i have to go and meet this guy climb to the top of my humboldt in the morning i will make you. take part in this great dialogue. that is why this president nicolas maduro says he's ready to talk to the leader of the opposition to try and resolve the country's political crisis but has rejected the offer also to come from a position the size of the campaign or just. for
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a number of charges are brought against him by. the indictments don't mention russia plus. you know i'm not and you know if i'd been born with a silver spoon in my mouth or the son of a politician you could have a me but that's not the camp's. rejects claims he's president of the richest france prices itself for more yellow best price tests today brazilians. is one of them. i think he's more president for the british he obviously doesn't come from you know lower income brackets he can't understand the everyday problems of french people living on the minimum wage. or the welcome you're watching r.t. international this us. here in. russian capital. now the u.s.
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secretary of state says he will the u.n. security council to recognize venezuela's self declared interim president the opposition leader one quiet zero in his way is elected president nicolas maduro says he is ready for talks though the opposition leader has rejected that offer people instead to take to the streets. i am committed to international dialogue today tomorrow and always i'm committed and personally ready if i have to go and meet this guy climb to the top of mount pico humboldt's at three in the morning i will have to go naked i'll go naked on foot by car by motorcycle it must be very clear for the world and this regime nobody will take part in this fake dialogue fry the broad brief law in their bio and start. over the last three days. their opposition says there have been us minus twenty eight killed
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in anti-government demonstrations the government says that they want to stop that the most regimes but the cause model is not the stepping down instead is proposing dialogue which the opposition rejects it's been three days of protest mostly in the slums surrounding caracas which you saw before which used to be for us but now they come out every night protesting there are contras for and against both presidents with russia and china at the forefront of the group from other little while the u.s. argentina brazil and colombe are four way though. around five hundred were arrested during large anti-government rallies in venezuela one of the protests on wednesday opposition leader one quite a symbolic case for himself in as interim president and as well in president nicolas maduro cut diplomatic ties then with the trump ministration after it recognized quite oh as the country's legitimate leader i was for sure and
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washington is ramping up the economic pressure to on the tourist government because the u.s. treasury has pledged to ensure that quiet oh gets control of the country's resources diplomatic and economic relations between the united states and venezuela must be consistent with the united states recognition of one of the united states who uses economic and diplomatic tools to ensure that commercial transactions by the venezuelan government including those involving state owned enterprises and international reserves are consistent with this recognition. well that statement from the treasury did not specify whether the measure measures would target venezuela's oil sales and is why is the fourth largest oil exports to the u.s. and so far washington stopped short of imposing an embargo but oil prices have already risen analysts are predicting to a larger impact with a knock on effect in the u.s. nicolas maduro accuses the us of meddling in his country's internal affairs
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meanwhile and it's not the first time or place that washington has faced such accusations. or the unilateral action of the soviet union in the by.
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the freedom fighters thirty years try to feel so free to treat the cooling. we're protecting the libyan people from gadhafi forces.
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the former chief of staff to the u.s. secretary of state to say that america is clearly pushing forward one of its own tactics of regime change two thousand and two i know that we started in the bush administration a significant effort with regard to go chavez in venezuela that that effort has now come to some sort of chaotic fruition is no surprise to me we do not like regimes and i'm not trying to say that chavez are good for business i think they are they weren't ultimately but i am saying that the united states has been probably and others do very complicit in making that more prominent and bring it chaos to a south american country. another news roger stone a long time political advisor of donald trump has been released on by a laugh to being indicted as part of special counsel robert miller's investigation into alleged russian collusion the charges include obstruction making false
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statements and witness tampering although there is no mention of collusion with russia which is exactly what the motive probe is looking into these kind of martin reports. we now have a twenty four page indictment from the f.b.i. and from the federal courts he's essentially being charged with making false statements on multiple occasions witness tampering as well as obstruction now what's interesting is that this arrest is pretty clearly coming down as part of the bob muller investigation into alleged collusion between the trump campaign in the twenty sixteen election and russia we have heard from roger stone now that he has been released on this morning at the crack of dawn twenty nine f.b.i. agents arrived at my home with seventy vehicles with their lights flashing when they could simply have contacted my jersey was and i would be more than willing to
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surrender voluntarily and. they terrorize my wife and my dog because i wound not guilty to these charges and i will defeat them in order i believe this is a politically motivated investigation i am troubled by the political motivations of the prosecutor and now we have a response from the white house as well sarah huckabee sanders the white house press secretary has pointed out that the arrest and the indictment have nothing to do with the president now it appears that the f.b.i. may have tipped off c.n.n. about their planned arrest so they could be on the scene to record roger stone being taken away in handcuffs people see this is actually collusion between the f.b.i. and the media done for the purpose of trying to publicly humiliate roger stone a republican strategist and we have donald trump speaking up on twitter about the nature of the arrest. greatest witch hunt in the history of our country no
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allusion border coyote's drug dealers and human traffickers are treated better than who alerted c.n.n. to be there to arrest shows desperation on mueller's part i mean sending out two dozen f.b.i. men to arrest him. ridiculous show of force and and the indictment there's nothing in the indictment about collusion about russia about any of the things that mueller was this was supposed to be investigating but he's not getting to the bottom of any kind of collusion for the simple reason that i don't think collusion exists. now france is bracing itself for an eleventh weekend of yellow vests protests it does come after recent remarks by president of the new macro new in which he portrayed himself as a man of the people protesters though have long branded him as a president of the rich should it be as more. it seems the yellow vest protests
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have really taken their toll on president just two years ago he was comparing himself to a goat now he's selling a rags to riches story. you know. if i had been born with a silver spoon in my mouth or the son of a politician you could have a go at me but that's not the case the so-called president of the rich wants people to know that he wasn't born rich and he's just like you and me but as much on star seems to be news diving he did what politicians do best damage control mainly in the form of a nationwide let's get our feelings off our chest exercise otherwise known as the national debate mostly for fun and i'm not going to talk too much as my goal is to listen to you in a free and fair manner if there are questions i will answer them but what i want is free to express yourself in the most direct manner to go on the tour he said the filthy rich at the world economic forum in davos because there's
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a chance that that might not look so good they're also going to though that this damage control is working with several recent polls showing the president's popularity has been creeping back up so we thought we'd ask people here in paris what do they think is money just another guy from the block. he studied in elite schools as a risk to threats to he was made there the french elite is created in this way can't understand the everyday problems of french people living on the minimum wage but it's not really important what he says now his future actions will define his presidency i can say he's a president of the rich throughout his career mark on his network with people who were born with silver spoons in their mouths i think he's more president for the rich he is a part of the big banks he obviously doesn't come from you know lower income brackets you know like some of us do i think he probably tries. i think he's more
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a president of the rich judging by the last who's introduced. by that report with a side from internal discontent paris also faces external pressure to the italian prime minister is now accusing france and germany of running the e.u. in their own interest we'll have a look at this in more detail a bit later on in the program. now u.s. president donald trump has signed a bill temporarily lifting the longest government shutdown in the country's history for the past thirty five days he's been wrangling with democrats in an unsuccessful bid to secure funding for a border war i am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government i will make sure that all employees receive their back pay very quickly or as soon as possible well for a over a month democrat house speaker nancy pelosi has been seen as the main opponent to
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trump's plans for a border war is a quick recap of their spat. the longest shutdown the longest government shutdown in u.s. history followed workers and contractors lined up for a free meal the air traffic controllers pilots and flight attendants are warning travelers they cannot guarantee their safety. you have the cold if you have no way out of the gulf it would get it passed very easily and we would get it then she i have a question two seconds and we need border security did she find the message we need border security to a salute you would accept even a dollar of all funding for this president and over the hill for. a dollar that comes up to tell us so why not find out that one out.
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as your boss and. then she as i call it the president doesn't know what he's talking about he takes it's ok not to pay people who do work surprise surprise she doesn't want to hear the truth so you're going to throw the radical left. sadly given the security concerns and the less government reopens i suggest we'll work together to determine an other suitable dates after government has reopened for this address or for you to consider delivering your state of the union address in writing. due to the shutdown i'm sorry to inform you that your trip to brussels egypt and afghanistan has been postponed over see if you'd like to make your journey by flying commercial upset maybe oprah robots or.
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maybe he thinks that government shutdown he can. golf more comfortable unpresidential is to take toward lot of that for the shock of a known think you really want to solutions what she's doing to our constitution is a disgrace. international we're going to take a quick break now but back with more news that siemens. join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see of that. country has gone into
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a nihilistic theme that's funny i think i'm gonna hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the charlatans the genius of this precious special american hero this is it we've come to a point on which hollywood has gotten so we always are on the margins something. called the culture is really boring. oh. we're starting last with this is what we're going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast and i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more ground zero of them it may be completely different but the end of this journey.
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welcome back and i don't know trump is famous for his war on the media advice of the we should say and in a new book c.n.n.'s jim acosta does share his experiences of life on the frontlines says the u.s. president. expects. cnn's achieve for white house storm and jim acosta is about to write their memoirs of his latest struggles in the job in the upcoming book a promise to shed light on the victims of war trumps war on truth and truth tellers akin to acosta i'm writing this book to share what i've experienced covering president trump during his first two years in office. this sobering bewildering and sometimes frightening experience has made it absolutely clear that this is a dangerous time to tell the truth in america and while acosta makes these feelings about being a victim of trump's regime very clearly the episode we're about to show you is probably the worst that it ever got for me and if i may ask one of the question
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this president by me i should have a question are you worried i should know that sort of president that's an ask one of the other folks that stood out for me ma'am on this mystery that's enough as president one of you know that i may ask you so yeah basically he wanted to ask a question and trump wouldn't let him hardly the same as live hissing over his head in fact some of the coasters called leagues called him out for being unprofessional so overall again this is oddly david versus goliath however accost is not the only journalist talking of abuse by trump president's attacks could actually lead to violence against members of the news media but their lives their safety is in jeopardy they are receiving more and more threats nowadays the most recent note i got ended with monta meanwhile investigative journalism in america seems to have been reduced to reprinting exclusives leaked voluntarily but ministration officials gone rogue based on anonymous sources according to this source who spoke on the
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condition of anonymity anonymous sources are the basis of most truthful reporting oftentimes you do have to gather information using anonymous sources say can i use your name they say no can i use you as an anonymous source a source familiar with the matter they say yes and then we report the information on the air trumps repeatedly huffed and puffed how he would deal with the leakers and whistleblowers but so far it's mostly been all talk and this actually goes in stark contrast with the previous administration the obama era that brings tears of nostalgia to trump hates his eyes is actually considered the time move worn whistled. always and if you're thinking chelsea manning added snowden and giuliana sanj you're correct but the full picture is much much darker.
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with all due respect it's hard to imagine jim acosta's life as one of c.n.n. celebrities to be worse than those who dared to spill the beans under obama on washington's war crimes and torture. some three hundred people are missing and nine have been confirmed dead after a mining dam burst in southeast brazil officials say almost two hundred others have been rescued the collapse released a huge volume of mining waste flooding rural areas nearby towns have been evacuated and survive is being airlifted to safety the iron ore mine is owned by the brazilian metals giant vale of them also operates another dam in the state which
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burst in twenty fifteen contaminating rivers and killing nineteen people. italian prime minister has accused france and germany of running the e.u. in their own interests and disregarding the views of other member states they're only thinking of their national interests certainly our allies cannot believe that we will sit silently of the table to underwrite decisions taken by others. reset the county there was speaking a few days after france and germany signed a friendship treaty under the pact the two countries agreed to deepen economic alignment with common regulations and france gave its support to to germany's bid to have a permanent seat on the un security council earlier is lee's interior minister that he sells the knee called for an alternative alliance between italy and central europe built up it's thought that europe is used to the franco german axis but we're seeking a new balance a new energy and in this sense poland in italy will be the protagonists of this new
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european spring salvation is known for his tough stance on immigration and he's repeatedly keys france and germany if staking the crisis early this week he described emanuel maccarone as a terrible president and blamed france for destabilizing africa political analyst nicola perkovic gave us his views on the dispute i think what we're seeing now is that there are really two opposite views of the european union on one side we've got france and germany who are and they're i think closing their eyes on what really is going on within the european union and pretending that nothing bad is going on and on the other side we've got to tell us which are at the forefront of the other countries of other countries at least of the european union saying well there's a big divide and they don't understand what's going on they don't understand what the french and germans are doing they don't understand why a lot of the main problems which are facing europeans today massive immigration
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unemployment problems concerning schooling universities are not being dealt with so i don't think the european union is going to be able to solve this and unfortunately this is a this is a big blow for the european dream but it shows that if we want to solve these major problems that i think a lot of the countries will want to solve themselves outside of the european union and that is your news wrap for this hour thanks for your company we're back again at the top of the next. we stepped off the face of the here comes back and said that these islands are off there but the reality is there may still be a ship and. have it in this fine lair of micro plastics. very.
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the biggest thing there and it shocked me is that we've never had an empty chair. like the contents of the something of an albatross. people obviously come in they just throw them into the water as disposal it may not be harmful for that little fish that eats one fragment of posix but once it makes its way up to us in the food chain it's getting to levels that are harmful. to make this manufacture consent to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final larry go round the sun we don't want. to ignore middle of the room sick. real news
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for. us veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. we're going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either there already is several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circulated branches off that says we're going to. destroy the government in seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money those with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war then surely we can risk some discomfort for an easing us for peace.
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you know i thought was. that the was. was. that he was. what is described in the west as a russian invasion of crimea is a fact the presence of russian soldiers in crimea can you clarify that. they could have to go to a barely spoke all of the quote but the most of the most go full of the could and. as long ago as eighteen zero four sevastopol the naval base became the main military port of the russian empire on the black sea. during the second world war the heroic defense of sevastopol lasted almost
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a year and took hundreds of thousands of lives. therefore the naval base in crimea has a legacy of historical pride for the russian black sea fleet as well as being of huge strategic importance. those of us alive back then remember when there were soviet missiles put into cuba how frightened americans were and how angry and how we almost went to a nuclear confrontation over having weapons of that kind of destruction placed that close to the united states. just so if the united states considers cuba to be in its backyard. then crimea lays at russia's doorstep. the consequences of a u.s. seizure of the face or a nato base which in general. but almost
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a sum up as. is natural. you have taught me to. put you in with a. post today and you know unless. you know it's not just but with practical. opinion it's. so it's not just in the military use ocean to win the support there was no willingness that ended up with the old me the only leader on the us if you will or . it was a piece of the school board. just him of what i. see. amongst the windows me with the cesium to make. the national system. unless i'm. supposed to figure. we would sort of the response. to me because you knew seemed up and you know you've won the biggest. and i guess those. years that you play in
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a new you discipline you know the same so sometimes. when you pay for a night on your show. i'm concerned about the expansion of nato nato has expanded into thirteen countries up to the borders of russia thirteen countries. shit way not. in early spring of two thousand and fourteen eastern ukraine was also buzzing with protests against the new authorities in kiev this region with the population close to russia geographically and culturally feared that the ultra right leanings of the newly formed government would bring me own nationalism.


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