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money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war surely we can risk some discomfort for an easy for. washington urges un members to recognize venezuela's self-proclaimed interim president but he's met with opposition from russia and venezuela. former president illegitimate mafia state how indeed can any self respecting government possibly justifies supporting the poisonous regime if those threats of peace is the shameless and aggressive actions of the united states and their allies.
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riot police fired tear gas and angry crowds in paris as the yellow first movement holds an eleventh weekend of rallies. plus a c.n.n. correspondent releases a book on his struggles against president trumbo some question if it's worthy of the heroic spin jim acosta puts on his own journalism. this is r.t. into that. the u.s. is the united nations to recognize venezuela's self-proclaimed president twice though a security council session in new york saw some fierce exchanges. here to urge all nations to support the democratic aspirations of the venezuelan people as they try
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to free themselves from former president illegitimate mafia state comprehensive picture of human misery and degradation from which only the corrupt venezuelan elite able to escape scot so ability to turn off its you ation in this left an american country should not be an item on the agenda of a council when you don't see any external threats coming from what is taking place in venezuela if anything goes represents a threat to peace it is the shameless and aggressive actions of the united states and their allies at the start of the legitimately elected president over this way it's not a surprise that those who rule without democracy in their own countries are trying to prop up majority while he is in dire straits and now it's time for every other nation to pick a side no more delays no more games either you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with material and his mayhem how indeed can any self respecting government possibly justifies supporting the poisonous regime of the nation
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destroying missed in the dura the sudan in the bottom was it just this meeting which we've been forced to attend is yet another element of agree with regime change in venezuela we heard from mike pompei oh the u.s. secretary of state who was on hand for the meeting that was called by the united states he condemned venezuelan very harsh terms we heard from the united kingdom france and other countries that spoke very harshly and critically against venezuela then we heard from the venezuelan foreign minister who took to the floor to defend himself and to defend the country get one of you can tell me which one are to go home and which provision of the united nations charter how awesome you can find a legal basis with a cellphone program a shadow of an individual who wasn't elected by anyone as you guys it inevitable of our new republic of any bones and then we can open. a discussion on the legal aspects but i don't think that will happen if the united states is not be time did the. it is in advance it's in the vanguard of the good it to it is
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the order and it's not only to the venice with an oppositional but also to the satellite you know governments in the region but as you know throughout the meeting there were many back and forth exchanges leaders responding to comments from other leaders at one point we actually saw a debut appearance by the newly appointed envoy for venezuela elliott abrams this is what he had to say democracy never needs to be imposed it is tyranny that has to be imposed this discussion in the council is about the right of the venezuelan people to direct their own internal affairs and choose the future of their own country democratically elliott abrams was just appointed as the special envoy of the united states to venezuela and he has quite a record when it comes to latin america he was and fact convicted convicted of
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giving false information during the iran contra scandal he was convicted because apparently he gave false information covering up u.s. covert support for extremists and terrorists in nicaragua that sought to bring down the sandinista government during the civil war furthermore abrams was apparently heavily involved in the two thousand and two coup attempt in venezuela to remove been duros predecessor hugo chavez it's also important to note while a number of countries are recognizing juan guede oh this this individual who declared himself the interim president of venezuela and a number of countries are still recognizing and standing by and nicolas maduro the elected leader there are some countries that are giving kind of an ultimatum and saying that they want a new election within eight days even though that as well as constitution does not provide for that to take place now the russian ambassador to the u.n. addressed those giving. this ultimatum this was his response suddenly was new only it's a very much range way that you're proposing to prevent this crisis by putting forward
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a little thirty eight day old to meet him you completely disregard the sovereignty of venezuela imposing this issue but you prefer rejecting it's people's right to resolve their own problems and i'm still see what you're doing is looking at prevention it's called incitement. spain germany france and the u.k. have called on president maduro to announce a new elections within just eight days or they'll recognize quite go as leader of venezuela caracas based journalist got reports. and you have been received incorrect as with both joy and rebuke in and rejection from both parties and both sides of supporters we are standing right now in estes in assembly supporting one white doe and of course some of the national assembly congressmen they are right now given some speeches and that's really. a new law and not just a lawyer trying to pass on the next coming days but of course we want to hear the voices of the people who support and the people who reject the is
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a calling for elections and of course this war in one way let's see that. we're in a situation never before experienced in the newsroom so people are coming out because this is us the biggest rooms it's not the political parties it's not the national assembly it's the business well and score coming out and fighting for what we want. the opposition will not return because we support our president for all the right reasons for our mission for our homes for our children. i think this is a government of social justice this is a country that has many natural resources lots of natural wealth there are many interests in this country that want to get their hands on this given the problems like the government has now the jury has made significant progress because they're bitter and divided between forty one why don't more supporting the last mature of this issue has called for a new centrist broadus for next week so we show you wait and see how the events
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develop here in caracas. we asked two experts on life in america for their views on the deepening crisis in venezuela. it's not about democracy in any form if you kept it is supported not pretty just quite the deal and he supports three and fair elections and if you are supporting someone who was not elected by the people you are not supporting a process maybe you know the international community can get together and try to not decide what the venezuelans want to try to to make the two i mean the two groups that are that are in countering themselves to get an agreement of course maduro is facing a very big opposition people are fleeing their countries that's not very different from what's happening in the let's say or in other parts of central america where the malice and that sort of other and that's what's caused also by actions of the united states there in any promoting good at that i mean during the cold war and so this is not about the mark received this is about an imposition and we know the natural resources in venezuela are an all rich country one of the biggest in the
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world it's now now it's what maybe this isn't the table not democracy because they're not supporting at them across the process people didn't elect one way or the elections last year were totally legal and actually contrary to what the media are saying those elections in those elections the opposition are p.c.p. was actually extremely clear on these your position of the national race extremely by their they don't have an agreement in a strategy. in terms of the universe so one sector of the opposition last year by the other sector actually did. the last. i can think rationed it doesn't matter what happens from now on in the kerry or is not going to be recolonized by the us are nice right the only way.
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to eliminate all the sanctions the economic sanctions and all those. sounds of the. pantry getting food getting many see. that forty five year old life. of. an eclipse but there are cases the u.s. of meddling in his country's internal affairs and it's not the first time or place that washington has faced such accusations. or the you know. the. in the by. the.
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yes freedom fighters cheers try telling us. what's really going on. we're protecting the libyan people from gadhafi forces.
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thousands of yellow vests activists marched in french cities on saturday for an eleventh consecutive weekend to show davis going for from the rallies and. it seems like it's all falling apart at the moment and just when you take a look around you see people moving away from this main street am i in front of the bank of france that's because that's where the tear gas is coming and as you can see people throwing projectiles towards the police forces who were trying to move those protesters back they'd been hand the bastille for the last hour or so and fairly calm and then about ten minutes ago decided that they were going to try and
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more down the street this is a who song on one and as you can see it's now descending into chaos between the protesters throwing these projects to us and also trying to throw back the pellets of cheer gas which has been brought forward by the police you might be able to see it the protesters actually set fire just in the distance there outside a shop that sara covered in scaffolding and that is one of the reasons they're trying to push through you can see that they've been moving these barricades here these here removing these away this is also work and going at the moment here at the bastille trying to move it to create what seemed to be barricades again and then setting those all on fire as you can see them separate yet just coming out from all angles of the crowds here as they try and hit the police and possibly other targets and yes it was calm we were expecting it to be
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a comb protest on the eleventh weekend but yet again we're seeing move islands from the side of the protest is on the police then responding she is. that you might be able to see a row over the sea or is the gendarme coming there and that looks like they're trying to put out the fire that was created by the protesters i think that's water cannon yes i can confirm water cannons have now been brought in to try and deal with this situation you can see more security forces there as these pellets which were literally in the poll also for the moment or being shocked to wards the police now this comes as france is in the middle of a national debate just behind this that they've smashed. the bus that's all going down really is coming into quite k.s.c. as i said in the middle of a national debate here in france and that itself has been angry people look at that
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the water cannon trying to push that temporary barricade that the protesters have put up pushing it away you see it can get closer into this crowd these rules that the protesters are throwing are actually coming incredibly close to us we're going to just try and get some cover behind a tree here at the moment we do have our safety gear on look at that the water cannons in full force now trying to move those protesters away absolute chaos here and we're just having to move quite a lot because that. would just come to me because that water cannon is that coming round we've just seen some people injured including one of our colleagues in roughly looks like he's received an injury as a result of why it's so humid the projectiles being thrown from the protesters from the crowds we're all trying to to keep under cover here the police as you can see they are getting their flashbulbs out now this is to launch to tear gas we have
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been told but police officers who are using these flash polls will all be wearing party comes to day so that the material can be rude. viewed off to it it's not clear how many security forces are out today the interior ministry normally gives this figure is this week it just so i did not see you said it's anyone's guess in game just how many security forces are out but as you can see here they're trying to push those crowds way they've been successful and now they are launching the tear gas in the parade she troy and jack calm the situation down here i'm being told a guy you get a sense of the forces coming up but yet complete chaos within just a few minutes once again as acts eleven is certainly under way here in paris. several people were injured in those clashes one protester identified as a popular figure within the yellow face movement suffered an injury and was taken away by paramedics the victim was streaming footage of protests at the time and captured the moment of the incident.
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oh. i said there's no. journalist no for a very public feud with tongue trump has written a book about his struggles with the president details after the break. join me every first day on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. you are you know more than fifty percent of the days pass your screen and your screen is controlling it through
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a little incentive. you know robot on the shelf you know play my favorite song and i feel so good i'm so warm inside you know meanwhile your bank accounts being drained by wall street and yours you know your net worth is collapsing in your money's being destroyed and all the relationships are hardly dysfunctional and you're living in a frickin president you have no right to some or no right to free speech but you're feeling good about it because this is extraordinarily. subversive. it's the state gone amuck. famous for his war on the mainstream media. and
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a new book c.n.n.'s jim acosta shared his experiences of life on the front line against the us president he's done if explains cnn's chief white house jim acosta is about to write their memoirs of his latest struggles in the job in the upcoming book a promise to shed light on the victims of war. on truth and truth tellers akin to a cost. i'm writing this book to share what i've experienced covering president trump during his first two years in office. this brings the world during and sometimes frightening experience has made it absolutely clear that this is a dangerous time to tell the truth in america and while acosta makes these feelings about being a victim of trump's regime very clearly the episode we're about to show you is probably the worst that it ever got for me and if i may ask one of the question was present right by me i should have a question are you worried i should know that sort of president that should have
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asked one of the other folks that stood out for me ma'am on this mystery that's enough the president had one of the dumbest that i may ask you so yeah basically he wanted to ask a question and trump wouldn't let him hardly the same as live hissing over his head in fact some of the coasters called leagues called him out for being unprofessional so overall again this is oddly david versus goliath however accost is not the only journalist talking of abuse by trump the president's attacks could actually lead to violence against members of the news media but their lives their safety is in jeopardy they are receiving more and more threats nowadays the most recent note i got ended with meanwhile investigative journalism in america seems to have been reduced to reprinting exclusives leaked voluntarily but ministration officials gone rogue based on anonymous sources according to this source who spoke on the condition of anonymity anonymous sources are the basis of most truthful reporting
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oftentimes you do have to gather information using anonymous sources say can i use your name they say no can i use you as an anonymous source a source familiar with the matter they say yes and then we report the information on the air trumps repeatedly huffed and puffed how he would deal with the leakers and whistleblowers but so far it's mostly been all talk and this actually goes in stark contrast with the previous administration the obama era. that brings tears of nostalgia to trump haters eyes is actually considered the time of war and whistleblowers and if you're thinking chelsea manning added snowden and giuliana sanj you're correct but the full picture is much much darker.
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with all due respect it's hard to imagine jim acosta's life as one of c.n.n. celebrities to be worse than those who dared to spill the beans under obama on washington's war crimes and torture. some three hundred people are missing and thirty four confirmed dead after a mining down burst in southeast brazil officials say almost two hundred others have been rescued the collapse released a huge volume of mining waste which flooded rural areas nearby towns have been evacuated survivors are being airlifted to safety their own or mine is owned by the brazilian metals giant vale the firm also operates another dam in the state that burst in twenty fifteen and that occasion contaminating rivers and killing nineteen . u.s.
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president donald trump or signed a bill to temporarily lift the longest shutdown in the country's history for the past thirty five days he's been wrangling with democrats and an unsuccessful bid for the two to secure funding for a border war. i am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government i will make sure that all employees receive their back pay very quickly or as soon as possible and while trump has tweeted a video to back up his claims of the importance of still building that wall. it's not a negotiation no wall it's a wall between reality and his constituents just factually correct it's not going to work in two thousand and seventy it was not one illegal immigrants that made it through the southern border into israel maybe i can show you the border right along here this is the. boundary. it's not safe
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here the borders not secure bad guys are coming across a. welcome to mexico thanks to a without international mcculloch sean thomas something right up to date at the top of the hour.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us as a one true. in dollars and. more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building
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a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one business shows ford to miss the one and only. in the united states we proactively require brominated flame retardants to me put into furniture and carpeting among other things and that's resulted in extremely higher levels all those flame returns in the human bodies of americans as opposed to europeans and that ultimately has affected the cognitive outcomes of literally a generation of american children.
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not after the times you were going on the ground is the e.u. things about the hog border ahead of tomorrow's annual bloody sunday march in derry coming up on the show was the f.b.i. going to kill muzzy hashimi we talked to the just released journalist and u.s. citizen in her first international t.v. interview about religious freedom and justice in trump's america and we get an exclusive interview with the family of a british army veteran detained this week and facing deportation in twenty days on the jury's amazed effect oh hostile environment told us i'm all going. but today's going underground but first forget the u.n. analysis of u.k. extreme poverty this country's embattled leader says everything here is going swimmingly borrowing this year at its lowest level for sixteen yeah i think i am saying that we'll grow faster than germany italy and japan. un second showing foreign direct investment in the u.k.
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last year improvement rates our number of people in what our wages are and the biggest threat to all of that would be on a drug company but on their own benches one m.p. asta to fire her ministers your government is stuffed full of remaining ministers who do not want to leave the european union. would you replace colleagues from these main issues who actually believe in not holding the series you know the freeze frame in turn lead to european union only twenty ninth of march but after reports of imminent mass resignations in her government to resume chose to make a joke i think some job applications in my time that i think many want made to resign november exit though not on a mass deportation of people of color scandal will have her involvement in yemen in libya but the grunfeld tower tragedy and as for the brics it crisis despite all the
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politicians who took up her offer only to walk out of number ten with nothing is all the cool bins fault the right honorable gentleman has been willing to sit down with the nastiest bowler and i already was. with three conditions yes it was me me to talk about practice called and said there was no point in meeting no actually i did reach out to the prime minister last september when i offered to discuss our deals with i need your peers but. it appears mr speaker that was. the door to our office may well be open and apparently their minds inside it are completely closed. while arguably the minds of british authorities have long been closed when it comes to broadcast freedom in the u.k. iranian channel press t.v. has banned from broadcast here it's a channel i worked out with filmmaker lanka muzzy hashimi who has been freed after
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controversial detention on the orders of the us justice department in her first international broadcast interview she joins me now via skype from the u.s. capital muzza thanks so much for being on going underground before we even go towards on earth happen to year i understand you continue just say that people all around the world need to protest the u.s. a so-called legal system. jeffrey absent great to be with you and well when i got out i understood that rally were going to be held in conjunction with demanding my release and what i'm asking people to do definitely continue with those rallies because it's not about most the how it should be it's not about me is about the ability. for the u.s. basically to. anyone. i would say illegally dealt they are going to say that it's legal so it's.


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