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it. traces. the power struggle continues the president urges his troops to stay loyal the country. as he's working with sympathetic elements in the military to incite. british i don't believe the holocaust ever happened according to
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a poll marking holocaust memorial day also ahead in the. violence movement is launched in france against the yellow vests protests in the country. live from moscow every hour of the day this is your. if your company my name's union o'neill our top story. political infighting continues both the government in the opposition are appealing to the armed forces for support one who proclaimed himself interim leader. has been holding talks with military officials to push for the overthrow of the president nicolas maduro himself paid a visit to troops overseeing drills and calling on them to stay loyal. if it all
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could be soldiers of venezuela we're waiting for you to be on our side are you who among us. soldiers of venezuela we're waiting for you to be on the side of the constitution are you serious. we have made our position very clear about the dictatorial nature of this regime and so we want to take power never treats them. install a transitional government or three elections louise go and. that's how it has to be. so that's what's happening internally on the ide side the u.s. national security adviser john bolton has threatened to action if the opposition leader faces any violence or intimidation one why do it was a multum italy is to force a new vote as he and his supporters refuse to recognize the legitimacy of venice
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willis twenty eighteen presidential election eager to dallas texas now through why doe's rise from obscurity international recognition and a new grand social status to dropped on one why door like a brick wall i mean just look at this from no name to total fame judging by this the life of the new poster boy for the venezuelan opposition leapt into another dimension overnight the point of no return was this. i'm mike pence the united states supports the courageous decision by one god oh you know it's probably recognize the national symbol president one is the constitutional interim president of venezuela he's the most evil now marked by the media and intrusted to not fail by the united states and countries making up its retinue and apparently the latter could be weighing hard on venezuela's newest a
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democratic symbol where you do said that there was nothing he could do that he couldn't handle the pressure from the americans if we only if i was at the meeting why door said he was being pressured by everyone now this is the claim made by people but when journalists confronted why you do with a yes or no question he struggled to answer well to be fair he did it twice in fact but each time differently can you confirm whether the meeting took place and what did you talk about all venezuelans know this person i will repeat my question have imagines do as data could be you are not i've already answered i haven't of course not so what if we spoke with officials of course we did circumstantial evidence also hits that the room of why do a being overwhelmed by washington's ambition could be true look at the person appointed by the white house to oversee the transformation of venezuela
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a lift this building thirty years ago this week from our work here so it's very nice to be back this is america's main battle tank in the regime change course part of the reagan administration he funneled the long way around federal weapons through iran to nicaragua as right wing anti government extremists both think illegal under u.s. law he tried to pressure congress into giving the weapons to the regime of reassessment in guatemala who was later charged with jen. aside and crimes against humanity is just a couple of confirmed achievements by earlier albums from when he held the position and i'm not kidding the position of assistant secretary of state for humanitarian affairs but perhaps most importantly albums allegedly was the architect of the two thousand and two coup in venezuela back then it failed in days so perhaps now albums is being given a chance to redeem himself after all it's all for
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a good cause democracy never needs to be imposed it is tyranny that has to be imposed you heard them so you better sake up mr y. door the us is about to spread its regime of democracy to venezuela this time around and you are going to carry it on your shoulders that's just are some background to this severe years long economic crisis in venezuela has led millions to flee the country people there are struggling with hyperinflation power cuts shortages of food and medicine no one of the causes was a dramatic fall in oil prices but the situation has been exacerbated by swindling u.s. sanctions and a financial blockade a recent independent report for the u.n. says the crisis in venice will is being used as a cynical pretext for regime change we spoke in fact to its author.
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what we're seeing here and it reminds me a lot of the run up to the two thousand and three invasion of iraq we have seen here a coordinated effort to denounce them and i model and to invoke human rights to say we need regime change because of the venezuelan people but who is causing whose aggravating the problem this sanctions have aggravated the problem the economic war have aggravated the problem when. needed anti in leiria medicine for an outbreak in november two thousand and seventeen wanted to buy it in colombia colombia refused to something in the report that i presented to the human rights council last september. all of this is documented i mean they are in the hundreds hundreds of cases in which the financial transactions
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that every state needs to survive have been blocked because citibank or wells fargo have close the accounts off in as well or. two thousand and three oil rich country iraq gets devastated and it's the major oil companies that are reaping the profit two thousand and eleven libya another oil rich country gets devastated and they or oil companies are laughing you know that is an enormous interest on the part of u.s. business to get end there. what we want to avoid is shedding of blood and i told the opposition people who might personally met in caracas at the time look if you talk with the government what do you think is going to happen there are seven eight nine million committed chalis that's one of the
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going to do do you think they're just going to roll over do you think they're going to disappear no they are venezuelans they have rights and they are going to demand their rights so you cannot simply ignore their existence so you have to make sure that you reach some sort of a compromise it is not for me i'm an american it's not for me to tell the venezuelans whom they should elect if they elected massively shabbas again and again and they elected. in two thousand and thirteen fourteen two thousand and eighteen that is exclusively exclusively for the venezuelans to decide in free elections and free elections means you're not going to boycott them you're going to participate. it to another big story of the week on sunday events were held across the globe to mark international holocaust remembrance day it marks seventy four years since salvia troops liberated i switch the nazi death camp in poland
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former prisoners of the camp visited the site where the holocaust museum is now is situated to share their memories expressing the importance for people today to remember the atrocities that were carried out. during the nazi purge in the second world war seventeen million people were killed six million of them jews more than half of europe's jewish population was murdered in systematic attacks many starved to death killed in gas chambers burned in furnace is in concentration camps despite the evidence from the time a recent poll just carried out it suggests that one in twenty outlets in the u.k. believe the holocaust never happened some other noticeable findings over half of those surveyed did not know the number of victims while eight percent think that the scale of the atrocity has been exaggerated renowned nazi hunter freeman zeroth says those statistics are alarming. how of course denial is simply
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a new form of anti-semitism the holocaust is the most documented tragedy in human history there are millions i repeat millions of documents that prove the crimes of the holocaust there's no basis for this denial it's totally absurd so why do people do it it's in basically a new form of anti-semitism the leaders of the world the leading political leaders in every country have to make clear that this is a fact that this happened and this has very important consequences for their country as well and then there's the question of the educational systems in other words this is subject that has to be taught in the school curriculum at the proper age and be done effectively and with the best technological and other educational aids the basic idea behind holocaust education is that the tragedy that
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we call the holocaust has lessons for humanity. about the dangers of hatred the dangers of anti-semitism racism fascism and obviously we think that it's important that people study the holocaust to learn from that tragedy and to try that managed to prevent the recurrence of such a tragedy. now after eleven consecutive weekends of street demonstrations it appears some in france have had enough of the young rest they've even launched their own movements to country the increasingly violent yellow vest protest or to charlotte can expound. france and protest it to go like two lovers strolling around paris in fact the french seem to love processing so much it's almost a national sport but it's a sport that has a very young city street the yellow vest protests. probably the best known
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they've been out in force since nov seventeenth so that's now eleven weekends they say the government's not doing enough despite the concessions and a national debate is taking place in the yellow vests are determined to stick it out they've already planned acts twelve before we even got to the twelfth weekend but their protests have often descended into violence that's been described as the worst in more than half a century. i will not concede anything to those who want destruction and disorder.
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but in true french fashion there is now an empty protest protest meet the red skull that is so unhappy about the violence and the destruction that's taken place during the yellow vests protest that they've now formed their group and they're out in force. that. why all the demonstrations today it's because many people have had enough of the pointless violence in this country roads cars are demonstrating i believe good to defend the principle of nonviolence and to defend democracy it's very simple feel. it's to emphasize the importance of liberty and democracy as we are facing a movement in france that's attempting to. restrict our freedoms i have chosen to
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come here to defend democracy and freedom but peacefully without violence well if you thought this was just a red protest against the yellow protesters think again there is also now a blur yes the blue vests are also anti yellow vests they're anti violence so what you've got at the moment is the yellow vest protesters in the middle and on each side they're all the vests and you've got the red scarves remind you of something yes that's right it's almost like the treacle or the french flag and it seems that just like the french moto of liberte gallatin fraternity it's living on in the french spirit so the french regardless of what size they're on still have this opportunity with each other albeit in their ability to protest or to protest a protest of a protest or something like that. charlotte even ski arty paris.
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well with some clearly losing patience with the yellow face particular brand of protest the movement itself has also faced a strong clampdown from authorities at times leading to serious injury rodriguez a leading member of the movement was hit in the face by a flush bowl projectile and ses he may lose this sight in his right. eye i. know. i know. i think this. is you i've had my eye ball stitched up because the impact as to whether i'm going to regain my sight i'll find out some one or two weeks i make streaming angry because these are things that should not be happening today in front what they're doing is totally unacceptable i have to recover and i will return to the protest as soon as
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i can because the battlefield long and tough and we have a goal for a better fronts and for a more humane well it's. still to come in the program presidential candidates in ukraine are ready to pull out the stops for the upcoming election and we go through all the big meetings and not after the break. join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sport i'm show business i'll see you then. i've been saying the numbers mean they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamped each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the old bridge eight point
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six percent market saw thirty percent. last year some with four hundred to five hundred tree per second per second and that point rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a year but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one just showed you can afford to miss the one and only boom but. you're back with r t international greek authorities have used tear gas stun grenades in clashes with demonstrators in the city of thessalonica the protesters hands rallied against a deal with macedonia to end
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a decades long naming the spirits. of these are scenes of crowds gathering in greece a second largest city on sunday nights voicing their anger at the greek president over the unpopular accord last week parliament in athens ratified it to establish a new name for the former yugoslav republic of macedonia now the country is also known as the republic of north masses but many greeks object to the new name saying it implies on historic playing to the greek province of lasted. for decades greece's fourth basically over a neighbor that macedonia is name because athens border region is also cold macedonia one of the country's official name safeway r o m short for the former yugoslav republic of macedonia stopped it laying claim to the rich history of that
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name. after all military genius alexander the great still study to walk out of these around the world was born in macedonia with athens blocking its neighbors nato and the e.u. membership over the issue is finally greeted me the republic of north macedonia macedonia as parliament amended its constitution to ratify the name change. visitors to one of moscow's top galleries were left stunned by on a day shifts robbery on sunday security cameras appear to show a thief not masterpiece by russian artist or keep in broad daylight while the gallery was open brazen stuff take a look now works by the nineteenth century arts is rarely appear on the market or in private collections in two thousand and eight a picture of his went for three million dollars at auction it's unclear if it's a coincidence but the work was stolen on the artist's birthday there is
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a good ending to all this though the on damage picture thankfully was recovered earlier today after they suspect was tracked down and question. candidates are gearing up for a presidential elections in ukraine with the vote roughly two months away now twenty people have already registered for a leadership they'd done the hawkins takes us through some of the frontrunners. for the last fifteen years every presidential race in ukraine has given the country a new political shock to the system and it looks like this year will be an exception now if you've ever followed ukraine's domestic politics you'll know there's rarely a dull moment. with. this year's election will see an almost wreck or number of candidates twenty to be
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precise and this number could still rise the list of nominees has both familiar faces and dark horses with some colorful contenders also thrown in here's just some of those candidates the political heavyweight yulia timoshenko. her career has seen it all from becoming the country's first female prime minister to spending three years behind bars for embezzlement she was a candidate in two thousand and ten and again in twenty fourteen so could it be third time lucky and this man has already played the ukrainian president in a hit t.v. show but can he turn fiction into reality meets star comedian and producer of the minute zelinsky also a popular actor in russia by the way. now
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he's had a great start even managing to steal the limelight from the current president's new year address when announcing his own bid yet you do for incidental green well it desirable for terrorism. there is a hitch though zilinskas bid to be the anti elite contender was rocked by scandal when he was found to have business ties to russia and any connection to moscow is a major no go to anyone who wants to win this race. the most recent addition to the list is another headline grabber and ideas of suffering go once betrayed as ukraine's joan of arc. now she is also no stranger to controversy after being jailed in russia for involvement in the murder of two russian journalists she returned to her homeland as a hero even becoming a member of parliament only to get arrested once again by her own countryman the charges quite a catalogue plotting
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a terrorist attack planning to kill members of parliament and the president even plotting a coup. well really really really so far it seems she'll be running her campaign from a detention center the current president is expected to run but he wants struggled to lead the pack with an approval rating of about seventeen percent he may be praying for divine intervention and with his own newly independent church well who knows what could happen for now though his new campaign slogan might just help those numbers out of me. more than a year after the modern protests rode a wave of hope for democracy prosperity and transparency. for glutes. those dreams still seem distant fraught with economic challenges human rights issues and lingering corruption whoever takes that
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presidential oath this spring it certainly won't be a cushy job that many would envy. you just before we go to break a story to tell you about a russian fighter jet has intercepted a u.s. spy plane close to russia's border the u.s. military reconnaissance plane was detected over the neutral waters of the baltic sea moscow says it was approaching its third russian su twenty seven. and was able to capture the video you're seeing. the american plane men changed its trajectory and departed from the area of the russian jet then returning to its. ok just coming up at two hundred past five in the evening here in moscow we've got some great program starting in moments then i'm back with more of monday's big news stories this is our two international.
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one else seemed wrong. just don't. mean you get to shape out these days become educated and engage with equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. breaking a promise trump wants regime change in venezuela old habits die hard also the trials in tribulations of roger stone will rush again ever.
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meet me let me let you know where your years. as you go know that. those who know most of the best will be in your years and years it was not a very good month but really you know. we thought ways the ways the way i did my best religion as though i'd. feel. the same enough to see if. there's one of those. cities school just minutes from now you know you can close the front. you know world a big part of some new things a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical
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thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. hello welcome to sophia go home sophie shevardnadze and when i says affiliate to sam laid upon nigeria mercenaries played a major role in pushing the terrorist spec is outsourcing the name of the game when it comes to modern conflicts will ask was class and dimension director at programs
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africa and veteran soldier for hire. mercenaries have been the mainstay of african wars for decades having a decisive impact in sierra leone. and other theaters of conflict and while the media portrays them as dry as cash hungry brutes local government still has soldiers of fortune to get them out of tight spots. companies are more efficient than regular national on this continent private military contract is a viable solution to this regional conflicts and could their actions help to bring peace to water on hotspots. cold with glass and managing director at programs africa and executive outcomes veteran welcome to the show it's great to have you with us because you run your own security company now after having spent years in the special forces and then reached fame as
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a member of mercenary unit executive outcomes there have been t.v. programs about you a character based on you it was played by leonardo di caprio and blood diamond are you using all his fame and attention to bring more clients to promote the business is a good thing. right so we all get older obviously and we follow different career process let me just rectify something from the start not so much special forces units as airborne units close but not the same that's where i spent my military career and yes after that i joined executive outcomes and i had a couple of years with them and after that i formed my own company and then carried on from there and now for the last eleven twelve years it's been programs africa the shoulder in the director quite happy to do normal commercial and domestic type of security work. all right but what about the media question do you like the media attention.


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