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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 28, 2019 10:30am-11:00am EST

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to java's who the girlfriend of venezuela hugo indra. you were coming on so come with you're a survivor well i think that that's the question these days that are being asked around the world as well as in venezuela as of now and he's digging in deeper are carrying on with all government affairs state affairs as usual you know he remains the president of venezuela he remains in control of the government he remains in control of the state institutions and financial institutions and economy of venezuela and most importantly their oil industry so no matter who the international community or sector of it particularly western nations powerful like the u.s. choose to name as their president of venezuela nicolas maduro remains the actual president of venezuela who has the keys to the palace you see when you were voicing his previous as a job as you knew the job as it survived an actual military u.s.
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backed coup d'etat. making what may be seen by even as the board is making another mistake you know offering. europe would jobs have done the oh i believe it's absolutely necessary that there be dialogue there's an unsustainable crisis in venice there's no question about that we cannot deny it madeira has lost a lot of support and legitimacy even amongst those that supported him initially his government has taken actions that many would consider a stray from what chavez did throughout his tenure you know much of the social policies and programs have been rolled back because of the economic crisis so i mean there is that discontent amongst a wider population the country i think venezuelans would like to see a change however you know that change doesn't necessarily mean the right wing opposition coming into power and i think that's the fear in the country no matter what their talk may be present. the rhetoric coming out of you know this new face
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of the opposition one guy though talking about reconciliation and a democratic transition this same opposition has a history of undemocratic actions and again i mean one of the biggest changes over the past year or so has been a regional move towards the right venezuela no longer has the support in latin america that it just had a few years ago and so that puts an enormous pressure on you know the long term stability of nicholas and arrows presidency arguably a good time drew a joke of the news said they're going to reserve the mess here we have told in a good asian media that the reason the it got to me is a mess is because of more duros economic policies. u.s. economic warfare sanctions the impact on the poor economy you describe there is no question that that's a combination of factors one is of course the sanctions that have been imposed by the united states not just on members of the government but also wider sanctions
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that have had a much broader impact on you know access to certain consumer products medicines basic really food coming into the country as well as just crippling the capacity of venice well to engage in normal financial transactions internationally but at the same time the mismanagement has been extreme on the part of the government he's had people in place remanded ching you know the economy of the financial ministries. national bank who clearly did not do a good job the inflation is extraordinary i mean it's you can't even really count the number of zeros that are now on the inflation that's gone up annually in venezuela the currency is devalued to the point where it's basically worthless if you don't have access to foreign currency like dollars or euros then you really can't get by every day in venezuela so you know and then on top of that there is widespread corruption so it's a combination of factors. certainly the sanctions imposed by the u.s.
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have had a crippling impact on venezuelans everyday life you know the i.m.f. very quick to say that the signal it's going to oppose. who is this right we go position one why you do about my job and to raise me and the e.u. what will position the line balls to dave's analysis as is national assembly which he's the top minister has a seventy one percent disapproval rating well i would just point out first of all that the i.m.f. doesn't have a relationship with venezuela currently and it was during the chavez in ministration that chavez actually severed ties with the i.m.f. so i'm sure they would be happy to you know recognize a new face of venezuelan leadership that would work with them so that they can get back involved in venezuela and begin exploiting and profiting again off of you know venezuela's rich resources so that's not surprising whatsoever but i would say you know the face of wang why though has been surprising for many in the country and
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obviously throughout the world because he's relatively unknown he does however come from a right wing party he's closely aligned with the lopez who is a very reactionary far right figure of the opposition who led violent uprisings against chavez first he was deeply involved in the coup in two thousand and two in a violent way and then subsequently against nicolas maduro and so those essentially you know been mentored by leopoldo lopez that said i mean i do think he offers a new face of the opposition one that is not sort of tarnished with that past. violence of undemocratic actions yeah those get on to that if we would the european union saying shouldn't we go broke sit here we britain of the would have to have sanctions on where there's a will of the brics that you would have military intervention surely we're not back to the bad old days with. obama put the sanctions over this way but over the bomb libya. gives death squads ability of those who were through the world burns in
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guatemala we don't seriously but with a supposedly normally individuals president like drobe to a u.s. backed major but the invasion of them as well ron i think it's. you know it's ridiculous to say that trump is a noninterventionist president he's been as interventionist as all the rest and in the end it's a state policy of the united states foreign policy is not you know partial to one party or the other it's a bipartisan policy a state policy of you know u.s. dominance around the world and i do think you know we can say that that was all in the past but it never was in the past the coup against chavez took place in two thousand and two under george w. bush the cia was deeply involved the bush administration was the first to applaud it and recognize it had been encouraging and in funding it all along and then we had a ongoing processes of intervention in venezuela and those later years then during obama we had a coup in honduras that was clearly backed by the united states and in fact it was
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the secretary of state hillary clinton that in the end played the key role in ensuring that president manuel zelaya who was deposed in that coup could not go back to his own country you know and so i mean i think that this is just a policy of the united states and now it's just coming to you know to an end in the case of venice well because they've been trying to get back into venezuela for a long time venezuela does have the largest oil reserves on the planet while that may not be the key reason at this time it certainly is a geo political country that is located at the port of south america you know russia has been increasing ties with venezuela iran china the u.s. has been warning about that and been preoccupied with that increasing influence in what they would consider you know there are a zone of influence and so clearly they have many many reasons to want to ensure that the united states retains control over venison. those resources and over
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venezuela's territory so i do believe that this situation is going to be prolonged it's not ending now you know not just going to say ok that's a leave there's it goes well beyond that and now on top of that there are very powerful members around his government and of his party around him who have you know very deep economic investments some of that is over the result of corruption but they're not just going to give it up there's a fear that you know they would all go to prison either be killed or go to prison or if you're just out of power and that's a very realistic concern just to be the usa has historically obviously used to terrorise the cessation of latin american leaders things different even when you were working with was in this is that russia china. arguably the majority of the world is more with the mood or. even with java's defeat of the u.s.
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back to a job well certainly that concerning exists and remember venezuela is literally surrounded by u.s. military bases and presence in colombia where there are several u.s. military bases that occupy colombia bases a large. presence of u.s. special troops and special operations forces the same goes for brazil which is on venice well as south eastern border you know and in that amazonian territory i mean all of that. you know the u.s. has military presence all throughout the caribbean also nato you know countries that operate in that in that theater of operations as they like to call it so i do believe the venice is in the center of a geopolitical battlefield and yes well maduro presently does have the support of other powerful nations that chavez didn't necessarily have at that time in two thousand and two like russia. china at the same time it doesn't necessarily mean
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that that will carry through in the long term and remembered at the two thousand and two point in the coup against chavez he there were only two countries that actually came out in support of that coup was the united states and spain this time around it's quite different i mean i do think that the tides have turned and they're not in midair as favor but again i think we must proceed cautiously because the venezuelan armed forces are prepared to defend their country this would not be an easy in and out and as of right now i mean a majority of venezuelans may not necessarily support but their own but they don't support the opposition either they want peace in their country they want stability they want economic wellbeing and so they're looking for that as their path forward not for a further crisis chaos and destabilization which would be the result of some kind of foreign intervention in the country it was all a joke thank you after the break a nation in crisis with even u.s. space agency nasa unable to fire rockets we are one of the new young democratic
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intake representing the space coast in florida about the longest shutdown in u.s. government history plus blood on the border the provisional ira is former director of intelligence tells us a breakthrough to halt border makes the deaths of british soldiers inevitable all this is all coming over but they were going on the ground. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars fine tamping each day. eighty five percent. global. bridge eight point six percent market saw thirty percent
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year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars. but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one does not show you can afford to miss the one and only. gone into a nihilistic fever. got to hit the road and get out the traveling across america what makes america the charlotte. america this is a point. where
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starting last with. the beginning heading east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beach i think i want to leave now. it may be completely different but in this. welcome back we'll get to the brics it will in ireland in a moment but the world has been watching another wall doubt threatening the stability of the united states the longest government shutdown in history has been the result of donald trump trying to keep an election pledge to build a steel wall against mexico his own economic advisers now say there will be no economic growth in the first quarter opposition to trump is coming from a new generation of u.s. democrats legislators elected in. past eleven weeks notably xander oks
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a cortez the youngest of a congressperson joining me now is another first the first iranian american legislator in florida and rescue money joins me now from tallahassee in a state which a year ago some of the worst school shootings in sandy hook in twenty twelve out of thanks for coming on the show before you even get to the government shutdown. are you in fear of your own safety after the reaction to your opposition to assault weapons or that you so much for having me and i do my best to be unafraid when it comes to pushing for policies that will keep people safe and secure and my stance on the assault weapons ban is nothing new you know their reactions were vitriolic and absolutely grounded in a massage and a sick approach to good policy but i just remind myself every day that backlash has grounded our hope becoming a reality so we can't stop on this progress you've obviously been tweeting about recent massacres i mean to put in perspective forty thousand a year the point of a gun in the usa what exactly have you just said that is
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a problem to this response well i'll tell you two house district forty seven the area that i represent is home to pulse nightclub where we lost forty nine people in one night at the hands of an assault weapon ban and what i what i posted online that led to its reaction was the act of signing a ballot amendment petition that would help give voters the opportunity to ban assault weapons in the state of florida just for signing a petition with always the for your president the enemy is not assault weapon availability it's immigrants crossing the southern border has the shutdown of the government surprise even you absolutely i mean it's been going on for over thirty days and each day our federal workers and contract workers are struggling to make ends meet it's costing us billions while hurting the middle class and sam that we bring the government back to work and do our part to find a solution to keep everyone safe and secure and the. the fact that there is such
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a deep and popularity towards the president's decision right now to shut down the government is all sort of lection of how we don't you know while he's either directly affecting your constituents who work for the government yes and actually here in florida we're home two hundred thousand federal workers we also have our space coast so when it comes to nasa we've been able to launch even commercial rockets from of our county which is impacting our economy it's impacting lamely heard of every day of early ends and so each one of us are demanding of the government reopened and that our our president find a solution alongside members of congress where everyone wins of course the president says it's about national security and protecting safety for americans i mean if someone flies from london to miami what's happening about national security is regarding border checks during the line at this point even our workers who are at the airports are ts state employees are struggling. and these are the folks that
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are here to keep us safe at our airports that are ports and at the end of day a five billion dollar while his political rhetoric killed nothing to keep americans safe obviously the president disagrees with that but it has a gun of the tension all around the world of international media this government shutdown do you think he may find a distraction from prison the news in the news in major nation media at all for this wall of the shot that at the moment it's about his attempt to overthrow the venezuelan government law and that's an issue that impacts americans across the country and we actually had a rally supporting the people best way of life here in tallahassee over the week as well and at the end of day you can't parse pas foreign policy but is unfortunate that our president doesn't understand the value of opening back our government so we can hear these are national situations together he is he is the king of distraction but it doesn't. to be working arguably even the normally trump media
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there seem relatively silent about his recognition of a. an opposition leader is the head of state there i mean whether it's been a swale or whether it's government shutdown or the russian pro it's obvious that our president has no as a grasp on the issues around him which i think is another root cause of the frustration that americans have you know we need a commander in chief who can get us through every hump that happens and right now with thirty plus days a government shutdown workers not getting paid billions of dollars being wasted it's so hard for us to you ben continues to be an international player but why you criticize the president of us have supported trump when he said on the campaign that the iraq war was a mistake and did you support as a democrat a bomber's bianco american war in libya it's trump that always he was against foreign intervention i'm a pacifist in my day to day and so i do my best advocate for diplomatic approach
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yes when it comes to working with our ashton partners at the same time even the recent decision of pulling troops out of syria may can be problematic so you support a foreign intervention in syria by the u.s. government i want to go that far but i do support ensuring that we can still be a player when it comes to supporting peace policy and i think the president is all over the place when it comes or national diplomat to diplomacy we don't know what his next decision is it's quite unpredictable arguably around the world the democrats are known for war around around the earth. yeah absolutely and i think too that when it comes to foreign lation is in general the united states has said and difficult history and we have a lot of work to do you know much of course has been made though of your being the first iranian american legislator britain and the european you. support the obama
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iran deal what do you make of his decision donald trump's decision to rip up the deal it's frustrating you know i was an original supporter of the iran deal as well seeing as a means to keep iran away from having nuclear weapons and moving towards peace had the same time we know that the human rights violations in iran have continued i mean i've been a lot to advocate for its human rights in iran as specifically after two thousand and nine elections and is it is as if a goal for you though because i understand you were smeared with lies in the run up to your election to the florida legislature you know i think as a first running american elected official in florida that there's always challenges and i want to say to you it's such a fascinating economy for me because i have first ration is with my american government here but i of course incredibly upset by decisions by the islamic republic of iran and so i do my part to strike. the balance of sharing my culture with others but also being of antic when it comes to center for human
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rights no matter who the perpetrators are and i ask money thank you now to an area of the world and for alleged u.k. human rights abuses northern ireland media around the world is focused on what brick said in the irish backstop mean for resumption of war between irish republicans and the british state especially since a car bomb went off in derry joining me from south of the borders kiran conway barrister and former director of intelligence for the provisional ira karan welcome back to going underground what do you make of the relative u.k. media silence about the car bomb in derry purportedly from the new ira if it was a bomb in an english city arguably it would have got more publicity. considerably more publicity i don't think the british media or top of the. north so sirrah unregister party in the south in the north played the attack was to coincide with this in t.v. three of solar head what was a solar big and. bush is not told much in the u.k.
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schools on the sort of budget was not authorized the operation the plan was to steal jet acknowledge which was being guarded by two members of the royal ocean sabri the story from man. who carried out the ambush when they were told to drop their weapons amount it was just left to the right clothes to fire at them and accordingly the ira shot them on a defective gun the war but that's the war of independence for southern island so who is this new ira this is a combination of the realize in republican action against drugs primarily at its source and jerry although it is spreading there are a number of successor iras that come and go it's revision it's gotten so big the british with twenty five years were experienced technical know how modern weaponry and so on that it simply copied on your t.v. show. comparing bricks to climate change talks about violence warning that there
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will be a return to violence of could be if there was a hard border what would even think so i think if there is a hard border and calls i'm supposed to go up. and have the biggest as always in the past being attacked by the successor iras. as a result it would be necessary for the. or the british army to start to guard them they in time of become targets for the ira resulting in british british or police cars. possibly already kushal these as well yes. so things could very very well take off from the u.k. prime minister drazen may was questioned about what exactly the three thousand soldiers that were being prepared for bricks it in case of a new deal for she said for a variety of things any what would be the effect of putting more soldiers in the north. the effect of putting soldier. north of her on the streets of that become
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targets for the successor as well the dairy ball may not directly be about bricks or even maybe about the war of independence the ira's do pose some kind of threat that you wrote it in my notes wrote it's not set in previous interviews i think most of the damage that doing is to their own volunteers are happily a pro-trade of the not as professional as we were. getting arrested and given some of those long times and present with no prospect of release heavily infiltrated you say because the suspect was released. to the dairy was that a particular suspect or also. do you know that they've been very very many cases some of which are in the system for where it was clear that. the guards or the p.s. are not. good intelligence and applied to make the us intelligence from m i five here in london or. some locally from the detective you know. so from the
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north. to the north and what do you think of the tone of the debate sitting as you are in in the south pretty patel the disgraced former international development secretary said island should be pressed with a new deal and de facto she said irish food supplies should be threatened as regarding negotiations drugs it is cause you also don't believe the strains of british politics particularly with the particles with. very unpleasant for us i think is pretty disgraceful and has for how can a full republicans have to be while these negotiations are going on as the threats of a return to violence are raised by labor tory and learn bodies in the door will i think the success or ira's are doing what they can you know i think that's what's going on with as much as they seem to be capable off and certainly they have no. of
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ability of setting bombs off in london again look at such a sort of bomb often in the u.k. it's not that difficult to come you know smuggling materials and. i don't know what checks currently are like on the ferries for instance folks. i would have thought it would be easy enough to to to to to smuggle explosives to set off a bomb but no one should be in any doubt that a hard border with checkpoints will no doubt lead to the deaths of british soldiers that was so it seems to me because if those customs posts they were going to talk to success or a race on time record of the armed guards and those armed guards be that the p.s. and the british army will themselves come under come under armed to talk. you know somewhere along the line that with the photos you're gone wait thank you and that's it for the show will be back on wednesday as even defense ministers meeting
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remain neutral go about a european economy as many nations support overthrowing the venezuelan government still they keep in touch by social media we'll see on wednesday three hundred seventy is the day the culmination of the english revolution the beheading of john the first in the white. breaking a promise trump wants regime change in venezuela old habits die hard also the trials in tribulations of roger stone will russia gate ever. u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of
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their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circulated branches off that says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money those with dives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war then surely we can risk some discomfort for uneasiness for. me let me let it go where you know you're. going to. those whom you know most of the both will be in your years and years it was notable to. not blame you for. the ways the ways of the i did my best religion as though i. left you standing up to see if
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there were those who. choose these. new. rules. seem wrong. but. just don't hold. any new world again. yes to shape out just because that's ok and engaged equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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if it be soldiers of venezuela we're waiting for you to be on our side. never a trace of. the power struggle continues president urges his troops to stay loyal to country self-proclaimed leader reveals he is working with sympathetic elements in the military to incite.


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