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you. lose the bees the ways but the why do you want this delusion that's what. you mean it to. be. you know it's a movie. days before withdrawing from a landmark arms control agreement the us says it's great and going to produce a new atomic warheads it claims the weapon will help lower the threats of nuclear conflicts. but as wayland president nicolas maduro accuses donald trump of ordering his assassination this is the country supremes called balls venezuela's soft declare the interim president from leaving the country and blocks his assets. the government will now redouble its efforts to get
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a deal that peace house can support and is back to the negotiating table for british prime minister to resign may on the parliament's supports a bid to rework has stalled gregg's the deal. and anger builds in the u.s. solve the new york signs into law the new rules it's easy abortion regulations for the progressive wing of new yorkers were all extremely weak this actually have been the only sane separating. the baby. is just time. a warm welcome mrs arty international broadcasting to you live from moscow and make it. our top story just days before starting its official withdrawal from a landmark cold war era treaty washington has announced that is making
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a new nuclear warhead artie's more gas if takes a look. it is the pentagon's newest toy the w seventy six dash two when it is essentially meaning new less baggage less radiation less fallout and most importantly less responsibility i think you start through a new. major. global. agreement there restrict what can be developed and what cannot be. countries are treated so does not want dominated country and world could do could be. naturally this new nuclear arms race is not america's fault but every what outsiders namely the usual suspects since twenty ten we have seen the return of great power competition to varying degrees russia and china have made clear that
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they seek to substantially revise the post cold war international order and norms of behavior we could of course beat a dead horse and again point out that russia is not even in the same the as the us when it comes to military budgets in fact russian military spending has been fooling for years while america's has ballooned symbolic as well within days the us should begin withdrawing from the into immediate range nuclear forces treaty blaming russia's development of a cruise missile but really gets on the old nerves here is the commander in chief of the united states is unpredictability and seemingly his habit of threatening everyone we have more money than anybody else by far we'll build it up so we have a tremendous amount of money to play with the military and we're going to develop the weapons funding to modernize our nuclear arsenal so important but we're
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spending a tremendous amount of money on our nuclear arsenal. nobody will have close with two minutes to midnight on the doomsday clock on the brink or now officially into a new cold war the nuclear arms race world powers it each other's throats and no light at the end of the tunnel countries will continue to make threats against just like what's happening now. united states and. sometimes. the national security. troops you could see the. physical turmoil in venezuela reaches
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a new level with president maduro directly accusing donald trump of ordering his assassination. that trump gave an order to kill me he told the colombian government the colombian mafia to kill me if something happens to me one day and the colombian president will be responsible well that comes soon after the country's supremum court has launched a criminal probe against the self declared interim president one kwaito he's now bought from leaving the country and to hide his assets and bank accounts for is that the court also opened an investigation into whether he's assisted foreign nations to interfere in domestic motto is it comes after he was recognized as the country's leader by the u.s. and other western nations president material in turn accuses the us of interference and even though he says he's ready for talks he doesn't mince his words when it comes to washington. yes i
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mean how. the u.s. earlier threatened serious consequences if wedo was pressured in any way and it seems to be standing by its word imposing sanctions on the venezuelan government they've taken aim at the country's state owned oil company in an effort to choke off revenue to the government of nicolas maduro which it says has no legitimacy it's also announced it's transferring control of certain state assets held by american banks to one. american author and journalist blumenthal's says most venezuelans are against foreign interference in their country. was the it was a low level legislator in one of the least populous states in venezuela who was known his name was known by maybe one of five venezuelans he is the perfect pawn he
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is the product of us regime change factories and for average venezuelans who at rates of over eighty percent oppose sanctions and oppose u.s. military intervention this crew that is surrounding why go and most of them actually exist outside venezuela or anathema because they have been responsible for so much violence in that country and so much destabilization. a form of starbucks chief has announced he's considering running for the us presidency in twenty twenty starting his campaign by lashing out at president trump who was quick to fire back. were living at the most fragile time not only the fact that this president is not qualified to be the president but the fact that both parties are consistently not doing what's necessary on behalf of the american people. howard schultz doesn't have the guts to run for president watched him on sixty minutes
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last night and i agree with him that he's not the smartest person besides america already has that arnie hope that starbucks is still paying me their rent and trump tower. how it shows his announcement was slammed by the democrats as well split the vote as an independent candidate with no affiliation to a political policy i want to see america when i don't care if you're democrat independent libertarian republican bring me your ideas or some even urge to boycotting the coffee company well as people in new york what they thought about mr shell's his chances of being president. he has a right to run he wants to run i think that he could do just as bit of a job as the president now i feel like you need some sort of experience with like a public office i think he definitely would have a lot of people who would be interested in seeing what he has to say. you could
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backfire spectacularly if he's trying to bring down trump and you divide the ticket that he could easily lead. with a minority of the vote if you ran as an independent it would really hurt. it would help substances of getting reelected i think it will actually hurt trump. over the excessive for sure i don't know why people would say that just because he's running for president as mission boycott him i don't believe in boycotts of anything i think people should have their opinions and be able to do what they want to in a free country i think that seems a rather pointless idea legalized jennifer breeden say the democrats dislike anyone who might be trying to chances in twenty twenty. now if you look historically at u.s. presidential elections and most of these campaigns historically third party candidates independents libertarians other parties they generally are not successful they end
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up splitting away from the opposing base and so we have seen that historically however twenty twenty is looking to shape up to be a different year frankly and almost ironically because of what donald trump has done in the white house which is change the way things are going change in a lot of the narrative so what we're seeing here is actually the hate for donald trump from the democratic party that spilling over on to howard schultz for the democrats they think that anybody that could take away from their shot should be donald trump in two thousand and twenty anybody that might take away from that anybody that might run as an independent and take away votes from the democrats because they would be voting for an independent any of that they could leave donald trump in power the democrats are going to hate they're going to come after them they're going to be angry they're going to be afraid so that's why we're seeing some of the animosity now coming out against howard schultz because of because that he's mentioned wanting to run as an independent. prime minister it's a resume a schooled something of a victorian palm and so on tuesday and
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a crucial loads british m.p.'s backed an amendment that would allow her to renegotiate a major sticking point in her brags that deal the issue of the irish buddha and the vote seemed to bring an element of unity to a very divided westminster the leader of the opposition party jeremy corbett now seems ready to engage in discussions. since we've had this type bikes in the houses in phatic they voted to reject the no jail option that the prime minister was supporting cut i say that we are prepared to come meet her to put forward i to put forward the points of view from the labor party all of the kind of agreement we want with the european union to protect jobs to protect living standards and to protect rights and conditions in this country. well the prime minister might have won the support of her fellow m.p.'s she now faces the challenge of getting the e.u. to reopen talks giving us the latest details his artie's party boy. the government
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will now redouble its efforts to go to deal with this house can support mr speaker if this house can come together we can deliver the decision the british people took in june two thousand and sixty restore faith in our democracy and get on with building a country that works for everyone and as prime minister and work with members across the house to do just. well if you thought your reason mazie you would drop the deal was dead you'd be wrong those opposed to have failed to sing kids and her deal is still pretty much bull being in the water the main issue that politicians manage to agree on is that to resume a should go back to brussels and renegotiate the agreement that she struck with it's a real change of course for the prime minister because to resume a spent weeks saying that she can't change the e.u. withdrawal deal but just before this series of votes in parliament she made
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a major u.-turn and said that she would look for legally binding changes to the thorny issue of the irish backstop in that e.u. withdrawal deal now that managed to win the backing of the hardline you're a skeptics in her own party as well as the d p the democratic and new u.s. party of northern ireland which is propping up to resume a's minority government so finally there is some unity in parliament on the way forward but there is one big problem with this and that is at the moment all this is pure fantasy why brussels that has repeatedly said that the current deal is not up for renegotiation and they've reiterated it donald turse the president of the year. council immediately after the votes in parliament were over said the backstop is part of the withdrawal agreement and the withdrawal agreement is not open for reading goes you should the
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withdrawal agreement is and remains the best and only way to ensure an orderly withdrawal of the united kingdom from the european union now there is only reason mase side say that all that is just a tactic that is a tactic that brussels uses in its negotiations rather often but the votes in parliament also dealt a major blow to all those politicians that was seeking to delay bragg's it as well as those looking for a second referendum i was three rising as the e.u. vote broadly it all went rather well for to reason mate for once to illustrate just how well it went to the government one of her cabinet ministers reserve portugese seemed dancing across the lobby to one of the final votes so we have a plan of action forged by parliament finally chiseled out of the chaos but is being called a you know corner option one that doesn't really exist in fact the prime minister's
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been accused of riding unicorns all the way to brussels because london and the e.u. on now back to being universes apart we spoke to historian and commentator deal darwish who says that whilst the board might be in the course it needs to carefully consider its next step. the negotiation inside parliament is one thing they're not taking in as a whole negotiating with european union is something else now the european union have to think twice here because their government does not have to follow see the reason make em stay still go and see if we don't agree we're going to leave without it we'll leave you without a devious with harm both sides but let's speak of the french you have above over one hundred eighty thousand people who are law i. ease of lorries passing through due to cali to french foods so giving the trouble the
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present micro going through now i don't think you will sort of accept actually going out with a deal then you have the german car in bus to these and the pressure on anglo american my feeling is at the eleventh hour probably even the fifty ninth minute the european union would actually clinch a deal plenty most of us can this hour including how the world's two top economies are looking for a solution to the trade war still raging between them that story coming up after the break. thank you.
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what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express. some want to be rich. but you'd like to be close that's what the. real people. interested always in the lawyers are. going to.
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welcome back well the clock is ticking on the trade war between the united states and china was just a month left before washington hikes tyrus once again and a bit to find the last intrusive chinese officials are in the u.s. capitol where they call something of a lot close to welcome artie's evangelos steps as takes us through the story. when the chinese arrived in washington they were met with unexpected and shocking news the justice department unsealed two criminal cases against chinese telecom from. the one it meant it was claiming that it has been stealing trade secrets from team obama by paying employees to provide information against its competitors and the other claims that it's been working to skirt u.s. sanctions on iran i am announcing that a grand jury in seattle has returned an indictment that alleges ten federal crimes
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by two affiliates of telecommunications corporation while way technologies and has made one jew up period in a vancouver court on tuesday the u.s. felt an official request for extradition but you wish treasury secretary steve newton says that the tree talks and the criminal charges are two separate issues but the chinese are not folding for it they are calling it bullying you're going to be daylight for some time the us is smeared in suppressed chinese enterprises and it's tempted to suppress the enterprises normal operations there is strong political motivation and maneuvering behind this. with me a month to go for the end of the us china truce this is practically a sprint to find a solution but the chinese have always been firm on what they want but the us has been sending out mixed signals will make significant progress at these meetings for miles and miles from getting the resolution frankly. to the president
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and as the little chunk or mr america is walking into this meeting with his head up then as being the winner the i.m.f. has actually lowered the growth forecast for twenty nineteen and us corporate sectors are actually already feeling and suffering from a trade war blows and it's not going to be just apple i think but there are a heck of a lot of u.s. companies that have a lot of sales in china that are they are simply going to be watching their earnings be downgraded next year and while the whole world is looking everything is uncertain will this be the beginning of the end of the trade war between the two countries or would it be another nail in the coffin. well there are talks to independent china specialist andrew young who says both china and the u.s. are in favor of striking a deal. both sides want to deal. with they want to calm down the kind of lingering in colorado's fear which is hurting china's economy in the united states the trauma administration wants that deal as well because it's
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he and so that two political pushback. on different fronts and of course that the impact of this trade all the charge is beginning to be felt in the u.s. economy so i think that both sides would try to must solve. and try to bind the maximum common ground to come to a deal that will be only the first step in the likely to be a many years of all. of the two that will pass. and is building in the u.s. some of the new york signed into law in rules that is abortion regulations the state's governor has faced wind criticism and even calls from the catholic church for him to be excommunicated the governor has defended his position i have my own catholic beliefs how i live my life that is my business as a catholic i don't govern as a catholic i don't legislate as
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a catholic well let's take a look at what the new regulations are actually say it takes abortion out of the criminal code and makes it a public health issue and you don't have to be a doctor to carry out the procedure abortions are now allowed after twenty four weeks if there's a danger to a patient's life or health despite the outcry there is also a strong lobby in favor of the changes to the law. with passage of the reproductive health act new york can finally grow to be a model of what sexual and reproductive health care should be especially with mounting attacks on our health and rights from washington. and up the trish in gun ecologist omaha montana laid out the pro-life and pro-choice argument for us often a woman doesn't even know she's pregnant until weeks later they didn't get the abortion early on so this law i think the progressive wing were very very thrilled that cuomo signed this into law and that women are able to have control over their
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destinies and even if it is a late term abortion that they can get that new york is going to be seen as sort of be the women's reproductive sanctuary in the nation that if a woman needs to get a late term abortion that she can continue your get a safe legal abortion so if the woman decides she wants to get an abortion she does want to have the baby come into this world you know with those sorts of challenges overall i think the right to choose is more important than anything that society thinks sunsets are glee as soon as the sperm and the meats and unite. and so for a zygote or an embryo you consider that speed the beginning of life because all thing is there our present the only thing separating that from a baby that you hold it is just time i think the danger is that it does open the door for late term abortions in the numbers will be small still every child
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matters every life natters so that's why we are resisting it i don't think will so i guess i don't think we'll see a huge number increase in abortions but at the same time i think the possibility of potential for late term abortions is certainly there now. and now to russians thought aids to where animal rights activists according to set free about one hundred whales which had been kept in captivity for a month and investigation is ongoing into the facility but it's believed the health of the mammals is deteriorating. one of the orcas is showing very little activity and is spending a lot of time just floating in the water can slow breathing could be a sign of pneumonia or other illnesses.
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what they would all say we love to hear your thoughts on all stories they do get in touch by following us on social media and maybe your comments bad we're going to be back at the top of the hour with the latest will see that. the united states can. use its tax on other country's. economic sanctions are just the
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beginning another thing you like to do is play some military press or countries that you're talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the hate. and we need to make the most of. those without us there would be. but you had to stand here from us and. move on when i saw. that i know there are a lot of trouble i think that there are rather democrats i thought before more than i care that.
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i'm going to let combat of i don't cut him then you can keep an. eye on floozy china for truffle that it. was. doing. its whole fool place choice i knew you didn't pay i think chairman terry has said. pretty she ought to have a. model for the name after the whole fuck around mr hates it for jim and lawyer but i hope that our fairly mature course. of the money.
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i'm not sure times here we're going underground after critical bricks it roots in the past twenty four hours coming up in the show half a million venezuelan troops mobilize against the threats of a u.k. backed coup d'etat in the nation that holds the presidency of world oil exporting alliance opec u.k. labor leadership i like chris williams an m.p. tells us the power levels with all the nato nation interventions are zero minutes and try to meet mumsy proud. of this to rap as a convicted for performing. drill music we expose hypocrisy in the houses of parliament and austerity cuts that kill more the knife crime with drilled in the straw poll the simple coming up in today's going underground but first nato nation media is in a frenzy about today's u.s. backed demonstrations in venezuela take a look at this an authenticated video from the past few weeks
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a warning it contains violent imagery. actually that's paris not caracas paris where thanks to an alleged french rubber bullet prominent jill a xian activist rumored regas could be disabled for life after saturday's eleventh week demonstrations as for the nation with the largest known untapped reserves of oil that is when the nato nations have come down strong on nicolas maduro it is clear that nicolas maduro is not the legitimate leader of venezuela well it is certainly can that puts the u.k. on a collision course with post brics a potential partner china china has always opposed the principle of interference in other country's internal affairs and opposes foreign interference in venezuela's affairs and that other nuclear power russia what you're doing is not called prevention it's called incitement how would you feel if the russian federation proposed to discuss on the security council the issue of the situation in france
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and the protests. on just over the past weekend some twenty two thousand people it took to the streets the russian envoy went on to garmin enough is in paris of a moscow military intervention but other nations are not so let off by super powers britain's closest ally the usa has been involved in coups and the backing of death squads in argentina brazil chile costa rica el salvador guatemala nicaragua panama paraguayan peru you're a white a name a few as a revolutionary revered around the world che guevara said before he was gunned down by u.s. backed soldiers as the earth was nearly destroyed by the record also director of the problem and you're not to be any more i read that i mean i look at people that are out of my when i've been out there. and there have been people. out there i live on while it's probably a few want to.


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