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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 30, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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actually that's paris not caracas paris where thanks to an alleged french rubber bullet prominent jill a xian activist rumored regas could be disabled for life after saturday's eleventh week of demonstrations as for the nation with the largest known untapped reserves of oil that is when a nato nations have come down strong on a kilometer or it is clear that nicolas maduro is not the legitimate leader of venezuela well it is certainly can that puts the u.k. on a collision course with post brics a potential partner china china has always opposed the principle of interference in other countries internal affairs and opposes foreign interference in venezuela's affairs and that other nuclear power russia what you're doing is not called prevention it's called incitement how would you feel if the russian federation proposed to discuss on the security council the issue of the situation in france and the protests. on just over the past weekend some twenty two thousand people it
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took to the streets the russian envoy went on to common enough is in paris of a moscow military intervention but other nations an alternate off by superpowers britain's closest ally the usa has been involved in coups and the backing of death squads in argentina brazil chile costa rica el salvador guatemala nicaragua panama paraguayan peru you're a guy to name a few as a revolutionary revered around the world che guevara said before he was gunned down by u.s. backed soldiers as the earth was nearly destroyed all record also great. i read i mean i look at people that are out of my when i've been out there. and it's been a little. bit i live while it's probably off you want to. tell concept but i me actually. you want to you know. equal more that it will it's a little. north of that. jake of are of there
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affirming the un charter well joining me now is the labor m.p. for derby north who in the house of commons this week which is the first you have to visit venezuela in twenty one years who said us sanctions could be crimes against humanity chris williams welcome to the program i know you were to debate in the past twenty four hours as well or first your reaction to washington recognizing carlos vecchio as the new venezuelan charge affair in d.c. he's wanted apparently rivers weather for us and cycle of financing of terrorism or some of the shocking revelation and he goes in tandem with john bolton's. no noise absolutely five thousand and fifty the pentagon is now saying distance and well let's wait and see i mean i think it's pretty clear that the administration is seeking regime change in venezuela we know it's got the biggest oil reserves in the world and they want to get their sticky fingers all mado they what they could not tolerate is a socialist government under hugo chavez actually using the oil reserves for the
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benefits of ordinary people i'm a huge advances i remember huge reductions in poverty in housing and health care and of course they are eradicated illiteracy i think it was long ago as two thousand and five there is a massive crisis in the country right now and indeed i think the madeira governments have made a number of wrong turns i mean i'm not going to kind of defend them where they where they've made mistakes and they clearly have you know exceeded the sorts of powers in some respects in terms of the balance we should be meted out against as you just on that why do you think your opposition to major nation intervention in nations like venezuela automatically means that. the media that the politicians say well that means you must be a majority support well it's absurd i mean look i recognize a huge advances that have been made you know by the government there and they're wondering credible pressure ever since barack obama signed the executive order claiming that venezuela pose an extraordinary threat to the national security of the united states of america is in a. third notion but of course not them preserve the sanctions and that was coupled
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with the economic sabotage by the elites inside venezuela of course that was then in tandem with the extreme violence on the streets in venezuela let's also remember that there is a budget line in the in the in the federal budget of the united states to actually finance the right wing opposition in venezuela and you know it's incredibly concerning i think to see a superpower like the united states kind of throwing its weight around them in that way and what is even worse is to see the british government acting as donald trump's poodle what i've called for is for the u.k. to use its good offices to urge both sides of venezuela to you know to come together to have talks to reach a negotiated settlement what we cannot tolerate in my opinion is external intervention of the states or any other western power for that matter we've seen where they sense in the past haven't we both on the continents of latin america and elsewhere in the world going back as far as you know into brazil in the ninety's sixty's chile you know when they overthrew ended the very self same tactics which
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are being used against venezuela today were used against chile this is the same old playbook and you know it always ends in a disaster and i'm not saying you know clearly there must've problems right now but i tell you what they could get a hell of a lot worse and what we could end up with is a bloody civil war bloody civil war actually with u.s. ground troops involved in that and you know i've just been watching full enough a documentary about the you know the vietnam war and the horrendous casualty list that actually resulted in and you know being alone could order that in because they say. the acting pentagon boss is saying he hadn't discussed it with john bolton national security advisor the five thousand troops liz folder that he showed to the press but the venezuelan government for its part is saying they have a half a million soldiers well absolutely look i mean let's see what happens let's hope they don't and i hope that you know wise heads will prevail and this is where i think. you know robin you know the u.k. it's you know u.s.
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is closest ally should be kind of beating the drums of war they should be urging caution you know where that ended in iraq didn't weigh all the foreign secretary jeremy hunt is clear he says the elections i know observed by three hundred international observers as fair they were unfair and therefore i don't know and we don't know of this special forces from britain in place of it that's very clear and frankly you were virtually alone in parliament this week speaking the way you were just speaking to me what does it feel like to be completely alone in the commons laufer isolated i've got to say i mean i was on both sides of the chamber which is very regrettable i must say to you know here you know colleagues actually you know speaking in these terms as if you know they just simply accept everything that is being said all the propaganda and as i've already said look i'm not here is an apologist for the for the moderate government they do it's they dish out to john to the drama door the lens rather of sector. oh yes that is a better this way to say ng very much going to be no intervention but just on the
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point in relation to the election which is allegations that he did it just come from a debate yesterday in relation to that that one of the things in terms of the situation in venezuela one of things they were claiming there was in of the election was rigged but i've spoken to election observers who were there and they said it's impossible to rig the elections in venezuela because every vote which is cast has to be twinned with voter id in a fingerprint of the voter. jimmy carter himself his election observatory in previous elections a bit silly not this one has said that the election process in venezuela is the safest anywhere in the world better have been some criticisms of the election process this time around but it's important also thing to remember the opposition players who did for the actual the last section of the opposition boycotted the presidential elections but those that did oppose murderer they were able to come pain openly and they accepted julio saying. accepted the outcome of the election
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when he was asked that very question at a press conference with one of the election observers asking the question do you accept it and he did and now we're suddenly told you know the elections were a little illegitimate i think there was that was on video we've actually spoken to a visual election observer of this program who said much the same but what was this debate in the first twenty four hours was ivan duncan there are acting going on boy absolutely and he was again indulging in the you know the bellicose rhetoric he was with mike bomb peo and the russian envoy in chinese over oil on sunday at the u.n. security made reference to that and you know it was it was very bombastic very bellicose very personal rude about me personally said i was vying to be the most hated man in parliament as well as the most hated man in venezuela for basically standing up for you know decently you were a democracy i was yes at least in observing it said he said in bollywood on monday to you in parliament i'm astonished he's even prepared to show his face in this house the house of commons today or why did he saying that well because i'm
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basically challenging the narrative the he is putting forward the government is putting forward and for somebody who claims to support democracy to suggest to a fellow parliamentarian that i should be ashamed of showing my face in the mother of parliaments democratic outrage and other democratic oh well i was. there we are ok well the bank of england before goldman sachs banker mark carney he is refusing to give the venezuelan government its gold reserves back at the amazing it's up to the bank of england who they want to give or take gold from what do you think about the legitimacy of the bank of in-state theft. unacceptable and cannot be allowed to stand in my opinion i mean you know we talk about a sovereign nation here yes it's got its massive problems these problems are being exacerbated for the reasons i've already outlined but that does not justify taking this sort of action because that is only going to compound the problems and also
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points does it not towards the very real drive towards regime change to get their hands of the oil and then what we will see is potentially wholesale privatization and then we'll be back to potentially where we were before hugo chavez came to power in nineteen ninety eight ninety nine i believe it was and then we saw you know that pink tide the democratic bolivarian revolution which swept the continent i'm a huge improvements in the standard of living and quality of life for ordinary people across the continent of it as well let's also remember that near liberalism was imposed at the point of a gun it from chile chile and on words and a bit by the time the chavez came into office i think it's around about forty percent of latin americans or more were living in abject poverty. it does not work new liberalism is anathema and you know we have to resist it we have to stand up for democracy and decency and call for calm heads in this situation who would say i
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just think this situation could really escalate very very quickly all tourism a deadly things one great who is the. one way to go he's even stand in the election again so there are polls of eighty one percent of him as well as have never heard of him why do you think tourism is a bit of them well that's a good question isn't it clearly that it seems they've been in discussions haven't they and it seems that he is a useful puppet potentially you know for the for the u.s. to enable them to you know bring about the regime change that they want to do in order to get on to get their hands on the keep referencing the oil reserves of the of the country i mean if we had didn't have these sanctions on the country if we had a situation where you know the states of u.k. and other or the western powers were you know working in collaboration with the venezuelan government then we could eliminate the shortages we could start to see once again as we were seeing the shadows the significant improvements in the standard of living and the quality of life are on the phone as well and people in that you know. they speak with forked tongue in my opinion those who are claiming
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to you know be concerned about the plight of poor venezuelans because what they are doing they are they are taking or supporting a path that will impoverish and potentially cost the law itself hundreds of thousands if not millions of venezuelans unless as i've said comments don't prevail just finally very briefly you surely can agree with trump though that everyone in the know needs to pick a side well i don't like that kind of rhetoric frankly the side i'm picking is the side of the venezuelan people the side of decency this on the side of fairness rather than the side of neo liberalism which is what he seems to be beside he seems to be picking this was a thank you. after the break the company turns to. we go political drilling with the rapper who forced a labor m.p. to apologize for attacking the leader jeremy corbett coming up a bunch of going on the ground.
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the millennium goals i think are trying to restore the rights of individuals rights of humans in the face of this dystopian nightmare and that's probably why they claim price is being held back from crossing over twenty five thirty thousand dollars for a coin is because of the rise if they all say if she is successful and humans have a agency that's a net negative for big coin in the short term but will say because there's a lot of people that don't want her seizing power in any meaningful way.
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i think one of the main reasons why now we're working on this compliant nationals to the position. to be put through different organization. to the previous two or so i was sure. to fifteen. to all previous q so we saw that it's one of the best. national incident and. welcome back given the responsibility for social violence that some breakers cheers
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allege should the berlin philharmonic be arrested for performing beethoven's ode to joy the e.u. anthem because in the south of the british capital two musicians can go and am have been given suspended prison sentences for performing drill music here is what the boss of britain's biggest police force thinks of drone gangs who make drill videos and in those videos they taunt each other and say what they're going to say to each other and of specifically what they are going to do to and that's my question to you and your next guy i will say nic i'm coming after you this week in st speak but from one hundred twenty thousand people reportedly dying due to u.k. austerity policies to british backed bombs dropping on school buses in yemen it's arguably politicians that cause the most violence i will not rest until she is chopped up in bags in my freezer and i will knife you in the back i'll knife you in the front these are not the words of rappers calling for violence on the streets but public statements from politicians rapper drilled minister took the words and
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put them to drill music to expose arguable hypocrisy that is seen videos pulled from youtube and rappers banned from performing he joins me now julie welcome to going underground tell me about why you want to run for mayor of greenwich famous all around the world for a time i believe that people are ready for. a change and i believe to people are ready for someone who generally cares about the environment in their community and this is taking part in that community i think we're ready for that change and i believe that change this time that we're living in we're never going to be in this time again despite situation isn't going to come again referendums and talks of no more poor. dims this a happening again the people in power to main thing i want to put the main message i want to get out there the people in power all right now they are a generation that have messed up of the entire history of all politicians in this country has never been a message like this do not put your faith in these people if we don't come together
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with our own personal people's result you will find yourself living in greece none of these politicians in the mosque over there are wise i'm a walk around the world of god so you're there a more exact knowledge of good valley but in terms of running a good country i don't know about the way the president has metropolitan police force the largest police was in this country says that it's you tube that has to take the drill music videos to save society superintendent my question number of videos inciting violence have been taken down it's the kind of music you make that is more dangerous than anything they might say i think this is where we start going into judged territory. we stop putting labels on the expression is these are people young children young or so young my peers people whose parents are on crack they're speaking their experiences so are they to be silenced because their parents i'm not
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speak about this i do not submit to talk about how did the universe is the colleges of from them are without any indication of what i think is going to be i don't want to talk on their experiences where does this stop come from who lives authorised to stop had to live in the same life for the people that they chastise and that's what we really need to ask ourselves that's what disturbs me if you're deep if you're stopping young men from being able to told their experiences and get their family of a situation that the government placed me in with a stary costs that n.h.s. situations where education is not open to them you don't talk about that the government will talk about that but what you want to talk about is money put in literature shakespeare put in poems to give all i'm making and now if only you choose. you want to ban that autistic right come on man this country is going to portman. and event as it was something like that could never in the usa which is a constitution we we do have one but then so you are contending that it is about class
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a lot of your tracks and all your music it is about plus because i have to say these politicians would say the reason all those cuts need to be made was that we could pay off the losses of the bankers and while we let's put it this way mark. as lived in this country for over fifty years and pay taxes over fifty years in britain and pay taxes she lost out in tile or whatever issue had saved for those years when the financial crash happened she lost everything so why would that same woman after fifty years of contributing to was disappointing me be blamed and have to be the person that bails out these very same bankers that did this to us does that make any sense in the in in the world we're living in but this is what the politicians consider a truck explained is just what the politicians are telling us to pay for other people's mistakes and then we should feel. great food that there's even a little bit of extra change benefits and little things here and there that we
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should be grateful for and she obviously wasn't bailed out your cousin was a bailed out of nothing but she can be bailed out she's in the areas that they don't care for she don't even can literally in the past week cause a scandal and i am just being given suspended sentences said to have performed drill music which incited violence they breach an injunction on being a member of a gang what do you make of that scandal and i am from south london here next to you but just to the border or toughness for ever and hold it a minute to it apart is trying to make good like the rest of us trying to make some benefit if i'm here. if demo were from oxford and cambridge making the same music about their environment would the police be putting this on them. you can't blame people for where their parents decided to grow their mark they're talking the experiences of what happens on their road if you want to make a difference to reason me. michael gove all of you people to understand how this works why don't you take yourselves to
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a celebrity get me out of here come live in south london in the books we demand them for a year on the same universal credit that your dishing out and fill me let it be seen live let's go an a.t.m. and then attempt to go to the studio and make a song and i would love to see what these people will come out with i'm sure it won't be about national treasury and it won't be about the n.h.s. and they'll be talking about wow i saw a crack at today he offered me his boxer shorts you're going to see things to squander my blood the prostitutes eleven o'clock who are selling their body to feed their children that's what you going to be seen in the areas this is what men see daily this is what the government don't want to talk about because you want to pretend that these things don't exist but i see the woman sent in a body every night before i go home when i go to put my let she can she's dead on the corner because she needs to feed her kids and there is no universal credit so in that movie the lady particularly your lyrics are focused on universal credit the new welfare people jennifer says credit is messing up the hood you've implemented
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something that you wanted used for gentrification money is not the minute you want all of these new immigrant dons all of these new people that you think are not the first tier of economy in london to be out of london you're trying to move on to burma nums the hamptons these next dover's these next outskirts quickly places in it you won't mind the big c. even when i'm out there is a little pools your way of managing to do this is to raise up the price of the housing given to see make bad people outside of big european investors big american investors to come buy the property the house rents of the london stock the house rent of london or standard and then basically you're given people of council or your team to put in universe. credit you give your pay for some of their subsidiary of their rent what you're doing is giving people that don't have any clue about money management haven't been in employment for a while i thousand pounds in their account who haven't had a thousand pounds for like maybe three four years given to me in one lump sum what
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they do in campbell in going back and shop doing this people of got bad habits people go back to british especially in the hood what it in comes out to rent a man in got to rent one spender and own clothes because he just had a firm as a pound for the first time you have a look did the government knows you going to do this because they say out like this once you start doing this boom boom boom you start spending of your rent before you know it you're three months over the rent and you get evicted once you're if it did not they can now sell off that place of being a council property and it's for private investment that no longer is council form the council the have to reality there and we've got to outskirts that place now gets real we put into the system now that the property price goes up and some next guy from lithuania by the police no you see that's how they're doing this thing that's not a game with them and that's why i say university is the death of one of your tracks you're accusing them of having blood on their blood in their hands and for how many to much blood is there on that and these men's hands these men are talking about drew boy into who didn't stabbings these men are set in multiple arms killing
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people all around the world tourism a does that daily it's not to say there are every single bombing minus that she should be going to sleep and you have nightmares about it because it does how decisions get made every day it's not an easy decision but at the end of the day it is blood in your hands you can't deny that someone's child some ways they can bury because it's a reason why today are we going to deny that one even told me to a mosquito of got what more babies hand blood in their hands you know i go i go i don't believe it said hey amos can go and got no more babies blood in their hands but to reason made those but yet she's able to chastise them what world does that make sense to reason maybe you are a wasteland out west man a big waste man and it's just not. he said right now i don't know what madam i did it because all i'm seeing is michael goldthwaite's man starts a wasteland tourism a wasteland that's what i'm seeing and based about i want to tell you some different told the sun different groups are different and joel minister thank you and joel minister will be playing us out with his song northern irish backstop as
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mixtape as it's gangs is out soon and that's if the show will be back on saturday with award winning comedian radio host jimmy dory to joke about neo liberal politicians calling for a venezuelan coup in the name of democracy until they can be judged by social media xians have they twenty years to the day a good chavez was sworn in as president of venezuela his job minister with northern irish back still. to be change. gave us a dead referendum. and said to them to table to. resent it it did tilt support of the. times. not how many times. you go tom but it sounds a bit go to the back up close and see no change to the slot in the bottom of all sci fi you know face that tom returned to the screen for
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a superman snuck me to see good morning told me not to photo so much dreams that you may have to vote but if you were to get the street back benches could european court of justice take three to no punches agenda's that's a trip down process for that don't smoke event because that's my cool to pick even just a reason to get a sense who's considered it if you would stick it could be for to be treated actually fronts each a dismembered country tikkun which right she should have to be from that sentence but an overnight of back story we think did you see one fiction so we live peacefully b.c. because she's going to treat you kid new for a time you got to stop not going to produce cheech to see me i'll begin to use a free will because if you could. company time to go to the bosses see no change he said. he had no face company time to be good to. see you don't know i don't know don't so much streams company time to go to the
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boss and see the change. on the books if you don't face the company time to be good to. me to feel good don't need not so much reads just told you this we went up to the top for question did average joe bloggs have to stand before the referendum that's what it was meant by sounds good promo templates corporate not let's go a little worlds menu to discover this kind of to be of racism lives to help with the can at the pool that uses the smoke to the should not tell me how much my kid's new suits. show because you don't respect the u.k. forwards but it sounds good to the public will see the change. on the colts if you don't face the times of me going to school. to see goalball kids told me not to go so much.
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attempting to force regime change in venezuela brought to you by the trumpet ministration washington's close interference in the internal affairs of this latin american country is risky illegal and the possibility of large scale violence is very real one thing is certain the people of venezuela will suffer the most. it's going. but i'm not going to leave you. please don't leave the ways but i did my best college knights of the white. well. you can see me you know. there's one of those little. the school kid. you know it's one of.
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those. join me everything on the all excitement chill and i'll be speaking to get out of the world of politics sport this list i'm show business i'll see that. the united states can always had a. cool noons and it's a tax on other country's. economic sanctions or are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is play some military pressure on the countries a jury talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country
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because. we have a responsibility for the home. and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there will be chaos. days before withdrawing from a landmark arms control agreement the u.s. announces it will begin manufacturing a new type of thermo nuclear warhead. venezuela's opposition leader calls for nationwide protests against the government of nicolas maduro and urges the army to help him force the embattled president from power. to speak to be clear with my contacts with the european union leaders is that they want to deal with this house voted for last night.


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